Today’s Question : Linda

I always wondered what’ll be our lives after death. Do you have any imagination how it’ll look like if I may ask you?

I don’t think about this. But when I will be in front of this gate, I want to tell to the doorman: I lived my life fully.

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  1. naveli says:

    hello everybody…i think life after death is a new journey to the past in a complete different manner…we should have patience for that…as Heart said “have faith”..:)

  2. soufiane? says:

    13/04/2069, hospital , 02:29 am
    U please, Let me see the ultimate truth ? aaaaaah… not yet , not yet …please not yet
    X are you still alive?
    U no, I’m dead? don’t you see where I am (in the grave)!who are you?
    X it’s not important to know who I am?… For how long have been in life?
    U life … may be for one or two days or, may be one or two ours… I don’t remember ?

  3. Dania says:

    Really nice answer!

  4. Anja Eberwein says:

    Once we start thinking or believing that we are understanding God’s mysterious ways, we know we are going off track and might even be playing god ourselves without noticing it. That is what I think and why I believe God’s mysteries are blessings and we can find peace in the unknown.

    1. ALINE says:

      This is the most important question i think in life.
      I do belive that my greandfather is not a monky.because i did not see any monky untill now can. make a computer.
      so this univers someone made and his name is God
      if i will live my life just to live so i will die doing nothing but to take care of myself.and that is the question that will be asked to me.
      (so we will decided where we will go on judjment day)
      if u have a bible read and u will have all answer for u guestion.

    2. MESAAD says:

      Convincing answer. but I think yourself also has a right. I do belive I will be asked about four main things. First, what I have done in my life? Second, what did I do with my knowledge or since? Third, How I earn my mony and how I spent it? Forht, What I have done in my youth period of life.
      And I highly recommend you to read the QURAN (muslims holy book).

  5. Heart says:

    Giggles. Have faith young man. Have faith!

    1. paragraph 1 says:

      B A V

  6. Betsy says:

    Also it is a gift that should not be put unto a shelf, but one to be shared with others.

  7. aditya says:

    Linda Hi !

    socrates is attributed to have said, when he was asked why is he so cheerful even after poison has been administerd to him, was he not at least anxious about death, if not afraid. socrates replied ” there are only two possibilities, either i don’t exist after death – in that case what is teh point in worrying, i don’t exist after a few moments and hence i am having a good time with u chaps in my last few moments, or i do exist after death, in that case also there is nothing to worry, i just live on ”

    well what can be added here is that, socrates had learnt the art of living – enquiry, dignity, and humility. that is why he was able to say that even after death if he continues to exist, he is not worried.

    life is bestowed on us to learn the art of living, but to add to fun, mind is designed in such a manner that initially it will try to take one away, here and there, only after our minds is convinced that this fella would not leave it till we do his/her bidding, will mind start cooperation.

    so let’s focus on living a fuller life, thereby menaing expereincing a ‘high’ at least once a day, stoping a few moments to notice things we have always passed by, living a fuller life whatever that means to you, playing, dancing, singing, being silly… of course without hurting others.

    But if u must insist to know what happens after u r dead, well the scriptures say and i too say, u go to either hell or heven, depending upon choices u make, are in the habit of making while u are living !!


    1. Heart says:

      That’s exactly what Paulo answers too, to the ‘doorman'; ‘I lived my life fully’.

    2. aditya says:

      true ! exactly that. same thing in a diffrent packageing u see.


    3. Anna Marie says:

      The other side is a mystery, the past is history, what we have now, is a present. I strive to ‘live my life fully’ everyday thanks to our dearest Paulo and his books have inspired me to do so. Life is to be lived and enjoyed, to take risks and live alive. We must cherish what we have in the here and now. Everyone eventually gets to that gate, but while we’re alive, we need to live.
      Much Love,
      Anna Marie

  8. Mimi says:

    It is incredible that I’ve sent the same question yesturday since there are so much great learning and thoughts here for now, present but I was wondering what will be after…

    It is a very nice answer indeed since we don’t know what is there as we don’t know about the future too.

    But I wonder if all ends here and/or there is another dimension, another chance, another environment, another level..

  9. Alexandra says:

    What a great answer. After all life is a gift, so we dont have to be afraid to take from it as much as we can.