Quote of the Week

Wise people discuss ideas. Fools discuss how people should behave.


  1. Black Pearl says:

    I came across this one today, (although sung by my favorite artist) and I was deeply touched…I felt it was relavant and thought like sharing…

    One day I ll dare to touch the stars
    And tear this fragile world apart
    Proud of the pain I ll show my scars
    And bleed this tender wounded heart

    I ll speak my mind and say my piece
    And promise God my soul to keep
    You d have me laugh but darling I must weep
    through bitter tears to find the sweet

    You were my pain you were my joy
    And still you haunt my sleepless dreams
    Just like the gentle wooden horse of Troja
    Loving is never what it seems

    Στα μονοπάτια της ζωής γυρίζω και ρωτάω
    μες στην καρδιά σου χώρεσα στον κόσμο δε χωράω
    βρέχει στης πόλης τα στενά και κάνει κρύο αντάμα
    πόσο πολύ πολύ κι αν έκλαψα δε χόρτασα το κλάμα

    Βουβά σηκώνω το σταυρό γελώ και προσπερνάω
    αν τύχει μπαίνω στο χορό αν τύχει τραγουδάω

    I am wondering around in the different paths of life,
    wanting to know why the world is too small for me to fit in, when I can fit in your heart…
    It is raining and am cold,but regardless how much I cried, crying never seems to be enough…

    I carry my cross silently, I smile and keep my way
    but if it’s ment to be I get up to sing and dance…

    You were my pain you were my joy
    And still you haunt my sleepless dreams
    Just like the gentle wooden horse of Troja
    Loving is never what it seems

    1. Marie-Christine says:

      quite a pearly gem! Thank you

  2. Namaste,
    I’ve never claimed not to be a fool. It’s sorta fun sometimes to balance on the edge of the cliffs of illusion and reality to see which way I shall fall. :-)

    However, I studied those who studied behavior as a science and I respect them as wise humans. Christ discusses hurtful behavior and its repercussions. Sometimes we can learn from other’s behaviors, even if we don’t like them.

    Expecting people to act how we wish they would is shear folly, however. We cannot control anyone’s actions but our own. I guess I’m blind to how talking about behavior is foolish. :-)

    Love to you

  3. Black Pearl says:

    This is a great quote…with it’s own magical wisdom embeded:) The more you think about it, more things come into mind…I don’t think that there are many really wise people, if any alive in this world, and if there are any, they must be enlightened… so they don’t need to talk about ideas or philosophize…they are done…I think wise people referred to on this quote can be plain,ordinary people…they can be everywhere, come from every realm of life and can be all around us…they are people that like to “talk about ideas” of any kind,the “phisophers”, the seekers of truth and the lovers of wisdom, no matter what that may be about…they may be searching for their truth,no matter what that may be for each one of them, in different ways and in different domains of life…the whatever knowledge they may aquire in their way by itself however, doesn’t make them wise but rather brings them into terms with the reality of their own lives and limitations and that of life in general. As hard that may be, reveals the greatness of life and along their own finite, helps them come into terms and peace with their selves and promotes internal groath…their knowledge eliminating their ignorance and knowledge itself, is finally trasformed into wisdom…yet they are not wise, because they are still seeking and are lovers of truth and wisdom…the moment they stop, they beging to full themeselves…These people can be teachers, artists, poets,therapists, parents, mentores, musicians, friends, anything… and are just people that having aquired that kind of internal groath and wisdom, faced with the vanity of life, are trying to chanel it to the ones they are in service to by “shaking them up”, “teaching” with love, each in their own way…So, we can either “wisely” seek and recognize those teachings (through mentores or ideas/teachings) and let ourselves be deeply touched and transformed, and later try to touch others, or be left in our ignorance/foolisheness…Being here, in this blog and the way we were led here, I think there is substantial hope..:)

    Best Regards…

  4. zainab says:

    This quote is amazing. Not to sound like a cornball, but I have to say after discovering Paulo Coelho I was forced to reevaluate my life.
    Discussing how people should behave forces you to judge others. and we are all guilty of doing it atleast once in our life. Instead of focusing on other’s shortcomings peopel should focus on their own life and what makes them happy. and try to bring happiness in other’s lives not pick out others mistakes and feel better about yourself because you are following the rules that society has considered to be acceptable.

    1. zainab says:

      oh and sorry about the grammatical/spelling mistakes =/

  5. vicky says:

    Focussed on one opinion the eyes close for new perspectives.

    Lots of love,


  6. Montega says:

    i admit this is a positively dated music, but i love it anyway: the Tarot Suit by Mike Batt and friends, and it suits the issue so well!

    so Enjoy!

    (i hope we’re still allowed to post links without causing any harm to Mr. Coelho)

  7. Akunna Ogbu says:

    Mr. Coelho:

    This idea amongst many are the reason why I want to read everything you have written and listen to all you have said. You provide me not with what I should DO in my life as so many have asked you but rather you have imbibed me with is how I should THINK about my life.

    Are you coming to LA anytime soon? I would love to hear you talk and pick your brain. It seems as if you have lived a thousand lives.

  8. Fabio says:

    Dear Paulo,
    I recently joined the library commission of my small town. One of our assignment, the one I love more, is to suggest cultural events and “Meet the author” evenings.
    And immediately you came to my mind: what about being the most important author ever come to Cigliano (40 km next to Torino)?
    I hope to be wise and I would love any your answer!

    All the Best


    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      I just returned from Rome. Let’s try to do it next time

    2. Clarisa says:

      Lo saludo por primera vez en este blog,gracias por ser como es.Por haber despertado mi alma con sus libros y por siempre responder y decir las palabras justa en el momento justo,son una caricia para el alma.
      gracias ,amigo universal..Clarisa

    3. Wellcome y es una buena idea. And Paulo you know that we love you very much.

    4. Fabio says:

      I hope you enjoyed your stay in Rome. Consider my message a formal invitation, valid forever, so please keep me informed about your next trip to Italy and we will be happy to organize your visit here.

      All the Best


  9. Alexandra says:

    For that quote, first we must decide whi is fool who is wise. Some think the people considered fool are wise…as the joster at a kings court,or Nasrudin, or so on.In “Veronika decides to die” there lot of pleadings for that theory. So, who is that wise people discussing ideas??? Behaviour is not the expression of our self?

  10. Olga says:

    La gente astuta no discute.
    La gente astuta actúa.
    Las ideas sólo son una expresión de que el cerebro trabaja.
    Los resultados son los que cuentan.
    Las palabras son para entretener con la música de la poesí­a y para crear ilusiones.

    1. Kathleen says:

      Actually, when you think about it, the people who who have had great ideas in the past haven’t so much discussed them as acted on them. True. :)

  11. Black Pearl says:

    Wise people and fools are both ignorants…the only difference lies in that the wise peole are aware of their ignorance, whearas the fools, believe that they know something when they really don’t. Wise people have awareness of the fact that they don’t know enough about themselves and the world and so they turn onto ideas to study them and learn, knowing that anything else doesn’t really matter. The fools on the other hand, believe that they know enough about themselves and the world to give them the right to talk about people and judge. So the wisdom of the wise people over the fools, lies on the fact that they acknowledge themselves to be fools. Wise people don’t talk, because they know they have nothing to say, and when they do talk, they are trying to make other people to aquire awareness of their ignorance as well. It’s also like it was described in “Brida”…the gardeners that keep planting their plants and keep their garden always alive and changing and the builders that after they finish building their house, they close themselves insite…


  12. Catherine E.A. says:

    I agree that bad, thoughtless comments can be harmful and ignorant..
    but does this mean that ‘we’ ought to act in the same way, by offering judgement back?

    I know that the Bible gives examples of Jesus saying this and that about the ‘use’ of different peoples..

    but frankly, isn’t it really time to live and love?

    a bit idealistic i guess !

  13. My daughter has just learned from her friend that her mother does not want her to see her because she “thinks” that her brother (who has long hair, always wear black clothes) is a bad influence for my daughter, that I am not a mother present (even if she does not know me personally and does not know what a day for me is and what is life in my house and surroundings) and that she is a spoiled kid (because her kid wishes to have things that Sarah has).

    Hearing that, I have two choices: Also talk about her (whom I do not know), judge her, talk on her behavior, judge her this and that, compare myself to her and prove that she is this or that or …

    As I said to Sarah, I am sad that such judgments and lies are told that hurt her, her friend and myself, and that woman is acting without conscious mind, doing projections, etc … and then me and Sarah discuss together about conscious and unconscious behavior, about not doing the same to the other, not letting ourselves go into that energy, believe in us, see what we need to change maybe together, etc … And so Sarah told her friend that she does not need to know what her mother thinks about her, her family, that she is sad for them (since they like each other and cannot be together), that she is sad for her mother that does not seem happy and that she is hurt by her mother’s words on her family.

    I accept more and more the present moment, what life brings me, and try not fall in the same energy and nourish that energy, pursuing my way to being wiser and not more foolish. When one talks about the behavior of others, judging, he talks most of the time about a side of himself he sees in the other, a side he judges about himself, a side that he has but does not see, etc … So, that woman judges herself not enough present for her child, acts maybe like a spoiled person and is afraid that her daughter be with bad influence, like she had in her past history. Seeing it like that, with that conscious mind, I can be sensible to that person and solid in my position and not falling into a trap.

    The path of one is creative, the other destructive, for the human and the Earth.

    If life puts me on the path of that woman, or permits that a door opens, I would then have to have the humility, honesty and courage to exist at that moment … I cannot say what I would say, or do, or elaborate a scenario since I try to live the present moment. But I know that speaking with “You” instead of “I” would not be the path to take, that it is better to say what I am living in relation with her instead of how she should live and act in relation with me. I think when one hears what an action or word have as an impact on the other gives place to the person to “wake up” and reflect.

    Cordially, Jojo.

    1. Pandora says:

      Dear JoJo

      Your daughter and you sound like you have a really loving relationship, which will survive anything… congratulations, you are clearly a very beautiful, caring Mother…

      When I was a child my Mother was a hippy and we lived in a tiny remote village consisting of about 30 people for about six months. She was barred from the only local pub because they thought the cigarettes she smoked were cannabis (when infact they were herbal), we lived with my cousin and his girlfriend (also hippies), and the whole village practically shunned us because they thought she was part of a threesome… it was a small minded village!!!

      No friends were allowed to my house, I wasn’t allowed to wear trousers, had to wear a skirt, even in the freezing cold to school, the constrast to my life in London was huge.

      I have to say I have never ever been back since, and that is why I love cities, you can be more anonymous without being so much a victim of people’s gossip, petty ludicrous judgements and prejudice.

      With love

    2. THELMA says:

      Dear Pandora, thank you for sharing that ‘unknown’ to us part of your life .. I liked thinking of you with the ‘skirt’..!! Well thinking of the cold weather it was not very convenient..
      Thelma xxx

    3. Pandora says:

      Dear Thelma

      No it was hugely inconvenient, I had very cold knees, it was very rural, and I had about a mile to walk to school each morning… I would walk in trousers, take them off and put on this green skirt, I was only 10 years old… the skirt was a present and the only one I posessed.

      I don’t mind wearing them every now and then now though, but at the time hated them, as I liked being up trees and on the roofs of garages too much ;D


    4. Catherine E.A. says:

      yes Pandora
      a fascinating childhood ;o)

      no wonder you are so unique! xx

    5. Pandora says:

      Dear Catherine

      We are all unique…every, single, one …. of … us!


    6. Thanks for sharing Pandora, and thank you for your kinds words pertaining to the relation I have with my daughter. And finally, when I read that it is more easy to be anonymous in big cities … well, shine with your colors and make the others work!!!! :-) With affection, Jojo.

    7. clarisa says:

      Querida Jojo,yo creo que usted, aeducado muy bien a su hija y le a dado los valores necesarios para enfrentar la vida y defender a su familia como lo ha hecho con su amiga.Es triste por que tal vez esas chicas son verdaderas amigas,y por perjuicios infundados no pueden disfrutar de su amistad.Yo tambien soy mama,de chicos adolescentes,uno quiere lo mejor para sus hijos y da todo por ellos,pero no es justo jusgar sin conocer.Esa mujer tendria que haber
      hablado con usted,o tratar de conocer a su familia,y sacarse sus dudas antes de juzgar.No caiga en lo mismo que ella,si puede hable con esa mujer,que todo en la vida,se puede solucionar,si hablamos ,enfrentamos,las situaciones.Tal vez esa mujer,no ve sus propios errores y por eso juzga,y de alguna manera necesita ser ayudada.Suerte,Jojo,lo importante es mirar nuestra alma,y sentir paz,si los demas no lo quieren ver,problema de ellos.
      Un abrazo,y si esa amistad de su hija es verdadera,igual va a poder ser..Clarisa

    8. I read the translation. Thank you Clarisa. Gracias! Jojo.

    9. Marie says:

      Bonjour Johanne,

      A 100% d’accord avec toi et c’est aussi une faí§on de transmettre í  ta fille la tolérance…great Johanne & sweet Mum :)

      Light & Love,

    10. Merci Marie … mais néanmoins tout un défi, exige une maí®trise de soi de ne pas tomber dans le cí´té qui alimente et maintient cette énergie négative et néfaste pour l’Univers. Et oui, je m’applique í  exister authentiquement avec ma fille, lui montrant les dualités et dialoguant ensemble de la attitude í  développer pour soi, son prochain et l’Univers … une conscience … Lumière et Amour í  toi aussi. Jojo.

  14. katie says:

    Namaste to everyone.

    I agree with Thelma.
    I am still with the feminine side of god :o) : I am in hawaii. the humidity, the plants, the animals, the people …. it is a feminine atmosphere indeed. I think somebody wrote it last week.

    Therefore: a comment from the heart:
    this sentence is itself judging and defining “good” & “bad”. there are (psychological) reasons that people talk about others: lonesome, low self-esteem etc. let’s look at them with empathy.

    also: looking at how the tarot defines the fool: I like the fool. it goes close to the flank of a hill and dares something new even though it does not have full knowledge about the new :o)

  15. THELMA says:

    ‘Wise people discuss ideas. Fools discuss how people should behave’.

    Wise people discuss ideas and if they are … asked they give guidance of how people should behave. Their lives should be also the … paradigm to others. Like the LIGHT that should be put high so that to … lighten other people, as Jesus has said to his Disciplines.

    I think that since we are the ‘total’ of our past experiences and lives and our intelligence and behaviour is the temporal, material ego, the mask. If we … are or behave … like fools and criticise others we just do it unknowingly, because we still have a long way to go up to the Ladder and we still have many lessons to learn. COMPASSION and LOVE.
    Thelma xxx

    1. candieb says:

      Yes I agree with you beautiful Thelma.

    2. THELMA says:

      I love You, beautiful, CandieB.
      Thelma xxx

    3. candieb says:


    4. Dear Thelma, I agree with your wordings (ideas) also. Affection, Jojo.

    5. Marie says:

      Dear Thelma,

      You’re right, it’s necessary to employ commiseration towards oneself and the others because we are all imperfect and perfectible beings. I would not like to be “perfect”. If I was perfect, I would miss myself ! :-) I’m sometimes “fool” with the eyes of other persons…and then !?… the earth is not going to stop to turn ! I prefer crossing for a fool that to be also transparent as an intersidereal space which stars would not be enough to fill up ! I would not either like to be so wise that many persons would appreciate me. I don’t feel like that everybody loves me because I either don’t want to love everybody ! I like very also it “against ” because it is as thanks to “against ” as I am built. So, even the fools have their truths to be shared.. :-)

      Light & Love,

    6. Pandora says:

      Dear Thelma

      I like what you say, except the word SHOULD. I think someone who is truely wise, would not dictate a behaviour but more make them aware of the possibilities that are around them …. so that they can help them choose for themselves.


    7. THELMA says:

      Dear Pandora, thank you. As you know… ‘should and would’ and ‘must’ and ….English is not my mother language!!! ;-]

      But abstractly speaking, wise people have the right, WHEN ASKED, to express their opinion in an authoritative way that WISDOM and LOVE dictates..
      Thelma xxx

    8. Pandora says:

      Dear Thelma

      The word SHOULD is an issue for me, being English I have spent many years listening to idiots (in my opinion only) saying “you should do this”, or even worse “you should’ve done that”.

      I prefer the word COULD. As you rightly say, we are made of our own experiences, or lack of them, so everyone has a subjective view or opinion.

      There is another saying about fools and wisdom, “a fool thinks himself to be wise, whereas a wise man knows he is a fool” Shakespeare, and I think that there is a lot of wisdom in this quote. But then he wrote many plays which portrayed a Wise Fool, which is another subject altogether.

      When someone seeks my guidance, I will of course express it in a way that I feel will be beneficial to that persons situation, but at the same time, I will also try to see myself in the querent, because we are a mirror and there are lessons to be learnt in all situations.


    9. Catherine E.A. says:

      you can lead a horse to water
      but not make them drink ;o)

      [my mother’s favourite quote!! chuckle]

  16. Cristina says:

    it made me laugh!… and think
    I think about most talk shows I see on tv.
    They’re judging other people’s behaviour, while they should observe themselves.
    so let’s discuss ideas, but let these ideas and opinions be clear, wise and with a practical aim.
    Otherwise they will seem steryle and unuseful.
    It’s the real “feeding” of life

  17. gie says:

    i don’t totally agree with this quote. because in one way or another we are all wise at the same time fools. wise people do discuss how people behave. we are all human being. and each of us has a standard on how we behave. with that, we view others behaviour and compare it with ours. and then if we find something that isn’t normal for our standard we tend to criticize. fools do have some great ideas sometimes they are not taken seriously but then it turns out that it is much better.

  18. Bernd says:

    To me this quote sounds like the big lie a fool tells himself, when he is afraid of life.

    … or one pattern of trying to get power over “fools” – still it will never work on those fools the quote is talking about, but on those fools which lie to themselves with the same words…

    … hm – I guess I have been (?) quite familiar with both…

    why beeing afraid to join “gossiping fools”? I see a group of “fools” and everything is very dynamic. So being part of this picture would mean real fighting for the next laugh, for leadership, for saying the most thrilling words…
    … so if I do not like that and if I really believe that this is wrong, why not jump in and fight for the laughter, the love and thrilling words, that change the gossip?
    no, no, no – I prefer to pretend that it is wiser to discuss ideas with… well, with whom?


  19. Marie says:

    “To be an idiot with the eyes of an fool is a delice of fine gastronome” – Georges Courteline…:D

    Light & Love,

    1. THELMA says:

      Hi Marie! Nice to see your beautfiul face and smile.
      Thelma xxx

    2. Marie says:

      Dear Thelma,

      Thank you for your nice word on my photograph although they do not see thing big!:)… I hope that one day we shall be able to take a photograph ” of class ” of supers WOL !:D

      Light & Love,

  20. Kathleen says:

    I have a new quote.

    Wise people discuss ideas.
    Fools refuse to discuss.

    1. Evi says:

      I like it.

      The foolest among them have even made conclusions about the idea while refusing to discuss.


  21. marie-christine says:

    “Il n’y a pas d’hommes perdus, de destins scelles. La redemption est toujours possible.” Soeur Emmanuelle

    1. christina gr says:

      What if there are fool ideas and wise behaviour???

  22. Hope says:

    After living today, this beautiful autumn day and reading the news and some other papers, I have to take back my comment below and say that this quote is true. Thinking of fools that dictate people how to live. Specially the fools with power.

  23. Marie says:

    Would the sage be rather mad to act as a “happy fool”?…:D…That’s a question but I do not know how to answer it…I must be too much or not enough… :))

    Light & Love,

  24. Tiffany says:

    Its very simple. Wise people have lived through a lot and have learned through their experiences and know how to find happiness so they have ideas to share and help others. The fools are not fools they are inexperienced and untaught. They only gripe about others because they are unhappy and need someone to show them a path.

  25. Paula says:

    A closed mind finds retribution everywhere.

    my quote

  26. maria-dove says:

    Το μόνο που μπορώ να πω είναι ότι η βλακεία είναι ανίκητη και κυριαρχεί τον κόσμο.
    Ανοίξτε τη τηλεόραση και θα δείτε.

    1. THELMA says:

      Εχεις δίκηο Μαράκι!!! Τι Ελλάδα, τι Κύπρος…. ¨Î•Î³Î¹Î½Î±Î½ όλοι σοφοί!!
      Χαιρετισμούς απο την .. καλοκαιρινή Κύπρο!
      Θέλμα xxx

    2. maria-dove says:

      Γεια σου γλυκειά μου Thelma,
      δες σε παρακαλώ την απάντηση μου στην Annie και ελπίζω να δικαιολογήσεις το ξέσπασμα μου.
      Φιλιά με αγάπη

    3. maria-dove says:

      Sweet Thelma,
      Heart said something about eternal wisdom ….. in Greek so i write in english.
      Olga my friend also told me that you still have summer and actually she went swimming.
      How are you?
      I made a test and according mayas my sign is “cosmic grey stormy dog”
      κοσμικός θυελλώδης γκρι σκύλος is really so funny that i laughed and laughed but then i said oh my God even the mayas had a sense of humor, but then i read what it meant and i was amazed all this will do a cosmic grey stormy dog?
      With Love

    4. Heart says:

      Getting the impression I’m totally missing out on some eternal wisdom here…Lets try …nope… I understand only one word; ‘Thelma xxx’ The rest is Greek to me!

    5. THELMA says:

      OH BFF, You made me … laugh; all is Greek to you!!!!! {and to .. us}!!!
      Of course Θέλμα is Thelma, you are … learning … easily!!!! ;-]
      Good morning.
      θΕΛΜΑ xxx

    6. maria-dove says:

      Dear Heart,
      eternal wisdom? No merely a common truth.
      “The rest is Greek to me”, you made me laugh sorry it is funny though.
      With Love

    7. Heart says:

      Hi maria-dove,

      Glad you got a laugh. Actually, in Norway we often say ‘It’s Greek to me’ when we don’t understand something. For instance I would say about my class in Statistic…It’s Greek to me. Not sure if this is used in English :)

      Love & admiration,



  28. Black Pearl says:

    Nobody can claim to be wise, for when he does automatocally proves to be the other way around…and there lies the very wisdom of the quote itself…(or the author’s :)At the same time, according to your quote dear Mr. Coelho the whole concept of psychology as a scientific approach, should seize to exist, since what it does is to study and “correct” the human behavior…and maybe it should…But back to the quote…whatever we do or say in life or even our existance itself and that of everything around us, means nothing without the pre-existance of ideas in the background…Nevertheless, ideas need to find their way in being applicable…and that can be through being somehow conveyed to people…so it shouldn’t be either/or but rather both/and, far and beyond…the one needs the other to be complete…ideas to be applicable in this realm, they need to be conveyed to people. The wise cannot really be wise, unless he recognize to be fool…The same duality that lies to the quote, trancents to it’s meaning as well…

    Once more dear sir…thanks!

    1. Kathleen says:

      I thought that as well regarding psychology. How there are professionals who study patterns in behaviour of certain criminals i.e. serial killers who have a mother complex etc. If we were to say that we should not discuss how people behave then we would not be able to use it to in some cases protect.

  29. Agreed. It is much easier to criticize or condemn another’s actions, than to try to understand or do something kind to help.

    We are all part of the precipitate, and part of the solution ; )

    Lots of Love to ALL, Jane : ) xo

  30. Yannis says:

    First of all, I want to comment not the meaning of this quote, but the quote itself.

    I believe that it is unfair. Noone has the right to “name” some fellowmen as “fools”, because they act like that. I think it is one of humanitie’s worst plagues, the fact the we put labels on existences, in general. If they see it or act in that way, this is it. I am not God; I just have to go along my own path. According to what the people (I meet and interact) do, I have the choice to push them away of my life or accept them as friends, colleagues, lovers etc…

    Nevertheless, I do believe that the meaning of this quote is correct. When we discuss, sometimes we don’t just exchange ideas. We (probably subconsciously) want the others to adopt our views. It is like pushing them to a road and not letting them be themselves. Perhaps, that’s why a low-decibel discussion could transform to a quarrel.

    So yes, we’d better be ourselves and let all the others be what they feel like…

    1. maria-dove says:

      Γιάννη τι κάνεις?
      Ελπίζω να είσαι καλά. Συμφωνώ με το τρόπο που είδες το θέμα όλοι κρύβουμε λίγο ως πολύ το γονίδιο του “δημαγωγού” και του “λαοπλάνου”.
      Αυτά που έγραψες μου θύμισαν λίγο τον Αριστοφάνη και την κόντρα του με τον Αισχύλο.
      Που σημαίνει ότι και οι “σοφοί” καμιά φορά παρεκτρέπονται και ξεχνούν την ιδιότητα τους.
      Όπως και ‘να χει πιστεύω ότι στην εποχή μας, στην χώρα μας οι σοφοί σιωπούν, όχι γιατί δεν έχουν κάτι να πουν αλλά γιατί δεν κάνουν νούμερα.
      Όσο για το κατά πόσο πρέπει να έχουμε μονοπάτι ή αν αυτό υπάρχει θα σου πω απλά οτι δεν ξέρω, ακόμη το ψάχνω. Το σημαντικό είναι αν θέλει κάποιος να έχει μονοπάτι και τότε ίσως το βρεί.
      Εύχομαι σε όλους και αυτοί αναρωτιούνται αν υπάρχει μονοπάτι να πάθουν αυτό που ποθούν.
      Δεν θυμάμαι όμως εσύ να είπες αν έχεις βρεί το μονοπάτι σου.
      Θα ήθελα να μάθω εαν φυσικά θέλεις να το μοιραστείς.
      Ελπίζω για μια ακόμη φορά να μην κούρασα με ολόκληρο κατεβατό.
      Να περνάς καλά!
      Ήθελα να πω Φιλιά αλλά σκέφτομαι ότι μπορεί να προσβληθείς από την οικειότητα,σε διαβεβαιώ όμως ότι τα φιλιά είναι μόνο φιλικός χαιρετισμός.

    2. Yannis says:

      Πολλες καλημερες, Μαρια!

      Λυπαμαι για την αργοπορημενη απαντηση, αλλα επρεπε να κανονισω 1-2 πραγματακια που προεκυψαν.

      Ειμαι μια χαρα και ευχομαι και για εσενα το ιδιο.

      Ναι, οι πραγματικοι σοφοι κανουν αυτο ακριβως που ειπες: συμπεριφερονται σαν σοφοι και για αυτο δεν πουλανε. Φταινε ομως και οι υπολοιποι ανθρωποι που “αγοραζουν” απο τους αλλους, τους δηθεν “σοφους” και μη σοφους.

      Πιστευω πως πολλα απλα, καθημερινα πραγματα θα αλλαζαν Ï€.χ. στην τηλεοραση, στο ραδιοφωνο και πιθανον και σε αρκετους αλλους τομεις της ζωης μας, εαν οι πολλοι δεν εδιναν τηλεθεαση ή οποιαδηποτε αλλη μορφη “φαγητου” στους ψευτοσοφους. Μαλλον ξεφυγα και λιγο απο το θεμα…

      Μου αρεσε αυτο που ειπες: να παθουν αυτο που ποθουν. Πολλες φορες το να μην πετυχουμε, δεν ειναι απαραιτητα για κακο μας. Αρχικα, βεβαια, δεν μας φαινεται και πολυ ευχαριστο. Αλλα στο μελλον μπορει να αποδειχθει διαφορετικα.

      Νομιζω πως δεν εχω μονοπατι. Πολλα απο αυτα που γραφω του στυλ “οτι ο καθενας βαδιζει τον δικο του δρομο”, ναι μεν τα πιστευω, αλλα τα χρησιμοποιω σαν εκφρασεις για να κυλαει η συζητηση. Οπως επισης χρησιμοποιω επιθετα “καλος”, “κακος”, “δυνατος”, “ανοητος”, “εξυπνος”, γιατι βοηθουν να υπαρξει ενας κανονικος διαλογος. Ωστοσο, οπως εγραψα και παραπανω, ειναι πραγματικα αδικο να υπαρχουν ταμπελες σε ανθρωπους και πραγματα. <>

      Ισως μια ακομα απαντηση στο εαν εχω μονοπατι να ειναι και το γεγονος πως ποτε μου δεν ειχα καποιες σπουδες ή επαγγελμα που να ηταν ονειρο ζωης. Μπορει να ειμαι φυσικος, μπορει τωρα να κανω ιδιαιτερα, αλλα οκ…αυτο ειναι και τιποτα παραπερα. Ακομα και αλλα ονειρα γενικως δεν νομιζω πως ειχα ποτε μου. Παρολο που εβλεπα πολλους να μιλανε για τα ονειρα τους – και δεν σου κρυβω πως ενιωθα και καπως περιεργα (ισως και ασχημα) που δεν ειχα.

      Ασφαλως και δεν θα παρεξηγηθω εαν τελειωσεις το μηνυμα σου με “φιλια” ή οποιονδηποτε αλλον χαιρετισμο. Μπορεις να αισθανεσαι ελευθερη να κλεισεις το μηνυμα σου με οποιον εγκαρδιο τροπο θες.

      Να εισαι καλα και εχεις πολλα φιλια και απο εμενα…

    3. maria-dove says:

      Γειά σου Γιάννη,
      ελπίζω να πέρασες ένα καταπληκτικό Σαββατοκύριακο, αν και έβρεχε συνεχώς.
      Ξέρω πώς μερικές φορές μπορεί να φαίνομαι υπερβολικά τυπική αλλά μιά γυναίκα στην ηλικία μου πρέπει να είναι προσεκτική γιατι υπάρχει κίνδυνος να κατηγορηθεί, ότι ψάχνει για “περιπέτεια”, κάτι που δεν είναι καθόλου τώρα πια στις προθέσεις μου.
      Δεν υπάρχει η αμεσότητα του προφορικού λόγου και μερικές φορές ο γραπτός λόγος κάνει μια αθώα έκφραση να φαίνεται κάτι άλλο από ότι είναι. Επιπλέον είμαι σχετικά καινούργια στο blog και δεν γνωριζόμαστε, οπότε θεώρησα απαραίτητο να ζητώ τη συναίνεση σου ως προς το θέμα της μεταξύ μας οικειότητας.
      Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα καλά σου λόγια και για την κατανόηση.
      Ίσως σου φανεί παράξενο αλλά και εγώ δεν είχα συγκεκριμένα όνειρα σε σύγκριση με φίλους μου, συμφωνώ, μπορεί να είναι ένα άσχημο και μπερδεμένο συναίσθημα που σε φέρνει ενίοτε σε αμηχανία, το ξέρω γιατί έτσι ένιωθα και εγώ.
      Όμως οι περισσότερο ενδιαφέροντες άνθρωποι που γνώρισα στη ζωή μου, αν και μεγαλύτεροι, δεν είχαν την παραμικρή ιδέα για το μονοπάτι τους, αλλά συνέχιζαν την πορεία, περίεργοι σε ποια Ιθάκη θα φτάσουν και περιέργως? έφταναν.
      Καθένας έχει ένα διαφορετικό σκοπό να εκπληρώσει και οι ατυχίες ή τα εμπόδια, όπως πρόσφατα έχω φιλοσοφήσει, συμβαίνουν μάλλον για να μας φέρουν πιο κοντά στον στόχο μας, και αν μας φαίνεται τελικά τελείως άλλος από αυτόν που αρχικά νομίζαμε, είναι γιατί ήταν αυτός εξαρχής προορισμένος για μας, έστω και αν δεν το γνωρίζαμε συνειδητά ή γιατί έπρεπε να πάρουμε ένα μάθημα ζωής.
      Είσαι φυσικός, μου αρέσει πολύ, είσαι λοιπόν άνθρωπος της επιστήμης και της στέρεας λογικής? Στο σημείο αυτό πρέπει να σου πω ότι με ενδιαφέρει η επιστήμη σου διαβάζω Focus συστηματικά και πιστεύω ακράδαντα στην λογική και στην επιστημονική όσο το δυνατόν εξήγηση των πραγμάτων.
      Όμως έκανα το λάθος να υποτιμήσω το συναίσθημα και το πλήρωσα, οπότε θα έλεγα ότι τώρα είμαι σε φάση αναδιαπραγμάτευσης με την λογική.
      Αρκετά όμως με εμένα και τις εξάρσεις συναισθηματισμού.
      Γιάννη αν μου επιτρέπεις θα σου πω από προσωπική εμπειρία την οποία δεν την αναφέρω προς το παρόν γιατί μπορεί και να μην σε ενδιαφέρει καθόλου- να μη σε κουράζω- ότι αν είναι “δύσκολο” να βρεις το στόχο, τον σκοπό πες το όπως θές, είναι χίλιες φορές δυσκολότερο να τον κατακτήσεις και αυτή είναι μια αλήθεια που διαπιστώνω προσωπικά.
      Θα τα πούμε σύντομα από Δευτέρα λογικά.

    4. Yannis says:

      Θα παρατηρησεις οτι σε μια παραγραφο, στο τελος της, υπαρχει το συμβολο .

      Εγραψα κατι εκει ενδιαμεσα, αλλα για καποιο λογο, εγω το βλεπω σβησμενο. Σου ειπα, λοιπον, εκει πως ελπιζω να μην σε μπερδεψα με την παραγραφο αυτη και τον τροπο που τα εγραψα…

      Αυτα!!! Αν δεν τα ξαναπουμε συντομα, να εχεις ενα υπεροχο Σαββατοκυριακο…

    5. marie-christine says:

      Yeah they say that familiarity breeds contempt.

    6. maria-dove says:

      Dear marie-christine,
      you are teasing me.I would be happy to “talk” with everyone in the blog, so i am waiting for you.
      With Love

  31. Den Rod says:

    Wise people discuss ideas.
    Wise people discuss how people should behave.

    Fools only discuss how people should behave. They don’t have their own ideas.
    Or their ideas are bad ones.

  32. Mike New says:

    This quote says that “fools discuss how people should behave.” and is in fact discussing how people should behave…. so is it a foolish quote?

    In the end there is no “should”. Life is.


  33. Kathleen says:

    Discuss or dictates?

    I think you can discuss how someone should behave for example if someone is behaving badly and hurting people is it foolish to discuss what that person is doing?

    Dictating on the other hand, with the absence of compassion, understanding, patience is a different story because a person who dictates is taking away our God give right to free will. A person who dictates often doesn’t like to be dictated to. It’s the sin of power.

    Discuss or gossip?

    I can’t stand gossips, they have malice and jealousy in their hearts.

    Love Kathleen xxoo

  34. AGLAIA says:

    Tengo Una Idea Pero No Te Voy A Decir Que Tienes Que Hacer…

    [kaltura-widget wid=”551nmpfck8″ size=”comments” /]

    1. Tiffany says:

      Love the music! And the pictures of the universe.


  35. Coach Ioan says:

    Hello you kind human beings,

    I think it is not ideas or behaviors but rather about the relationship with all the stuff quoted above…

    It is not about the judgment it is about how we relate, what we feel, see and hear.



  36. Irina Black says:

    State of mind can be static.Dynamic ruins the Character.

  37. Hope says:

    Then I have been both :) Sometimes fool sometimes wise…no never wise, I think I am a fool the most times :)

    1. Hope says:

      But I never liked wise people, at least those who think they are wise and those who are worshiped as wise people…who is wise anyway? :)

    2. Hope says:

      But I think I know the essence of the quote, there is no absolut way to be and we can not deside how others should be. It comes by it self, when all my worries becomes about how I can grow as a person than I care less about how others bahve towards me.

    3. Alexandra says:

      Yes, I remember a drama of ideas we learnt in high school. The ideas were seen as some wonderful fairies, that appears dancing naked in woods , and people who saw them are punished by being taken away their minds…(is an element of folklore). You can notice the fact that these supernatural beings are dancing naked,maybe suggests bare ideas, too out of our life, with any humanity in them. So the drama is that you want ideal life, but you cant do that with bare ideas, impossible to apply in real life. Humanity always needed, so yes balance needed.
      Love Alexandra
      By the way the play called” Jocul ielelor” author Camil Petrescu

  38. Pandora says:

    To help me get this quote, I looked up the word FOOL, and it derives from a word “follis” which is Latin meaning “WINDBAG” or “BELLOWS”, so knowing this I am interpreting this quote as the following:

    That someone who is perhaps a little wiser will listen and converse freely on an equal exchange of respect through differing opinions,


    someone who is just full of their own sense of self importance, egotistical, likes the sound of their own voice, and puffs themself up like a puffer fish full of hot air, and then tries to let it all out in a verbal diatribe without listening to anyone else, or caring for anyone else’s opinion only their own, about how other peoples behaviour SHOULD be in their eyes is a FOOL.


    But I also love your other quote about the fool and wisdom that comes from By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept (I think): The wise are wise only because they love. The fools are fools only because they think they can understand love.

    And I also agree with this too, without love we are fools there is no wisdom without some form of love coming into play from somewhere.

    1. Heart says:

      Pandora dear,

      Great research! And in his WOL newsletter about the Zen master who checks if the umbrella and shoes have been left outside…the conclusion is; If you don’t pay attention to life – you will never learn anything.

      Love and admiration,

    2. Pandora says:

      Thanks Heart, I will have to read this newsletter again, because I might have missed that bit ;D and of course I learn by mistakes ….

      Lots of love

    3. aditya says:

      yes attention ! awareness ! dhyan

      that is the key !


  39. Ilva Asote says:

    “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people” /Eleanor Roosevelt – First Lady of the United States/

    But I believe that we can succeed in making our ‘small’ minds grow…

    1. aditya says:

      Ok so this was the quote i was referring to somehwre else ! thnaks for the excat quote !

      these old first ladies and presidents of USA, Lincon, frankline, roosevelt, kennedy these chaps were ‘exalted’ human beings somehow, i mean they were truly someone to look upto. i see same shades in obama too. pray that he is able to deliver.

      but like everyone else, he too is still missing the main point, the ills of world maybe many, from terrorism to obsecenely rich individuls, the wheeler-dealres, problems may be many, root cause is one, root solution is one. the solution is right there in front of our eyes, but we go on missing it. hope obama succeeds and proves worthy of teh chair which has seen some enlightned occupnacy in past !


  40. peace says:

    Dear Paulo
    That’s the reason why fools enjoy life and spend all their time laughing at thinkers while wise ones are ‘waiting for godot’

    1. maria-dove says:

      dear peace,

  41. Shane says:

    I believe when it comes to behaviour that the best policy is to be one’s self. That way when others speak of it in a negative way or copy it you will be able to make a judgement on them. In relation to exchanging and discussing ideas, this is one of the great joys in life, however I would urge a little caution as regards with whom you do this, as ideas can be a livelihood and can and are stolen.


  42. Alexandra says:


  43. Mari Ann says:

    I have seen this quote before, and I think this is a very good statement. Maybe because I always have been interested in other peoples and other cultures, I’m very aware that what might be good in one culture might be bad in another. Different cultures also exists within countries, large companies, and so on. Certainly, good manners are important in certain social settings, but in everyday life a positive attitude in meeting people is much more important to me. Friendliness and smiles that show just as much from the eyes as from the mouth is very important.
    When I think about it – when I heard this quote it was a little different. It said: Small minds discuss people – great minds discuss ideas.

  44. Paula says:

    HI all,

    I think, we as humans often feel the need to be right and wanting others to follow our ideas of right (thinking and behavior)is where we are foolish in our discussions and behavior, while opening ourselves to consider ideas and others points of view re-enforces our learning, growth, and wisdom.
    Tolerance for others points of view shows wisdom to my thinking.

    So I would have to agree with this quote Paulo, I like this quote!!

    1. aditya says:

      a human being have to have fun, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy!


  45. Heart says:

    If this was true, all women would be fools, as we are practical of nature. However, true wisdom is found in us, and it sure isn’t the ideas changing the world, it is the actions. When I meet pure Platonist’s or Aquinas followers or mathematicians with no real life experiences, only with great theories, I get bored really fast. I need the real life Aristotle and Augustinian and practical science to put some flesh and blood on the dry matter. So, if fools discuss how people behave, I am a fool. I do agree we shouldn’t moralize and discuss how people SHOULD behave. So, sorry Confucius I’m NOT with you on this opinion. Not at all.


    1. aditya says:

      Hi heart !

      bold enough to risk calling u’r self a fool !! huh huh huh !

      if this quote is true then where does it put the quote itself in category of wise orr fools !

      as someone said fools seem to enjoy life more than the wise people contemplating abstract ideas.

      and if paulo’s aboove quote is right, where does it put the whole process of legislation and jurispudeince, which deals exclusively with how people should behave.

      One can not generalise in this manner as suggested by this quote ! i feel.

      another version which stayed with me for long was

      Fools discuss people, wise discuss events, and truly wise discuss ideas. mixing it with another comment i read here, let’s face it, no one is wise always and no one seems foolish always, einstein is supposed to have been quite foolish with day to day practicaluties of life.

      thanks for your good wishes on this diwali. let our light shine !


      PS: life is primarily about having fun and by and by becomming more and more aware. so if women find fun in discussing people, it’s fine. all ways are one way !

    2. Emi says:

      thank you dear Aditya. With your comment, i think i understood the quote


    3. aditya says:


      thanks erni


    4. Heart says:

      Aditya dear,

      I love your attitude…’if women find fun in discussing people’…guess we are gossipers. Ha! What make life worth living for us! Admit it though, you like a juicy story to?

      About the quote, I say..anybody calling someone a fool, is a fool themselves. What we say or write always reveals more about the speaker/writer than about the person being described. So if somebody swear they believe Platon had the whole truth or others swear Aristotles had the whole truth, they are just narrow minded, and need to lighten up …yes, to ‘let our lights shine’.

      Good to see you!

    5. aditya says:

      Hi heart !

      when plato and aristotle themselves realised that for get the whole truth, they don’t have even a fraction of it, then others claming something in their name is well ‘foolishness’ in any case how does it help me if plato had the truth. people who are narrow minded need to open up, be broad, nature is timeless, but we have limited time in each birth, till lessons are learnt, till compassion is lived, till love flows from our heearts, till we learn to use and drop our mind as need be, till then this cycle of birth and death on physical plane continues, till then we cacnot ascend to higher levels of consciousness, say those who have known !

      and about gossip, yeah 1 i enjoy it at times, specially the tit bits my wife shares with me, about freinds, aquntances and relatives, hey life needs all flavours !


    6. Heart says:


      Perhaps we are dreamers :)

      You make a funny spelling mistake with your wife’s litte ‘tit bits’ Tits here is slang fro boobies :)) I once used the word wrong in work setting, and everybody laughed..I used the word tits, when I should have said ‘breasts’ :)) Yes, I believe you need that female touch when you come home from a dry day at work…if you ever went in that day :)


    7. aditya says:

      hi heart !

      that feminine touch is always welcome ! whether u been to work or not ;-)


  46. candieb says:

    Yes we know.Everyone can be fool and everyone can be wise,no one’s perfect.We are dual,just another example.

    1. Erreth says:

      I agree with you Candie. Foolish as we can be, but as long as we are looking at the brighter side, we can still manage to be wise, in a way.


  47. Catherine E.A. says:

    well dear Paulo –
    my mum and family would always tell me how best to behave..
    that’s how i learnt etiquette and manners..
    sure i’d love to say they are all fools [just joking].. but they are in fact my life guides and mentors.

    but i know where you quote is coming from – ideas vs structures maybe??

    it’s good to be positive in any situation as best as one can… this week the moon squares jupiter [right pandora?] which means this is possible ;o) so good karma for my wednesday interview ;o)))

    1. Pandora says:

      This is for you:

      [kaltura-widget wid=”05xo7ygejc” size=”comments” /]

    2. Catherine E.A. says:

      * potently * powerful *

      Thank you ;o)
      x x x x x x x x

    3. Pandora says:

      Glad you enjoyed it, I finally finished reading the Pilgrimage and had a dream I was a beautiful ship, with white sails, that moved like mercury on water, when I woke up they were playing “I am sailing” on the radio by Rod Stewart on the radio, and then the next day I heard this song… which I LOVE.

      I am thinking of you today Catherine for your interview.


    4. Catherine E.A. says:

      Bless you Pandora ;o)

      I learnt i did not get the job – and they gave it to someone who already volunteered at their office. hmmm.
      no matter! obviously it was not meant to be.

    5. Pandora says:

      I am glad you enjoyed the day… and am so sorry to hear the news, sometimes they advertise these posts externally because legally they have to, although they already have someone in mind…. :(

      Oviously you are destined for even greater things Catherine


  48. Liina.L says:

    This sentence is very possible to misinterpret.

    We all expect people to ‘love life, yourself and others’ and ‘grow’, ‘be alive’ etc/etc. and we discuss how to get there in this blog a lot. I guess that makes us fools? No. We are trying to grow and share the possibility with others.

    I guess this sentence is offering a choice of having the possibilities open, not narrowing it down to what we believe is right. But to have choices (and possibly the ability to manouver around them and find the best for ourself).

    We shouldn’t tell others how to be or what to do because we live by our standards. Other people have their own standards and that is ok. But discussing ideas, or possibilities of different standards or ways is ok. “Do this, do that, then You will get this (or that)” is definitely a question mark. Because when I do this, I may get that. But when other people does this, they may get another thing. Not sure if You follow… but what I’m saying, there isn’t one textbook answer. And in life, situations are so variable that every situation needs a fresh perception. We cannot fall only in categories but we have to have different perspectives in mind.

    Leaving things open and having things to choose from is one big step to freedom of mind, heart and life. Thats one thing we all need.

    Thank You for the attention.

    1. aditya says:

      talking is useless ! people hardly ever listen to what is being talked about, zesus’s gospel have been in ‘talks’ for thousands of years, and we still have a discussion about lies. no one’ not even kids listen to what u tell them, they listen to what u do.

      the only way to convince anyone to see your truth is to live your truth, if u live your truth and if it brings u unfathomable joy, people will see and follow.


    2. Liina.L says:

      That’s a good point, aditya. And “convincing” mostly works when people are ready to change or try something different. When they have the need for it.

      But there are also many people who prefer to wallow in their own saddness and by purely seeing that someone has found a joy in something is often not enough to them. THey’d rather wollow instead.

      You said that talking is useless. This statement is only true when both our actions – what we do and what we say, are not in line. I think both of those actions we take, matters. If one says one thing and does not act according to it, it suddenly doesn’t offer much reliability.

      Back to the convincing. Trying to convince someone to be/do something is totally useless. Yet we all do it, even if it is not intented. You are right, though – we are on our own path and if we are not, isn’t that one of the reasons of our exsistance to find that. We want to rely on other people ways to ‘succeed in finding own path’. But what we do not understand is that we need to find it in ourselves.

      Convincing is a hard job. It takes a lot of energy from You and You have no time left to work with Yourself, but Your attention is turned to someone else now. But yet we all do it, subconciously.


    3. aditya says:

      yes liina

      we all do it subcoinsciously, at a even sub sub level of consiosuness, we are all connected too, just like the waves are connected with another by the sea.

      about convincing others, about saying, telling ! even though it’s useless, it must be said as has been done by zesus, the vedas. those who seek will find !

      freedom is absolute, even to remain stagnant !


    4. Liina.L says:

      zesus, the vedas ?
      meaning… Jesus the son of God?

    5. Heart says:

      Dear Aditya,

      How true is that; ‘the only way to convince anyone of your truth is to live your truth’.

      May I also suggest we can all improve our listening skills by trying to make an effort to pay more attention. Often it means to remain silent and understand that dialogue means turn-taking, just like when playing tennis. Be interested (do not conclude women always gossip, we can have valuable opinions too) Ask follow up questions…’Aditya, when you mention living the truth, how are you able to manage to play when you work 13 hours a day?’

      But to have a conversation with someone believing you are a fool, ain’t gonna go very far.


    6. aditya says:

      heart dear !

      yes indeed the first step towards wisedom is to improve one’s listening skills, earlier at one place i said that talking is useless, it is for 99.99 % of us, but for that .01% of us who have developed this art of listening, every kind os wisdom ( ultimately it all narrows down to one ) is available in talks from before zesus to now.

      yes one needs to pay more attention, and equally important is to quiten one’s inner dialogue while listening, when i am listening or redaing something, i am totally with it, for me it’s the truth being said, after having listened, heard, it joins the past accumulation and soem dimesion gets added, some get modified.

      hey i never menat to say that women gossip, some women do, and lately i have found it is harmless entertainment, of course women have valuable opinions, other than my aged freinds, i have learnt love and compassion from women, selfless love from women.

      how am i able to mage to play with 13 hours of work, first i do it only in dire stratits, and then as an engineer i hardly ever work alone, we are a team, i anjoy working/ interacting with those uneducated workers who make a living by selling their skills, simple people. i convert those 13 hours into play, as suggested by annie. we achive results and end of teh day u don’t need to worry about whether u will be ale to get sleep, hit the sack, remember her one last time, and u are in zzzz world, and quite often i am on releigious trips in my dreams, i visit places of such sublime beauty, with gods and goddesses, some i recognise, some i don’t, with all of them i have to freindly and respectful encounters..


    7. Heart says:

      You have such a wonderful soul Aditya… your religious trips in your dreams…it proves what a GRAND person you are. I’m so thrilled to be able to talk to you here!

      Its very true what you say about being with our inner dialogue instead of paying 100% attention to the person we communicate with. It has to do with how mature we are, I believe. When we are content with our selves, and don’t worry about what impression we make, we can more enjoy others fully.

      Most of all I love your humorous attitude…overall you sound very happy Aditya! Thank you for sharing yourself with us!!!


  49. Heart says:

    ..and if society demands you to work too hard and no play..just call in sick (which is to lie ;))…

  50. aditya says:

    heh heh ! heart ! that is exactly my way ! sometimes, when the work catches my fancy, i work and work work, teh whole team, i know every chap, contrcat workers numbering about 100, and we slog it out, on other days when i don’t feel like working, i just sit at home for days, calling in sick, at one time i even had to put a crape bandage on my foot to ‘prove’ my point. once u lie u be better at it !

    annie that is right, society by and large does not like bright people with innovative ideas, who wants change, society wants people who will exist for scoiety and do what they are asked to do.


  51. Heart says:

    Hehe.. I love how you two always agree with me, even when I’m immoral… Yes, we have to trust our own judgments, and yes society is sicker then I am in many ways.. I cannot believe you went to the trouble of putting on a crape bandage. lmao!!!!! When I arrived here in USA I saw more lies from employee’s than I have ever seen in my life before, lies to get off working. Everybody had dogs eating their telephones, was in car accidents, had to go to funerals to non existing grandmothers or relatives…It’s so funny how creative people become to beat these society illnesses. I believe Norwegians has the highest sick leave in the world totally, as they can call in sick without a doctors excuse, even though it’s probably shortest working hours in the world too. So I’m just SPOILED, My idea of perfect labor is to work 2 hours a week. hehe. then have fun the rest of the time…But I’m not there yeat!!!!!

  52. maria-dove says:

    Γεια σας Annie και Thelma,
    συγνώμη εαν ήμουν πολύ σκληρή αλλά μπούχτισα με όλες αυτές τις βλακείες με τα μοντέλα, τους τραγουδιστές και τα συναφή.
    Κανένας δεν έδωσε σημασία στην είδηση ότι ένας έλληνας 17 ετών βραβεύτηκε από τη ΝΑΣΑ επειδή σχεδίασε το αεροπλάνο του έτους 2020!!!
    Το νεαρό παιδί με σεμνότητα είπε τα αυτονόητα, ότι η Παιδεία θέλει χρήματα γιατί το μυαλό το έχουμε.
    “Έχουνε κάνει το σχολείο πάρεργο και το φροντιστήριο σχολείο” αυτά ήταν τα λόγια του.
    Πλησιάζει η θλιβερή επέτειος από τη δολοφονία του μικρού Άλεξ και τίποτα δεν έχει αλλάξει, οι νέοι στοιβάζονται στο σχολεία, όπως τα πρόβατα στους σταύλους, με μια διαφορά, τα πρόβατα δεν μαθαίνουν άχρηστα πράγματα και ο βοσκός τους τα νοιάζεται και τα προσέχει.
    Και μετά έτσι για την ισορροπία των πραγμάτων βγαίνει και η ταδε και μας απειλεί ότι θα γίνει ηθοποιός.
    Και φοβάμαι ότι θα γίνει Annie, γιατί στην χώρα μας επιβιώνουν μόνο οι φελλοί και οι ανάξιοι.
    Έχουμε ισοπεδώσει τα πάντα αξίες, ιδανικά, ιδέες, οπότε για ποιες ιδέες να μιλήσουν και οι σοφοί?
    Oι σοφοί σιωπούν γιατί δεν ενδιαφέρουν τις τηλεθεάσεις όχι γιατί δεν έχουν κάτι να πουν.
    Συγνώμη και πάλι αν σας κούρασα.
    Με αγάπη

  53. Heart says:

    Sis, I’m almost flip-flopping my previous posting here, as I suddenly realize what a great help it is to thinking things through! The only way not to repeating the mistakes our ancestors did is if we live our lives in a thoughtful, reflective way, searching to make sense of it all…in our soul and heart…and our bodies…Annie, I’m lost going in a circle :)

  54. Hope says:

    Me too!

  55. maria-dove says:

    Dear Annie,
    i only miss swimming i adore winter, but i can understand.
    Summer is the best season for night walks and and beach parties, Oh boy i am getting old already?

  56. clarisa says:

    Hola,aca,es primavera,pero ya hace calorcito.si quieren,busquen en youtube playas de Miramar argentina,y disfruten un poco del lugar donde vivo…Ademas hay un bosque magico,que si despues quieren les cuento..Besos Clarisa

  57. Yannis says:

    Σ’ ευχαριστω, Αννα, για τα καλα σου λογια…!

    Να εισαι καλα…

  58. Marie says:

    Peppered…sweet-salted…each makes according to his taste :))
    how I’m French, this quote recall my happiness of Epicurean!:D
    Do you Know that we have habit very often to comment on what we are eating and besides speaking food while we are eating ?!
    The food is a true love story in France !..:))

    Light & Love,

  59. Marie says:

    Thank you Den Rod I liked a lot ! :)

    Dear Annie, I understood you’re of the sign Butterfly ascending Blue Bee…and you like Blue Bee virgin…OK…:D

    Light & Love,

  60. Den Rod says:

    I think I might be falling in love with a “be(e)witched” butterfly in blue jeans!

  61. THELMA says:

    Food and … wine is a true love story in … Cyprus too, dear Marie..
    You mention, Epicurus and the book of I.Yalom I was reading has the Greek title … ‘In the garden of Epicurus’ !! And I was .. depressed because this is the first time I was reading a book by someone … Epicurean and the ..’nothing afterwards’ made me .. miserable; and the news of three people in my life with cancer has made me feel helpless.. Thank God I … found the BLUE BUTTERFLY.
    Thelma xxx

  62. Marie says:

    Dear Thelma,

    Yeess…the wine is very important in France. It exists there of all kinds to emphasize the cooking…still :)
    I hope that you were able to read my small good-humoured recipeon the community WOL ;-)

    φως και αγάπη,

    Dear Annie,

    Does it exist a blue bee?:D and it exists some honey of butterfly?… The butterfly would like to gather the honey of the blue bee..!:D…I like very much your humor :))

    Light & Love,

  63. Den Rod says:

    Hey, girls,

    This talk of yours reminded me of a rap song I used to listen to in 1993/1994 when I was an exchange student in the USA.

    The song is by ‘THE ALCOHOLICS’ and it goes:

    ‘… I float like a butterfly, but I move a little quicker; I sting like a bee and I give a ‘buzz’ like liquor!

    All these years and at last we met.




  64. Dear Annie, thanks for you sharing but today I am so happy to not let myself go in the path of confronting … which is a path that I used to take and that path makes that I maintain a kind of energy, a negative energy which I do not want to be in contact with anymore. For me, just being close to Sarah, being sensible to what that situation does to her, talk together, not of the behaviour, but of what is present really in those situations … unconscious behaviors. That helps me, her to be love and stay in love. As I said, the best for me, I think, is not to give importance to that behavior and put my energy to life for me, to become more and more who I truly am. That moment with Sarah permitted us to talk about our relation together, etc … I do not want to stay caught in proving the other wrong, in putting energy to be seen as I am … I just have to be who I am, and I am not perfect … so, I take what I have to take and become conscious for me and me and my daugther of that experience, and what does not pertain or is truth, well, I do not give force or existence to it or offer resistance. Thanks for your words … With love and gratitude to your too Annie. Jojo.

  65. Black Pearl says:

    Dear Annie,

    Actually that is what I said…your right am afraid… However that is nothing more but my thoughts around the quote and how is related to how I understand the relationship or difference between the two…I was maybe romintisizing a little bit,or perhaps I understood the wrong way, but that was also out of my understanding of what was mentioned in Brida about two kinds of peole, the gardeners and the builders…with the first being restless all their lives,living in the garden they’ve been creating, keep planting the seets, grow them and create, ever stopping…while the second, after they spent some time of their lives to built their house,(their lives), they settle down, rest assured that they are done, and they keep themselves insite the walls they built…To me that felt similar to the way that wise people acknowledging their ignorance keep trying to improve themeselves (and others) whearas the fools keep fooling themeselves that they know things they really dont and rest assured. And also, please don’t get me wrong…the whole thing was said in an allegorical way…I didn’t mean that gardeners are wise and builders are fools, nor that there are wise and fool people…I just thought it was beautifully described in the book Brida, and the book being about wisdom, I thought it was relavant…


  66. Black Pearl says:

    I will have to agree on that one dear Annie…about not labeling peope…People are just people…fellow travelers, that happend though to be that way, or another…:)I do think however, that at some extent at least, we do have a saying on that…

    Take care,
    Best Regards

  67. Marie says:

    Dear Black Pearl,

    People who know me always said to me that I had the soul builder. At the same time, I like very much gardening and yesterday I gardened when your conversation with Annie returned to me in memory! While do I have to think ? I’m builder’s portion and gardener’s portion!…:)
    I speak only about my basic idea because I didn’t read “Brida” I don’t know the philosophy of this book.

    Light & Love,

  68. Black Pearl says:

    Dear Marie,

    That is so cute:)Well…why not, you know better…

    Best Regards

  69. THELMA says:

    Dearest Swannied, our Paulo Coelho is …. ALWAYS at HOME! ;-]
    Thelma xxx

  70. Daniel says:

    “Home is not where you live, but where they understand you” :-)

  71. Den Rod says:

    Since I’m new around here

  72. Marie says:

    Ouppss…sorry Annie,I forgot “constellation” for ” the constellation of the virgin of the blue bee ” since by coming on this blog, we “enter” the constellation of the Virgin… :))

    Delighted that your “new” sign pleases you! :))

    Light & Love,

  73. Den Rod says:

    Nice seeing your face,
    You look good,
    Nice meetting you, blue bee, blue hummingbird, blue butterfly Marie!

  74. Marie says:

    Dear Den Rod…Wouaahh! with all these wings, I’m going to constitute a company of shock…better than pappy Boyington!!! Be careful !…tie your belts…this is going to take off !…:D

    Light & Love,