A warrior of light is never indifferent to injustice.

A warrior of light is never indifferent to injustice.
He knows that all is one and that each individual action affects everyone on the planet.
That is why, when confronted by the suffering of others, he uses his sword to restore order.

But even though he fights against oppression, at no point does he attempt to judge the oppressor.
Each person will answer for his actions before God and so, once the warrior has completed his task, he makes no further comment.

A warrior of light is in the world in order to help his fellow man and not in order to condemn his neighbour

from Warrior of the light: a Manual


  1. Dances With Crayons says:

    I continue to strive to be the peace and light that I want to see the world, praying, and remembering that Love is the most important thing. Thank you Paulo : )

  2. András says:

    Dear Paulo,

    “A warrior of light is never indifferent to injustice”

    This was one of the first sentences that came in my mind too when I saw your post about Neda.

    With changing your blog for Her, you show that you are also applying this sentence.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Neda and those who loved Her.


    1. András says:

      P.S.: the emphasis is on “applying”, you are not just speaking about this sentence, but also doing something with what was given to you.

    2. András says:

      P.S.: Very good to start a workshop about the Alchemist.

      We need more devoted people doing what she/he was born to do,
      this is the way to stop injustice in the world.

  3. Alexandra says:

    Now how people from Iran might not judge the oppressor?

  4. aditya says:

    a wol is not indiffrent to injutice, he does not judge the oppresors, only their action and his response 1 once teh job is done, he makes no further comment.

    once the battle is over, he extends all possible help to his opponents to regain good health,

    it is told – in ancient india, during the famous mahabharata war, rules was that as soon as it is sunset conch shells would be sounded by commanders and all fighting muist stop then and there. after that medical corps wouyld tour the killing fields and provide succor to all, whoever needed it, without favour to any sides. something like that is precahed in modern warfare too, but their are contries which do not follow these humanitarian rules and mutilate the bodies of soldiers, it is a refelction os sickness in thought, the root cause from which wars originate !


  5. Melyssab79 says:

    And while “he uses his sword to restore order” it has also been said that “the pen is mightier than the sword”…in this way, words have immense power. It is with strong words and spreading of awareness that we fight many battles…hence your blog being used to address the situation in Iran. We should all use our words and our voices for such acts of goodwill. Thank you for the work you are doing, Paulo.

  6. Heart says:

    Why do we accept so very well
    the injustice
    that doesn’t happen
    to our self?

  7. Thank you for the wise words Paulo!
    God Bless!

  8. THELMA says:

    Our duty is to spread Love and Light, compassion and kindness.. We cannot close our eyes, ears and hearts to injustice..
    We should help others to carry their .. ‘cross’.

    1. Eloise says:

      You are soooo right on!
      Every day, every minute offers opportunities to articulate/express the noble virtues you mention””””
      Any action, however “”small,”” will serve a “universal target” on its way to Infinity where separatism is nonexistent!

  9. Betsy says:

    I may not always be able to write a page with eloquent words laced across it.
    But I do know to be a Warrior of light, you have to become part of the fabric that helps support civilization.
    Yes, to be humble, to be optimistic when things are down, to manifest your higher ideas into reality, to turn negative into positive, and to be a guardian of all that is harmonious and beautiful in life.
    Most of all, to be woderfully connected to the Devine.

  10. Irina Black says:

    Acts speak lauder than words.

  11. With all my love,

    This is life

    Why I’m so concerned if my hair looks great or not? If I’m gaining weight or not? If people are talking about me or not?
    Why do I get angry when stuck in traffic or things did not go as expected?
    I can die today, in ten hours, two hours or maybe in the next five minutes… Will all the above still be important?
    There are thousands of people dying just now (while I’m writing this or you are reading this), car accidents, long illness, suicides, wars, fighting for freedom. Then I ask myself: What can I do about it? Can I change it somehow?
    Shall I still go to work and go for lunch with friends while there are people fighting and dying for their ideas? Will it mean I’m indifferent to what is happening around me?
    Shall I stop living? Shall everybody stop to watch or to fight?
    What is right? What is wrong?
    How should I know…? I shall only follow my heart.

    I will pray to God and I will send all my love to all my brothers and sisters around the world, who for some reason or another are suffering. My heart is with them …
    But I will also keep living my life to the fullest, with no regrets or remorse for doing it as this is also who I’m.


  12. Marlene says:

    thank you for teaching me…or simply reminding who I am and where to stand..love and light to you forever

  13. Savita Vega says:

    This is such wonderful advice: It inspires us to take action, yet shows us how to do so without adding to the problem.

    Thank you, Paulo!


  14. HOPE

    He was the person one would look up to for inspiration. He had braved many tough situations. He had showed the way for people to approach difficulties. He had had more than his share of misfortunes and he had braved it all, come what may.
    He was the benchmark when it came to setting standards in education. He spoke little, but what he spoke was listened to.
    He had shouldered the burden of running a household even before he completed his studies. He had even sacrificed his teenage for the people around him. He had looked out for his sister. Everyone around him was happy, and for most part, he was either directly or indirectly the reason for it.
    He had no extreme habits. He knew his limits and often presented the best picture of self composure and the temperament despite all his problems. He had worked his way to deserve the respect of those surrounding him and he knew that too.

    So, why was he not happy? What was wrong in his life?

    The youth was standing at the top of his apartment, higher than the terrace, up the steep ladder and at the top of the water tank. It seemed that even the weather was unkind towards him, for there was not a breeze to speak of. It was sunset time and the sky was graying. The doubts in his mind were graying too.

    He walked to the edge of the tank. He had no fear in his heart, for it was full of other doubts. He then got down to the only sunshade some five feet below the tank. One trip and he would plummet some hundred feet down.

    He was contemplating suicide. What was so wrong in his life for him to think of this extreme end?

    He was fighting multiple battles inside his head. He could put an end to it all. He would never have any doubts about himself. He would not exist to feel them in his head. One step forward and he would end it all. One step and he would be in peace. One step and he would be a subject of the past.

    What was wrong in his life?

    He thought of taking the next step forward. Then there would be no return. He would have passed into oblivion. He would have passed beyond the point where he could realize what lacked in his life. He would have passed beyond which he could do nothing about his past, his present or his (hazy) future.

    He sat down on the edge. Something stopped him. He would not take the extreme step. His sanity had prevailed. He realized that he had no right to end his time on earth, something that was bestowed upon him by someone else.

    A slight breeze blew on his face. Maybe it was the change in the weather. Maybe it was the change in him. Maybe he felt his inner voice communicating to him.

    It dawned to him that in his pursuit of worldly desires, he had lost his identity. He realized that the picture of who he was in the eyes of others had no resemblance to the picture he had created for himself. He decided then that he was going to change the way he approached life. He decided to explore himself, spend his time and energy in finding peace within himself.

    The sorrow of humanity is that it is easily diverted from seeking the invisible spiritual peace by the enemy of visible and tangible worldly pleasures – An oppressive enemy which threatens to swallow the earth and all of its inhabitants.

    He also realized that there lied hope in the Pandora’s Box. Hope manifested in the form of enlightened individuals. Hope manifested through him and all others who would follow his new path of exploring their own self.

    He rose up and once more went to the top of the tank in the terrace. He let his arms open wide. This time a strong gust of wind blew over him, taking with it the bad omens of a life which was now a subject of the past. He, who was born out of his mother’s womb and into the world, was now reborn, out of himself, to cleanse his world and that of those around himself. Where darkness had once threatened to engulf the night, there shone the silvery light of the full moon.