Resting vs Acting

Paulo Coelho

In the interval of the combat, the warrior rests.
He often spends days on end doing nothing, because his heart needs that.
But his intuition remains alert. He does not commit the capital sin of Sloth, because he knows where that can lead to: the tepid feeling of Sunday afternoons, when time passes – and nothing else.
The warrior calls this “cemetery peace.” He recalls an extract from the Apocalypse: I curse you because you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were cold or hot! But since you’re tepid, I shall vomit you from my mouth.
A warrior rests and laughs. But he is always attentive and ready to act.

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  1. Dances With Crayons says:

    Agreed, it is also important to relax. We scheduled a family in 2008, and even memories of it are sustenance. I love activity but sometimes, become exhausted without realizing the importance of ‘time off’. Balance! Thank You Paulo. Love to All xo

    1. Dances With Crayons says:

      Apologies for a word omission, the first line should read: ‘scheduled a family holiday’
      Thank you for patience : )

  2. Anna Maria says:

    I will put on my walking shoes on the 12th, and I will think: It is easier to find pretty girls than brave men. Further I will think: Don’t be cute, be competent!

    I guess the 12th will be his last chance to show me his bravery.

  3. Savita Vega says:

    Te rest – to simply “do nothing”: I was thinking last night as I drifted off to sleep about life, before my daughter, before I had dogs, when I lived in a small one-bedroom apartment with no furniture except a coffee table and a bookshelf. Ah, rest – how easy it was then! How lovely it would be now: just to spend one week, even just a day, doing nothing – taking rambling walks, lounging about, reading a book. Napping! The body needs this from time to time, I think. So does the mind, the soul – time to recover and rejuvenate.

    This makes me question how we structure our lives in this modern society – how we adopt pressures, or otherwise allow them to impose themselves upon us, until there is no room for repose, no space to relax. No matter which way we turn, there is something that simply “must be done” – otherwise, the whole structure of the thing we’ve created will collapse. Of course, the next question is: Is it worth it? Each person must answer this question for themselves, but for me the answer is: No, it’s not.

    Rest, for me, is a time to reconnect with what is most essential. So, when the pressures become so great that there is not a moment to find rest, then, no matter what the promise of gain may be, it is not enough to offset the loss. It is time, I realize, to simplify my life.

    It is good to do battle, but battle should be an intermittent event. It should not become a continuous and uninterrupted state of existence. There has to be some space in between the battles, some room for recovery and rejuvenation, some opportunity to reconnect with what is most essential and real.

  4. Betsy says:

    Like water it is better to be either hot or cold. When you gulp a taste of luke warm water, you want to spit it out.

    When we are luke warm, we make promises we don’t keep. And a broken promise is one of the big mistakes we can make. It is very hard to fix that mistake. It is very hard to win back the trust of people and followers.

    The Warrior of Light is wise to sit and rest like the cool water in a pond, know that soon he will be as hot water, ready to lead his followers again, ready to battle his enemies.

  5. THELMA says:

    The ‘cemetery peace’ is … being in APATHY!! ;-]
    We have an expression in my language:’ I do not feel neither cold nor hot for that person..’, meaning that we are not interested, no feelings have been created..

    Sometimes a Warrior even if his heart is full of pathos and ‘dying’, he seemingly lives the ‘cemetery peace’! He appears calm, restful, satisfied, but this is just the ‘mask’. This mask which helps him keep the ‘balance-law and order’, not for his own sake, but for the sake of other soul’s, for whom he feels responsible.. Because his fate is interwoven with others.. we are one..
    Then a thought comes and eases his pain and despair.. the Guardian Angel..

    1. Marie says:

      Thank you Thelma for your words so sweet ! Always…

      I agree ” our fate is confidentially connected to the others ” because we do not live every only ones in the mileu of an island!

      ” For the good of the soul of the others “, I was able to noticed that to help the others, it is necessary to use at first itself. So, we cannot pass on some strength in the soul of others than when we raped enough itself.

    2. sido says:

      Correct, I see that you understand the deep feelings of the one who agrees to take the clothing and the armour , for the light , for the soul of the other he loves,

      Both of strong feelings , both of responsibilities, so much love in itself (feel if responsible , and therefore alone in the face certain decisions; even if it is not alone , because surrounded on all : but responsible )

      Recharge the batteries in your soul – you must
      always be aware – you need.
      share with – you need.
      Do not forget -you need.
      understand and give – you need.
      preserve yourself for act fully – you’ll.
      keep in you Wisdom, Truth, Charity,rigor, Mercy and Love – always in you will.

      In the rest there is silence , no noise , and feel to extend the broad in itself , the soul of the world , which in your silence murmur the lapping of its water …in the rest , that I will take , i will feel the soul of the world and then I can

      I need of rest and presence to my sides

      ressourcer en ton í¢me – tu dois.
      toujours íªtre conscient – tu dois.
      partager avec – tu dois.
      ne pas oublier -tu dois.
      comprendre et donner – tu dois.
      te préserver pour agir pleinement – tu devras.
      garder en toi Sagesse, Vérité, Charité,Rigueur, Miséricorde et Amour – toujours en toi garderas.

      Dans le repos le silence se fait , pas de bruit , et sentir s’étendre le vaste en soi , l’í¢me du monde , qui dans votre silence murmure le clapotis de son eau …dans le repos , que je vais prendre , je sentirai l’í¢me du monde et alors je pourrai

      j’ai besoin de repos et de présence í  mes cí´tés

    3. THELMA says:

      Thank you Marie and Sido for understanding, I love you.. You are angels..
      Thelma xxx

  6. Alexandra says:

    Usually I am hot…maybe because I am a fire sign. Now, I have to rest, because some people or things have other conception about time as I do. But I think, if is that way, means now I must think at the things I never had time, or that I postponed.