The Alchemist


  1. Thufe Miah says:

    Where can i find pictures of scenes for the book?

  2. Kayla says:

    I wonder if there are more readings on maktub or the Language of the World that anyone could suggest. I am interested in learning more about this concept. I found myself trying to explain the concept to a friend before I had even read the book. When I read it, it was as if Coelho had written straight from my mind, only in a way that was more beautiful and cohesive.

  3. nyma says:

    Some books tear the dark veil of sorrow, shedding sunlight unto untended gardens in our souls, full of wondrous thoughts and unknown strength, yet to be discovered.

  4. Guulo says:

    I have read several of your other books, but have yet to read the most famous-the Alchemist! I shall, I shall InshaAllah! I love your wisdom and your way of storytelling, simply beautiful!

  5. reena reenz says:

    Reading The Alchemist was mind calming for me! It was the greatest book I’ve every read and the first “real book” It was so good that I read it twice =)

  6. savitha says:

    The ending of The Alchemist was slightly disappointing. Because it treats gold and precious stones as treasure. After all that was said in the book, it was a disappointing ‘treasure’. Which of course means that the rest of it was fascinating to read.

  7. jerry gul says:

    paulo i want to read all of ur books and i want 2 know that from where i could get them as i m from pakistan.

    with love

  8. umesh jawalikar says:

    I really understand what alchemist is if I practisze him in my daily knowing is not enough if I dont understand it.

  9. Suela says:

    Dear Mr. Paulo,
    I have read the book for the second time these three days and I have some thoughts coming constantly in my mind.
    Regarding the Alchemist, it seems to me that he represents an existing Master ,who also might be an Alchemist. From what I have read, I think that the Alchemist is a person that does really exist in nowdays.In the book ,there are a few “acts”- for example ,at the point where the Alchemist proceeds to transform lead to gold and the point where he shows the Elixir of Life and the Philosopher’s Stone (in the shape of an egg).At some other point ,there where Santiago watches the transormation of lead to gold,the Alchemist says, that he wanted to show Santiago that this”transformation” can really be done etc.
    It seems to me that these two actions are not only symbolic ones, but they do really exist and that you have been “the boy, Santiago”and present at those moments .I also think that the Alchemist who proceeds to those acts mentioned above, might possibly be your master J.. While reading the book, I have been cought to some other points where some of the dialogs between the Alchemist and the boy ,were actually the conversations between you and your Master, that have taken place during your initiation.Well, maybe not all of them ,but at some parts I strongly feel that you speak for yourself.
    I do not remember where have I recently read this, but when you wrote “The Alchemist” ,your Master told you about some “things” concerning alchemy ,that you have exposed-mentioned in the book and that you should be careful of what you write about it and how much you reveal of it.
    So, I need to understand some things concerning the book -which I must mention that it’s a masterpiece – so as to figure out thoughts and information that are occupying me lately.
    I would be really grateful if you could answer me , if what I have mentioned above is true ,or I might be confused and mixed fiction and reality in a wrong way.This would really help a lot my searching.
    Thank you in advance.

  10. Salam says:

    I’m Salam,a 19 year old girl from Jordan(which it would be nice for you and definitely us if you come by) This book is just AMAZING every sentence of it and it make a huge impression over me because I was trying to convince all the people around me with your ideas and that was before I read the book but that’s just mean I share some of your great thoughts (who wouldn’t love them all) …To sum up, I’m an Accountant student which is a major I don’t like at all but I don’t know what I want anymore if I ever wish to change my major I don’t know what to do,,and I keep recalling what The Alchemist said to the boy when he told him that he want stay at the Oasis and marry Fatima and quits his dream of reaching the Pyramids,,about what would happen to him year after year and I just feel so lost and miserable not to mention totally alone …

    1. giggs says:

      Hi Jordan..seems lyk you are a bit concerned regarding your carrer but remember wat alchemist said…

  11. jules says:

    Dear Mr Coehlo

    I hope you read this because I do not know any other way of contacting you. Your book is amazing. I was on my path to my personal legend but did not heed some omens along the way and unfortunately my life was ripped apart. I have lost almost everything. My career, wealth and house are gone. I was left with the most important and precious part of my life, my wife. This was two years ago and even though she has stood by me, I think that she too will go. I would not blame her. My position has not changed but only became worse. If I could ask you a question it would be this:
    How come men that are morally evil always reach great success?

    If any one else wants to give their thoughts please do. Two years ago I was well on my way. I had endured great hardship and sacrifice to reach the point I was at. Then one day, one moment changed everything. There were omens and I saw them. I did not act fast enough. The moral of my story is NEVER, EVER procrastinate. If you feel or see something that makes you want to take action, do so immediately.

    1. nezraM says:

      “How come men that are morally evil always reach great success?”

      I have to ask you. Great success in what sense? money and power? Those aren’t important. God judges everyone at the end. Your greatest opponent introduced concept of time and space. Meaning, we believe justice isn’t served because we do not see immediate consequences of evil actions. Many years may pass. You forget about this evil deed by someone or yourself. Time & Space takes it’s place in your reality so to speak. Then BAM! one day, the deed for the evil act is revealed on to be seen as a disconnected event.

      Everything happens for a reason. There is no Time and Space. Only Cause and Effect. You will have to remove time and space in your mind to understand the law of universe. Gravity works on both Christians and Muslims alike. So is the law of Cause and Effect. Time and Space tricks us to think that there is no such law exist as we human are trained to think of only the strings of events within capacity of our memory and understanding of their connections.

  12. tomich says:

    ola sou um adimirador de sua obra ,gostaria de saber como posso fazer pra te um livro do alquimista,moro nos estados unidos ,um gande abraco

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      penso que consegue encontrar em qualquer livraria nos EUA

    2. Marijose says:

      Hola , encantada de conocerle a través de su literatura.
      Me encanta escribir y siempre tuve en mente escribir un libro .Aún no lo he hecho ,puesto que no tengo los conocimientos necesarios , como para atreverme a realizar una obra de arte que para mí­ supone el hecho de hacer esto que le digo “Escribir”.Admiro a las personas que saben hacerlo , entre ellas , usted.

      No he escrito el libro pero, tengo una página web, en la cual me han llegado a comparar ( un poco) con su filosofí­a a la hora de escribir y relatar ,mi forma de ver la vida y los sentimientos del ser humano.
      Si en algún momento desea echarle un vistazo a esta forma mí­a de escribir, con mucho gusto , me lo pide y le mando la dirección por e-mail.


      Una española

  13. Hoope says:

    I have always heard about it and wanted to read it . Now that i did , i feel so happy .It’s gives everyone a motive to continue ..All that i want to say is in my review . I really loved this book and here is my review on it ..

  14. littlemiss-s says:

    I’ve read this book about 3 times now and everytime its for a better understanding of my difficult situation.I love it because it’s so easy to follow and the language so simple yet so profound. It just flows so beautifully. This time I was reading it I was so amazed and thankful for the dialogue between the alchemist and the boy about listening to your heart, it was like it was written for me because its what I needed to hear at that moment. My heart is agitated like the boy,it gets emotional and is passionate and has sleepless nights thinking about some1 who can probably never be mine. But as the alchemist replied ‘that’s good,it means its aliive’. The whole dialogue following this…what can I say!I just wish the person who my heart longs for could just read those words.

  15. Flo Maguire says:

    I have been trying to buy “The Alchemist” in the Portuguese language in paperback to give to a Portuguese woman of 82 yrs. I have written to you on e-mail but it keeps coming back. Please let me know where I can purchase this book. Would also like an autograph picture for my bookclub; we are now reading this book and I find it very masterful! How brilliantly you lead men and women of all generations to keep seeking their desire- I too, am 82 yrs of age and am sure I have missed the omens by not observing. Thank you so much for this inspiring book.

  16. Mikhail says:

    I study in theatrical faculty… And we have begun work on the Alchemist, work not easy, but very much is pleasant to me… But how to show that that the author wished to tell? For example the fragment when it operates a wind?

  17. Jorgen Clewes says:

    Hello Mr Coehlo,

    Firstly thank you for such a beautiful book. There are many more depths to it than first meet the literal eye. Each time I have read it I have spotted more. Am I correct in thinking the Alchemist is a catalyst for learning? A metaphor for what we think we want?

    Kind regards,


    1. Jorgen Clewes says:

      very sorry for the typing error Mr Coelho

  18. marie-christine says:

    Al che mystery – Brilliant -

  19. nerissa says:

    i just want to know …
    why alchemist is the title of your book?

  20. mahmoud abd ellatif (EGYPT) says:

    it’s a very very fantastic novel, thank you very much

  21. ana says:

    hi Paulo
    I just read The Alhemist, and i liked it very much. Is a very interesting novel.
    I would like to ask you why did you chose the name Santiago, does it had any special meaning to you?
    Thank You

    1. paulo says:

      santiago was because of the santiago way that goes over france and spain.ending in santiago de compostela in was a pilgrin way.that paulo coelho made.

  22. simen says:

    hello paulo i love your books, they have litarly changed my life, i love you. you should come to norway and visit our school.

    1. B EV says:

      Ilove you Pleeze don’t forget to bring your books in as well so that we can discuss them at regular intervals.>:)


  23. Excellent book, after reading I wondered: “What do I want? Do you only need to follow your star?” I think I will read this book many more times in my life. Thank you, now I understand life differently

  24. Mariya says:

    This book really changed my life. It made me think that if you believe – everything can become true. I started to recommend it to all my friends, because I would like to show more people you amazing point if view.
    Best regards and Happy new 2010.

  25. Damir Borovac says:

    My dear Magician,

    First of all, I’d just like to emphasise and to thank you to all these things you are giving to us, your readers. You are quite generous, and I’ve never seen someone being so exposed and open to all the people, who read your books. I just think it’s something amazing, and I really like the way you do your job.

    I have some questions, which are in a relation life-experience. I see you studied occultism and magic closely. Have you always been interested in that, or you suddenly wanted to change something in your life, and then you came to the point to start reading about this, or you liked these kind of things since you’re born ?

    Also, do you really think that the pursuit of dreams is really worth if we drop our reality, or is the reality our dreams actually? I know you write a lot about this, but a more direct answer for me is way more helpful in distinguishing the opinions of yours.

    Thanks enormously!

  26. Eva masias says:

    an amaaaaazing book
    really describes mans journey in life
    following dreams and omens
    i used to believe in dreams long time ago but i lost my faith somewhere on the road … hope i can feel this way again

  27. Allison says:

    “The boy reached the small, abandoned church just as night was falling. The sycamore was still there in the sacristy, and the stars could still be seen through the half- destroyed roof. He remembered the time he had been there with his sheep; it had been a peaceful night… except for the dream. Now he was here not with his flock, but with a shovel.”p.165
    In the end of the alchemist Santiago gets all the way to the pyramids then realized that the treasure was under the tree where he had the dream about it all along. I really liked the way Paulo Coelho ended the book, it sort of pulls everything together and has a lot of depth and meaning.

    1. Deena says:

      I was very satisfied with the ending as well. Except I believe that the treasure wasn’t what he dug up in the old church. On page 8, it describes that “ever since he had been a child, he had wanted to know the world…” In the end, he had accomplished just that.

      To me the allegory could be that although you could be in the right place, it just may not be the right time. And once you find yourself in that right time, you may find that you have known all along what you thought you didn’t know.

      It could be, for Coelho, the eventual return to his dream of becoming a writer.

      “Everyone, when they are young, knows what their Personal Legend is.

      “At that point in their lives everything is clear and everything is possible. They are not afraid to dream, and to yearn for everything they would like to see happen to them in their lives. But, as time passes, a mysterious force begins to convince them that it will be impossible for them to realize their Personal Legend.” (page 21)

  28. Lili says:

    The Alchemist -the book of the life ! I moved to another country to live before 2 years and i feel exactly like the person from the book. Everytime when i think i lost my way and myslef i just remember The Alchemist and realize: we are learning every day and there are reasons for everything happen in our life. Personally i met Paulo in Sofia/Bulgaria/ and can say:that is experience for life! Paulo, thank u so much for your books,for all the knoledge and ideas u give to us. God bless u!

  29. Marta Adriana says:

    The Alchemist is the Master. He symbolises wisdom and power. The wisdom to grow and change and the power to transform ourselves in order to transform what is around us.

  30. La'Zarya says:

    Hey well we have to do a progect for class over The Alchmist and well what I have to do this step by step from like the end how will I do that .

  31. Raghu Narayanan says:

    The book, “The Alchemist”, is a wonderful experience. The dialog with heart, the dialog with the Hand of World are familiar in Indian mystisism also. Possibly, in the mystisism of the other parts of the globe, as well.
    Finally, the boy discovers that the Infinite Bliss (or treasure, as told in the book) is not in a distant land, but right in the meadows where he was wandering all the time. Did U mean that the Infinite Bliss is within oneself, and one does not have to explore it outside ?

    I didnot understand why the boy has to search for Fatima, after realizing the Infinite Bliss. As I know, the Infinite Bliss contains everything, including the love of Fatima.
    Or, do U suggest that the boy gained ONLY a treasure of gold and precious stones, and not the Infinite Bliss, which we are all searching for ?

    The language of the book is excellent even in (English) transaltion.

    Bangalore, India.

  32. paula marie says:

    Paulo, even though the book is titled, “The Alchemist” I found it to be not about the Alchemist but about Santiago and what happens to him as he seeks a treasury that is unknown. He may think that the treasure is material in content but it is actually the wealth of wisdom and knowledge that he discovers on the journey. Nothing he finds at the pyramids will ever compare to what he gained from the insights of all the people he met along the path. He discovers God and even talks to Him without realizing He was. He touches love twice but only one is the match for his soul. Santiago’s free spirit drives his passion and his resourcefulness makes him a survivor where others would have persished. What is truly great about the book is that every character, every movement, every thought is PAULO”S!!! He is everyman, every woman! He had to become all to communicate all. That is what is intriguing to me about any author who can effectively create characters that have depth of breath. Can’t wait to read my next book. Paula Marie

  33. Mukesh says:

    Hi Paulo,

    It was such a great experience to read your book ‘The Alchemist’. I beleive that stumbling upon and reading your book is a an OMEN to pursue my destiny(or dream). Otherwise I would have never found and read this book because I am living at a remote village in India, other part of the world from where you are born. We both have a different mother tounge, we both live in a faraway place, but the common element is that we both are made by the same hand.
    My prayers for you
    Long live Paulo


  34. Tatiana says:

    Helo Paulo,

    I have The Alchemist read many times till today and is one of my forever favorites book. I was gifted the book for my birthday many years ago and always I read again every time.
    Thank you for so wonderful book you write, I like too much. I want to one day meet you, you have saved my life manytimes when I was bad you can always change with your books.
    Thank you for amazing book.
    Please come to Russia!

  35. Erwin Chua says:

    I have read Robert Bly’s Iron John and Joseph Campbell’s Hero of A Thousand Faces. And I can see the journey that must be taken by every person on this earth.

    The Alchemist is Gandalf, Dumbledore, Elminster, my good friend’s father, the warrior who retires to be a monk, the amiable uncle who knows how to gua sha. They hold secrets and no secrets. It’s a fascinating juxtaposition in my journey.

    My teachers are every where. I just I have the mind to grasp, the ears to listen, the limbs to act and the fire that keeps on burning hot.


    Erwin Chua

  36. sarah ayyash says:

    dear mr.paulo
    i was wondering is there an alchemist in real world i actually feel kind of embaressed of asking such a qxn bcoz im an arab nd muslim and if alchemists exsists i am the one who’s suppose to know but then i remember im only 17 and still there is alot of things in the world i need to learn about so i give my self a break.
    love u mr.paulo nd love how objective and honest u r when it comes to my religion.
    take care

    1. Dr.Sarkar Haider says:

      Dear sarah hope u are having great time.
      Alchemist as u rightly feel is an Arabic legend, the most famous among them are names like Gaber or JABIR IBNE HAYYAN , RHAZES, IBN KHULDOON, IBN RUSHD etc. they mostly were found around the time abbasid caliphs ruled from Iraq , Baghdad and persia were great centres of learning under these scholors, what few people know is that all of these Alchemists were STUDENTS OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL SCHOLAR in Arabia and he was a great grandson of the prophet mohammad his name was JAFFER AL SADIQ, he is burried in Jannat ul baqi the famous graveyard in Medina besides the prophet’s mosque in company of other family members of the prophet Mohd.
      I don’t think there is any living alchemist in our times in the literal sense ( someone who is an expert in transforming ordinary metals in to pure gold)..Sir Issac Newton was a serious student of Alchemy but is not on record of succeeding . I think the term has more of a symbolic significance as paulo has rightly pointed out in THE ALCHEMIST that in pursuit of alchemy it is the seeker which gets transformed in to a wise illuminated being and that precisely is his reward.
      Hope this helps you in understanding the alchemy process as we know in modern times of 21st century.

  37. Rodrigo says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I will want to ask you about the last part of the story of the Alchemist. Did santiago returns with Fatima?

    Thanks for your book.

  38. sahar says:

    The alchemist is the best book that I read.. Paulo , The biggest issue for all alchemist is alive forever . after finding love, his soulmate , money, he believes he is in heaven. after 100 years he lives in heaven , he will die and every thing will be finish .
    can I ask 2 questions?
    Do you think your alchemist have found a panacea for living foreverand everlasting ?or your charchter after coming back to fatima (his love)live like other people and then die?
    please dont tell me he will die and finish everything.

  39. Dances With Crayons says:

    Just thinking about my favorite scene in the book, first, where Santiago senses upcoming danger (he has become more ‘in tune’ with the signs around him by now)…then they are suddenly surrounded by 100 horsemen…the Alchemist tells the tribe’s chief that Santiago can destroy the camp by turning himself into the wind within 3 days. What an image, I can see it all!!! Imagining Santiago right then, his terror. But I was amazed also, because The Alchemist already had faith in suggesting that the boy, rather than himself, would perform this feat. WOW!!
    I recall situations when faced with making decisions that would mean life or death, facing danger and fear, and the exact moments where the seemingly impossible became possible. A test of faith, shows me how god works with and through us, when we really want something.

    Does anyone else have a favorite scene?
    Thank You, Love to All, Jane : ) xo

    1. ElaineStreet says:

      I love this part of the book also. Faith CAN move mountains. Thanks for including this,

      Love and warmth,

  40. The Alchemist must be the Greatest character in all literature. He is the epitome of Handsome. For a woman such as me, he is Passion. Gentle, yet Strong. Dressed all in black, Riding through the desert on his horse, leaving dust in the wind. Reminds me a bit of Zorro.

    One has no choice but to be off guard with the Alchemist. A very wise man!

    Interesting how he draws a drop of blood from Santiago, like Abby says, can be representative of the root chakra, identity.

  41. Dances With Crayons says:

    I had not heard of Alchemy prior to reading the book, but the Alchemist characterization made me think of the power that love has to transform, of possibilities when keeping an open mind, interconnectiveness, and recently, reminded me that what is no longer needed, will melt away. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things!! My whole life I worried about corruption, wary of those with money (power), praying always to have ‘just enough’ so as not to fall into corruption, so reading about a character turning lead into gold seemed more of a metaphor at the time. Thank You Paulo, Love to All xo

    1. Dances With Crayons says:

      I am also thankful for the opportunity to have traveled as well as the internet, to learn more, outside of what was said or taught, then to assimilate in order keep growing. Thank You Paulo, Love to All : )

    2. Hello Dances:
      The ancient practice of alchemy is a spiritual journey rather than concerned with attempts to transform base metals (although this is usually what it is associated with, in part due to the ‘neccessary mask’ the alchemist used to have to wear in order to avoid persecution by religious bodies, also alchemists have tended to experiment in transforming metals). This idea of turning lead into gold is indeed a metaphor but goes deeper than you may think: It is instead a charting of the journey through the human chakra system, where the root chakra (at the bottom of the spine,representing our primal urges and connections to the physical world) has been for thousands of years in esoteric teachings associated with the metal LEAD.As we go through each 7 year cycle of our lives our chakras are said to develop accordingly (i.e age 0-7 root chakra, 7-14 sacral chakra etc though note this is a general guide and if a person suffers a trauma so too will the development of the chakra, i.e that’s why it’s hard to catch up on emotional development at 25 that should’ve been dealt with at 15) Let’s say for arguments sake I was a perfectly balanced individual who had honed each of my 7 chakras to perfection with each 7 year cycle of my life, then by the age of 49 I would be entering the age of crown chakra development (representing the highest level of consciousness, enlightenment, connection to the non-physical etc). This chakra has always been associated in the esoteric schools with the metal GOLD. So alchemy and it’s practice relates to the honing of these energy centres with a view to reaching enlightenment and freeing the spirit from the endless physical cycles…I read the alchemist before I knew anything atall about alchemy itself, and now that I know a little ( a very little!) I’m going to read it again with this new perspective. Good luck to you and keep dancing with them crayons! :o)

  42. Nancy says:

    I have read, The Alchemist, more than once but it is the first reading of a book I always remember. When the alchemist was introduced in the story I could not tell if he was going to be a friend or trouble for Santiago. He seemed harsh and unkind to Santiago and did not think of peoples well being.

  43. Galina says:

    This book has changed my relation to much, I have looked at some things differently and have found answers to exciting questions. Thanks you for it.

  44. Melyssab79 says:

    I came to understand the title character the alchemist as a metaphor or analogy….it seems that what an alchemist does, transforming something mundane (metals) into something extraordinary (gold) is comparable to the change in the individual who lets life happen to him without purpose (mundane) when he strives for and reaches his Personal Legend (extraordinary). Santiago was able to be mentored by the alchemist and in so doing, he is changed into the extraordinary through his growth. Likewise, if we allow his example, through the story, to inspire that same direction of purpose for ourselves and we experience that growth in our own lives, then we become the extraordinary. I guess that makes Paulo our alchemist. Golden :)


  45. Heart says:

    The Alchemist seems to be a dark, very elegant character; ‘a horseman dressed completely in black’. The Englishman was looking for him, but the Alchemist instead appears to Santiago. This takes place after Santiago had been appointed the counselor of the oasis. It is as if the power of Alchemist was threatened by the young shepherd boy, and the Alchemist wanted to get to know him a little. Santiago perceives the Alchemist as a messenger from the desert, with a powerful presence. The Alchemist then invites Santiago to come and find him in the south, which Santiago later does. Only after the miracle, where Santiago transform the wind, does the Alchemist show him how to transform lead to gold! Santiago so to speak had to prove himself worthy first. I am asking; Is this just an allegory, or is it possible actually to change lead to gold? Is the real alchemy to be able to transfer any piece of nature, to be able to let the wind send kisses from your loved one, to be able to transfer dreams into reality?
    The Alchemy is a completely unknown area for me. Transfer Metal to Gold, is it possible? I saw you referred to ‘Atlanta Fugiens’ by Michael Maier’s, which must be a classic about the subject, the alchemical emblem book from 1617. We can all search and learn more about this topic, see for instance My understanding is you spent, was it 11 years, studying books about Alchemy. Are these books all regarded occult? Are they banned by the Catholic Church? You have said you had to pay a high price for some of the black magic you too part in. Would you talk a bit about how you would recommend us readers, to look into the Alchemy ‘field’ today? Your novel is so innocent and almost holy in form. There might be a couple of places I question, but to me it’s close to perfectly divine, so how could there be anything wrong with Alchemy?

  46. Alexandra says:

    I love the idea of that boundary term, for an alchemist is nor magician nor chemist… He is both, but even more… I read about how much elements are used in that science, that is not science, but has a lot to do with spirituality… The Alchemist in your story is the same thing for the Englishman, as the treasure for Santiago, is a dream, a goal, an impulse that one need to grow. It is a element that is part of an initiation, and the Englishman proves to deserve the treasure, the wisdom and talent of the Alchemist.

  47. Biombo says:

    Querido Paulo,
    I also heard in an interview that a movie version of the book might be in the process, but I if I remember correctly you weren’t happy with the way the movie was being done and they were some coypyright issues involved. If I’m not mistaken, I also recall that Laurence Fishbourne also had some involvement. For us fans, could you maybe comment on what the status is of a movie based on The Alchemist? Could we expect one soon? Are you happy about this?
    Obrigado Paulo

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      this movie version would be a book! In fact, there is NOTHING concrete so far. But it does not affect the presence of the Alch world wide, as a whole new generation is reading it again.

  48. Magi,gulzar says:

    Dear Paulo,
    we want to know that ALCHAMISt is available in URDU,or at PAKISTAN,
    plz response,


    MAGI< Gulzar

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      Dear Magi,

      you can get in touch with my publishing house in Pakistan :
      Alhambra Publishing House
      To get this type of information
      Much love

    2. Dear Magi,Gulzar

      Alchemist in Urdu translated by Shafiq Naz & Bilqis Naz is available in Pakistan.You can visit for booking your order.

  49. Biombo says:

    Querido Paulo,
    I heard in an interview that when you were first about to publish this book, the publishers did not like the title of The Alchemist. It is such a unique word and meaning. To tell you the truth I had never heard this word before I was given this book by my father. When did you first learn about this word and what it meant? Was there a fascination with the magic that made you want to include or write a book about an alchemist. Could you elaborate on how you discovered the word: alchemist. Gracias Paulo!

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      Dear Biombo,
      I came upon this word when I was a teenager and I was reading extensively about occultism and magic.
      Of course Alchemy cannot be reduced to this – but this is how I first came upon this word.
      Much love

    2. Hola Paulo…can we pleeeeease get a forum going regarding the secret societies!? The mystery schools and the ancient beliefs? I just think now is the time more than ever when ordinary people like ourselves need to be informing each other and discussing such things, bringing them back out of obscurity and shedding light on their importance. It positively makes me a bit nuts to think that these teachings have mostly been kept for only a select few. C’mon Paulo, go on you know you want to, you do you do you do (I’ll make you a cup of tea if you do :o) I would start a blog myself on this subject but no-one would read it!!!

  50. What a fantastic character. I would love to meet someone like this. He made me feel very safe and I felt I could trust him and would grow as a person for doing so.

    with love