1. Maryon says:

    Dear Paulo,

    God and Satan took love away from me – I intend to do a psycho-therapy.
    Do you think that is a good idea?

  2. prasanth says:

    Dear Paulo,
    I read Alchemist way back in 2005 during a time of turmoil and confusion in my life. But I have seen the book on table tops of hostel friends before then. After my masters study in 2005, even though I came in top rank from my university, I couldn’t find any good job. All my friends have placed in good positions by then. I couldn’t figure out how I missed those opportunities. I ended up getting a small job in the city which barely kept me in touch with the field I studied. After months of searching for a good job, I came back to my village home to tell my mom and dad “I’m thinking of quitting my field”. I stayed with them for few days, during that time as a matter of destiny I read your book. I know Alchemist influenced lots of people around the world. After I finished the book, I had a feeling to check whether I’m on the right track of life. I thought about the collective happening which made me what I’m by then. There is one incident struck me profoundly. There is a man I met briefly, only for few minutes during 2002, I was doing final months of my bachelors in physics then. It was a very casual chat, we haven’t exchanged even our names. He just said as a friendly advice “after bachelors study just try for ocean science for masters and go Australia”. I was bit surprised when I got into ocean science after clearing the entrance exams, I never expected that to happen as it was very competitive. I also amazed by his words came true because I never take it as serious one. But in 2005 after reading your book I realized I have tried everything other than looking for higher studies in Australia. As soon as I went back to city next week after reading Alchemist I tried in Australia for a higher study. I got it so easily I left India in 2006 for my PhD from Melbourne University. I searched for that guy a lot to tell him about it, but unfortunately I couldn’t locate him. Now I’m about to submit my thesis in PhD. I could only thank for the moment I read your book and that unknown guy. As far I know every thing you want is there in this world, as you said in the book you need to learn the language of nature and a will to follow your dreams. I told this story to my mom once and she was so happy, she also said so many things in connection with it.
    PhD Student
    University of Melbourne/Bureau of Meteorology.

    1. Seema says:

      This shows you as a thinking and understanding guy!! Good luck!!

    2. Ram says:

      Hi Prasanth that was really as if an excerpt from THE ALCHEMIST .. GAVE ME THE GOOSE PIMPLES .. keep me posted about any enlightenment and ways and means .. thanks and best regards, Ram :-)

  3. littlemiss-s says:

    when is the things u see signs? I do believe but i’ve been seeing so many of what i perceive as being signs that i’m beginning to wonder are they coincidences or a sign of my minds madness. for example, its nearly been a year since me and my fiance had to end our engagment and friendship because of his family causing this week,i got a cab bak from somewhere in town and the driver took the unusual route of going past the registry office we were thinkin og getin married at and then past the hall we were going to have the party at.At the time it just made me smile.Later in the week I’ve seen things lying around in the initial of his first name.I went to a book shop the same week and as i glanced over on the shelf my eyes fell on to abook and it was the name was of the first film we ever watched together. I’ve not been lookin for these things but i think i’m going mad becuz i know it’s wishful thinking and nothing can happen between us because he gave up hope. how do i stop these things before i go insane as i feel as though im seeing the impossible.i have hoped and had faith for months but all this seems misleading and feel as though its going to send me to the bottom again,only just wen i’m beginning to gain my strength from the love that i lost.x

    1. shorticon40 says:

      Similar things have happened to me. You are not mad! I wonder if we just manifest what is in our subconscious mind? This is what fortune tellers read in their cards. As Paul says they read omens that are already there.

    2. Mohamed says:

      dear little miss-s…all what u are saying happend just with me,and it was divorce not only an engagment break up,but i belived in myself and that i’ll pass this over,and yes i did it,and iam writting these words few hours from my engagement on another girl who loves me even more my ex’s,open ur hear dear and ur distiny will show up,cheers !!

  4. Misbah says:

    God could have created a world of puppets, but then life would not be interesting. It is our own freedom to fail that makes the journey worth undertaking. At each step we gain a sense of worthiness for the thing we are seeking to attain. If it were all just given to us, we would just be like spoiled children – we would have what we wanted, but we would not value it, neither would wee value ourselves. So, I think that possibility to “prove” ourselves is actually a great gift.
    This is exactly what I had thought of this morning!!!!!!!! I dont believe these were my exact words!!!!! And I see these very words typed by Savita Vega on July 8th 2009. Today is May21st 2010. I am stunned. This is my sign for today!!!! I know lord God is telling me this. I will have to strive for what I want and I reallllllyyyy want something very badly. Very badly. I want it from the bottom of my heart. I will have to work hard for it.

  5. Monika Anna Marie says:

    Hmmm Signs, I think they are everywhere, funnily enough – after dreaming since I was a little girl of being an archaeologist, I decided to go back to Egypt at a time when I ended a job, ended a relationship and needed to understand myself more or just simply find my treasure.. The Alchemist accompanied me on a 3 week journey of self discovery – That was ultimately the treasure I discovered -myself.

    I think sometimes we choose to run away from ourselves. People and material objects can be our greatest treasure but I actually think that the greatest treasure lies within us and who we are. The signs accompany us everywhere, visibly and invisibly – its how we choose to interpret them that makes life so very interesting…

  6. Jorge Brandão says:

    Hi Paulo, hi every one,

    I’m portuguese, though I’ll write in english so more people can read this. Maybe some mistakes, but I hope understandable.

    I’ve read “The alchemist” 6 times in last 10/12 years. In a certain moment (after the 2nd time I read it) I sold my sheaps and went to Africa for two years. As Santiago I faced some dificulties and since then I’ve been in the Cristal Store. Better said, I went back to my sheaps (probably missed a sign somewhere!!!).
    Now I’m strugling to understand what is my personal legend cause I’m not sure, but I’m afraid that I’m already in the phase that signs have abandoned me (as the alchemist explained to Santiago when he did not want to stay in his way). Do you realy think that in a certain moment of life signs do abandon us, or does God send us Melquisedec’s (such as your book) for all our lives to put us back in our ways?

    Thanks for your inspiration.

  7. Monika says:

    Today I will read in my still virgin hardback “Der Alchimist”, signed and blessed with a kiss by you individually. Of course I already know the story, but it is something special again now. “Der Alchimist” was the first contact. He once found me in a library and I am ever again glad to meet him.

  8. Ballesteros says:

    La vida nos está dando constantemente signos para que nosotros podamos conseguir el tesoro que, de una u otra manera, siempre estamos buscando; lo que ocurre, es que n

    os negamos a aceptar que las señales son para nosotros.

  9. John says:

    I “found” my angel, and It awokend me..
    I have never seend It again, but I keep on following the signs

  10. Caro hara says:

    The first book I read was veronika must die and it was a sign that I should not die.I felt like I had a friend and she was veronika.

  11. joyce goes says:

    Bom dia a todos!li este livro num momento de muita indecisí£o e frustraí§íµes,estou passando por uma fase dificil em minha vida,e ontem terminei de ler e parece que a leitura do livro foi um sinal me dado por DEUS,pois estou vivendo a mesma fase do personagem principal.e foi atravez dessa leitura que tomei uma decisao e vou atras da minha lenda pessoal,agradeí§o a paulo coelho por tamanha inspiraí§í£o para escrever e mudar a vida de pessoas como eu.

  12. Renata says:

    Quando lemos sobre “os sinais”, passamos a nos atentar a tudo, e passamos a enxergar as coisas de outra forma.

    Coisas que antes eram “insignificantes”, passam a ter um significado maior, tornarem-se mais importantes, um indí­cio.. um sinal!!

    O difí­cil é quando os sinais estí£o í  nossa frente, mas ní£o sabemos como seguí­-los, as dúvidas atrapalham juntamente ao medo, que precisamos vencer.

    Um forte abraí§o, muito amor e paz!!

  13. THELMA says:

    I have just opened my lap-top and you and the video/forum is not here. What a disappointment, dearest Paulo Coelho. But then I think I had to .. ‘see’ the SIGNS! Last night, just without any reason, I went to my library and picked up ‘Veronika decides to die’ and start reading it again… I could not stop reading .. I was absorbed. Each time I read a book of yours, I discover new treasures. I am amazed once again by your genius and ART. Thank you once again for being there and for offering us your .. ‘essence’ and wisdom.
    Thelma xxx

  14. Lukas says:

    I would like to know yours opinions about the “Soul of the World”.
    It could not be Christ?
    I think so, cause there ara passages in the bible that Jesus is called just Jesus and when he do miracles, as Santiago, he is called Jesus Christ. So, in my opinion when Jesus “talked” with or was “linked” with the “soul of the world”, he was Jesus Christ, he was divine.
    Please, i would like to know what you think about the soul of the world.

    And, lastly, congratulations to Paulo Coelho, your are the guy.

  15. Marta Adriana says:

    Following and understanding signs is pretty complicated, specially if you’re just beginning to follow them as it is happenning to me.
    I usually open the Bible at random and if the passage is repeated several times I consider it a sign.
    Some other times I listen to my heart guided by someone else’s words. What the person says is what was in my heart , but I didn’t dare to listen to it.
    Some other times is a song, a name, an attitude.
    I remember once I was in communion with the sunset and suddenly I saw a boy screaming because the wind took his balloon down the road and I saw myself in the boy the day before having a tantrum because I didn’t want to set my lover free.
    Following your intuition and trusting it can be misleading sometimes , but I think it’s worth the effort. At least in doing so you feel your heart is on the road with you and not somewhere far away.

  16. Sinésio Neto says:

    Conheí§o pessoas que ainda ní£o aprenderam a dar valor as coisas simples da vida.
    A maneira como vocíª Paulo, traz as coisas que aos olhos está invisivel é de impressionar minha capacidade. Quero eu, um dia poder enchergar as coisas desta maneira, mais objetivo, mais claro… sem precisar temer as imponencias da vida, por que estas estí£o ai para que possamos vence-las.

    Graí§as ao livro “O Alquimista” consegui enchergar coisas que estavam diante de mim e ní£o conseguia enchergar. Consegui, e estou conseguindo descobrir coisas valiosas, onde com certeza a precení§a de um ser Grandioso se apresenta e se encontra.

    Coisas que estí£o ai para todos, basta observar os sinais.


  17. Shaparak says:

    Hi dear Paolo
    this book totally changed my life.I read it 5 times in last 15 years and introduced that to at least 20 people.after to many practices I don’t have any stress and a kinda I feel god talks to me with the signs and also nature,after reading “by the piedra….” I really believed that god should be male and female both,and also after reading “Da Vinci code” it made my belief even stronger,so after all these for a long time I looked for a spiritual way to have all these topic together then I found Druid very close to them.
    I just started to do some research on that but I like to know your opinion about druid.
    P.S.I would like to thank you for your concern and solidarity about my county Iran.

  18. Dear Paulo..You have changed my life.I have changed my life(living style) when i change my’s only because of you! You are my angel and whatever i accomplish in this life..i owe everything for you..The Alchemist and your Quotes are really powerful than any other religious books that i have ever read..May god bless you my dear Paulo!!

    Bibek Khatiwara

  19. Leyden Keren says:

    This is such a great book…

    Defenelly signs are everywhere , its just that for some reason we have to see them at the right moment , when something has to happend , or when we are ready for what has to happend after we see the signs…

    Everything happends for a reason , so as we can see in this book … all the things the alchemist went by were just steps to allow him find and see hes dream…

    never stop dreaming, follow yours dreams, believe in your intuition are importants issues we see on this greatttt book!!!!

  20. T.K. says:

    IN the book there is the mention of “the flight of two hawks”. What was the sign behind the hawks?

    1. Heart says:

      Hi T.K.,

      Could it have to do with Horus, whose common symbol was the hawk?


  21. Nicolette says:

    I picked up The Witch of Portobello Street at the airport in January, read it and my sister had, The Zahir, so we traded books. I kept looking at and looking at, but I wasn’t ready to read it. I don’t think I was ready to read The Witch of Portobello Street either, having read The Alchemist, so many years ago. I then chose to go on twitter, became empassioned with what was going on in Iran, so saw Paulo’s twitter about his friend the doctor. I’ve stared at the book, The Zahir, since February, that was my sign to read it. I’ve been very involved with writing about politics on blog sites, voicing my opinion, feeling empowered, but now I’d like to take this journey again, find my voice, find the path. Signs, I followed the signs here.

  22. Andres says:

    como podemos llegar a hablar con nuestro corazon? es solamente simbolicamente para representar otra cosa? es hablar con nosotros mismos, con nuestra mente, con nuestra conciencia? O se puede verdaderamente hablar con nuestro corazon?

  23. Barcelona_20_euros_en_un_café says:

    Esta semana he vuelto a leer El Alquimista. Me surgió una duda que a lo mejor es muy obvia, pero…
    Cuando Santiago habla con su corazón y este le explica que le ha evitado ciertos peligros … ¿no se comporta el Corazón como el íngel de la guarda? ¿O es que es la forma que tiene su ángel de la guarda de comunicarse con él?
    This week I read another time The Alchemist. I had a doub that’s maybe it’s obvious but…
    When Santiago talk with his hearth and the hearth explain that he (Santiago) avoid some dangerous moments thank’s the hearth … the hearth is like the Guardian Angel, no? Or the hearth is the chanel of comunication between the Angel and Santiago?

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      Si, puedes ver desta manera.

    2. una loca que escapo de su locura says:

      Y a alguien mas le pasa o solo a mi que me aparecen corazones por todas partes tantos que ya me parecen algo normal, corazones de agua, de sombras, de hilo, de piedra y en todas partes…


    3. A mi también me pasa.

    4. Lynn says:

      Para mi, “hablar con su corazon” quiere decir escuchar lo el corazon (o el alma) le dice–es tomar decisiones segun como se siente, segun sus emociones, porque es asi que uno puede saber como actuarse. Por ejemplo, uno puede decidir de fiarse or no fiarse de un desconocido segun lo que le dice el corazon. Si su corazon le dice, “me siento mal/tengo miedo”, seria mejor no fiarse de esa persona, y asi, “evitar el peligro”. Por lo menos, asi yo lo interprete.
      Saludos desde USA

    5. Ricardo Pegueros says:

      No eres el unico que lo ve de esta manera, mira esto:
      Yo descubri lo que tu, la primera vez que mori y estando en el quirofano, escuchaba esta canción, estube con un angel, no recuerdo quien es, pero estoy seguro de conocerlo bien, asi que es la mejor manera que puedo explicarlo, como lo dices tu. No lo suelo comentar, porque me hace parecer loco. Esa vez nos reimos un poco de lo graciosa que es la vida. ;-)

  24. Felipe says:

    Olá a todos. Nao sei bem o que escrever. A importancia do Alquimista foi tao grande na minha vida que nem sei o que escrever. Leio esse livro a cada 6 meses. Eu adoro le-lo. E cada vez eu encontro coisas novas em suas linhas que nao tinha reparado antes. Uma história fascinante que me ensinou princí­pios que dificilmente um jovem como eu teria diante da vida. Aprendi sobre sinais e sobre a linguagem do mundo e dessa forma pude encontrar um futuro nessa vida, mesmo que ainda incerto. MAs estou caminhando … e continuo escutando o vento e tentando ouvir meu coraí§ao que realmente nao se cala. Um jovem tao solitário quanto eu, parece mais propenso a ouvir. O “invisí­vel” é meu grande amigo. Agradeí§o de coraí§ao ao Paulo e toda a sua luta por ter escrito um livro tao belo, que me fez repensar sobre a vida, recomeí§ar e ter um possí­vel futuro.

  25. Baisakhi says:

    I really do believe in signs and have been guided many times in life. I´ve chosen a difficult path and if not for the signs, I won´t be here. sometimes i wonder if i´m doing the right thing though. I still find myself occasionally doubting them…coz sometimes the signs are too many and then i wonder if its just a coincidence…although i know they are there for me to read into and for others just randomness.

    A few of days ago, i was standing on the roof of my house, staring at the sky, contemplating…wondering where my soul was taking me, if i was alone in this far away country away from home for a reason or just nothing. Suddenly a huge owl flew inches above my head, and screamed (hooted) as it passed me and then disappeared into the blackness. So any interpretations? someone talked abt ornithomancy here which piqued my curiosity. can u pls tell me what the appearance of an owl cud predict? it´s the first time in my life i´d seen an owl so close and i´d like to believe the flight of this bird as an omen…

    and then 2 nites ago, i was doing the same on my roof, contemplating when i saw a shooting star in a really cloudy nite. I still cudn´t believe i´d seen it coz the sky really had only coupla stars tht u cud count… considering how rare shooting stars are, even in a starry nite… i´d like to believe this as another sign.

    oh yes, i did make a wish;) …and then i found myself áccidentally´on this page of signs; so decided to share my most recent experiences

  26. Dances With Crayons says:

    The introduction of reading our personal signs and interpreting them brings additional meaning to the expression ‘What Is Your Sign?’. I Love It!! Spending time with nature from a young age was such an important part of my daily life, still is. When children explore and begin to take a keen interest in certain things around them, they are learning about their own signs, too. I loved Santiago’s open mind and heart – just like that of young children. Thank You Paulo, Love to All, Jane : )

  27. Marielena says:

    I’m really grateful to this wonderful book because i learnt to be aware of the signs and understand what they meant to now my life has improved a lot cause i’m able to r4ad the signs and the whole world conspiere to achive qhat i want beyon anything that seems imposible to reach…
    i may testify about this and if i tel my history your mouth just would fall open!!

    take yoiur time to read the book even 2 or 3 time to time over and over then you will be able to know more on this …… I wasn’t found of reading books untill i read this one and made me love and enjoy reading!!! have fun and be aware of the signs!

  28. Ca says:

    Dear Master,

    I think it’s essential to our lives follow the signs that the universe sends us.
    In my view, our Universe shows signs at all times, we are just open to see them.
    In my life I have always been signs of the universe, and always when I applied, I got a response through various channels.
    The most significant was that I had my dream with J.
    I dream with a person who told me of a day we meet, and I met a few weeks later, exactly on the day she was talking about.
    I had the opportunity to talk with this person afterwards, happy and she said that we were all connected, and it does not appear to be the first time I spoke with her, how to talk, voice, how exactly was in my dream.
    I was touched to receive this sign through that person, as was one of the best days of my life, and how it was a message from God telling me that I was connected.
    I thank God and your Master.
    My love, my respect and gratitude.

    Cher Maitre,

    Querido Mestre,

    Je trouve que c’est essentielle pour notre vie suivre les signes qui l’Univers est nous envoie.
    A mon avis, L’Univers nos donne des signes a tous les moments, il suffit qu’on sommes ouverts a les voir.
    Dans ma vie, j’ai toujours reí§u des signes de l’Univers, et toujours quand j’ai demandée, j’ai eu une réponse par diverses voies.
    Le signe le plus forte que j’ai eu c’était mon ríªve avec J.
    J’ai ríªve avec une personne qui me disais d’un jour qu’on se rencontrerait, et je la rencontrée quelques semaines après, exactement le jour dont elle parlait.
    J’ai eu l’occasion de parler avec cette personne après, et contente elle m’a répondu qui on était tous connectés, et í§a ne semblais pas íªtre la première fois que je parlais avec elle, la faí§on de parler, la voix, était tout exactement comment dans mon ríªve.
    J’étais touchée de recevoir ce signe a travers cette personne, car était un des plus beaux jours de ma vie, et c’était comment un message de Dieu en me disant que j’étais connectée.
    Je remercie a Dieu, et a toi Maitre.
    Mon amour, mon respect et ma gratitude.

  29. Savita Vega says:

    Reading “The Alchemist,” I’ve really been thinking a lot about “signs” lately. This thing that Paulo calls “The Language of the World” is the tool by which I navigate through most of my life. I see “signs” and I follow them. But, reading this book, I’ve been thinking about that Language in a new way. In fact, I never thought of it as a “language” at all. I thought of it more in terms of “synchronicity” – these non-coincidental “coincidences” that occur intermittently and seem to point the way. Thinking of it as a language is different, because that means that one can actually learn to hear it all the time, not just sometimes. Anyway, I have many thoughts on this, but, as is usual when a subject perks my interest, I become obsessed with it and want to read everything ever written on the topic.

    So, I am just wondering if any of you have read any other books that specifically deal with the subject of “signs” – books that you might recommend? (I have found very few.)

    1. Heart says:

      I found a very interesting copy online called ‘Symbols of Sacred Science’. The link to the web site is so long, it wouldn’t copy when I tried. I’m sure you can get to it by searching the title. Let me know what you think of it.

    2. Savita Vega says:

      Thanks! I will.

    3. Savita Vega says:

      I was just reading a synopsis of the book online, in which the work of the author is compared to that of Eliade and Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, both of which I’ve read. It also sounds a lot like Jung’s theory of archetypes and Joseph Campbell’s work, which was is the same lines. I’m going to get the book, but I wanted to say also that no one that I have encountered so far talks of signs in quite the same way that Paulo does. It is like with Tarot and other forms of divination – the predominant impulse always seems to be to systemitize this “Language of the World” and present it as exact science. For example, if you encounter this certain “sign,” the meaning or interpretation is X. This does not, of course, leave room for the intuition to step in and perform its magic, which is really what I think reading signs is all about – letting the intuition lead one to the very depths of the Soul of the World. When it returns it is like this little cup, overflowing with knowledge of events or circumstances, which transcends the barriers of time and space. In other words, we are able to dive into the World Soul and resurface with knowledge of things that otherwise we would have no way of knowing. That sort of “knowledge” can’t be systemitized because each sign has to be interpreted anew, in the present moment, as it arises.

      What sort of thoughts do you all have on this???

    4. I’m confused about something because the internet is not often a very reliable source of information and seems that perhaps things that have been handed down over generations, have been manipulated.

      So I think there is a connection between The Alchemist and The Pilgrimage, linked through the Emerald Tablet, and all the other things it connects to. Like the Freemasons and the Knights Templars’ for example. But hardly can I find any concrete and useful information online. Seems that these two groups have a very bad connotation nowadays, but is this really true?

      Savita, do you have any information on this?

    5. Heart says:

      First of all let me say, I was very moved when I saw below how you read the Alchemist out loud for your daughter, and everything you say in that posting about signs. Beautiful Texas! Beautiful! (May I call you Texas hehe?)

      Since we are doing this workshop let me put it like this; I wonder is the heart a sign, or a mere mean to notice and understand the signs? Traditionally, the heart is seen as a symbol of love. In the Alchemist the heart has a more active function, more like a sense for reading all the signs within and around us. How can we communicate with the desert? Not by using our eyes, ears, nose or fingers, but by listening to our hearts. The heart is born from the soul of the world and will return to this universal soul. The Alchemist himself, directs Santiago to listen to his heart. The boy find it hard to figure it out. The heart tells him about longings and sometimes can make him cry or be overwhelmed by a sunrise in the desert. The heart of a person isn’t always easy to get, and all the talking the heart does show us The Heart (as Annie always types it, with a capital H), the Heart is alive. The boy never asked his heart to quit talking to him. The heart helps us fulfill our dreams. We should become great friends with our hearts. As well as helping us follow the signs, the heart holds up warning signs if for instance soldiers are approaching, or we drift away from following our Personal Legend. The Moder Heart helps us to a sacred alertness…How about that?

    6. francesca says:

      I agree that you always have to use your intuition to interpret the signs. And for example ‘a rose’ can have another meaning for you than for some one else. We all gave to find our own way of seeing
      and understanding the signs.

      I was also struggling for a long time what this meant for certain systems of divination. Like the tarot. I for myself found myself attracted to the tarot all my life. This is a symbolic system. There are a lot of books that will give you interpretations on what every card means; And that is interesting to read. But, for me, the tarot is a systems that works, because I feel it has a language I understand and that works for me. But I don’t think it’s a language that works if you just read the explanations in a book. That is why I feel you cannot teach some else how to read the cards. Tarot courses for my are not possible. Only in a way that you learn about the facts, the outside description, like a history lesson. A good tarot reader has to feel the images itself. The tarot is only a way of tapping in to your intuition; It like a door you open, but the door itself is not the message. (And I think that lots of people don’t leave the explanation of the books.) That is why a card never has one meaning and why you will find different explanations in a lot of books. You have to feel what the image says to you, what does it mean in your language with the universe. And what does your intuition tells you it means in this particular story/situation. Symbols are just ways of taping in to your communication/language with the universe. For me symbols are universal, but the interpretation, understanding the language is different for every individual.

    7. Savita Vega says:

      Dear Francesca,
      I really enjoyed reading your post and wanted to share with you an experience that I had some years ago. After “playing around” with the Tarot for several years on my own. I finally decided that I wanted to find a teacher. So I began looking and I found many teachers, both online and in person, who offered to teach a standard curriculum in exchange for a particular fee. For some reason, none of this appealed to me, so I just kept looking.

      Then, one night I attended this gathering and ran into a woman that I already knew, whom several friends had previously recommended as an astrologer and who had, in fact, already done an astrological chart for me. I liked her very much, and I knew that she also read Tarot cards, so I approached her and asked her if she would consider taking me on as a pupil. She said, “Let’s talk after the party,” so I waited until most of the guests had gone. Then she came and sat down beside me on the sofa: “So, you want to learn to read Tarot, do you?”

      “Yes, I do,” I said.

      “Well,” she said, “Do you have any books on Tarot reading?”

      “Yes, I have quite a few,” I said.

      “Have you read them?”

      “Most of them.”

      “Good,” she said. “Now what I would like for you to do is go home tonight and throw them all away.”

      I just sat there, astonished. I can only imagine the look I must have had on my face in that moment.

      “If you really want to learn to read Tarot,” she said, “you’re going to have to learn to trust your intuition, and the only way to do that is to let go of everything you’ve learned.”

      I was completely resistant to this idea at first, but eventually it took hold of me, and I began to realize that the cards are not like paintings hanging on a wall – lifeless and static. Rather, they are alive – more like windows that one can peer through and thereby perceive a particular scene, situation or event. Slowly, over time, the more I learned to use the Tarot in this way, the more I came to trust in my intuition, and the more I trusted in it, the stronger it became.

      Now the cards are there, but they are more like the Urim and Thummimum which Santiago carries around in his pocket. I seldom use them, because everywhere there are signs, and the signs tell me all that I need to know. Sometimes I read them for other people, but even then I encourage them to also look to the signs that appear in their own life – listen to the voice of their own heart.

    8. francesca says:

      That is really a wonderful story of how you discovered using your intuition.

      I also have my own signs, you are absolutely right, signs are everywhere. I just really love the tarot. It’s like a sort of friend to me, which I can always talk to when I need to.

      Interesting to discuss all these topics here and read other persons experiences.

    9. Savita Vega says:

      Dear Carolena,
      To answer your question: No, I really know very little about the Knights Templar, and absolutely nothing about Freemasonry. The bit I do know about the Templars, I got from reading the books of Margaret Starbird (The Woman with the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail; The Goddess in the Gospels: Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine; Magdalene’s Lost Legacy: Symbolic Numbers and the Sacred Union in Christianity…she has written many), which I highly recommend.

      I just recently read The Pilgrimage, and I see what you mean about the connection between the two books. After reading this book, which also mentions some connection the the Templar Tradition, I am thoroughly intrigued by RAM. I became even more intrigued when I read in the Author’s Notes at the end of the book: “RAM (is) a minor order in the Catholic Church that has no secrets or mysteries beyond the attempt to understand the world’s symbolic language.”

      I would like to ask you this, because I am a bit confused: Is “The Tradition” spoken of in The Pilgrimage the Templar Tradition in some modern form? And is RAM and The Tradition the same thing, or two separate but connected societies?

      (I’m going to post these same questions under “The Tradition” in The Pilgrimage workshop as well.)

      Best to you, as always, Carolena!

      You Fellow Seeker,

  30. Alex says:

    I have learned to read signs and it is an intersting thing. But it is practice and sometimes you make mistakes and learn by that. I just bought your book By the river Piedra I sat down and wept since I read that you tell about signs and how to work with them. Looking forward to that.
    One example I want to mention is that 2 years ago I was unhappy and wanted to quit my job but did not know what to do or where to go. I was on a business trip on HongKong and while walking through the city by night and zhinking about my situation I was standing in fron of a huge billboard. There was an ad on it and it said: “Expect the unexpected!”. I knew this message was for me and when I came back to the office I opened my laptop and found this new opportunity in the internet. It ws right there waiting for me – the experimental witch contest.
    I am still in the process of understanding and reading signs and try to figure out how to understand all this. Thanks.

    1. Savita Vega says:

      Great story, Alex! Just a few days ago, I had a similar experience with a billboard. I see billboards all the time, of course, and they mean nothing to me, but I was driving on the freeway, on my way to a meeting in another city about three hours away, and I was thinking to myself: “What is this meeting REALLY all about? What am I meant to be going here for?” At that moment, I looked up and saw a billboard that read: EAT, AND ENJOY! I thought, “That is strange, but okay.” So, I decided that at the meeting I would ask someone where to find a good restaurant. I didn’t get a chance to do this, however, because the moment the meeting closed, a man stepped up to me and said, “How about we go get something to eat? I know a great restaurant nearby!” Since I didn’t know him, I might have declined otherwise, but the sign said go, so I went. The food was great and I had a fantastic time. We laughed until our sides hurt, which, in the end, seemed much more useful than the meeting I had driven three hours to attend.

      Isn’t life wonderful – purely magical – when we follow the signs?!

    2. Alex says:

      hey savita,
      also wonderful story. it is amazing to follow signs, makes life way more interesed. it gets even more interested when you stop listening to your ego and do the things that signs tell you or your inner voice. there are techniques you can learn to communicate with your inner voice.
      as said, interesting process. and even more interesting that the more you get into it the more people you meet doing the same.
      life is full of miracles.

  31. Chatinha says:

    Uma Carta que escrevi agora mesmo o meu penpal falando de Signs. Aqui esta a carta para voces:


    Tudo bem? Tudo OPTIMO cmg:)

    Acho que eu nao te disse mas eu decide que queria volontar(volunteer) para uma organization. Entao estava a completer uma application e na application queriom 3 referancas: patrao antigo, amigo/amiga, e spirtual leader(nao sei dizer em portugues).

    Spirtual leader…?!?!?! quem que vou por? Nao posso por Paulo Coelho, nao ilhe conheco, e ele nao pode ser a minha entao quem vou por? nao vou a igreja. parei de ir a igreja todos os domingos quando meu pai morreu. o k vou fazer? pensei em outras pessoas que eu podia por, mais nao som meu spirtual leader. A primeira pessoa que veio a minha cabeca, era uma freira que vinha a minha clinica. Ela e Francesa de Franca e uma dos meus clients. Cada vez que ela vinha eu pergunta coisas da Religiao Catholica, pk nao acredito muito, e quero acreditar!! entao eu fazia perguntas, lia coisas, fazia mais perguntas e blah blah blah. Mas isso so aconteceu umas 5 vezes. Ela nao me conheco bem, nao pode ser minha spirtual leader. Mas nao tenho outro remedio. Ten de ser ela!!

    Entao entrei nessa igreja. Uma igreja muito grande, cheio de touristas…fui a missa e depois fui perguntar a uma padre se ele conhecia essa freira. Na aquello momento nao me lembrava do nome dela. e comecei a describe her. ele ainda nao se lembrava. Entao depois de fazer ele antender outros clients, e de me sentar la para ums minutos miraculosment o nome dela veio a minha cabeca. eu disse, ele ainda nao sabia. Depois comecei a perguntar para outros padres la. Pensei, por menos eles me conhecom podia fazer algo para mim. Ele me deu o numero de um padre. Se chalar tu te lembras te da historia de eu a discutir com um padre? o padre que estava a defender pedofiles e eu nao gostei da conversa dele?!?! esso padre!!!! meu deus….

    Saio da igreja, e comecei a andar por la. Sabia que tinha um convento perto de la entao disse que se chalar podia perguntar la fora. NADA. sentei me, e comecei a pensar em options.
    1.falo com o padre pedofilo?….NAO. eu nao gostava de a maneira que ele defendeu eles, e comecei a pensar que isso era mal signo si eu ia a ele.
    2. Falo com o padre portugues?
    3. Ligo a organization a dizer que nao tenho spiritual leader.
    4. Deus nao quero que eu vou trabalhar para africa!! NAO
    5. e um signo que se chalar nao devia de perguntar a alguem. Vai para a casa, e pensa nisso…pensa no que vais fazer.

    comceou a andar por la. Sabia que tinha um convento e muitos casa de padres e freiras la, entao disse que se chalar podia perguntar la fora. NADA. sentei me, e comecei a pensar em options.

    Entro no carro, e comeco a guiar perto da ireja. Eu sei que ela me disse o convento dela era a direita. mas meu coracao estava a dizer vira para a esquerda.
    Entao fui para a esquerda. Uma coisa que eu nunca faria. Ir para Casa sem tentar encontra o convento? eu nem tentei o sufficento. Eu posso ser chatinha quando quero algo e so capaz de por a ireja de pernas pro air para atengir algo que quero! Nao gosto de desistir tao facilment. Mas desta vez nao sei pk meu coracao estava a dizer de virar para esquerda, direcao de casa.

    Vireai a esquerda, e comecou a pensar no carro….O K vou fazer? Se chalar deus nao quer que eu pergunto a ela? Deve ser um signo. Deus e um signo? Manda me um signo? O k faco?

    Estou longe da igeja nesso momento e perto da autro strada, e sabes quem atravesse a rua em frente do meu carro a correr?!?!?! A FREIRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Eu parro o carro no meu da rua, no meu de transito e comecou a correr atras dela!!! LOL. eu paro ela, e comeco a falar rapido com ela. Eu disse que estava mesmo agora a procura dela e que fui TAO estranho que vejo ela ali. ela tb acho isso estranho( e se chalar a pensar que so uma maluca a fazer uma sena dessas no meio da rua.haha). e perguntai si ela tinha tempo para me falar, ela disse que nao. tinha um appointamento no doctor e nao podia falar, eu diz “entra no meu carro eu te levo la e falamos no meu carro” hahaha

    Meu deus imagina isso….eu a para o carro no meio de transito, a correr atras de uma mulheur que nao conheco bem. E depois a dizer a ela que eu queria mesmo falar com ela, para ela deixar seu mundo para entrar no meu! LOL

    Eu sei sou mesmo maluco!!! mas isso fui um signo de deus!!!! a ultima vez que deus deu me uma coisa na palma da mao, e nao pegei na opportunidade! desta vez eu parecia uma maluca a correr atras dela. hahahahahahah

    Coitada da freira. achas que ela pensa que sou maluca? mesmo assim…nao me importo. Eu sou insignificant na vida dela, mas ela significant na minha vida:)

    Chatinha xoxo

  32. Heart says:

    A message in the Alchemist is to understand and follow our dream. The text is so beautifully filled with lyricism and core literary symbols. The mantra is; ‘I love you because the whole universe conspired for me to come close to you’. All culture has it’s origin in Shamanism, the oldest spiritual tradition. Indigenous traditions offers deeper contact within a human being and with the rest of creation. The oldest religions in the world, nature religions, are perhaps 10 000 year old. Shamanism has no dogmas, no priests, but they have craftsmen who can take you on a drum journey. It is hard to think when one is drumming. It frees the head of thoughts, when one wishes contact with the Spirits. The only thing important, is the voice of the shaman, the song. The drums inspires the dance and the song. To me there seems to be a shaman in the soul of Santiago before and during his travel to Egypt.
    All the signs, the symbolic language, goes to the heart not to the mind. The Alchemist is set in a Latino and Oriental setting. This novel, is full of magic and mystic. Can we find examples it is built the same way as fairy tales, with important numbers for instance 3 and 7? Once, a Waldorf teacher giving classes in art, explained why it is so important to tell children (of all ages) fairy tales. The founder of this wonderful school, Rudolf Steiner, proved children’s magic relationship with their environment. In 1908 he wrote; ‘The Interpretation of Fairy Tales. The Poetry and Meaning of Fairy Tales’. The true fairy tale mood lies deep down within the human soul. Trying to explain them destroy their fresh spontaneity, the whole effect of the tale. Let the fable remain unconscious, Steiner said. The style in fables is light, playful and picturesque, as a contrast to our ordinary life, and goes to the hidden depths of soul life. In ancient times the human being could more fully perceive his union with the spiritual world outside himself, according to Steiner. He saw how everything going on in his soul, was related to certain spiritual realities alive in the universe. Short folk tales, found among several primitive people, for life itself to become a heart and soul enlivened in fairy tales. Children’s stages of imagination shouldn’t be ruined by an intellectual academic school, but the education should address the whole human being. The style in the Alchemist captures the imagination and the heart of us readers. And perhaps we should do as Steiner advices, and not try to explain the signs too much, but just let them work in the dept of our souls.

    1. Catherine says:

      that is fascinating – thank you for sharing!

    2. Savita Vega says:

      Wow! That’s wonderful, especially the part about Rudolf Steiner and fairy tales. Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Heart!

      Viva la Mystery!!!

    3. Heart says:

      Viva la Mystery indeed hehe.

    4. Viva la Mystery!! :D

    5. Dear Heart I know some time ago The Waldorf School and is a good idea Thank you for sharing this and you know All culture has it’s origin in Shamanism and Druidism too like my Celtic´s cultur. The Druida is a Poetry is a good in the Art.
      The Power of Fairy Tale is very important because the clave is there, we can fine many information.
      Thank you very much for your culture and for sharing with us because is good teme.

    6. Heart says:

      Hi Rosa,

      Yes! the Celtic culture is very fundamental too. Thank you for coming up with Druidism. In fact, I know very little @ the top of my head about the Druids. Now that you mention it, I will take a look at it. Druids and Alchemists, perhaps a connection?


    7. Nicolette says:

      I loved Women Who Run with the Wolves, in fact tried to read it to my daughter when she was three, because I wanted her to understand somewhere in her pysche, that fairy tales are about our own journeys. I loved fairy tales growing up, I believed in fairy tales, somewhere inside me I thought I’d find that white knight riding up on his horse, the kiss, somehow I believe that stifled me. I say that, but then again, why can’t life be like a fairy tale. I buy the book, Women Who Run with the Wolves, anytime I find it, so I can give it away. There’s a beautiful story about relationships in it called Skeleton Woman, maybe I had to get all tangled up, maybe we’re all, all tangled up with history, culture, family history, that we need to figure out where our tangles are in order to guide someone to untangle us. Anyway, at three, it was a little too young to read to her, she’s 15 now, so I’ve given her the book. I was given it by a Brazilian woman who said, this book made me glad to be a woman. At 15 I need to bribe her to read something I like, although I bought her the Twilight book before it became popular. So if you haven’t read it, read it. Maybe what angered me about believing in fairy tales was that no one told me most people grow out of believing in them, like they they lose their childlike qualities and retain their childish. I grew up loving fairy tales then finding a love for magical realism.

    8. Heart says:

      Hi Nicolette!

      Imagine, I had not heard of this book, and Clarissa Pinkola Estes. This interview gives a great insight into her way of thinking;

      Thank you so much for introducing me to a modern believer in ADULT fairy tails, and especially to encourage women to feel better about themselves. I don’t know much about how fairy tails effect adults, but I just want to tell you a little story about years, and years ago, when I used to work in day care/pre school, and saw some interesting things on how children use fairy tales to deal with difficult emotional experiences.

      For instance, when new children start in a day care, they all struggle with the feeling of abandonment from their parents, and every teacher who has seen ‘school phobia’ knows how hard it can be both for the parents and their children, to separate for an hour, a few hours, a whole day… When reading ‘Hansel and Grethel’ for the children in a situation like this, they get to deal with these hurtful feelings, as this is exactly what happens to Hansel and Grethel in the fairy tail. They are taken into the thick forest, and have to go through all kinds of struggles, before they can find their way home. In my experience, children in this transition period from staying with their parents, to being on their own, love to hear ‘Hansel and Grethel’. They want to hear the story over and over again. And Rudolf Steiner did explain this phenomena, by saying it is a way for the children to deal with their emotional well being.

      Now, you introduce this as a way for adults to grow too, and I believe you are right. For instance, why do I love to read the Alchemist over and over again? Yes, because I myself love to travel, and as Santiago, meet all these struggles along the journey. So, I can very well identify with this fable too. Yep, magical realism gives more life to our drab as-a-matter-of-fact reality.

      Thanks again Nicolette,

  33. Kalani says:

    A tribute to Signs:

    1. Savita Vega says:

      Love it!

    2. Is very funny. Thank you for sharing.

    3. Marie-Christine says:

      Yeeh Ah – I liked the Emergency one 174kms. and the last one as well.:)

  34. keyla says:

    I had the alchemist for a while on my bookshelf but i had many books to read so i forgot it for a while. Couple days ago i thought it would be nice to see what it has since i heard a lot about it and about Paulo Coelho.
    The book took me to another dimension and another way to see things. This way that i’ve been going on and off in. And that made me think about all those things mentioned on the book. About signs, about destiny and about faith.
    I had some signs in my life about some stuff, but i don’t think i had any about my dream and so i was wondering wether i can’t read them or there aren’t there, and i think both causes are bad.
    and then how could you know that the test IS a test in the first place and not a sign telling you to back off. Like these things block me in my life and let me block toward my dreams and things i want to achieve.

    great love to you all,

  35. Catherine says:

    I came to a remote town in a remote part of the world to follow my dream [doing what someone i loved told me to do]… and on arriving all i found where these signs [literally, signposts] with his name in the title or organisation name… Even the town is the name of a food from his country; the party colours the same as his flag.

    then, he got a girl pregnant and did the honourable Catholic thing… marriage.

    Now here I am, in some remote part of the world each day reminded by passing signs of that lost love ;o/

    Kind of ironic.

    1. Philipa says:

      Dear Catherine

      You said you went to this remote part of the world to follow your dream, and then you say you did what someone you loved told you to do…
      I think a important question is: what was your dream? or you just followed someone because you didn’t have a dream?
      Now, there you are stuck in some remote part of the world… why???
      Don’t you have a choice? Can’t you go somewhere else? Or even, can’t you chose to stay if you want, but knowing if you want and what you want.
      It seems to me that all you need to do is ask yourself the right question and then you may get an answer…

      Wish you all the best!


    2. Catherine says:

      thanks for your reply.

      Actually I always have followed MY dreams.
      He ALSO said to follow them.

      I just had to understand in my own thoughts how i do this… and have met so many literal signs – relating to him – here.

    3. Cecilia Sangeetha says:

      Dear Catherine ,
      I too followed what my loved one told me . He said you live only once and he could not afford to lose me again that he had found me in 13 yrs. But he went back and has kept me waiting for 4 years with no sign of return. His promises scribbled everywhere in my life of his true love dont let me go anywhere in life and I am stuck here still waiting …..hoping against hope . But that is what Abraham did. And God can restore everything as he is nearer to the one who calls him.A teacher once told me in School “you can wait and never be tired of waiting”.

  36. Claudia says:

    Who sends the signs? God? The Universe?
    Or are those signs just inevitable coincidences that appear to be intuitive, but are actually unremarkable statistical circumstances?

    1. Savita Vega says:

      Read Carl Gustav Jung’s work titled “Synchronicity.” Jung had the same question concerning probability and coincidence, and this book was his attempt to answer it.

    2. Claudia says:

      Was thinking about Jung’s archetypes and that I must revisit his works when I read ur msg… must be a sign ;-) tnx.

    3. Savita Vega says:

      Ur welcome! Funny how the Universe works thru us sometimes and we aren’t even aware of it.

    4. I have to say that ‘signs’ have been very prominent in my life, not just recently, but as far as I can remember. I have witnessed some really extraordinary signs and sometimes so profound that it feels like someone really is watching. Even from my teens, sometimes I’d think the universe is really playing around with me.

      Signs are Really fascinating… and if I think in terms of energy, everything is energy, and all is one, we are all connected, then certain signs appear because of the energies floating around. It’s Magical, it really does seem very magical at times, we don’t yet have a clear sceintific explanation for this. And perhpas we never will, since if we do, perhaps we will have unveiled the mystery of life.

      Very fascinating!

    5. Yes Carolena the sings are in all place and speack to us, now we know and the warrior see all place around.
      Kises for all I like very much read yours coments

  37. Tes says:

    Signs are everywhere, but then again, it is how you WANT to read those signs.YOU give your own meaning to them.

    You are your own Alchemist.

    You write your Maktub.

    Though the Universe is conspiring in our favour, not only when you decide but when you ACT on it,then it becomes MAKTUB.

    The key is IN you.

  38. Can there be signs that are meant for one to pursue, even though they set you “back” in time lost in reaching for a dream? When I mean “back” is that it takes time to learn and grow from reacting to that sign before realizing that was a mistake.

    This leads me to another question: Can a sign be used as only a test for the heart? Or are signs, as the universe suggests, conspiring to only make you make the right choice?

    1. Savita Vega says:

      As for myself, I like better the word “preparation” in preference to “test.” The idea that God/Goddess/The Universe sets these things before us as a “test” – just to see if we will fail – seems rather harsh. I cannot imagine that the Divine would be so cold-hearted as this. After all, would we. as humans. do this sort of thing to our children – set a stumbling-block before them, just to see if they would fall? This is why I prefer the term “preparation” – we are faced with these choices as a sort of “preparation” for the even greater challenges and responsibilities which lie ahead. We are given the freedom to make the wrong choice, the freedom to set out in some other direction and follow the wrong path. But I think this freedom is not offered in maliciousness, will some ill intent to see us come to harm. The signs are there always to help us make the right choices. The freedom is given out of love and compassion, in respect for us as thinking, feeling, willful beings, rather then robots. God could have created a world of puppets, but then life would not be interesting. It is our own freedom to fail that makes the journey worth undertaking. At each step we gain a sense of worthiness for the thing we are seeking to attain. If it were all just given to us, we would just be like spoiled children – we would have what we wanted, but we would not value it, neither would wee value ourselves. So, I think that possibility to “prove” ourselves is actually a great gift.

  39. jessie says:

    Dear Mr. Coelho,
    I was lead to your work by a friend in the book world, Bobby Ozuna, and it changed my life. I read the Alchemist in about two hours and have passed it along to others. I have read a few more of your works including the Witch of Portobello. You mentioned Kahlil Gibran, if I am not mistaken in that story. Well during a trip to the library at the camp where I am working for the summer, I ran across the spine of a book that read “Thoughts and Meditations”, figuring I could use another one of these books I slid it off the shelf and who would it be? Kahlil Gibran…yes. Now I am the type of person who looks for the signs from the Universe to confirm my path. While reading the Silver-Plated Turd (after a long day working) the last paragraph struck me…”Since it is now midnight and our eyes are getting heavy, permit us to surrender ourselves to Slumber and perhaps the beautiful bride of dreams wll carry our souls into a world cleaner than this one.” When I looked at the time it was indeed midnight. How is that for a sign!
    I love your work and hope to continue to be inspired by you characters.

  40. Savita Vega says:

    Oops! Feel rather embarrassed about post I made earlier. Somehow I was navigating the site and just landed on this page. I didn’t realize I was in the middle of the book workshop. I just responded as though it were a random topic… just babbling off of the top of my head about signs.

    1. Heart says:

      Hilarious. Give it a second shot then, silly Savita!

      Hugs N Kisses,

    2. Savita Vega says:

      Thanks, Heart! You make me laugh too!

  41. Christine says:


    I myself am in disbelief! Had it not happened to me directly I would say the same thing. But I assure you it is true.

  42. Savita Vega says:

    Somehow, in my experience, it seems that place has something to do with it. I am probably wrong, and it is just my own perception of signs that fails when I am in certain surroundings, but it seems to me that the prevalence of signs (their frequency, their intensity) is somehow related to where I actually am on the face of the globe. I know that some people believe that certain places or regions are simply more “holy” than others – that there are energetic vortexes or other phenomenon that account for this discrepancy, but I have always found this concept rather difficult to grasp. It just seems to me that all places should be equally spiritual or “holy” – God is a radio station that is always playing and the reception of that station should be the same wherever one may go. Still, my experience seems to suggest otherwise. In some places, the “reception” is great; in others, there is little or no reception at all.

    Signs: What do I consider to be a sign? I don’t think you can “make” signs, and when we try to do this, it is a very big mistake, which can lead us very far astray. What I mean by this is that we shouldn’t be making an effort to interpret everything that we see or every little thing that happens as a “sign.” When someone says to me: “This or that happened to me. That must be a ‘sign.’ What do you think it means?” I say, “What does it mean to you? What is it connected with in your mind, in your frame of reference?” If the answers is “nothing – it doesn’t mean anything to me,” then I say, it probably isn’t a sign at all. The language of signs – the language which God/Goddess/The Universe uses to communicate with us is a very personal language. It is important to develop the ability to recognize and interpret for yourself the signs that were meant for you.

    For me, a sign is something that I recognize not just because it is an unusual event or something out of the ordinary. It can be the most mundane, most ordinary thing in the world, but there is something that happens in the moment of my perceiving that sign. Somehow it is like everything else surrounding me, everything else surrounding that event or that thing, suddenly recedes into the backdrop. It is like in a film, when suddenly the camera focuses in on a particular subject and the rest of the picture become blurry or dark. There is just that one thing, and it is like a blazing neon sign. It has a certain inexplicable energy surrounding it. It is happening, or existing in that moment, outside of time and space.

    For example, I live in the countryside – I see a lot of birds on a daily basis. I could try to interpret every bird that I see as a “sign.” And if I wanted to do this, I’m sure that I could find a book or a website that would aid me in this undertaking. There is even a branch of divination known as “ornithomancy” – the interpretation of bird signs. I practice ornithomancy, I suppose, but only when a sighting or encounter with a bird somehow stands out in my mind as “significant” – only when I sense it to be a “sign.” Then, I may try to find out more about that type of bird, I may even turn to some reference on ornithomancy, just to see what the interpretation there suggests, but, in the end, I’m going to rely on my intuition to make that interpretation – to tell me what this sign means to me, in my life, right now. Most of the time, I don’t refer to any resources at all – it just “comes to me” what the sign means. I just perceive it and I say to myself “Oh, that means….”

    For me, signs are more than important – they are crucial. Signs are how I navigate through life. Yes, I also use logic, I rely on my intellect to a degree, but I find that sheer reason has its limits. Signs are the ultimate road map by which I navigate.

    1. Hi Savita,

      I was looking for one of your posts but I can’t find it. You posted about androgyns, and I was wondering what you wrote and why you mentioned it. Also I think you had some pics.
      Didn’t know where else to post this.

  43. Christine says:

    I had been searching our house for my copy of “The Alchemist” as I desired to read it again. It was no where to be found. I remember that I had read the book, but for the life of me could not remember the story as it had been a number of years since I read it.

    As it turned out, last month we had a yard sale. An older man came to me with a box of books we were selling, and on top “The Alchemist”. I explained to this sweet older gentleman that it was a mistake that this book made it into the yard sale, as I had been looking for it to reread. He picked up the book and simply handed it to me, saying then I guess it’s time to get to rereading.

    I believe in signs, though I don’t always know what they mean. My life currently is in a time of reinvention, focusing on my Personal Legend and it seems this signs pop up to keep me focused on my journey. Over the past two years, four leaf clovers all around, sometimes a five, and most recently a six leaf clover. I finished rereading the book July 1, 2009 and handed it to my husband to read. This morning, over coffee and reading our books, his book “The Alchemist”, mine “What Would Google Do” by Jeff Javis I found a lovely puzzling surprise. Jeff Javis was writing about Paulo Coelho. Honestly I was dumbstruck. As I just found my way back to Mr. Coelho’s works, I am reading about his genius in another book, while my husband reads “The Alchemist”. It almost sounds as if I am making up such silliness, but I promise this to be true. Then out of curiosity, I search Paulo Coelho on Google, and find that this month is dedicated to the discussion of that what other book that “The Alchemist”. I had to laugh at all the coincidences happening, as I know that they are anything but coincidences.

    Well, now, and if I wasn’t convinced before I have some more reading to do. The Valkyries is calling to me.

    Thank you Mr. Coelho for you wonderful book.

  44. Alexandra says:

    HA HA Ha, no ways….Is the whole story true?

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      It is true that Jeff Javits wrote about me (and Paula) in his very interesting book about Google.

    2. Alexandra says:

      This is really coincidence, for I replied by mistake to another post…But I see it was ment to arrive to your, and be aware of your little adventure…Thank you for sharing.

  45. Dances With Crayons says:

    Signs: God speaks to my soul through music. I notice differences, from day to day in nature, or clouds, things that float, something out of the blue. Sometimes, even literally signs themselves. My heart knows. At times, do things even I do not understand, yet take the risk, understanding that it was right most of the time. When a mistake is made (usually when too tired), thankfully, the signs also help me get back on track. Sometimes there are dreams, too, usually to prepare for something. Thank You Paulo, Love to All xo

  46. Michhaela says:

    Dear paulo
    I know God gives sign to everyone and is different and unique for everyone.I was just wondering if you ever had any premonition or dreams i mean literally about alchemist?Or any vision that inspired you other than your dreams or your personal legend?There are signs but am just wondering baout if you had in form of dreams.Just a curious soul.


  47. Saran says:

    I feel like the signs are always around us. We just have to have the courage to see them, pay attention and follow them, no matter how crazy they may seem. Santiago did and despite all the setbacks he never gave up-eveything was in perfect order. That is what makes this book so beautiful and insprational. It seems like Santiago did not know what was coming next on his path to his destiny. My question is how did he know which way to go? In the end would he have ended in the same place no matter what choice he made?

  48. Hernán says:

    Hola, Gracias Paulo por darnos “El Alquimista” , y queria preguntarte por el significado de la parte en que buscan vida en el decierto, cuando Santiago y el Alquimista se encuentran con la serpiente najarda. Siempre senti que habia mas que una prueba en esa acción, quiza sea solo una fantacia mia pero ya que nos das esta gran oportunidad, queria preguntartelo.
    Nuevamente Gracias Gracias Gracias.
    PS gran admirador de tu obra

  49. Melyssab79 says:

    I love that watching for signs was such a large part of this story…and Urim and Thimmum and Santiago’s dream were some of the obvious ones that he had at his disposal as he explored his world while traveling to Egypt. Likewise, there are signs for many of us that we are able to recognize for what they are and react accordingly.

    What I wonder though, is what happens when the signs are there and you don’t quite understand what you’re looking at? What happens when you miss the signs altogether? How do you know that something is a sign that is actually meant for you and not just a random coincidence that you’re reading into? Since most of us don’t have Urim and Thimmum in our pockets, how do we KNOW the sign is what it is?


  50. Alexandra says:

    I am interested in the stones of destiny. Than I love the idea of the dream, as sign. I know there are more , just cant remember all of them.