Quote of the Week

If you are following your dreams, age is not a problem.


  1. Hi Hildegarde,
    I agree with you! In England we say “Mutton Dressed as Lamb” !!!
    Love, Theresa

  2. Anne S. says:

    “A butterfly’s lesson”

    A story about life and struggles…

  3. Maybelle says:

    Call me a child but dreams produce wonderful ideas that move the world into motion :D

  4. Gussi says:

    I just have let to belive in dreams. I think that god must be on holliday, or he´s forgot to do his job. you only have to have a view to this world. i only find walls in my way. i thought a i was a worrior but i´m tired to fight. i´ve lost my dreams. i cannot stand

  5. Stefania says:

    in the years my Dream is becoming reaity….
    an ambitious project
    a new concept of photography
    a site that goes beyond
    a Smile to brighten your day

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  6. Prakash Shrestha says:

    Success…what is success?

    media portray that success is beating others.. as is sport if you won gold medal you succeed if you failed to collect medal you ‘failed’…. just as the title ‘Winner Stand Alone’ suggest!

    I feel that it gives very narrow sense of success. I would like to define success as getting things done correctly ( or may I say satisfactorily)!
    If we see success in this way, then as Adeshola Afolabi said if you are following your dream, nothing is a problem!

  7. rio says:

    What if I’m not because I’m depending too much on someone? What will happen to me? He means so much to me but i don’t feel it from him. I’m aching so much now that i don’t know what to do. Can somebody help me please?

    1. Demmy says:

      I know its so difficult and only u can help your self!!! love yourself and start to wonder what is that really you deserve? if u deserve to have something better than that u have now u ll find the power to go away! its not easy but u can do it!!!! Yourself deserves more than anyone else and especially those who makes us feel pain!!!

    2. rio says:

      Thanks Demmy and Katie, i know i should love myself coz who will if i wont? It’s just so sad and so hard but i know in time i can overcome this. Maybe i just need to divert myself on other things that can make me happy. I just want a happy life in its true sense.

    3. katie says:

      Hi Rio,

      I agree with Demmy.

      it is important to take ourselves seriously and love ourselves as deeply as we want to love others. because, it is “me” who is my companion through all my life; and it is important to love my companion (myself) very much, because then I will grow and be able to enjoy life and also tackle hard times :o)

      it is not worth to give love to somebody who does not respond appropriately. we all – as human beings – are worth much more than such a response that you obtain.

      go for your dreams, love yourself, this will give you power. “depending on his ignorance” will just hurt and reduce the positive energy.

  8. Catherine E.A. says:

    Age should not really be the means by which we measure and account for our dreams… surely ;o/

  9. Sidharth says:

    I really hope this is true, at least in the free world

    1. THELMA says:

      Our SOUL = Psyche = ΨΥΧΗ = BUTTERFLY is always FREE ..
      Thelma xxx

  10. if you are following your dream, nothing is a problem!

  11. What is never imagine, dreamt is never possible.Our mirracles never flla on our laps but wait in the corner and expect us to strectch ourselves, a little bit or maximally, in order to grab it. Success requires persisitency, patience and endurance.If you refuse to let failure define you, then your success is definitely guarantee.

    1. katie says:


      the dream I am currently working on, even helps me to refuse “my last failure”.
      persistency – patience – endurance
      yeap: good words to link with a dream :o)


    2. It’s wonderful to get to ones dream no matter how late in life. Yes, dreams are renewable. However,its equally important to save the dreams early by rescue it, in time, from the lonely pages of dusty diary to the world of reality where it could be felt,lived and enjoy. Everything depends on the actions that we take today

  12. katie says:

    – dreams catch up with me when I ignore them, they pop up again and
    again in different forms & situations

    – therefore, age does not matter for me. dreams that are important
    for my soul will continue to pop up

    – they adjust to age but their core stays the same.
    for example,
    I like to dance & move. not as easy anymore as in the 20s.
    but still possible with another pace, and an “old-age”
    interpretation that actually “colors” the presentation in its own
    new way.

    – sure, with age I start to tackle big dreams that have been around
    for some time and I have been afraid of.
    but getting older also means:
    “what can I lose anyway? :o)

    – I recognize that I have a real important dream that I have been
    ignoring when I admire people what they do but think they and
    their talents are unique & I am incapable of doing it.

    – and when I realize this, I tell myself “do it” – not for
    perfection but loving the process of doing.

    – I then encounter big fear; I call it “facing the red knight” – a
    huge challenge to attack & attractive at the same time.
    (a figure in the movie “fisher king”)

    – this fight can last a long time, but since the dream is
    persistent, I finally give up – till now :o)

    – each realized dream has brought me beautiful, new experiences
    important for my soul & me to feel the joy of life.

    – dreams take on their own pace and can lead to “force”
    me to tackle another even bigger dream.

    – for example. I did a difficult move to a state to work
    with a group & I thought to realize one of my dreams.
    but I had to find out that I could not fully realize it,
    not to the point I expected it since the working environment
    turned out to be unsafe.

    still, I enjoyed the process of realizing my dream and positive
    things that actually happened also during its development. on the
    other side, the negative situation forced me to face
    a much bigger dream. the fear to face this dream and
    work on its realization has been always so big that I needed this
    negative environment to finally have the courage to do it.
    and at the same time, I see: age brought me sufficient experience
    to work on it – and … what can I lose? :o)

    so far, the dream develops. not with the fast pace I want.
    whether I will reach my “big goal” is not so important now. just
    the joy of its current development that also confirms me that it
    is becoming REAL is enough for me.
    at the same time, I feel stuck with
    looking for a job. right now, I have the energy to stay calm and
    do the work I need to do to find a new job.
    however, this situation – no money/work, but a
    “little” growing of my dream – feels unsafe and unbalanced for
    me. I am sure that only my age keeps me patient …
    but it is scary :o)

    1. Prakash Shrestha says:

      i would like to call a term ‘ progressive realization of dream’ and rather than grouping result as success or failure… we may measure the distance … how far we came towards realizing the dream.

    2. katie says:


      right: the negative interpretation “failure” then just disappears, and one can look through a different “filter” at the progress of realizing a dream.
      excellent: the dichotomous characterization “good-bad” disappears.
      thanks, Prakash :o)

  13. ” Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.” Dale E. Turner

    1. THELMA says:

      The DREAM of LOVE does not need to be .. renewed or .. rejuvenated; it belongs to the Realm of Eternity and LIGHT.
      Thelma xxx

    2. Dear Thelma,
      Thank you for your inspiring reply to the quote. You are right, Love is Eternal…
      Love and Light,