The Doctor

(Late Sunday I watch Neda’s video. I suspect that I recognize Arash Hejazi, but I prefer not to believe in what I am seeing. I send him and email)

Sunday 21 23:011

Dear Arash
I need to know where you stand, if things that I am seeing/reading are true. Then I can myself take a position – depending on your advice, of course.

Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 02:05:05 -04:00
Subject: your country

Dearest Paulo,
I am now in Tehran. The video of Neda’s murder was taken by my friend, and you can recognize me in the video. I was the doctor who tried to save her and failed. She died in my arms. I am writing with tears in my eyes. Please don’t mention my name. I’ll contact you with more details soon.

The doctor

(At this point, I decide to put the video in my blog)
(For the rest of the day, I try to contact him. At one point, someone answers his phone as a “CNN journalist”. I start to become worried)

Monday 22 17:46
Dear Arash
so far, no news from you. After I published the video in my blog, it seems that it spread worldwide, including posts in NY Times, Guardian, National Review, etc.
Therefore, my main concern now is about you. You NEED to answer this email, saying that you are all right
the name of the person where we spend the New Year’s Eve in 2001 together, just to be sure that it is you really who is answering this email. I don’t buy this CNN person answering your mobile.
If you don’t do that, I may leak your name to the press, in order to protect you – visibility is the only protection at this point. I know this because I am a former prisoner of conscience.
If you do that, unless instructed otherwise by you, I will stop the pressure for the moment. My main concern now is you and your family.
P.S. – there are several trusted friends in blind copy here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 1:35 AM

Dearest Paulo
I am alright for now. I am not staying at home. I don’t know about CNN. The friend’s name was Frederick.

Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 1:37 AM

Dearest Paulo,
Trying to leave the country tomorrow morning. If I don’t arrive in London at 2 pm., something has happened to me. Till then, wait.
My wife and my son are in (edited). Their phone (edited) Her email (edited)
Please wait till tomorrow. If something happens to me, please take care of (name of wife) and (name of son), they are there, alone, and have no one else in the world.
Much love, it was an honor having you as a friend.

(At this point, a Brazilian journalist, Luis Antonio Ryff, who traveled to Iran to cover my visit, recognizes Arash in the video, and writes me to double-check. I confirm, but I ask him to keep his name secret until today. Ryff agrees – even knowing that this would be a major scoop for him. I would like to thank him here, for his dignity)

Wednesday 24 1:55 PM

Arash landed in London


  1. Nika says:

    Thanks for free persian download

  2. Dear Mr. coelho
    I am very glad to see your all Persian books free on the internet.
    I think it is the best response to banning your books in Iran.
    I hope to see your great book “Eleven Minutes ” in Persian free too. I know that Mr Hejazi has translated it to Farsi Before!
    Besr regards

  3. Neshat H says:

    Dear Paulo, why the comment section is close for your recent post “Books banned in Iran” ?? please let your Iranian fans leave comments under that post.
    Let them ban the books, what are they going to do with our imaginations??
    I have all your awesome books with Arash Hejazi’s great translation.
    I grew up reading your books, and they had a huge impact on who I am now as a person. I’ve moved to U.S 3 years ago but got deeply saddened when I read this news.My heart goes out with all my brothers and sisters in my beloved country who are being banned from simply living.

  4. Daniela Kunz says:

    Oh my goodness! Blessings to you Paulo and to all who were in harms way and threatened by it all!
    Touching reality. My heart goes out to that doctor and his family. May this doctor find peace within his heart and the sense of safety soon again. May he also not beat himself up because he was not able to prevent the death of that woman. He was there and tried to assist as best as he could under the circumstances. Healing thoughts to his heart and to all – including the family of the woman who died and to all who are grieving for her tragic loss.
    Thank you Paulo for stepping up and for being such a tremendous friend when it is most needed!
    God bless you and all.

  5. […] Paulo Coelho konnte den heimtückischen Mord an der jungen Iranerin Neda verifizieren, weil ihm ein persönlicher Freund das tragische Ereignis bestätigte. Coelho hatte ihn als Augenzeuge auf dem Video wiedererkannt, […]

  6. Keith says:

    Should twitter receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

    Twitter, Paulo Coelho, Facebook, were instrumental in getting information out of Iran over these last few weeks that the evil Supreme Being has ordered a clampdown on what little democracy exists in Iran. Should they not be joint recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize?

    Also see

    for some amazing film footage of women on the front line in Iran


  7. Aatash says:


    I was a frequent reader of your works translated by Arash since at least ten years ago when I was a high school student. Indeed I have read all of your books published until a few years ago and your words have always been inspiring to me. I read about Arash Hejazi today when for the first time I saw his name (and not only his image), and it sounded quite familiar to me, so I got to your blog to double check.

    It’s unfortunate the incidences which have happened in Iran. People are certainly risking their lives to reach some fundamental humanistic freedom, which is of course much respectable. However, knowing my country quite well, I believe the election is only an excuse for the opposition to show its resentment. Don’t tell me the election was rigged while every candidate had more than forty thousands monitors at the polling stations!! We have always had election disputes in Iran and will continue to have it over the next century. I can only trust the opposition as much as I trust the government itself when it comes to the issue of election fraud.

    And It doesn’t matter to me so much that 70-80 percent of the people in capital has voted for the opposition, what matters to me is that at least 70 percent of the lower class population has voted for the current government. I’m from a small city in Iran where 80 percent has voted to Ahmadinejad and this is absolutely understandable for me. In such a small city the cultural freedom that Tehranis are seeking are not even appealing to the youth whose major problems are tradition and economy. I don’t mean that Ahmadinejad has managed the economy very well, but I mean that the opposition has only made the election an excuse in order to go to the streets and demand its social freedom, as this is their only chance to raise their voice.

    Any way, I’ve become totally disappointed of the reform movement in Iran, as I believe now the reformists and the university youth are insulting the vulnerable lower middle class population. They still haven’t learnt that they can’t overtake the pace of history while the rest of their country demands something else (Khatami also thought so but couldn’t do much!). They are of course a big population 40% but not the majority yet! I’m talking within the framework of the system, though, I don’t mean people are satisfied with the ‘regime’ (no one likes their government!); I mean within this system, the reformists have only been able to attract 40% of the people.

    So I’m afraid I don’t have much affinity with the likes of Arash or Neda who dispute the vote of their vulnerable compatriots. After all, those who advocate ‘being a warrior of light’ should base their battle on the right principles! I believe these twitter savvy youth who organize the protests should be sent to exile to remote villages so that they learn that they are not the only ones living in this country. Although I appreciate the demand of these youth, I’m only with them when they get a better understanding of the true demands of the vulnerable and poor Iranians.


  8. amir reza says:

    dear Dr,Arash…
    I am a medical student.My classmates & I saw the interaction and suppresing of the students in univercity by police… dear Dr,I will be a Dr,in near future..I dont know what is my next,but somebody know!!sb that are the specials in my class.they are special,because of their history!the history of treason to Iran!!they kiss the hands of political powers.but we are not disappointed due yo your translations of mr.paulo books.we are pride that read your books…

    amir reza

  9. niayesh says:

    me also as an iranian have to ask abt the mystry of neda’s death?
    why Mr. Hejazi u were there.where were u two days b4 neda’s death day?in UK?
    and then just 1 day after that u were in UK again?
    i’am afraid if Mr. Hejazi u did sth that in whole of ur life would not able to compensate that.
    i am just saying why nobody ask him what did u do there exactly by neda and describe the death and things happend surround that against all the witness like neda’s teacher(the man with blue shirt)?

    1. Fereshteh says:

      Hi to geat man Paulo and Arash. I have been fallowed the tagedy av Neda. And I strong bleive that: Neda and Arash had a karma toghtehr. I belive that Nedas innocent dead is that beging of Arash journey in this life. Arash will find the mening of this journey and responsibility he have now. And I belive that you Sir Paulo can help Arash on this. I am greatful that you read my massage and let´s pray for peace on earth. Best regards / Fereshteh

  10. Iv. says:

    Whoops, I forgot to add that this lucky coincidence that dr Hejazi is the translator of your works, Mr. Coelho, who art kind of a guru of the spiritural for many people today in this materialistic world.
    Use this coincidence, please, don’t let the world forget the cry of Neda (Neda in Persian means “call”, “cry”).

    I am with you with all my heart

  11. Iv. says:

    Dear dr Hejazi

    Mesl-e in hame adam qaziye-ye Neda ra tombal mikonam wa mosahebe-ye shoma ra bara-ye BBC didam.

    You have done the right thing, and you have proved that you are a man of courage. You are a true Warrior of Light.

    Now I am also worried for you, please take care of yourself and of your family,

    With love
    one who is writing about your interview and about you for sites in one European country, the country of Eichelberger

  12. قبل از این ندا فقط یک ندا بود معنایی بیش از این نداشت.
    اما دیگر ندا صدای من و توست. ندا پیام آزادی است. ندا فریاد خفته میلونها آزاده است که در بندند.
    راه ندا و خون ندا پایمال نخواهد شد

    1. Homa says:

      Dear Arash,
      We all are pride of you. The Iranian regimen has killed so many innocent persons in the last 30 years. People like you will make our country free. Yeah, someday we will have freedom in Iran without any mullahs. Thanks you for being brave and telling the truth.
      Mr. Coelho, we all Iranian, appreciate what you put in your blog.

  13. ali says:

    So, what about his phone being answered by some CNN guy? Did you ask him about this?

  14. […] investigation of the murder of Neda Agha-Solton. Interpol denies that it is trying to find the doctor who tried to help Neda after she was shot. The Iranian government is desperately trying to pretend that Neda’s […]

  15. Behnam says:

    Dear Mr. Paulo Coelho,

    I as an Iranian wanted to thank you for the follow up you have made on June 21, Dr Hejazi and all Iranian have to be so proud to have someone like you as their friend.

    I have to take this opportunity to thank Arash and his brave action to help Neda and later on put himself to the dangerous situation to brief what had happened on June 20th.
    Iran needs more Arash and Neda. There are still hope for freedom in Iran.

  16. Behnam says:

    Dear Mr. Paulo Coelho,

    I as an Iranian wanted to thank you for the follow up you have made on June 21, Dr Hejazi and all Iranian have to be so proud to have someone like you as their friend.

    I have to take this opportunity to thank Arash and his brave action to help Neda and later on put himself to the dangerous situation to brief what had happened on June 20th.
    Iran needs more Arash and Neda. There are still hope for freedom in Iran.
    Toronto, Canada

  17. Cherish says:

    I hope it’s okay to leave a note here for Dr. Hejazi.

    Dr. Hejazi,

    It was brave of you to try to save Neda, but far more brave to allow yourself to be interviewed and speak the truth about what is happening in Iran. I also hope that the UK is able to provide amnesty for you and your family. I hope that, in the long run, things will improve in Iran and you can return there. If that happens, it’s because of what you selflessly have done.

    My thoughts are with you.

  18. HP says:

    Arash is prosecuted by iran police.

    1. kourosh says:

      Dear Coelho! you have many readers and fans in iran, too! and i am sure you already know it! please help protect Arash, as if not the interpol, the secret agents of the islamic republic regime will try to hunt Arash! this is quite alarming!!!

  19. hamid says:

    Dear sir

    Iranian police commander said: Arash Hejazi’s murder call the Sultan Agha as control stramash is making prosecution under the International Police (Interpol) .

  20. sanaz says:

    Dear Mr. Coelho,

    thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us about what happend to your friend Dr. hejazi. Everyone should raise their voice where ever there is an act of injustice!!! and what is happening in iran right now is a brutal act of injustice!!!and i thank Dr. Hejazi for raising his voice about what really happend to neda for those who had a doubt about it!like the iranian ambassador in Mexico!!!thank you so much Dr. Hejazi. MAN BE SHOMA EFTEKHAR MIKONAM!!!!

    “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

  21. adhiata says:

    thank you mr. hejazi for trying to help that young woman neda.

  22. Johnny Asia says:

    Arash Hejazi, the Dr. in the Neda video, in 2005:

    “I am concerned about my family. The presidential election is near.
    They are doing everything to keep things under control,” he said.

    Friday 13,2005 , 14:08 GMT 15:08 UK

    Iran ‘bans author Coelho’s novel’

    Coelho said he had a government permit to publish the book

    The latest novel by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho has been banned in
    Iran, its publisher in the country has said.

    Iranian authorities confiscated 1,000 copies of The Zahir at the
    Tehran Book Fair on Monday but did not give a reason, according to
    publisher Caravan.

    The Zahir, published in Iran last month, tells the story of an author
    who tries to track down his missing war correspondent wife.

    Coelho has sold an estimated 65 million books around the world.

    His previous novels include The Alchemist and Eleven Minutes, and The
    Zahir will be published in 83 countries.

    Caravan’s Arash Hejazi said he was now worried about his safety.

    Shaping a country: list of Iranian authors
    June 17, 2009 – (5 days before the Neda video appeared)

    Arash Hejazi originally studied to be a medical doctor in Tehran. His
    thesis in medical school was about “the influences of storytelling on
    children’s anxiety disorders.” …….. A staunch advocate of free
    speech in Iran, Hejazi is openly against the Iranian government’s
    censorship of books.

    Brazilian author Paulo Coelho says his latest book banned in Iran
    Thursday, 12 May 2005


    PARIS – International best-selling Brazilian author Paulo Coelho said
    Thursday that his latest novel “The Zahir” had been banned in Iran,
    with some 1,000 copies confiscated this week at Tehran’s annual book

    “The book was forbidden, even though we went through the normal
    procedures of getting a permit from the government for it to be
    published,” Coelho said in an e-mail message sent to AFP by his French
    publishers Flammarion.

    “Now, my Iranian publisher, Arash Hejazi, is expressing serious
    concerns about his safety,” said Coelho, best known for “The

    1. aditya says:

      fear not and worry not dear paulo coelho and his freinds,

      in india one of the surest method of selling a large number of copies of your book is to get it banned or get some noise made for banning it – so say some.

      banning a book has been and always will be counterproductive for every regime, specially so in these times of free internet. no oone can convince any right thinking indivudual or even just plain ctitizens that being exposed to some novel or some book can do unrepairable harm to their being, hence people always get more curious to read what is banned by regeimes.

      violent repression of peaceful protestors, specially killing them have been a death nail for the ideoalogies which sanction such killing. remember tinamen square massacre in china, the whole communist thinking changed after that, free market became the watchword for the communist regime, and terrible deprivation of the classes became evident, the labout laws in china are strange, they ensure minimun wages for them, no safety at their workplaces, and scant dignity at the hands of government functionaries some of whom are worse than any class enemy!

      Hope people of Iran and everywhere else get treated with dignity, which all rulers are dutybound to give, when prophets have treated the common masses with love, respect and dignity then if anyone thinks otherwise needs to take a relook at their own self. No sacrifice ever goes a waste, neither will these by the Iranian people, now.


  23. Nazie says:

    Dear DR. Hejazi… YOu are a hero, despite your confused moments…. Thank you for bringing hope to our lives and to our weakened moments… I wish I knew how to write directly tro you. But I hope this message finds you well and in full health. THANK YOU

    1. Andrea says:

      Thank you for writing this. Very interesting

  24. Jose Luis says:

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace

    You may say that I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one
    John Lennon

  25. Elena B. says:

    wow, what a story. I didn’t know about the doctor’s connection to Paulo Coelho. I think this “coincidence” is no coincidence, but it’s an opportunity to help resist the terrible situation in Iran. Thank you for publishing.

  26. Oscar says:

    Deseo ver el dia en que una persona no sea perseguida, ostigada y atemorizada por ayudar a una persona herida de muerte. ¿En que absurdo mundo vivimos?. Espero que Arash Hejazi pueda vivir una vida tranquila fuera de Iran y que el pais recupere la cordura, se ponga en manos de gente cabal, moderada y aperturista y por extension el y su familia puedan volver. Un pais donde se teme por tu vida por ayudar a una mujer que indirectamente estaba en una manifestacion pacifica es, cuanto menos, horrendo.

    Un abrazo desde España para Arash y su familia, una felicitacion para el por atenderla en sus ultimos momentos como toda persona de bien haria y muchos animos. Me alegra ver que Paulho, ademas de ser un gran escritor es un gran amigo.

    Paulho, tienes el deber para con tus contemporaneos de escribir algo que denuncie todo esto. Tus palabras llegaran donde la censura no puede llegar.

  27. Dances With Crayons says:

    Thinking about Neda today…A couple of songs say this better than I ever could : )

    Thank You Paulo, LOVE to all xo

  28. Raya says:

    First of all i would like to thank you. For what you might ask. Mainly for you books which had a great impact on my life. And secondly for spreading awareness amongs the world regarding Neda.
    I am an iranian, i have already lost an uncle and aunt to the government. The people in Iran are struggling for help.
    Anyways,all i wanted to say is Thankyou. For helping me become what i am now. A warrior of light.

  29. Josesito Padilha says:

    Estimado Paulo

    Tenho acompanhado pela internet os acontecimentos do Irí£, esse grande paí­s de antigas e ricas tradií§íµes, e com pesar vi a morte de Neda no ví­deo que circulou recentemente. Neda era uma mulher jovem, que como toda pessoa sí£ e com desejo de viver, tinha esperaní§as e sonhos, que agora foram perdidos para sempre. Cada vez que penso no regime iraniano, vejo nele uma organizaí§í£o criminal, uma tirania em prol do sofrimento, da opressí£o e da dor do povo iraniano. Mas sou otimista, acredito piamente que, como o povo iraniano um dia derrubou a ditadura perversa do Xá, ele saberá encontrar novos caminhos em que as pessoas possam ser mais felizes, falar abertamente, e que possam realizar com alegria seus sonhos e esperaní§as. Grande abraí§o do seu fí£ e admirador.

    Josesito Padilha

  30. My dear Paulo, dear Arash,

    i am a persian/german singer/songwriter living in Germany (who´s in love with your books, Paulo!) .
    I was born in the time of the persian revolution in Iran but came to Germany as a little child. Now i can say: the time of my entire life, my country has been supressed, bleeding, suffering…so many things went on that we don´t have the slightest ideas about…and now it is more than time for them to stand up and raise their voices! The only constant in the world is change – so, i hope that their courage to go out and risk their lifes only by raising their voices peacefully, will bring change! It has already changed the image of persian people in the entire world. Now people outside of Iran realize that persian people are not to be seen as one with their regime. Thank you so much for supporting us and for giving us the chance to get a glimpse of the truth! People in Iran really need all the support possible right now, to keep their courage to speak their minds and to make change possible! Thank you Arash for your courage! Be safe!

  31. Elahé says:

    it’s a poem from A. Mahan about these days and Neda. i put the poet’s email if . . .
    قتلهای زنجیره”ŒØ§ÛŒ
    قتلهای انبوه
    و در این پنهانی
    این یك پرونده شفاف است.
    قتلهای قانونی
    خدایان شادِ شادند
    Ùˆ سنگ دوباره سیراب Ù…ÛŒ”ŒØ´ÙˆØ¯.

    من خوابم
    و تو بیداری
    پلكهایم را مكِش
    من این كابوس”Œ را دیده”ŒØ§Ù…
    من از چشمانم Ù…ÛŒ”ŒØªØ±Ø³Ù…
    میان دود و گاز و اشك
    مردانِ مورچه”ŒØ§ÛŒ با كاسكت Ùˆ ماسك Ùˆ باتوم
    و چراغها روشن
    یكبارِ دیگر اشغال”ŒØ´Ø¯ÛŒÙ…
    فقط شیشه نیست كه Ù…ÛŒ”ŒØ´ÙƒÙ†Ø¯
    من این كابوس”Œ را Ù…ÛŒ”ŒØ¨ÛŒÙ†Ù…
    كه تو بیدارِ آنی
    من از چشمهایم Ù…ÛŒ”ŒØªØ±Ø³Ù… كه دیده”ŒØ§Ù†Ø¯
    چشمی بر آسفالت
    ندای آن چشم در همه گرفت
    درختی از آن نگاه برآمد
    سایه تیره”ŒØ§Ø´”Œ بر همه خاك لرزان.

    پلكهایم را مكِش
    من از این كابوس”Œ Ù…ÛŒ”ŒØªØ±Ø³Ù…
    كه چشمِ مُرده یك قتل بمانم
    درست میانِ خیابان
    هرچند قانونی.
    Ùˆ من از خاموشی این ندا Ù…ÛŒ”ŒØªØ±Ø³Ù…
    من از آن فراموشی
    من از این وحشت Ù…ÛŒ”ŒØªØ±Ø³Ù….

    فقط شیشه نیست كه Ù…ÛŒ”ŒØ´ÙƒÙ†Ø¯
    هوای آینه باید داشت.

    ا- ماهان

  32. Yavar says:

    Islamic regime has already started distributing propaganda about Neda’s death, right after that heart breaking moments has come to attention all around the world.

    They are trying to say that her death has been planned by some people and they have had their camera ready at the scene.

    Arash, as you said in your interview with BBC, nobody believes the regim’s version of the story. I wish one of those peolpe who took the photo of the murderer, distribute it sooner.

    Arash, I do appreciate what you have done, and thanks Paulo for your support.

  33. Hooman says:

    Dear Paulo,
    I have read all your books in Farsi and also I have seen Arash several times in Tehran. (My father is a publishing manager like Arash.) I just wanted to say that it’s so heart warming you supporing us in Iran in any possible way.
    Hooman from Tehran

  34. […] 19:28 GMT: Paulo Coelho has posted excerpts from an e-mail exchange between himself and Dr. Hejazi, whom he knows. The correspondence relates to the video showing the death of Neda Soltan and […]

  35. pejman & farzane says:

    dear Paulo and Arash.
    it’s our honor that one of bravest Iranian person is Arash Hejazi.
    Thanks to Paulo for this kindness.

  36. Natalia says:

    Dear Paulo!
    I just purchased your latest book the winner stands RUSSIAN :) i am so happy. I am in the process of rereading all of your books. You are amazing! When i read your book i am motivated to be better in every way of my life. I am also encouraged to pursue my destiny, because as you said in Alchemic, Life really is generous to those who pursue their destiny! Thank you for everything!

  37. arash says:

    hi! i am from iran , that is so sweet of u that recommend the help for an iraninian although he is ur translator in iran , we r passing such a horrible time , my home not so much far from that accident and ive seen it by myself in the way of home . i cant eat anything for 3days. i ve seen real dead in front of my eyes sth that maybe i ve seen it1000 times but the real one much more diffrent , shoting has a horrible sound and when it hits someone …….
    these days i ve seen sth that never i cant even imagin

  38. Ruth Bues-Diez says:

    Dear Paul Coelho,
    thank you for taking responsability in this world-
    thank you for living with open eyes –
    thank you for being human and courageous-
    thank you for teaching young people with your example
    Greetings from Germany
    Ruth Bues Diez

  39. hamide says:

    Mr. Coelho, hundreds Dr Hejazi asr in Iran. Plz don’t let us be foorgotten after these days. Although with God protection we are not alone. but as Sa’adi said:
    “Human beings are members of a whole,
    In creation of one essence and soul.
    If one member is afflicted with pain,
    Other members uneasy will remain.”
    We need the help of people of all around the world.

    1. George Andrews says:

      We are a part of your suffering .Recognize it ,that you have the world on your side, surrounding you with our love. Gain strenght.You are courage and beauty!
      Love from New Zealand

  40. […] Am vergangenen Mittwoch (24.6.) konnte Coelho dann Entwarnung geben. Hedschasi war sicher und wohlbehalten in London gelandet. Die ganze Geschichte und den Mailverkehr hat Coelho in seinem (sowieso lesenswerten) Weblog gepostet: Paulocoelhoblog […]

  41. Johnny says:

    Look at this article:,1518,632775,00.html

    Thanks Paulo, thanks Arash!

  42. Christophe says:

    Dear Paulo Coelho
    this short comment is for you – and for Dr. Hejazi – who in my eyes is real hero – a model for humanity !

    Congratulations for your Interview in the BBC Dr. Hejazi – and congratulations for your courage as you tried to help Neda. And also congratulations also to Paulo to have told us this story. Some days ago I post it in my blog (in French) [] – “et ouvrons-leur nos portes quand ils en auront besoin” – I hope that the free world will open their doors and say welcome when refugees from Iran will arrive – for all of them when they will knock on our doors ! Yours Christophe

    P.S.: I have wrote a short, article in French and German Wikipedia about you Dr. Hejazi – and I also think that there also should be an Portuguese article about you – but my Portuguese is actually to bad – !

    1. Sam says:

      Dear friend

      The last thing the world need is an other refugee export country. Enough is enough . For 30 years millions of Iranians flew from their country and tyrani became more and more powerfull . Lead your governments not to deal with this savage government anymore.
      pray for us . Pray for these people who could flew from these tyranic government but they choose to stay , to resist , to build their future . Show them ,by all you can , that they are not alone.
      Pray for us and do not forget us.

  43. Maurizio says:

    “who are friends not have geographical boundaries”.

    Thank you so much Mr. Paulo and Mr Arash to show a real friendship in this world.

    greetings from Italy

  44. Judy says:

    Dear Paulo Dear Arash,
    I am a big fan of your book and Arash translates in Persian…I saw Arash post in the first minutes of putting it on facebook!!! that makes me shocked, I shared it in facebook, grab the video and show it to my friend at work (so many basijies are at my work and I know they will be rewarded if they take part in such ugly jobs), I am doing my protest via net and spreading the news and videos in net… wish Arash come back to free Iran. Send him and his family our best regards

  45. Mohammad from Iran says:

    Thank you all dear visitors and dear Paulo for your sympathy with Iran and iranian peoples.
    You can read more about mrs. Neda Agha Soltan and 2009 Iranian election protests in Wikipedia and known about what happening now in our dear country Iran.

  46. Rotten Gods says:

    Paulo, thanks for sharing this part of story for transparency.

    Arash Hejazi should be very careful from now on. You know how Islamic regime killed some opposition and people who dared to speak up long before in Turkey, Germany, Britain and France. So be careful, Iran needs you alive.