Today’s Question by the reader : Maria Edwards

My question is, can you tell us more about this quote of the day, “Anyone who gives help also receives help and needs to teach what he has learned?” How can we share the light we’ve found with people in our lives who may not have found their own path yet?

Firstly by trying to understand why they are acting the way they are. Before judging if a person is or not in their path, first we need to understand why they thread in the current path they are threading.
Of course, if a person is unhappy and they let you know about this – then you can actually say what you think. But remember, while giving your opinion you need to leave very clear that you are doing this out of love and nothing else.
The best way to reach someone is by letting them know that they have reached your heart first.

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  1. Dances With Crayons says:

    Beautiful : )
    I remind myself that light shines everywhere we go and in everything we do – even good cooking takes time. Also thinking about the prayer of St Francis. Thank You Paulo : )

  2. Shaima says:

    every action have a reaction opposite in the direction and equal in the power if I give love sure I will receive love sometimes u give love and we anticipated love that’s the point we must give without waiting

  3. Alexandra says:

    That is true, and very important, to see someone has opened his heart for you.

  4. Savita Vega says:

    A Personal Legend is more than just a “destination” – it is a “process.” Sometimes part of that “process” is being lost.

    So, even if we can see at what destination a person needs ultimately to arrive, as Johanne says, it doesn’t do any good to point out that destination unless the person can see it for themselves. And even if we do point it out and the person says, “Oh, yes, now I see,” they still won’t be able to just jump to that destination – they have to go through the process.

    I really think that we are all lost a large percentage of the time. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have some idea of what our Personal Legend is, nor does it mean that we won’t eventually fulfill that Legend. It just means that the path (the process) is complex and it takes time to work our way through it. We have to grow and evolve as we go, and transformation seldom takes place instantaneously.

    So, if we see some is lost, sometimes the best thing that we can do is just give them the space and the time to be lost for a while, without pressuring them. Give them our support and encouragement, but give them our trust also – trust that they will find their own way out in due time.

    When someone appears to be in great distress, when they come to us and say, “Help me, I’m lost,” only then should we intervene and begin pointing out possible directions they might take. But even then, we should never be offended if that person does not accept our advice (we should only “suggest,” not “insist”). Each path is individual, and only the person to whom it belongs can thread it. We can’t live other people’s lives for them. They need our respect, our trust and our understanding as much, or perhaps more, than they need detailed directions on which way they should go.

  5. “La communication véritable que nous cherchons tous est l’union des esprits. Par les valeurs que nous échangeons, nous en venons í  connaí®tre ce que pense la personne que nous aimons, ce qu’elle ressent et la faí§on dont elle peut se comporter dans une circonstance donnée. La communication véritable est un « raccordement » au niveau oí¹ l’isolement des frontières individuelles est confuse et nous savons, dans notre for intérieur, que nous sommes en communication avec l’essence míªme de l’autre personne. » Daphne Rose Kingma, Le petit manuel de l’amour. Lorsque je communique, j’entre en rapport avec un autre í¢me. Je suis sensible í  ce fait et j’ajuste ma communication pour tenir compte de l’í¢me. Je sais que ma communication sera efficace si je désire vraiment établir un lien avec l’íªtre véritable. Donc, je prends le temps et je fais les efforts nécessaires pour íªtre réellement en communication. (Modus Vivendi)

    Synchronocity … This morning I was meditating of what is there in French, and to be able to share it to most of you all I will try to translate it in English. I think that this put light on the question and also is representative of what I try to achieve in communication with another, with no intention of like putting one on the path that I think he should be or by putting pressure because I think he his wrong, for he has to discover it to be able to hold on by himself with his own faith and own forces.

    “The authentic communication that we search all is the union of spirits. By exchanging values, we come to know what the other that is important for us think, what she feels and the way she acts in a specific situation. The authentic communication is a “link” at a level where the isolation of personal frontiers is confused and we know, deep inside, that we are now in communication with the true essence of the other.” When I communicate, I enter in relation with another soul, being. I am sensible to this fact and ajust my communication to consider that soul, that being. I know that communication is powerful if I desire to establish a link with the true essence of the other, the true being.