Changing your mind

As you noticed that last week I posted here “Por que odeio Paulo Coelho”. The idea came during a conversation with a friend of mine, who was talking to someone who “hates” me and my friend asked: “why?” The more the person explained, the more she got confused. While reading 709 posts I got to the same conclusion.
They hate because someone said: you should hate it. I was also caught in this trap earlier in my life, and I can remember two cases: first it was with “The Little Prince”. Everybody said, Oh it’s a very superficial book. The second time was “The Prophet” (Gibran), also because “too easy to understand”. I waste some years before reading these two masterpieces.

So I would like you to share your similar experiences. Something/someone that you had a lot prejudices and later on you said; ” it’s much better then I thought, I should have my opinion instead of having other’s opinions.”

Thank you very much,


  1. eleonora says:

    credo che tendenzialmente, ognuno di noi, sia portato ad esprimere un pregiudizio su qualcuno o qualcosa..L’errore permane laddove non ci siamo ,e non abbiamo dato possibilita’ di ricrederci.Non è detto che sia giusto o sbagliato,ma ci stiamo mettendo alla prova .Il pregiudizio ,la cattiveria gratuita,si superano guardando a noi,cercando di capire se anche noi simo in grado di superare la nostra mente e i nostri limiti.Non dico di lasciar correre su tutto,quantomeno a chi sbaglia di far capire dove non esiste coerenza tra parola ed azione.Tutti siamo fallibili,in virtu’di cio’ dobbiamo perseguire il rispetto .

  2. Leandro says:

    “Qual é o mais duro dos crí­ticos? O amador malogrado.”

    “Sabes quem sí£o os crí­ticos? Os que malograram na literatura e na arte.”
    ( Benjamim Disraeli)

    “Para que se pense que sí£o sábios, eles criticam até o céu.”
    ( Fedro )

  3. Little Prince is the book I keep and hold forever and have read when I was a tenager and now with my 8 years old son..its magic and in simple ways explains so much and it is so powerful too……

  4. Jan Pichert says:

    Actually it has an other side of the coin. Thanks to this post I found the book and read it. (The Prophet) Is is great thank you for the post.
    Of course our own opinion is really import. Just as important as to be careful not to be arrogant which is what I am learning.

    Love Jan

  5. Shari says:

    I believe the most beautiful things in life are also extremely simple. In order to ‘get’ the simplicity, one has to go through a lot of complex ideas, processes and negotiations….

    Some of the books that have shaped my life early on are Gibran’s The Prophet and The Little Prince. I still have these books and I can read them when I want to get perspective on life. Each time I read these ‘simple’ books, I get a new meaning, a new perspective on life.

    I still do think that we have our prejudices and some we cannot get rid of….

  6. Jackie noriega says:

    Paulo es muy cierto por lo general cuando tu odias a alguièn siempre es porque alguí¬en te indispuso en contra de esa persona como primer punto, luego viene el ver todas sus fallas y todas sus opiniones. Por lo tanto es aconsejable nunca dejarte llevar e incluso no solo de otras personas mas tambièn nunca te dejes llevar de la primera impresií²n pues por lo general no es la mas convincente ya que la personas estan un poco nerviosas por que reecien se relacionan hay que dar un poco de tiempo y esperar incluso que surja alguna situacií²n fuerte solo ahí¬ conoceras el verdadero caracter de los seres humanos para bien o para mal.

  7. amit sharam says:

    dear paulo i am completely agree with you. Its just a prejudiced nature of a person which brings the unhappiness and hatered in his life because sometime we unknowingly start behaving according to the others assumption and that becomes the sole reason of our sorrow. The saddest part of this is that inspite of knowing all these we behave in that same manner …….

  8. Luciana says:

    Quanto ao Paulo eu sempre gostei e o defendi várias vezes!
    É preciso conhecer antes de formar uma opinií£o…Sou humana e também erro…Mas sei que com o Paulo eu ní£o estava errada!