Today’s Question by the reader : Alisha

In your books you have mentioned that “One should listen to their heart..” But how to recognise the voice of heart , how can a child distinguish between black and a white when he is taught that black is white, while white is black? How can you recognise your real mentor, who could enlighten your soul? How can you distinguish between your soul mate and someone to whom you are lured?

Only through expericience and intuition. You need to push aside rational explanations from your acts and think outside of the box of “security”.
Dare to dream and see where this dream will lead you : this is where you will find the whisper of your heart’s voice.

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  1. Irina Black says:

    3 components at work.Experience and Intuition through Will bring world into existence.

  2. Liisa says:

    Sorry if i’m pointing out the obvious here, but it’s precisely that which is often very easy to ignore.

    One of body’s (heart’s) most common ways of trying to tell you something is thourgh the feel of discomfort or comfort.

    I know it sounds like a too simple answer, but in principle… things are simple, altho this is hard to accept, since we are given these brains which are capable of thinking way too much in comparison to what is necessery. To hear your heart is the matter of really paying attention to how you react to things. Altho this requires practise (unlearning rather than learning, i suppose). Silence helps.

    Of course there are things like excitement, that might sometimes feel like discomfort, eventho it could be followed up by good things. But you’ll know the difference. Keep listening, and like Paulo said, don’t be afraid to find out that your heart is telling you something which is outside the assumed box. (Hence the unlearning.)



  3. Heart says:

    Alisha dear, When your heart is faced with love, you will know it. It will beat so fast, you will think there is a volcano in there :)

  4. THELMA says:

    Dare to dream and see where this dream will lead you : this is where you will find the whisper of your heart’s voice.

    It seems that growing older we become …. ‘deaf’!! The whispers of our heart cannot be heard!! We need ‘megaphones’.;-]
    Thelma xxx

    1. Heart says:


  5. Harrkar says:

    Nice question Alisha. Thought provoking.

  6. Savita Vega says:

    Your words, dear Paulo, as always, come at a time when they are most meaningful to me. At this moment I am standing at a crossroads, actually more of a “Y” in the road. One path is marked by everything that is logical and most “sensible” – rational. The other path is purely an invention of the heart. There is nothing “sensible” about it. It is designated purely by what I feel most drawn toward, by what I “feel” I want to do at this point in my life.

    The first path, though not totally guaranteed, is relatively “safe.” It doesn’t require any enormous risks, nor does it entail any great dangers. The promise that it offers, primarily, is security and stability. This looks pretty inviting because, first of all, I have a child (security always looks inviting to a mother – I think it is instinctual). Secondly, security and stability are two things that I have not experienced a great deal of, especially in recent times.

    The second path, in contrast, appears as a potentially wild and hairy ride into the unknown. I am drawn to it for reasons that I cannot explain in rational language – simply because my heart “feels” it. When I look toward that path, I have no idea what might lie ahead along the way. The risks are great. The dangers are unmistakably apparent. I can’t explain them away or pretend that they don’t exist. There is no safety net here. No guarantee of security. If I set out on this path, it is with the understanding that it is a path of my own invention. It is not one that is well marked by the norms of society. I cannot say, “Oh, many people have tread this path before me, and they succeeded.” I know of no one who has taken this road, at least no one with a small child in tow.

    So I stand here, looking first this way and then that, pondering which road to take. When the heart pulls us in one way and the head in another, I know of no way to make a decision except to look for and rely on the “signs” that point the way. I trust that, as events unfold, it will become clear which path I am meant to take.

    It might seem easy to just say “follow the heart” and think not twice about it, and there was a time when I would have done this – no question about it. But, through experience, I have come to know myself well – I have an overwhelming tendency to take spontaneous, flying leaps off of dreadfully high cliffs, just because my heart says: Take flight! The landing, however, is not always soft. I have done this so often, in fact, that I am now beginning to wonder if the other people have it right – those who adopt to follow the “safer” path, the one that is well-trodden and clearly marked. It is such a novelty for me – the thought of, for once, doing what is most “logical” and “reasonable” – that I actually wonder what would happen if I were to choose this path.

    At any rate, it is not an easy decision. I want to say that your words make it all so very clear. But this would not be true. On the contrary, your words just cause me to want to follow my heart all the more, and this just tears me in two all the more. In time, I trust, all will be made clear.


    1. Nancy says:

      Savita, From your presence on Paulo’s Coelho blog I feel your a very adventurous,courageous,intelligent person. I want you to know that maybe what you consider safe is considered a big change or a leap of faith for others. Possibly you can take the path which you consider secure and stable for a period of rest and enjoyment with your family, and if a time comes that you feel you need to follow your second path your courage, and love will get you there.

    2. Victoria says:


      Your story is so similar to mine, in fact, it is like i’ve written it. I have a child (she was smaller once now shes a teenager) and am a lone parent. Four years ago I took a leap into the unknown following my heart quitting my job and going back to college and it financially ruined me. However, though the lesson were hard to learn, I gained so much because I developed spiritually. The outcome wasn’t what I expected at the time! Now, I have opted for a secure job and at first it felt comforting and I realised it was what I needed at the time and after always choosing to follow my heart and take risks it felt like a risk in itself to take this road. However, now, after only a few months my heart is telling me I’m not happy but I dont know where to go job wise because I feel my ‘real’ work (which I cannot get paid for yet) is where my heart is and anything else is second best. Therefore Im trying to discover the path I should take now because after all i have bills to pay. One thing that is clear to me though, I dont want to ever stop striving for my dreams because its this that keeps me alive inside.

  7. Alexandra says:

    Even your advices are like poetry…I just love your style, mister Coelho!

  8. Alisha says:

    Thanx for answering my question, it was an honour.. I guess I’ll find my way, and clear the wax so that I could hear the whispers of angels… :D
    Kind Regards,
    Alisha C.

    1. Alexandra says:

      Good question, dear Alisha. Fit for me too…Thank you.

  9. Paulo your words are always magical! You give so much hope and faith to follower our dreams. It’s so refreshing! Thank you always!