1. Beulah says:

    hello sir

    i would like to know more about the king of salem, to who santiago gives 10th of his flock…….you had mentioned about abram giving his 10th to him the old king melchizedek…….what is the significance of 10th, please advise

  2. Michelle says:

    Being able to identify and see the signs in our life is very helpful. The alchemist is such a masterpiece.

  3. Gül says:

    Following up signs…. Thats a very interesting point in my life.

    I have a job that ist quiet o.k.. But I ‘am not really happy with the job. I have seen signs that have shown me the way to other possibilities. But I decided to stay where I am and to ihnore them.

    There is a repetition of signs, so that I may not ignore them anymore… They are more intensive and in a way bigger signs. In my dreams I see also that I should go for another possibility.

    Now I decided to follow the signs… and I am content… and I am happy to go and look for the job that makes me happy.

  4. Marina says:

    Seguir las señales, es una manera de llegar a realizar los sueños del alma que uno quiere alcanzar.

  5. Abeer says:

    Following up signs is a very helpful method in one’s life coz it’s a way to mix one’s experiences.logic and the sound inside …..It’s a way to trace truth …so I have learnt a lesson that I shouldn;t ignore those signs and make use of them regardless how important they seem to be….