Today’s question by the reader : Kerttu

The reason I’m writing, is regarding your recent youtube video in which you asked who are the people who support the most.
There was a person who always supported me through everything – my grandmother. She passed away almost a year ago. But somehow I still feel that she is there for me somehow. Like she was watching over me and guiding me. Do you think it’s possible? Do you believe that there is somehow a way she could still be here for me?

Yes, I believe in presence of our loved ones and how their memory affects us all our lives. I even published a story about the death of my father-in-law and the “sign” we all received from his presence. You can read it here.

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  1. Savita Vega says:

    This thought occurs to me about my mom sometimes – the idea that she is still present but in some ethereal form. It seems a nice idea, but it isn’t an easy concept for me to grasp. My mom has been dead for many years now, and I don’t feel like I need her to hang around. It’s okay with me – it seems natural to me – the thought that she has moved on. Because I believe in reincarnation, it is easier for me to conceive of and accept the idea that, by now, she is inhabiting a new body, and having assumed a new identity, is living a new life. If there are still karmic ties between us – if there is yet unfinished business between us – then likely I have met her in this new incarnation. Perhaps I even know her well: she could even be a relative, some younger member of my family.

    There is a sort of story that explains about how people meet and come together, then eventually separate from one another: Life is like a great river, and the people are like sticks afloat on the surface of this river: going along with the current, two sticks will sometimes find themselves floating side-by-side for a very long time. Sometimes it will be more than two sticks; it will be a whole group of sticks that appear to be bound up together, floating along. But then the current shifts and the sticks drift apart to continue the journey alone, or to meet up and float for a time with other sticks. So it is with people. But these instances of coming together and separating do not necessarily correspond to our births and deaths. We might float alongside that same one person for many lifetimes, each assuming many forms as we fulfill this stage of our journey together. But then, eventually, we will drift apart, but that is okay too, because we need to meet up with other sticks in order to learn new lessons that will help us grow and evolve.

    So, just because someone has died does not mean that we will never see them again, or even that we won’t see them again until we too die. It may very well be that, if our business together is yet unfinished, they will come into our lives again very soon, only in a new form. And there is no need to cling, or to grasp at this person’s presence, or even to wish for them to be reborn into our lives. Everything happens quite naturally, and these forces which bring us together and eventually separate us – they are quite transcendent of and beyond the human will. We needn’t try to control this process, as everything is precisely as it should be, as it must be for our own development and our own good.

    So, it may well be that I now know my mother, only by some other name. If our business together was unfinished when she died, it is certain that she will reappear in my life in some new form. But it is equally possible that our business together was complete – that we had done what we needed to do together, learned what we needed to learn from one another – and now she has gone on to drift alongside other sticks in some other cluster. In either case, it is good, because it is exactly as it should be.

    These, of course, are merely my personal beliefs. I am merely expressing them, with no expectation that anyone else adopt these beliefs as there own. There are many ways of viewing life, and all are equally valid and viable.

    Much Love,

  2. candieb says:

    Yes I’m an absolute believer!100%!

  3. Antara says:

    Yes.. this reminds me about an experience I had a year back..
    It was like that I was deeply hurt in the path of my dream and kept crying for long.. then at night I dreamt of my grandfather(my maternal grandpa)..In my dream too I was upset over the matter and was sitting on bed …pondering over the issue.. when I just saw my grandpa coming over sitting beside me and consoled me saying that it would all be ok.. I just awoke from the dream and felt vibrant all over again..

    The next day.. everything got settled and I was back to my path once again :) …If I wouldn’t has received his kind words that day.. I would perish… the post reminds me of him once more.

  4. sido says:

    Ghost (Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore) trailer

    Personally I remember this year 2004 where I was collapsed by the “loss” of a person dear to my heart … and i also remember this carresse on my face filled with energy of love me calmed down and given the force
    (I wrote “thank you my guardian angel of having given me the force this day by this caress on my face and thank you for your presence in my sides that I felt strongly between December and May this year : it helped me to vvire the intense emotions of events spiritual intense these months)

    The invisible world is unknown to the man, if your heart te whispers of words, accept the gently, because of “there” sometimes it is possible to exchange thoughts etc with some of us.

    love. Sido

  5. sido says:

    Recently a friend came to see me and told me this happened at the end of the burial of R. : every guests was at his home , discussed and heard a noise very violent close to them ( he had said before dying they would a sign for mean its presence before from…)