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  1. Jess Lapid says:

    Dear Mr. Coelho,

    Good day, sir!

    I am Jestine Lapid, 18 years old, a Foreign Service student from The Philippines. But people call me Jess. I just finished reading The Alchemist and it is the first book of yours I have finished reading. I was 15 when I first saw your book in our high school library and during that time, I was very eager to read the said book but I didn’t. Maybe because I won’t understand the book wants me to understand or maybe because I was not destined to read that. After a year, I saw your book again in our library and I looked at the library card at the back of the book wanting to know if students or teachers borrow your book. And to my surprise, they loved your book. I’ve seen familiar names written in the card over and over but still it did not intrigued me to read your book. Yesterday, I saw the said book in my brother’s room. I was shocked because my brother do not read books, he actually hates reading. So I asked him, “Why do you have Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist? Have read this?” He said no and it was just passed to him by his classmate. I looked at the book. I thought that I was destined to read your book for I have encountered it for two times. And yesterday was the third time.

    “What’s the world’s greatest lie?” ” It’s this: that a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.” “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Those were the lines that stayed in my mind after reading your book. I do believe in fate sir but I do not believe that fate will control us if we are not capable of controlling or holding the things we have and happening to us. Do you believe in fate sir? As for the second line, I don’t know. To be honest, I do not believe in that. I f that is true then why the universe isn’t helping me? I give and do my best in my studies but still the results are not good. I don’t understand why. Tell me sir, can omens be just a mere coincidences?

    Your book made me cry. I don’t know why it made me cry.

    Thank you for writing a book that haunted me just like Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince. And thank you for wasting your time reading my email even though I can’t express my feelings fully to you.


  2. aabha says:

    hi i am from Nepal, i hope u will read this comment on your blog… the time i read alchemist makes me complete to search my journey,my destination . you inspired me a lot on eleven minutes , brida, veronika decides to die and i wish to read more n more. Actually whenever i read you i found you more nearer to me . i wish i could meet you one day …and i know i will probably because u taught me to have faith, hope and many more from your books and about this blog i look at it everyday … just love your blog your writing your creation that have brought lots of change on me…………….
    take care………….

  3. Hibamo Ayalew says:

    Dear Master Coelho,
    I am a reader of your books from Ethiopia. The first book I read out of your inspiring and exhilarating books is “The Alchemist”, a story of a shepherd boy form Andalusia Spain, where he has started his travelogue of extraordinary instances to the Egyptian pyramids passing through the Strait of Gibraltar, of the Coast of Morocco into Tangiers, then to Al-Fayoum, in search of his destined glory, the treasures, his new wisdom of understanding the “Language of the World” or the “Soul of the World” through his experiences form meeting the Alchemist first in form of King Melchizedek to the last moment the Alchemist revealed his identity. The story of Santiago isn’t just about travel to a strange land rather it is a journey of discovery and innovation, a moment of inspiration, a amotivation for millions of people still in doubt about their potential to achieve what they are primarily are destined to, their Dream, their Target Interest, their Goal…So in my opinion lessons from the “The Alchemist” teach millions of people astray from their dreams to get back to their original track in pursuit of their true self.
    As such I recommend anyone seeking such power of Revelation, to read the ” The Alchemist”.

  4. David Clemente Martinez says:

    Cuando quieres algo, todo el universo conspira para que realices tu deseo.
    y…..cuando pierdes algo que tanto amabas tambien el universo conspiro para que lo perdieras ? o…..perdiste algo porque alguien queria que lo perdieras y el universo conspiro para que realizara el deseo de otro.

  5. Albany says:

    Bom dia, Sr. Paulo Coelho.
    Estou fazendo a minha tese de doutorado na Alemanha e tenho como Corpus o livro O Alquimista. Gostaria de juntar mais material sobre sua obra: entrevistas, curiosidades em traducoes e etc… Agradeco se puder, por favor, me indicar aonde posso encontra-los.
    Sua fa e conterranea carioca, Albany :-)

  6. Nandhini says:

    Alchemist is one of my most favorite books,Its worth reading infinite tyms.

  7. Ivona says:

    Well, the story of Alchimist is much older than Paolo Coelho’s book. I read the original version in the edition of 1962 (it was a book about ancient Asiatic dream-stories). BUT, the way Paolo wrote the story, and all the other books is the ART. So many people had found in his words hope and everlasting universal wisdom, that we all somehow forget in our lives. The Alchemist and Veronika decides to die are one of my favorite books. J’adore the part with the wind in the Alchemist. Coelho writtes about the magic that really exists in the life but we all like to keep our eyes closed, and on the other hand we instincively know that’s the true.
    Anyway, Paolo Coelho, THANK YOU for EXISTING :)

  8. Sunil says:


    Any compliment in my words can be an understatement, but I would still like to say that “The Alchemist” is an inspiring novel.

  9. Надежда says:

    Здравствуйте г-н Коэльо! Я открыла для себя Ваше творчество книгой “Алхимик”. Она тронула моё сердце и душу. Моя жизнь стала интереснее и духовно богаче! Спасибо за ваше творчество! И дай вам БОГ долгих лет жизни!

  10. Aylin says:

    Dear Coelho,

    I am one of your admirers, I always ask me “who am I, what are we doing here, in the worl?” since my childhood, and when I read first time your book “the alchemist” I said “yes, I am very near to the answer” ant then read others “By the river piedra I sat down and wept, Veronica decides to die, eleven minutes, Brida” and you helped me again so much for my life way. And I am writing a book, even I know that most probably nobody will read my book I am continuing to write because I am understanding so many things about life, world during this process.
    Your books made me happy until The Aleph. I did not yet finished reading it but I have stopped reading it because I must thinking about Aleph. I feel only confusing that time, how many person can live Aleph moment, if there is reencarnation how many person can understand the reality, may be I must finished to try find the answer “what are we doing here” or I must wait until you will write your new book that will be similar level with your previous ones.
    best regards

  11. David says:

    One of my top books. Love the narrative and lessons.

  12. barbara says:

    This is the book that I read right after “The Pilgrimige” and yet in it’s simplicity you can find so much meaning, thruout Santiago journey he was discouraged so many times, but neverless he never gave up looking for his dream.

    Yes, the transforming into wind still has me confused, I interpret it as “if you really believe you can than you can” just like “faith can move mountains” just like “you can walk on water just believe it”.

    Beautiful book and I do believe it should be on a reading list in the USA schools, not only USA many countries or maybe it is and I am unaware of it?

    Thank you Mr.Coelho for your books, thank you for sharing your talent, thank you for being who you are. In my country we are thought to adress people by Mr. or Mrs. but I will say -Thank you Paulo:)

  13. JENNY says:


  14. Eminent says:

    Good Day Wishes.

    I, an Indian Reader of yours, found a different way in narrating a story such as “The Alchemist”. At every page you defined at-least 1 sentence about nature which is the heart of that story.

    In fact there are very less, who completely believe the involvement of nature in our lives. But the way you defined the nature is almost acceptable except few areas such as “Transforming into Air”,though it may/may not possible.

    On a whole it’s a nice experience to read a book like “The Alchemist”. It changed my way of thinking,too.

    Thanks & Regards
    Santosh Athreya

  15. Gerry Loew says:

    Although I found this allegory to be timeless, vibrant, romantic and at times, insightful, I have fundamental disagreements with some of the philosophy. At times I think the philosophical themes are repeated incessantly and are too literal and in your face. The theme of destiny contradicts the call to be in the present moment because if one is obsessed with their own destiny and fulfilling this “personal legend”, they are by definition stuck in the future and in a goal oriented state of mind. The references to the Philosopher’s Stone and The Emerald Tablet are fantastic – but I think the interpretation of what they mean is a bit off kilter here.

    1. Ashraf says:

      My friend, If you can read the Pilgrimage, it will help you get Paulo’s concept. you are right you might think that seeking the Personal Legend might stick you in the future, but the whole concept of seeking the Personal Legend is to learn and experience through out your journey, moment by moment, day by day.

      Even when I read Paulo’s I stop thinking how this book will end, it’s not like when you read other novels. You are not exited to reach the FINALE, because you are already exited reading the page between your hands.


    2. Shruti says:

      I honestly don’t think working towards ones own destiny leaves one stuck in future. If you even try to work towards your destiny or rather desire ( as I put it), it fills you with a energy like no other. It prepares you for anything and everything. And working towards a goal doesn’t means you go out of sync with present. It is your present. Philosophy may not be something that you may take literally,but it definetly makes life easier if you try to understand it in your own perspective, according to your own circumstances.


  16. Anbu says:

    One of my favourite books.. This book makes me understand the need to follow destiny come whatever hurdles or distractions.. I liked the narration particularly when other people, be it the caravan head, the alchemist or the Oasis Girl, speaks to Santiago the importance of following his dream.. I felt like they were speaking to me.. thank you for such a wonderful book..

  17. Vennela P says:

    “There is only one way to learn,” the alchemist answered. “It’s through action.”(125)
    !Hola! Me encanta el libro The Alchemist. Es muy bueno.
    I am sorry if I made a mistake in my spanish. I am a 8th grader and I am taking Spanish at school. I think your book is a very influential book for all people. I am in a program called the Houston Scholar Program and we read your book(it was the first book we read).We are all fans of your book. I sincerely hope you read all of these comments and I really like your blog.

  18. Alvaro says:

    Nice books you have written. I met you in Chile once you probably wont remember. Just wanted to say that I have the alchemist on my desk. All the time.

  19. The Alchemist might just be your best creation… The world is simple… Governed by a select few rules… We that is me and you along with the rest of mankind make it complicated, God made us to be simple. Complications are man’s creations… Thankyou for the wonderful 3hrs…

  20. ¡Gracias por sus libres en español y en inglés! Sí­, entiendo que usted es portugués. ¡Gracias por la traducciones, entonces!
    Soy un estudiante adulto de español y uso sus libres para aprender – acerca de español y acerca de mí­ vida.
    ¡Dios te bendiga en todo, Sr. Coelho!

  21. En twitter : @frank0688 says:

    Woww leer este libro ha sido una experiencia inolvidable para mi , creo firmemente que ningún libro a llegado a tocarme tan profundamente como este , cada lí­nea es un mensaje de vida maravilloso, gracias por escribir y por existir.

  22. haneah azazmeh says:

    The Akchimist is the firt book i read of paulo coelho like most of other I like it so much, but I have note, why you don’t have aribic book in this site to buy on line??

    1. Ashraf says:

      I think they are available in arabic in ‘Balad’, Prime Mega store or Virgin.

      I guess you are from Jordan because of the name!


  23. k.vanita says:

    the book was awesome , it was an experience reading the book. I felt i was the character myself. I am an Indian and this was your first book that i read. i wish to read more and more of your writings
    i am waiting forward to read your other books

  24. camila says:

    e incrivel como o alquimista me fez viajar na historia ele consegue disperta um interesse tao grande em mim,acho que em todos,cada pagina lida dispertava curiosidade enteresse em ver o final,o livro tambem foi de grande importancia pra mim pois,hj eu presto mais atení§ao a tudo que se passa na minha vida,e que quando vc determina fazer uma certa caminhada e necessario dar o primeiro passo.desde ja agradeí§o Paulo coelho por presentear a nos leitores com livros incriveis…

  25. Vishnu K B says:

    Thanks to Paulo.. I don’t know what I need to call you.I went to the shop and accidentally I took the book.I am an Indian and it was translated by my local language.But when I starts reading ,the book makes changes in my life.After reading it I am very much inspired and I feel that I got support from the entire universe.When their is a problem occurs in my mind your words will be making me to go forward.thanks to u..
    I hope you will read this and I am very much glad to say thanks to you to write the good thing which has changed mind and life of a large number of persons.Thanks Paulo.

  26. Kristie Kaselow-Millar says:

    The Alchemist is a story/narrative that i have read four time. Each time is has bought a differnt meaning to me. I think this is because each time i have read it, I have had different personal questions i have wanted to answer. Despite this, the aspect of this story in which i like the most is that he the story starts and ends at the same place; i interpret this to meant that life can present many paths for us and regardless which one you chose, you always end up at the same place.


  27. neha says:

    Sir- this was an amazing book. It was so profound and wise. It was so simple but yet so complex. truly Inspirational. It was beautifully written. Its my first paulo coelho book, and definitely not my last. I have said this before and ill say it again- in my opinion- you are a literary genius.

  28. meriem says:

    salam alikoum comment je comence mes mains comencent de trembler par ce que je sui en train d ecrire un msg a mon auteur prèfèrè j etaiis en train de relire l alchimiste c un boukein merveilleux il nous aide a croire a nos reve et il nous enseignè d ecouter nos coeurs et lire les signs du monde merciiiiiiiiii bcp demain je vai commencer veronika a decidè de mourir je suis sur ki i lva me plait parce que c mon auteur qui l a ecrit bon chance

  29. Abeer says:

    When I have read The Akchimist 4 the first time I didn’t handle it as story really even before reading from the cover I don’t know Why I have read it with an intention that I will get something valuable which may change my life …It was my first year at university and I was so lucky to have such a book at the beginnig of my real stage in life…now I graduated and I’m working as a teacher I hope that my students will read it one day although they still kids but they have to read it to leave the same mark it left on me…..really impressive

  30. Lila says:

    The Akchimist is the firt book i read of paulo coelho, it leaves a mark with me, the mains idea that i took were that in our life every person you meet every events construct your caracter affects your personnality and leaves a mark more or less deep depending of the situation. The second is that sometimes you can look every where for something even across the world, but you had it in the first place just in front you but you didn’t see it. So let’s enjoy what do we have near us and take a deep look at it but perseed to discover the rest of the world.

  31. yohannes jatmiko says:

    love your book. i will love it more if you give a non fictional approach more to ur books. btw just wondering, why you didn’t tell us anything about sufiism in the alchemist? since i think it might have strong relevance also in the story. tks.

    1. najwa says:

      personnelement,j’ai trop aimé ce livre. í§a m’a permis de découvrir beaucoup de choses,surtout en ce qui concerne les relations humaines.ce livre nous donne une vraie leí§on de la l’ai relue plusieurs toujours le meme plaisir.vraiment c’est un bouquin í  lire!

  32. Elena says:

    Mr. Coelho,
    love your book,thank you very much for you that your books are so wise and at the same time simple and understandable!

  33. Radhika says:


    I don’t know how you greet in spanish,which is why I didn’t use Mr.Coelho for you.
    Alchemist has a singular truth in it-If you genuinely desire something with all your heart,the entire universe transpires to bring it to you.
    I have experienced this in my life many times and each time have recalled that line from your book.
    You have undoubtedly proved that the pen is mightier than the sword.

  34. melissa says:

    me encant el alquimista porqe te ayuda a aprender tantas cosas bnitas en la vida muchas felicidades paulo :)

  35. patty says:

    me encanto el alquimista ya habia leido Brida, a orillas del rio piedra, 11 min, el vencedor esta solo pero este esta precioso me encanto de hecho me gustan sus agendas y ya habia leido donde esta tu tesoro ahi esta tu corazon, creo que es el mejor

  36. Tamim says:

    Mr. Coelho,
    it’s amazing book, touched my personal life.
    but why there is no name for the boy?

  37. Rohini says:

    Mr. Coelho,

    It’s a pleasure reading all your books, however, I really loved the entire narrative of Alchemist, especially, the end!! It was quite unexpected, and yet so believable!!! Amazing way of putting across the message. Thanks, Rohini

  38. joedette says:

    hi mr paulo..
    i know u have read a lot of your readers tell u how a good writer and u really are but i have a question for u that i hope u would answer i are your books tell us about “the law of attraction” coz i have been applying it foe quiet some time in my life now.. and ur books tells me more about the law of attraction

  39. carola says:

    soy chilena ,y este libro que lei completo lo mas hermoso que a caido en mis manos gracias por existir don paulo cohelo y aprender de las cosas que estan tan cercas Dios lo bendija siempre CAROLA CATALAN

  40. nice sousa says:

    Nossa que aprendizado… ja lir varios do Paulo mais nao sei por que logo O alquimista fui deixando pra depois… e foi logo nesse momento da minha vida onde tudo que estou vivendo no momento tem haver com o que aprendir… nunca leio um livro 2 vezes mais esse e um livro para ler mais de 3 Obrigado mestre.

  41. Nena Gajudo says:

    i love your book, the alchemist, that i want to translate it into our language- Filipino- to share what i felt reading it- also, i think it’s a beautiful way of/for enlightenment, but of course, there would be some legal implication on this –

    to light, life and love


  42. Tania says:

    como li os comentários, meu livro favorito, também.
    O diário de um mago, Brida, todos … todos…….inclusive o Aleph……..mas este, O alquimista é, para mim, imbatí­vel.

  43. Yana says:

    I have read some books and have understood that I wish to live with these books always!

  44. Anna says:

    Thank you very much for you that your books are so wise and at the same time simple and understandable.
    I get great pleasure from each new masterpiece!

  45. gianna says:

    My favorite book. This book help me to understand more about my life and my caracter. In Paulo coelho books i can see my life and situation i want to live in the future