Pardoning vs Accepting

Paulo Coelho

A Warrior of Light always keeps his heart clean of the sentiment of hate. To do so, he needs to pardon.

When he walks to a fight, he never forgets Christ’s words: “love your enemies.”
And the warrior obeys, but always remembers that Christ did not say: “like your enemies.”

The act of pardoning does not oblige him to accept everything. A warrior must not lower his head, otherwise he loses sight of the horizon of his dreams.

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  1. Cristina says:

    Very interesting the distinction between love and like.
    Yes it’s true, sometimes we love something or someone, even if we don’t like him/her/it.
    So maybe love includes many feelings, and not necessarily the verb “to like”.
    But love includes respect.
    love Chris

  2. aditya says:

    Hi paul,

    would like to know more about your walk to Santiago… something in line with paulo’s pilgrimage.

    what were your expectatiosn from this effort in your life, you must have imagined that this walk would go like this , that, how was the reality diffrent from what u thought it would be, was there any magical moment? were your expectations met.


  3. CLEUSA says:

    Sou karateka há alguns anos e aprendi com a arte marcial que ao cumprimentarmos nossos adversários devemos fazer uma reveríªncia abaixando a cabeí§a, mas com os olhos alertas nos olhos deles. A reveríªncia é um ato de respeito ao outro, mesmo que esteja do outro lado, mas ao mesmo tempo um ato de humildade e de concentraí§í£o. Adquirir forí§a dentro de nós para enfrentarmos os principais perigos e também os inimigos existentes. O ódio está presente na natureza como também o amor. Para se transformar os sentimentos ruins em sentimentos bons é necessário o mais difí­cil desapego chamado perdí£o. Perdí£o a si mesmo, ao outro. É um trabalho árduo e necessita muito de humildade e principalmente amor. Fazer com que a energia flua longe da negatividade é um dos grandes aprendizados que precisamos conquistar. Se quer energia boa e que as coisas em uma sintonia de amor, peí§a a seu anjo da guarda que envie ao outro a mensagem de amor e perdí£o. “Eu te amo, eu te perdí´o, eu te agradeí§o pelo que me tem ensinado.” Assim, repetindo sempre essas palavras mentalmente ao outro, conseguimos aos poucos diluir o ódio, o desamor. Tudo flui para a paz tí£o desejada.
    Fica com Deus e na paz!

  4. ledy duarte says:

    perdonen…y luchen siempre como guerreros

  5. ledy duarte says:

    un guerrero nunca baja la cabeza¡
    Es dificil analizar este pensamiento porque en nuestra vida cotidiana estamos obligados a perdonar, olvidar e incluso a renunciar a cariños que nos hacen daño…un guerrero lucha siempre y no lo detiene nadie ni nada para lograr sus metas pero nunca pisotea ni ppasa por encima de los demas…no se humilla pero si reconoce que se ha equiocado porque para mi la unica y verdadera arma de un guerrero es la humildad de sus actos y el amor con el que lucha… soy mujer, venezolana, medico, administradora, esposa y soy guerrera……

  6. Irina Black says:

    Tastes differ.To pardon somebody means to be higher up those,whom you are going to pardon.To accept something is to make the choice,which excludes all the rest.Acts make you ‘smaller’. Observation expands you.You can change your ‘size’ as you wish.

    1. aditya says:

      HI Irina,

      may i beg to differ with ‘acts make you smaller’ ! Observations defiantely expand you, and if your observations go oen even when you act, totally, that expansion becomes magnified.


  7. Dances With Crayons says:

    Yes, sometimes, it is necessary to close a door behind me, with love for the doer and dislike for the deeds – to have respect for everyone’s journey in life, and move along on my own path. Even if the other does not understand, that too, is a choice. Thank you Paulo!! : )

  8. THELMA says:

    I never lower my head or my eyes.. I am proud, I do not hate anyone, I feel warmth and love usually, whenever I meet people.. I feel LOVE! So, I am astonished, bewildered, dumb and feel a pain in my stomach and heart whenever I see and experience envy, jealousy, hatred, malice in other people’s hearts.. I feel sad and pity them.. Because I KNOW their feelings will end up a boomerang for them.. I do not give the pleasure to anyone to ‘destroy’ my peace of mind and I do not let hate ‘blacken’ my heart and aura. Finally we all get what we .. deserve, because White Light dissolves Darkness.

  9. Marie says:

    I have no hatred for the persons whom I have to face. Sometimes, a feeling of anger, injustice, incomprehension or pride but no hatred.

    All my fights me learning to know me better and help me to increase.
    My determination and my fighting spirit does not prevent me from respecting others. An opponent must be always respected. He too has the courage of the fight.

    A thing is sure for to have many vecu, this attitude was often misunderstood because we are more on a mode to Appear that on a mode to Be. Finally I realized that it is not very important because it does not prevent me from continuing my road.

  10. Savita Vega says:

    Yes, it is good to forgive, but I also think that we each have a responsibility to clearly inform others when they have done some wrong to us, to hold them accountable for their actions. If we don’t – if we just say, “Oh, it’s okay. I can overlook this. I can endure this.” Or “It doesn’t really matter,” – then this person is likely to go out and do the same or similar to someone else. There is a way of forgiving your enemy, and yet not letting them get away with the harm they have caused. This is the greatest love, I think, because by insisting that they take responsibility for their actions, you are actually encouraging them to grow. You are also thinking beyond yourself. Perhaps you are strong and can endure their blows, but you are thinking of all the other people that they might hurt, who might not be so strong. This is when you find the courage to stand up to your enemy and let them know that, no, their behavior is NOT acceptable. It will not be tolerated. Such confrontation, devoid of resentment and hatred, can actually be an act of love.

    So, in my view, “loving one’s enemies” is not a matter of simply “enduring in silence” or “ignoring” when someone does some wrong to us. This is foolishness. Love requires an element of courage – the courage to stand up and take action, not out of a sense of revenge, but out of a greater sense of what is good and just and right.

    This brings to mind the incident in the Bible where Jesus turns over the tables of the money changers and drives out all of the vendors with a whip. He could have simply ignored this. He could have just walked by and said, “This doesn’t effect me because I am above all of this.” But he didn’t. He took action, immediate and swift. He let these “thieves” and greedy people know of the wrong they were doing and he let them know in no uncertain terms. He was adamant and highly outspoken about the fact that their behavior was unacceptable and would not be tolerated. This is the same Jesus who said “turn the other cheek,” so I think there is a great deal to be learned from this. There are times to endure and accept, and there are other times to speak out, adamantly and with great conviction, about what you see clearly as the line between what is wrong and what is right.

  11. Heart says:

    Yes, don’t hesitate to say I’m sorry, even when it’s not mainly your own fault.

    …’A Warrior must not lower his head..’

    My spiritual director would always say: ‘Chin up’ if he saw me sad or discouraged. Chin up. I like that.

  12. Betsy says:

    Every thought of anger moves you away from love and into violence and vengence which are forces that weakens everyone involved. That is why we are to love our enemies.

    The most empowering thoughts you can have are those of love, peace, joy, acceptance and willingness. They will keep the Warrior of Light on his sight on the horizon of his dreams.

    Your mind is yours to control. You are the creator and selector of thoughts. You can change them at will. So if you choose to avoid thoughts that will weaken you, and you will know true wisdom.

  13. Alexandra says:

    Yes, that is a thing I always have to remember. A bit for me is hard to love my enemies, but, as far as I expect to be pardoned, is my duty to do the same thing for others. I also love a lot the last sentence. Very smart .

  14. aditya says:

    so true paulo !

    loving one’s enemy means to accord the same dignity to the enemy as the wol expects of himslef. one can fight without hate too, one can fight for love, love of one’s dreams.

    a warrior must not lower his head, least he loose sight of horizon of his dreams ! but a warrior must surrender to those who s/he knows are his masters, people who have helped him be the warrior that he is, a wol is humble even in battle, his most forceful blows also carries his love for the enemy ? for a wol hates the sin not the sinner !