“The warrior’s life” by Kealan

Kealan sent the link, and I believe it is a very personal and interesting review. He refers to my biography “The warrior’s life” http://bit.ly/19Pqry recently published in English, Spanish (El |Mago) , Portuguese (O Mago) (other languages next year)

I asked myself the question what I would gain from reading the book ‘A Warrior’s Life.’ The book which has just been released in Ireland, written by Fernando Morais depicting the life of Paulo Coelho from his birth up until the 24th of August 2008 (Ironically I wrote to Paulo the very next day as I was tempted to visit him in Lourdes for his birthday – but instead I was personally invited to the next two St. Joseph’s parties both held in Paris).(Note: I always invite 20 readers from my social communities, based on a contest)

I bought the book on a cold damp day in November 2009. As soon as bought the book I sat in a café and read the first few pages! After coffee and a scone I went home and sat in my bedroom and read until 4am.
I got up today at 2.30pm and began to read again until 9pm when I completed reading the last page, this time sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and having the occasional smoke outside (where I fear a negative presence I stalking the past few days – I must pray more).

Was I shocked by what was written in this wonderfully accounted history of a man’s life? Yes and no…

When I read some of the texts I thought no way – but as I mentally digested the sentences I understood that it was a different point in time in a different country. I though for the most part that it was quiet an interesting life to lead and I am very envious of Coelho’s magnetism with women & of course the fact that he is rich! Coelho’s life for the most part is a romantic tragedy.

The mental illness & looking for due glory – as far as I can analyse these factors have both got their roots embroiled in Paulo’s birth. The man who was born dead; this would have unconsciously effected the growing mind of a child leading to anxiety causing – asthma, panic attacks, OCD and depression/suicide (along with mounting anxiety in later life). The technical term is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Freud states that a neurotic is incapable of enjoying life). Looking for due glory? Coelho expected something from life – he was after all saved from death by St. Joseph – his near death experience may have triggered the idea that he is due something more in life.

How do I know this? In 1986 while Paulo Coelho was walking the road of St. James I was three years of age & trapped under a cast iron gate unconscious with a fractured scull and sitting on deaths door. Three days later I woke from a coma as bright as rain. As I grew older my parents told me of the thirty-five Catholic Nuns who prayed to god for three days as I lay in the hospital. Of course I have my own ideas of self greatness and that one day I will have my name in lights! So I can understand the struggle of being esoteric and trying to bring something wonderful for people to read.

The sex was not surprising. All I can say is lucky you! Although I would not advise masturbating into the light!

The drugs – again not surprising & I’m glad that somebody has shared their experience and publicly admits to have nothing more to do with that type of lifestyle.

I was most surprised that the book developed out into Paulo’s intimate relationships.
I did not expect to find a chapter relating to his current partner, but in saying that, I was enthralled by Christina’s story… Wow! and the stories of the other women in his life. Another aspect which, and I cringe to use this word again, surprised me, was the extensive diaries Paulo kept; amazing… truly amazing. I feel without the use of these diaries the book would not have had the edge we were all looking for while reading. The personal thoughts and activities kept over the decades.

On a last note – I have been fighting internally my involvement with the paulocoelhoblog for sometime now. In an ever expanding cynical world, I as a writer, as a fan/fanfictionalist, as somebody participating – do not want to be seen as said in the Winner Stands Alone ‘a jaded hanger on.’ I do not want to covet anything – I have learned, laughed, cried, participated and met.
Before I became involved in the blog I had my own esoteric experiences in life, like may others, but the hands of time guided me towards this light – and what a wonderful light. Now as I see myself at 27 years old, no present friends or relationships, financially ruined and living at home in my parent’s house – I am suffering to fill a void which I can only fill myself…through writing.

P.S. Fernando; if you ever read this – thank you for a wonderfully gripping book. I enjoyed your style of writing & you are a great story teller. I did not loose interest once!


a] I don’t earn rights from this book.
b] Fernando Morais took 5 years to write it, and he used my personal files
c] by mutual agreement, I only read the book when it was published in Portuguese
d] I must confess that I was a little shocked with my life, but I survived


  1. marisela Madeira says:

    I was amazed by ure story KEALAN…when i read the book i was so surprised , i couldnt stop reading it…i still go there to read some chapters i really love this biography!!!
    The reason i admire most Paulo IS THE FACT he is a free soul , he did everything anybody would dream off , and he had the courage to live as he wanted not as they wanted him to live it…see u soon:)

  2. Catherine says:

    Dear Kealan
    I agree and believe that these unusual and unique experiences in youth or childhood can starkly interrupt and navigate one’s life towards new and extraordinary dimensions.
    Is the rest of the world ready to receive these unique beings though? !

  3. Hello!! I wrote a review for my column on the website ‘How To Tell a Great Story’ and wanted to share it here as well.

    The Story of a Great Storyteller

    457 pages, written by yet another great storyteller Fernando Morais, is the biography of storytelling phenomenon none other than the Magical and Mystical Paulo Coelho. Released last month, “A Warrior’s Life” is the authorized biography which took Fernando Morais three years to complete. And what an amazing three years those must have been for Fernando who spent six weeks at Paulo’s side, eight months in Rio de Jenairo, the birthplace of Paulo Coelho, walking through his footsteps, and the rest digging into a treasure chest full of Paulo Coelho’s written and recorded diaries spanning forty years of his intimate life. I can just imagine how exciting it must have been for Fernando, like a kid opening presents on Christmas. Needless to say, this is exactly how I felt reading “A Warrior’s Life” in which I broke my own record, reading 457 pages in less than two days.

    Paulo Coelho was born dead and lived to experience his first miracle within a miracle. Many more miracles follow in the life of Paulo and his story is intriguing and amazing to say the least. The biography tells detailed accounts from his childhood, the Jesuit schooling, his first and subsequent loves, the mental institutions, electric shock treatments, to sex drugs and rock and roll, to his days as songwriter, the secret and alternative societies, the arrests and tortures, the return of his faith in Catholicism all the way to selling 100,000,000 copies of his books. Reading his story I see more than one lifetime worth of experiences and achievements. Coyly I confess my favorite parts were reading excerpts of his diaries. I especially enjoyed reading his thoughts from his childhood, such a sweet intelligent young man and a talented writer he was, and what a strong will and determination and passion he has. He is dynamite, in a perpetual love affair with life.

    A lot of people may find many things shocking about Paulo’s life, the sex life, the secret societies or his behavior at times. What was most shocking to me was the reaction of the critics. How do we tell a great story? Are there criteria we must follow in order to make a story great? What rules and regulations do we need to adhere to, to tell a great story or to satisfy the critics? What might be a great story for you might not be the least interesting for me, true enough, as many people as there are that many opinions exist. But when a book sells millions and millions of copies, there exists a consensus that yes, it is a Great story. Even with the worldwide success Paulo has had, and having graced the bestseller lists throughout the world, the critics still refused to accept a simple fact, and even went as far as insulting his millions of readers… wow, such bitterness and jealousy. To top off the ridiculousness of the situation, one even stated he has not read his books and does not like them, hm… case closed.

    If you have not read any of Paulo’s books, I recommend starting with ‘The Alchemist,’ take an amazing journey with Santiago and discover the magic and the many treasures hiding in and between the lines. ‘The Alchemist’ is a modern classic and of course you are free to form your own opinion, but please, do read it before stating one. If you have read Paulo Coelho’s stories or not, you don’t want to miss the juicy details in the biography of one of the Greatest storytellers of our time. “A Warrior’s Life” depicts the life of, as Fernando Morais says, an “extraordinary individual.”

  4. Keith says:

    A Warrior’s Life arrived in the post on Saturday morning. These are my initial thoughts.


    I will now resist all temptation, put it to one side and look forward to reading it over Christmas.

    A Warrior’s Life is an absolute must for Paulo Coelho fans. But I would also recommend it to others who may never have read his books or maybe never even heard of Paulo Coelho, as it is a fascinating read and very well written.

    To date the only biography has been, Paulo Coelho: Confessions of a Pilgrim, a series of informal conversations with Juan Arias, which I also recommend.

    Thanks Paulo!

  5. kRiS says:

    I was really looking forward to this book! Mr. Coelho’s work and thoughts projected through his books has been such an inspiration to me and my life. Therefore I wanted to read the biografy.

    The biografy to me seems so much involved in describing darkness, and leaves the impression of a person who uses others for his own benefit, who doesn’t treat women very well and a person who would put his name on a book that he hasn’t even written, without acknowledging the real author. It’s to the extent that I can’t see where the light in Mr. Coelho’s work has come from. It’s like I don’t even recognize that the person who wrote these books can be the very same person that the biografy describes.

    1. Marta Adriana says:

      I agree with you. There are some parts where you can picture the Paulo I know from his books, but they are the least. Too much darkness and little light. The writer wanted to be unbiased and ended up picturing a person I don’t recognize. However,I feel Paulo’s books are the visible part of his soul: a lot of light achieved through a lot of darkness.

    2. Monica says:

      Sometimes dear Kris, it is tought to learn the truth, but the truth is relative to whom is learning it…..Love


  6. breda says:

    Hi Paul, thanks for thinking of me ,
    Love from the wildness of Connemara : )

  7. kealan says:

    Thanks Paul. I am very proud to have been blessed with a double whammy! It’s something to tell the grandchildren about when I’m an old man… it has been a great year so far… To be quiet honest this blog has helped me so much these past three and a half years. I really do not know where I would be without it – yes I know I need to socialise more!

    1. kealan says:

      I did not receive total conformation yet that I will be invited – but they have my application in! We have to go for a coffee – beer – Glühwein – dinner – or all four (not in that particular order!) if am there in March. Regards… K

  8. debi says:

    dear kealan,

    today you said something that resonates every time within me when i come to this tworld.

    There are so many who talk and converse regularly that i feel were i to join them i would be bracketed as a ‘jaded hanger on’

    i console myself saying if i really like someone i dont need to tell the world about it…i can keep it within me ..look at it from time to time and feel happy about it………..

    and dont feel bad abt financial ruin…i am from india …right now in this stage of my life i have 2 option get married to a rich , well settled guy…or be a outcasted by the family.personally i am taking steps to do everything to get away from this and in the process alienating myself from those who mattered once so much……..

    personally, i feel that can be avoided when you feel like you have achieved something……

    1. debi says:

      oops, the last line had to come after the 2nd paragraph………:)

    2. kealan says:

      Dear debi…

      Thank you for your kind words. I know that India can be a difficult place to live both socially and with the war raging on your door step. We all have opinions to share and at least this is a place/blog where we can interact with the world and share ideas with like minded people. Maybe if you pray you will find love & that person may also be rich!

    3. debi says:


      well , honestly i dont want to get married to rich or otherwise…i like my company…a lot…. and am of the belief that marriage is too far a give and take instituition for my liking…

      but thanks for your wishes….you are bang on when you said about the prayer….its the only time i feel confident to take on anything

    4. kealan says:

      Well you are right! I do not wish to get married at present either & am quiet happy living the way I am for now with no pressures!

  9. THELMA says:

    Nice words Kealan and thank you, for introducing yourself and dreams together with your impressions on Paulo Coelho’s Biography by the author Fernando Morais: A warrior’s life, O MAGO and in Greek the title has not yet been decided! I could not wait for the … title to be .. decided, so I ordered the book from a bookshop that they undertake to order for us any book in English! I was the .. first to ask about this book and I am sure many will follow! I am looking forward to reading it and ‘re-live’ your life, dearest Paulo Coelho, through the pages of it.. What you ARE now is the … result of all your previous ..lives [??] and experiences. You have passed all the ELEMENTS and through ALCHEMY found the Gold, The LIGHT in you. The Butterfly’s flight. Thank you for being there.
    Much LOVE,
    Thelma xxx

    1. kealan says:

      I always tip off the bookshop when I order the new books!!!! I asked about this book six months ago ha!

    2. THELMA says:

      I asked about this book in the most famous London bookshop two years ago and after searching for an hour in their computer they informed me that they did not have it!!! I am sure they were thinking that I was mad! Now they may think I was a … medium, a … Witch searching for ‘O MAGO’!!!!
      Thelma xxx

    3. kealan says:

      The Witch of Cyprus – I knew it dear Thelma!

    4. THELMA says:

      Beware of … Witches, dear Kealan!! ;-]

      But the only sign that I have being a … witch is a … black and white cat that I used to have!! Her name was … Maria /Maroulla, like my mother’s name and she was very clever and playful, even .. talking to me! When she was going to have her first baby she came up the stairs to our apartment and she was crying outside the door.. When I opened her I saw that she was in pain and bleeding.. So I took my keys and ran downstairs.. and there in front of me she gave birth to her baby! Oh she was so proud !! Next day she took it and came up with him in … her mouth. She put him on the carpet and stepped back looking into my eyes to show how proud she was of him!!!..
      But I prefer the title …. ‘Mama'; at least I am not in danger to be … burnt to the stake or to be .. tied up on a chair and be drowned into the river in order to …be proved that I am a ..witch!![ Maybe this is the reason I am afraid of the … water!!] This story was told to us by our guide last Summer in Scotland!
      Thelma xxx

    5. Monica says:

      Dear Thelma,

      I have a black and white cat too, and she is going to have babies!!!!
      Oh that cat is so special, just like yours, and she gets so jealous when our neighbor’s black cat comes roaming around wanting to be pet. It’s so funny how she gets behind me and starts “fighting” with the other cat. So Dear Thelma, I feel this is one of those synchronicities I’ve been experiencing lately.

      Have a lovely weekend….


    6. kealan says:

      Yes there were many ways of killing innocent women in the past… how terrible… Your story about the cat is quiet sweet :)