Quote of the Week

If you have a dream, don’t waste your energies explaining why


  1. Clio says:

    I guess this quote is not limited to ‘dream’ but also applicable to every step that we need to take in our life.

    Easier said than done :(

    I’m in the middle of decision of a lifetime in my relationship that everybody’s questioning. I’m trying to follow my heart, even if what it says seem ‘absurd’ at the moment, since I’m convinced what my heart is whispering now is the guidance from God.

    Unfortunately for me, I need to do a lot of explaining to my family since this involves them too (at least, their reputation as they perceive it). I’m a bit tired and now just rely on God’s help to give me the courage to continue this life’s journey.

    May God provide us with His guidance, blessing, and protection.


  2. Catherine E.A. says:

    Info on the book, STORM LEOPARD


    It’s interesting, because in this story dialogue – as you follow an environmentalist across Africa… you do get to hear about his dream.. and that of an Old Timer…
    it is one in which the magic of Africa lives on, despite the increasing challenges.

    In my opinion, it IS a dream that needs to be told…
    and explained…

    because without an Old Timer… telling of
    the ‘what ifs’
    or ‘what might be’
    then it is entirely feasible that the magic be lost..
    to dust… to history…
    lost in time.

    So, here is a story that does recount a dream of ‘what was and what is yet to be..’

    The story ends with a moral dilemma, in which we can affect the outcome.

  3. alaa says:

    i say yeah believe in your dream thank you

  4. mangga oga says:

    our dream is everything that we want to achieve….even it’s hard to achieve it sometimes but, dream made us live. It’s not a guilty to have a dream as a human but, every time u have a dream, there’s must be reason behind it…what made you to have it..who provoke you…what kind of dream you have….and EVERYTHING U WANT IT TO BE..it’s not about wasting our energy but its all about passion to achieve it made us realize on something and it is ‘a successful’…a desire that everyone has it..its all about our journey to another life…..a dream is not about wasting the energy to asking why but, to chaise another chapter in our life..run for it…so u have a better life…asking u dream only made you wait and wasting you life..Once you have a dream, don’t ask…just run for it…if you think it’s a best choice…TQ.

  5. Walaa says:

    I just realized something. From all the e-cards that Paulo has put up, I selected the one with this quote as my background.

    To me, it simply means not to explain to people why I am doing this. But to show them through my actions that this is the right thing for me to do.


  6. Tania says:

    yes its like anything really action always speaks louder than words – dont waste time explaining – just follow your dreams ..

    1. V Jayaraman says:

      I remember the quotation given here!

      “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” — Joel Barker


    2. Daniel says:

      You just changed my world a little today, thank you! :-)

    3. sonmale says:

      folowing ur dreams and finishing is easy, but following mankind dreams and finishing–it= being human

  7. Grettel says:

    Thank you!
    Truth is so simple…
    It needs no explanation.

    1. Mary says:

      Grazie. Thank you, Merry Christma to all. I love this quote of the week. It is basic. We talk too much, I talk too much. Like the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Thank you Paulo.

      Mary, Toronto.

      Wounded in love but always hopeful.

  8. Ekant says:

    impossibility is the extent of possibility.
    anyone who dares to challenge his/her own self knowledge attains becomes wise.
    And the wisdom is the attribute of wise.

  9. ambrose says:

    Perhaps someone could help me. Mine is a case where actual dreams have left me in limbo. Somewhere inside of me I have this strange feeling that something great awaits me. I have reoccurrent dreams of some of the most facinating images and the most soothing songs . for years i always dreamed of angels, and it always seemed God was instructing me to do something and HE gave me great powers but the dreams always ended with the devil tempting me and i would wake up fighting. I am confused, the dreams keep coming but I do not feel I am on the right path. Any words of wisdom ????

    1. Alexandra says:

      We all must fight at times with temptations and difficulties.
      Sometimes due to events in real life, we take the problems also in the dream realm, because we know there are unsolved questions. It happened to mee sometimes to dream that I should fight, sometimse with no result, sometimes after thinking while awake that I will defeat the bad, I did the same in dream. See, I think we must bring order in our life, than your dreams will be just nice. Sure, never happened to me dreaming such for years. Good luck

    2. Olta Ana says:

      Dear ambrose,
      As far as can understand through your dream, I think that you are reserving some very beautiful thoughts about your life in future and beautiful dreams, but you are afraid from devil.
      Afraid of making mistakes or sins. In case I am right in what I am saying to you:
      No one is perfect. And no matter how much we try to be on the right way we do and have to do mistakes, but God is not going to judge us for our mistakes, but for the good oeuvres that we could and didn’t do.
      What is most important in life, is keep dreaming. Look after your beautiful dreams, and don’t let your struggling
      stumble them. Spread and think about love instead of fear from mistakes, during your path’s life.


    3. Dr. sumit shah says:

      dear olta
      realy u hav given a great and practical advice.
      ite applicable for everyone .thanks

  10. gaurry says:

    I just think of this :when it is your real dream ,you won’t explain it to anyone ,you ‘d keep it in your heart ,feel so precious ,that dream is like your dear child ,you begin to fear that whould be doubt or be laughed by others .you loved your dream so much that you have to keep it secret and make it slowly by slowly .someday even you lose,you won’t feel regret .that’s the real dream ! I have one .I knew maybe i can’t make it come true in this life ,but I would be happy that i have had it and when I struggled for it I have had a great deal of joy so far .
    every one should have a dream .a real dream ,you won’t talk it to anyone ,because when you speak it out ,you would have lose it !as it is a real dream ,you won’t speak it out because when you have a desire to speak it out ,that’s just because you yourself still doubt it .
    wish every one have a real dream !
    Thanks Alexandra and Olta Ana ,love you and everyone here !
    sometimes some big dream maybe you don’t want it come true or what will you do in the remaining life ?but we still need some dream it is not so big that you can do it yourself ,then do it !

    1. Alexandra says:

      Once a mate from faculty said that after a dream come true you lose interest, or you must find a new one. I thought she was naive, but bit truth is it in that, is like the importance of the road in a journey, not only the aim, goal. But even if the dream will pass, living it it will become part of a great memory, a treasure in our hearts. Let dreams become true, live the euphoria of the moment. Will help you in hard times.

      Take care
      Wishing you all the best

    2. Olta Ana says:

      Dear gauru,
      Dreams are gifts to us, like special people has special gifts.
      Dreams are gifts from God to us, to have a reason to be happy, or to be sad, the choice of that is up to us. A life with no dreams to be followed is a life where isn’t worth to waste nor our breath in it.
      A fulfilled dream is like a climbed mountain. Why do you fear that there isn’t going to be nothing else after you’ll have attended the top, when in reality, when you will be there it is going to be the top of the mountain itself who is going to show you some other beautiful mountains to climb.
      You don’t have to worry, because there is no end to dreams. Life it is going to bring us new ones. BE SURE OF THAT. Your duty and right is to catch the Joy that your actual dream it is offering to you.


  11. katie says:

    Namaste to you all,

    thank you very much for all your comments :o)
    it helps so much to work on my topic.

    I have worked with my dreams in a hidden way. it took me some time to realize my approach and actually discover my dreams :o ).

    My real dreams come with a “yes, but …” or just getting transferred to others. for example, my sister likes to draw/paint. and I pushed her for a long time, she should take this and that course, do pottery etc. she was annoyed by me :o). she finally said: “why don’t you do it yourself?” and I think she got it right.

    now I shyly state my dream and start to develop it theoretically, discuss it with everybody and try to justify it and watch the responses. and there bad socialization comes in.

    my last dream on which I work now, took me 5 years to begin to work on it – and there is losing time & energy …..
    thus for me, explaining & testing my dream in this way is a “perfect” delaying tactic to work on its realization.

    but on the other side, I am now ready to do it, to focus, and also I gain strength while observing its growth. at the same time all those external rejections help me to get better with the preparation of my dream, and they do not hurt so much.

    because of all my hassle to deal with my dreams I try to do every year something that is new, or does not look as if it has a chance to be realized.

    The choice comes always around christmas and then I try to deal with it the next year.
    it is “practicing to stay with my dreams” (giggle)

  12. Savita Vega says:

    …unless you have to write a Statement of Purpose to get into graduate school, and you know that those three pages are the primary determining factor in the admissions selection process.

    I had to do this recently, and I don’t know if I will get in (the odds are not in my favor), but I will say that it was a very useful exercise. Even if I don’t get in, it was time and paper well spent, as it caused me to have to question deeply and in great detail what it is that I want to do and why. I haven’t had that much clarity of purpose in a very long time.

    However, I do agree with Paulo – I wouldn’t want to have to go around explaining my dream to everyone all the time. Doing so would be very tiring, probably not only for me but for those who had to listen. It would also take the magic out of the dream, and without that little dash of magic, the dream hardly seems worth pursing.

    1. Alexandra says:

      A smart girl like you??? You must get the place in that school. I always find very intelligent your posts, and wondered who are you, before seeing pictures or else.
      Good luck

    2. katie says:

      Hi Savita,

      good to hear from you :o)
      congratulations with sending of your application! I will cross all my fingers and toes that it will go well.

      yeah, there is a need to check: why do I explain my dream …
      my dream needs money from grants, so I need to write also about it. and I needed to get confirmation because the project is unique.
      but before I did talk to some people to whom I have good contact and whom I trust, there was the long time where I tried to justify my dream again and again with some very close friends – and this time was too long; I am a procrastinator – this is my nature.

      on the other side, this project was born “in my guts”. this means it was born in another part of my brain, I knew it first but I could not describe it in words.

      its status now: I have not got money from grants yet, what is clear to me, the first application gets rarely funded. but: the people whom I trusted understood my idea very fast, what surprised me :o).
      because of my writing: the dream becomes more and more real. and it grows in its own way, and I take care of it.
      today I see: it will stay with me whether funding is hard or not, it has become like a little companion that asked for my support.

      So, I wish you all the best for your dream. but don’t think that the door of your dream is closed when they do reject you….. the dream may just need to go a slightly different path and always check your relationship with it, keep this little companion alive.

      happy holidays to you all!
      happy solstice! here in alaska we have daylight below 4 hours but we are already gaining seconds :o)
      feels great. but now the real cold starts.
      it is the best time of the year to close the door & keep the cold out and invite the dreams to play.

  13. Inzhagi says:

    Hi Everyone:

    Certainly, it may be true that we should not waste our energies explaining our dreams. By “explaining”, I understand that you need to spend more than energy than your will to “share”. There have been moments when I wish I could have saved my energy of explaining a dream of mine, but in other cases, it became very positive, especially when you find someone who thinks alike….or not neccesary “alike”, but someone with enough courage to work towards his/her dream.

    When I meet people like these, I feel encouraged to keep going in the persuit of my dreams and happiness. In the other hand, I DO NOT let haters bring down my energy, neither I let them absorb my thoughts and will to dream. I very well understand that along the way a lot of people will hate you because of who you are , or simply because you do not think like them.

    In conclusion, a good management of your energies is fundamental, although it is unavoidable that along the way we will waste some of it.

    Thank you,


  14. Joël says:

    A dream is unconditional


  15. marie-christine says:

    When the heart is right,the devil is left.

  16. Rita says:

    Fascinated as ever with the comments, we are all part of
    a larger jigsaw. Jigsaw is put in the right manner slowly in our waking moments of life, dreams are guidance or the hints from divine/God/Power to us.

    Its saying yes to life and following your heart, like Paulo’s hero in The Alchemist.

  17. Mandy says:

    Hi Everyone!
    I always dreamt of becoming a teacher, but because of the various situations that I encounterd in life I taught that I had to abbondon that dream. However, after trying other jobs as i was not happy. i felt as if I was waisting my life. I couldn’t stand this anymore, so i decided to do something about it. So while all my friends are preparing to get married, I decided to start university and make my dream come true.
    I did not have to explain why i choose to stop working and go follow my dream to people because my family and my boyfriend support me.

    Maybey for a lot of people to have a secure job and resign to follow your dream is a crazy thing.
    And, even thought I’m short on money, I am SO HAPPY.

  18. Jojo says:

    For me explaining comes to justifying. Why should I have to justify a dream, to explain a dream? For me, I would do it because I am insecure, with fears, doubt, looking in fact for approbation, confirmation, etc … I talk about my dream and do not explain it. If someone asks me why, then I speak … but if I feel that it goes in the direction of having to put energy so that the other comprehends, that the others fears I block, etc, I stop, because I will loose all the energy that is necessary to create my dream. Talking about my dream is talking about what happens here and now, the signs that go in favor, the actions that will be taken and the questions to which I am vigilant to receive the answers. My dream is clear for me, and when I find myself speaking about it in order to find the energy to go further, well, that is a sign for me that something is happening. I have a dream that I wish to realize and that dream is X. It will make feel some unease, not sure, and me first. I do not want to loose my energy to explain why but to find out how. Cordially, Jojo.

  19. Rosienne F says:

    “If you have a dream, don’t waste your energies explaining why”

    I guess it really depends on who you are as a person – some simply act on their thoughts and do things without feeling the need to talk about their dreams … and they’re happy.

    But there are others who want to share their dream with others and in so doing dream bigger dreams for themselves and for others. We are essentially social beings and therefore we thrive in sharing our dreams with the people we love, the people we care for, the people who share our vision of life. We do this perhaps not necessarily to explain why we are pursuing a certain dream but because we want to touch others with that positive energy that comes from living one’s dream! Isn’t it why we visit such a blog and share our thoughts and dreams by leaving comments here?

    The important thing is that we don’t let people who do not share our vision of the world put us and our dreams down. We need to learn to take criticism with a pinch of salt when it is not constructive criticism.

    1. Daniela Kunz says:

      Well said Rosienne F! I can really identify with what you are writing. Thanks!

    2. Rosienne F says:

      Thank you Daniela for your feedback. Much appreciated. Good day!

  20. Shane says:

    There are a lot of people in this world who never had or did have and never pursued their dream. They can, when encountered and engaged with for one reason or another, be very energy sapping for a person who is actively pursuing their own dreams. When I find myself in this situation I try and employ the attitude ‘tread very carefully, for you are treading on my dreams’. Hope this helps. Nollaig Shona (‘Peaceful Christmas’ in Irish).


    1. Daniela Kunz says:

      That is very true Shane. Therefore it is very important to keep on “weeding” and “pruning” back on the branches you can’t use. By doing so it might really look drastic at first, but it will make you “fruitful”! Never give up on your dreams and BELIEVE in them! Don’t let anybody distract you and keep your eyes on your focus!


  21. Jane says:

    When my friends asked me “Why I want to be a doctor?” I tell them that partly it’s my dream and it’e my father’s dream for me. I just want to fulfill what my father wanted me to become and that’s my dream.

    1. Olta Ana says:

      I wanted to be an architect, because my mother would love that, because she is an architect too, and I have that talent. I love painting and make sketches, but when fate showed me another way, making me studying translation, than I really saw what I really wanted. I don’t want to be an architect but maybe a cloth designer, translating from time to time and some other things more. I love art, and I know that those are my real dreams cause they make my heart beat faster.
      How does your act when you think of becoming a doctor? When you think about the Joys and Difficulties it will bring to you?


    2. Alexandra says:

      Aha, I always loved to read, I read all day novels and lot of books while child. My father sent me to a highschool where Maths and Physics were in first place, it was hard, the thoughest high school in my city. For a while I studied there, and than I left school being sick. I lost an year, than went to work, being very poor. Must say I alwayshad good marks. Than I finished my studies with very good results, first high school and my dream, Faculty of Letters. Finally I think I was on my way. Now I know the tough high school was preparing me, because among normal students from other high schools I was far better, well for amusement, I remember how much they disturbed me asking me at tests and exams to let them copy my answers…

    3. Olta Ana says:

      Sometime Life does that. While preparing my self for the contest for the architecture school I had a very hard year. I had to study hard every day. No rest, not even on Sundays, but I could feel how really tired I was just after the summer and the contest was over. A lot of things were over for me that year, which brought me to other tiring days more, but life was training me and showing me some new things, through those disasters.


  22. gaurry says:

    Great story .Alexandra .the father is indeed boring ,he only wants to hear the words what has formed in his own brain,but not his daught’s .but our human almost are like the father ,only like to hear the words what has matched our idea ,meanwhile we lose the most important thing :an opened heart and up-spirits ,more and more our minds became stiffly and rotten .since we only adhere to our own ideas .we became ourselves to be stone and forget one diamond has many faces and the most important is in the ordinary.

    and that kind of people would never be able to understand our dream.not they can’t understand our dream but they ‘re afraid our persuing would reflect their weakry.let us always ask ourselves:are we still walking on the way to our dream?
    I saw many people they are alive but their spirit were dead .there are many times I ‘d ask myself :am I still in my dream and what is my dream?
    when I’m young ,it’s so easy to dream .but as i experienced more ,I actually found some of my dream which have already come true ,some of my dream which are adjusting to the true life.and some of my dream have changed their direction . it is because I ‘m a coward to lose them or these dream are indeed not my real dream?____hard to say!
    Dream ,which is really a big topic to all the people in this world . whoever must have many words on it .
    like Paulo’s alchemist ,more than half of the people would return back with two empty hands .of course if they took the experience which has been enough then they have had their dream come true .____that’s my idea.
    anyway:dream is easy ,life is hard and even destiny which is just blowing to you !
    but the most importand we should know :what is our dream.
    maybe some dream we didn’t get ,it is just because it is not our real dream.anyway,sugar is love ,honey is love ,salt is love too!
    people is conflex,life is conflex ,dream is conflex too.
    Maybe it is whether the dream can come true or not ,at least we are struggling to it .
    I saw Olta Ana’s words , supposed that some dream I can’t make it come true no matter how I tried ,if i can say it is because I am not that puzzle?

    1. Alexandra says:

      Thank you . I always try to remember that, being open, without prejudices. That idea I got from Chuck Norris book. But now always I do that, maybe the rush is overwhelming me too. But nice you came and remembered me a thing I must keep in mind.
      Much love

    2. Olta Ana says:

      Dear gaurry,
      If there are some of your dreams you want to make come true but you see that you are not making it, do something that I do. Find some moments in full silence and focus on your dreams.
      I said that our dreams are written in us with the fire of the passion of life, because our real dreams only when we think of them can make our hearts beat faster. And I think what is really important in our dreams is our path to them.
      Think about what you would feel about this path.
      Maybe this words will give the idea of what I mean :


      And some dreams need time to come true, don’t loose hope.
      Now I was thinking about some famous writers whose dream for ex: for fame has came true only after their death, and they are so important to most of us.

      Find out what color are you and go after it!


    3. Olta Ana says:

      Dear gaurry,
      I was thinking about the silly comparison I’ve given you above The achievement of a dream with death.
      Better be the achievement on winning the first place in a race.

      Love <3

  23. Emi says:

    The magic of it is that you cannot even explain it to yourself!!!! Your dream just IS!! There was this day when you fell in love with “this thing” / “your thing” and at the same time your soul’s eyes reached the sky..I am lucky i have two soulmates that have understood what i have felt without even explaining..

    1. Savita Vega says:

      Beautiful words, Emi! I think you said it so perfectly. I’m fine with sharing my dreams – that is, telling people what my dream is. However, if I have to answer “why” it is that the dream is important to me, if I am forced to answer this, I feel almost like I am lying, like I’m making things up, because I don’t know myself WHERE the dream came from or WHY it is so important. As you say, it just IS! And this is the magic of it.

  24. Why explaining my dream is a waste of energy? I think that when I share my dreams I may inspire others to dream and follow their dreams too!! Not everybody around us is there to crash us down.


    1. THELMA says:

      Dear Gabriela, Gabi, I think the secret of not telling to others our dreams, is that we must not ‘waste’ our energy and do not let other’s ‘frustrations’, ‘jealousy’ or ‘evil eye’ put unnecessary ‘hurdles’ in our Way.
      Thelma xxx

    2. Dear Thelma, no everybody will put their frustrations or burdens on us… there are people who really feel happy and encourage us not matter how crazy our dreams are.
      The more we share the most people that benefit from it or not, that is their choice, as it is also our choice to let others put down our dreams or not.

      Thanks for sharing.

    3. THELMA says:

      Dear Gavriela, I totally agree with you: ‘not everybody..

      What I am saying it talking on ‘metaphysical terms’ and words of wisdom that I have read. It is the power of the mind and negative energies that may influence our way and distract us from our path with.. doubts.
      Thelma xxx

    4. fred says:

      Perhaps the ‘waste your energies explaining why’ refers to justifying your dream. That, to me, is the waste.

      If you care to share your dream (indeed, part of your dream may be to inspire others with it), that would seem to me to be fine.

      However, if there are those who do not understand it or think ill of your dream for whatever reason, that is their choice, but not one on which you need waste any time or energy.

    5. So true dear Thelma, from that point of view I do agree with you.

      Greetings of the season.


    6. Savita Vega says:

      I’m not sure that I have that much power. I wish I did, but I know, in reality, from past experience, that I don’t. It really does affect me negatively when I share my dreams with someone, only to realize that they are envious, spiteful or otherwise maliciously hoping that I will fail. Because this does affect me, I have learned over time to take note of such people as soon as they appear in my life and never to share with them very much of what is really important to me. I save what is most sacred to my heart only for those whom I count as genuine friends – people who will criticize me when I need to be criticized, but who support me wholeheartedly, and genuinely want for me only what is best.

  25. Dear all,

    I was just thinking past few days that life is all about making choices.

    On one hand we have opportunity and on the other hand we have losses. If the losses are more than the opportunity than the human can feel sad, depressed and many more. If the opportunity is more than the losses than human will feel joy, pleased, overwhelmed and many more.


    What if the human has to decide between opportunity and losses?

    Why is then it becomes important that one has to listen to heart instead of mind and make decisions.

    The answer is very simple,

    Because Heart is never wrong. It takes us in the path of destiny.


    I am here now deciding between opportunity and losses, little confused, tired and frustrated.

    Should I choose to give up something for something more important?

    This literally means, who is right- Mr. Heart or Mr. Mind?

    Maybe, Mr. Mind is thinking short term but Mr. Heart always thinks long term. So, the answer is Mr. Heart is always right.

    I do not know much about the dreams so I ain’t got any answer to that. It is very obvious that “why” is rather very unimportant question if you are in the path of your dreams.

    Let me give you few additional lines to rejoice-

    -Life is all about making choices: important vs. very important.

    -Dreams are deep visions just like a depth of lover’s love in search for his/her love.

    -The question is never asked by Mr. Heart or Ms. Heart, the question is asked only by Mr. Mind or Ms. Mind

    -Who is right and who is wrong, let us not decide that in search of dreams, my lord
    Love is the sound of music in heart
    let us be solid like rock
    untouched and unmoved by any extreme difficulties
    as the dreamer we are, dream is we

    -As Christmas is coming, wish your dreams will be running along the stream of river, life is simply like flowing river and may your opportunities exceed losses in the life full of hope.

    God bless you all !

    1. Alex Sandra UK says:

      Dear Santosh

      Your comment reminds me of a quote by Paulo “Listen to your heart, it knows all things, because it came from the Soul of the World and it will one day return there.”

      I have always found that whenever I have followed my heart it is the right decision. It may not take me to where I thought it would, but along the path I learn the many lessons that were meant for me.


    2. Alex Sandra,

      Joo… you know Ms. Sandra, Paulo and I share most of the things same but our times are little different…

      I am trying to stand on the shoulder of giants…. or maybe not, I don’t know yet…

      God bless you !

    3. Daniel says:

      Thank you dear Santosh. I love your words as always. I’ll let my dreams wander and my mind rest.

      With love, Daniel

    4. Jojo says:

      Santosh, I loved to read you! True that the mind is a short term way of evaluating. Must master that mind and put it to the service of the heart. Wish you a great Christmas time. With affection, Jojo.

    5. Jojo,

      Thank you so much for inspiration, you know “we” really lack them a lot… :)

      Wish you too,

      a great prosperous & adventurous Christmas and New Year 2010.

      God bless you !

  26. Daniel says:

    Don’t ask me why.

    I dreamed a world
    It dreamed me
    I dreamed a lover
    She woke me tenderly
    I dreamed a son
    He cried in my bed
    I dreamed an ocean
    It washed my heart
    I dreamed a flower
    It brought bees to my garden
    I dreamed you
    You brought life to this poem.

    For the WOLs, with love, Daniel

    1. Alexandra says:

      Thank you, was lovely. you are inspired.

    2. Daniel says:

      Thanks Alexandra, I just open my heart, put my fingers on the keys and the words come sometimes. I don’t ask WHY! :)

    3. Daniel,

      Nice golden words…

      Keep it up !

      God bless you !

    4. THELMA says:

      Beautiful, Daniel, thank you.
      Dream of … traveling and you may ..
      Have a wonderful Christmas and holidays with your … ‘beautiful dream children’! May God bless you and … bring bees and a BLUE BUTTERFLY, to your garden.
      Thelma xxx

    5. Olta Ana says:

      Beautiful! Thank you Daniel! Love <3

  27. Dear All,

    “If you have a dream, don’t waste your energies explaining why”

    A good thing, because I cannot explain. Maybe seems strange, but is so.

    Love to All, Jane : ) xo

  28. Hope says:

    It took me long time to know what my dream was. During a period of time I was thinking of what was NOT my dream. After counting them just ONE thing remained.
    When I knew what my dream was, I began to really explain to people around me and for myself and in my prayers why I wanted this so badly. I was like Cordelia’s sisters in King Lear. Explained everything. Cordelia refused to profess blinding love for her father, instead offering only that which is true. When pushed by Lear to profess her love, she exclaims that “I cannot heave / My heart into my mouth: I love your majesty / According to my bond; nor more nor less” (Act I, Scene I, Line 93). And I began to talk like Cordelia.

    1. Alexandra says:

      We have a nice story in my country, more folk tale. Was about a father and 3 daughters, a king. So one day he wondered which of girls love him more, so the kingdom will be her . He invited the daughters, and asked them how they love him. The 2 bigger said one, she love him like honey, second like sugar. Antd the last, the favourite if king said she loves him like salt in food. King was angry and cast out of palace the smaller daughter. She dressed poor clothes and went away crying bitter tears. At another palace she worked as servant, was skilled and the queen loved and became friend of her.
      After a war, the prince, queen son was injured in war, and the servant princess cured him. The prince fall in love and wedding was planned. The outcast girl asked that a certain king to be invited,so done.
      Well, the king was looking to the familiar face of the bride. He eat the food, but was really struck by the fact every food was sweet, the meat, bread, everything.
      So he asked explanation.The cook came and said the bride was saying the invited king love sugar more than salt, so they must give him all sweet.
      The king understand his mistake, and with tears in his eyes embraced his lost girl.
      All well when ends well

    2. Hope says:

      I love you Alexandra! Thank you for sharing this story.

    3. Olta Ana says:

      I know this story Alexandra. My grand parents and my parents used to tell me this story very often. My father loves this story. Only that I know it just a bit longer and it has just some details a bit different.
      So happy to find a story that we both know the same :DDDD.


    4. Alexandra says:

      Thats incredible. Nice to know that. Well. sure is longer, I made it short not to bother much bloggers, but the important details are there. I am amazed how Universal are certain things, like the core of that story. We will share more I am pretty sure.

  29. Alexandra says:

    And explaining to whom? If you share your dream, excitment to people that have not your ideals, they wont understand why you are happy for thing have not value or meaning to them. That is a real time wasting thing. Should I give examples? Well, a person never loved to read, wont understand why one is happy the moment got a great book. so on and so forth…

  30. Thank you for this quote, it’s very powerful. I love it!

  31. vaibhav says:

    needed a kick to realise my dreams again..
    m not that good a follower of your blog but whenever i need some help i get here…

    thanks paulo n all others writing…

  32. elaine says:

    I always say you cannot listen with a mouth flapping. Shut it and listen with your ears and your heart or esp. Everyone of us has this ability…we just have to fine tune it to where it connects with the soul of the world. This is where dreams are achieved.

  33. Melyssab79 says:

    This quote reminds me of when I recognized that I needed to become a teacher. I played teacher to stuffed animals when I was four and I seem to have known then, even through my play, what I was meant to do. It has been a calling to me…so imagine my dismay and sadness when I was in high school and planning for college and told my father that I wanted to become a teacher, only to have my father laugh and tell me that “those who CAN do, those who CAN’T teach.” I’m not sure I ever completely forgave him for that nasty dig at what I knew in my heart I needed to do with my life.

    I chuckle to myself, though, because my father plans on retiring in a couple years and muses that perhaps he’ll look into being a substitute teacher. I laugh because he may have been a Lieutenant Colonel in the National Guard, but high school students do not good little soldiers make. I can’t wait for the day when he understands that it’s not as easy as it looks and the only people who survive the job, really, are the ones who love it.

    …if it’s what your heart needs and it’s who you are and are meant to be, learn it, be it, love it, embrace it, earn it, revel in it…and (I agree with Annie) JUST DO IT!

  34. Den Rod says:

    Good hint!

  35. Cristina says:

    not even to self……just follow you hart.

  36. Irina Black says:

    God knows the full reasoning,Humans – time-table of Lifespan approximately.

  37. katie says:

    Thank you, Paulo & Thelma.

    I need a “kick” to stay with my dream. I think it developed well. But still, it has not make the big step I want to have it done …
    and it is the end of a year. always a time when I do my inventory and get too critical :o) ….
    with myself & start even to explain to myself … justify.

    so, it is good to get these comments :o)
    Namaste to you all

    P.S. Paulo, I visited your e-card website. it gets also changed :o)
    it’s always a great site for me to get again positive & a “kick”. great collection.

  38. Catherine E.A. says:

    How true! But does not the process of socialisation seem to slow down this active ‘living the dream’.. making us categorise and answer to each stage in justification as we meet it!!

    I can not wait for the day when at a dinner party, it does not matter what age I am, nor what I am studying or which career i lead… because the party will be about kicking back and living. If those factors are my only criteria for being, then it sucks.


    1. Daniel says:

      I am. Not what I do.

  39. THELMA says:

    TO FOCUS our energy, passion and love in making our DREAM come true!
    We must not ‘scatter’ our energy on unnecessary words and explanations. None is going to understand.. JUST DO IT and we must remember that ‘when we really want something, the Universe ‘conspires’ to have it fulfilled’!
    Thelma xxx
    p.s. The Blog is very … slow; or maybe it is my … Internet connection because now my .. daughter is .. sharing it with me!;-] t.

    1. Catherine E.A. says:

      So true.. i agree!
      More and more people are having the same dream…

      for example, in my profession 20 years ago it was not as kool or popular to be working towards international development. I joined it because it is what my parents do… But these days, heck, even U2 Bono is doing it…
      and so the entire industry has become a lot more discussed in the media and mainstream. Perhaps this is a good thing… but suddenly – as a development worker, it can feel strange to have got certificates to train and do work that now… Bono, Madonna can come along and do!!!!! and boy these guys like to promenade about with glorifications of ‘their’ work to great lengths. It’s a little … dreadful.
      Sometimes I have wondered if there was a place for me in that field of work any longer…
      maybe it’s not my ‘place’ and longer.
      But, then it is good to have questioned and asked myself why i really want to follow this dream… is it mine, or my family’s?
      Yet LOVE is…
      and when you have a dream you love… you’ve just got to go with it!

      Anyway, Jessica – if i’m right… you’re doing reiki… which is wonderful [but you also are in a career which can be contraversial etc.. anyway… It is great that you are doing that which you love
      and i wish you all the best in 2010 for your work xx]

      Best wishes,
      C x

    2. Yes true, Jessica,
      Sometimes we don’t go it alone. Me and my sons share some of the same dreams. Mutual understanding and communication are VITAL, if our dreams are to be realised. We make sure that NOBODY from the outside interferes with our dreams, and as Thelma said: “..we must not scatter our energy..” for there is no time to waste!
      Many thanks,
      Love, Theresa

    3. Dear Jessica’
      Thank you for sharing some of your dreams with us; like that, we can follow you on your journey and pray for you. It’s nice to see that your dreams are focused on the service of others.
      Good luck with everything.
      Love, Theresa

  40. Olta Ana says:

    I believe that our dreams are written in our souls since the moment they are created, with the fire of passion of life. I imagine like each of our dreams has a color, and every color has it own place in the immense puzzle of the world’s dreams. When we try to escape from it, or simply give up, we do wrong, cause we just are contributing on leaving an empty place to that puzzle and make the world look ugly.
    Therefore it is needed to run after our dreams instead of losing time and energies on justifying them.


    1. katie says:

      yeah. feels the same for me.
      as if they are little beings living within me with their own dynamic.
      it is right, the world benefits from them. and at the same time, they open up a new realm of experiencing the world & me.
      interestting …
      Thanks Olta,

    2. Monita says:

      amazing metaphor :D made me think of the the so many broken hearts there are in the world today because of the times i was a coward and decided to give up on my dreams ! never again :) thank you!

    3. Alexandra says:

      Well said . Maybe you will love the book ” The colour of Magic” by Terry Pratchett. I loved this post of you, poetic and smart. Thanks

    4. Olta Ana says:

      I am starting to think that maybe I should better start speaking with metaphors, as I love to, than explaining my ideas on 2000 tiring words. ;P
      And, Alexandra, every time I see or hear the words: magic, mystery, etc. I become curious. Is just this way I met with Paulo. I was intrigued by the title of Alchemist…heheheh. I was hoping for some described practices of magic etc. but I found out something else much more intriguing. Paulo intrigued me in those moments…
      Something that was just like the philosophy of life, and universe that I had.

      Love and hugs

    5. Alexandra says:

      Now that you mentioned it, I thought how different is the Alchemist of Paulo from the vision I had about such person, an old parchment like colour with lots of chemicals in an almost dark cell room…I was happy seeing the vision of Paulo, much better than that in my mind, thank you Paulo.

    6. Thank you Olta,

      I agree that every person’s dream matters! Often I cannot see how the world would look without my dream, but that does not diminish it’s vitality or the desire to work towards seeking fulfillment.

      Your words remind me of Paulo’s quote in The Alchemist too!

      Love, Jane : )

    7. Daniel says:

      Dear Olta, I definitely think I’m something the universe dreamed up, and it is yet to offer an explanation. So it’s not only a good policy to avoid justifying yourself, but also not to ask pointless questions! ;)

    8. katie says:

      just great :o)

  41. kealan says:

    This is very true – even when trying to tell your parents what you want to be…

  42. clarisa says:

    Amo esa cancion..causalidad,hoy la escuche todo el dia…
    Que lindo..Feliz Navidad¡¡¡¡¡ mucha luz

  43. I love this song from ABBA. Thank you for writing the Lyrics because my network connection is too slow to watch the video at the moment.
    “I believe in Angels…Something good in everything I see…”
    Love, Theresa

  44. THELMA says:

    Sing your beautiful song, Swannie, but not the …. ‘Swan’s song!!;-]
    Thelma xxx

  45. THELMA says:

    The dying swan.
    Thelma xxx

  46. Doris says:

    no, this is a myth, the physical heart is in the middle normally.


  47. Hope says:

    Oh Annie! “and ‘devils’ (normality) are right..”
    Devils language normaly is explanations and logic. Not always but sometimes :) But shhhh (society) bannish us :)

  48. Catherine E.A. says:

    fantastic song <3

  49. Hope says:

    Cathrine Go(o)d night :)