A warrior of light knows what he wants

A warrior of the light never stumbles; but he knows how to distract his adversary.

However anxious he is, he plays with the resources of strategy in order to reach his objective. When he realizes his strength is running out, he makes the enemy believe he is in no rush. When he must attack on the right, he moves his troops to the left. If he intends to begin the fight immediately, he pretends he is sleepy and prepares himself for sleep.

The friends comment: “see how he has lost his enthusiasm “. He pays these comments no attention, for his friends know not the tactics of combat.

A warrior of light knows what he wants. There is no need to spend time explaining.

in “The Manual of the warrior of light”.


  1. Mason says:

    a true warrior of light should be able to forgive himself of all wrong doings and be brave enough to ask for forgiveness and except what he has done…

  2. Ilva Asote says:

    “Beating springs from heaven” – an old Romanian saying.

    From time to time my father ‘specialized’ in pulling and lifting objects… He was a strongman who used to beat my mother since I was a small child. But I forgave him the day when he made four relics for me – my four fine-violins. One for East, one for West, one for North and one – for South… Like four winds, full of sound of strength, but also — loneliness.


    Violinist Yehudi Menuhin [about his name]:

    “Obliged to find an apartment of their own, my parents searched the neighbourhood and chose one within walking distance of the park. Showing them out after they had viewed it, the landlady said: “And you’ll be glad to know I don’t take Jews.” Her mistake made clear to her, the antisemitic landlady was renounced, and another apartment found. But her blunder left its mark. Back on the street my mother made a vow. Her unborn baby would have a label proclaiming his race to the world. He would be called “THE JEW”.


    Ave Maria…

    Quest of the Sword: “A young girl sees another girl dressed in white. The girl in white asks her to dig a hole, eat the earth and drink the water. A spring is born there.”

    I dreamed a dream… asked my Angel to bring me to the place where I could drink the water and wash my face with it – to Lourdes. Instead of that, he brought me to the God’s Land – White City of Tel Aviv-Yafo. City ‘SHE’, not ‘IT’.

    Tel Aviv (Mound S p r i n g); Yafo (Beauty, Beautiful).

    And there I washed my face, and there I drank my water…

    With love,

    P.S. Know what you want. Always give without taking, never take without giving.

  3. Ilva Asote says:

    Fencing foil – that’s what I want.


    Following Auseklis, the brightest Star in the night sky, I asked my Angel to tell me more about the dreamer Santiago. He [Angel] opened a Book and showed me the Troubadour, then – the Bull. They both – the Troubadour and the Bull – were looking at each other… Yes, ‘love singers’ can be ‘very strong’.

  4. Olta Ana says:

    Great strategy! ;)


  5. THELMA says:

    A warrior of light knows what he wants. There is no need to spend time explaining!!!
    The point, I think, is to KNOW what we want! Because doubts and worries scatter the enthusiasm, power of mind and focused energy.
    Thelma xxx

    1. Cristina says:

      Yes dear Thelma, but the theory that “the path of the warrior is straight” is false.
      On the contrary, I believe it’s full of holes, and mountains to climb, and narrow streets to turn, on the left and the right.
      At the end, the reward is that the Warrior will look back, and see “many things”.
      They will be the things he knows, cause he walked through them, so they really will belong to him forever. They will “be” him, and he will “be”them.
      This is, I believe, the final reward of the Warrior.

    2. THELMA says:

      Dear Cristina, I did not …know such theory, that ‘the path of the warrior is straight’!! On the contrary I think, that our way goes in … circles and if we are lucky and learn our lessons then it maybe whirling upwards!
      The circle in the square and the triangle and the pyramid! The Ladder, the Scale and the Music of the Universe.
      A Warrior of Light, I think, never expects a reward; his desire is to see the Light and to become the Light itself, LOVE.
      Thelma xxx

  6. lovelovelove says:

    The toughest fight of any warrior of light is the fight for and of love. And its true there are no explanations necessary but the reason given to you by what your very own heart demands.

  7. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the quote from Dwight L. Moody. I have never heard of it until now. I like it very much!

  8. Hope says:

    She was purified from deceit.

    In a battle she got the (upper) hand against a certain champion. She quickly raised her sword and was hurrying (to kill).

    (But the champion ) spat in her face, (who was) the pride of
    every saint;

    The champion spat upon a face before which the (beautiful) face of the (full) moon bows low at the place of prostration.

    At (that) moment, she threw (aside her) sword (and) slowed
    (down) in (her) fight against the champion.

    That brave warrior became amazed by this action and by (her)
    showing (such) forgiveness and mercy without (it being the) place (for it).

    The champion said, “You raised (your) sharp sword against me: for what (reason) did you throw (it aside and) quit (fighting) me?

    “What did you see (that was) better than fighting me, so that you became unenthusiastic in hunting me?

    “What did you see so that (a) rage of yours like this settled down, (and) so that a lightning like that appeared and (then) jumped back?

    “What did you see so that a splendor appeared in my heart
    and soul from the reflection of that sight?

    “What did you see which was higher than the universe (and
    was) better than life, so that you gave me life?

    “In being brave, you are the Lion of the Lord. (And) in
    generosity, who knows who you are?

    “In generosity you are (like) the cloud of Moses in the desert,
    out of which came incomparable trays (full of food) and bread.”

    ” (O) you who are entirely intelligence and vision! Tell
    (me) a little bit about what you have seen!

    “The sword of your mildness has ripped (through) my soul, (and)
    the water of your knowledge has purified my earth.

    “Speak openly. I know that these are Gods secrets, because killing without (need of) a sword is Gods (way of) action.

    “The Creator (who is) without (need of) tools or limbs, (and) the Generous Giver of [all] these excellent gifts,

    “Causes the understanding to taste a hundred thousand ‘wines’
    (of) which the two eyes and ears are unaware.

    “Speak openly, O Falcon of the (Divine) Throne (and
    capturer of) good prey! What did you see this moment from the

    “(Since) your eyes have been taught understanding of the
    invisible (realms), (while) the eyes of those who are present
    [here] have been sewn up.”

    She said, “I strike (with) the sword for the sake of God
    (only). I am the servant of God; I am not commanded by the body.

    “I am the Lion of God, not the lion of craving, (and) my actions
    are evidence of my religion.

    “In battle, (the verse) ‘You did not throw when you threw’ (is
    the attitude) for me. I am like the sword, but the one who strikes is (like) the Sun.

    “I have removed the baggage of self from [blocking] the way,
    (and) I have considered (anything) other than God (to be) nothing.

    “I am a shadow (and) the Sun is my lord; I am the doorkeeper, not a curtain (barring the way) to God.

    “I am like a sword, covered with jewels of Union; in battle, I
    make (men) living, not killed.

    “Blood does not cover the lustre of my sword, (and) the wind
    never takes (away) my clouds.

    “I’m not straw. I am a mountain of restraint and patience and
    justice. The strong wind never steals (away) the mountain!

    “Whatever leaves (its) place because of some wind is
    (nothing but) twigs. Because there are many unfavorable winds.

    “The winds of anger, lust, and greed carry (off) the one who isn’t among those devoted to the (daily ritual) prayers.

    “I am a mountain and my existence is Gods foundation. And if I
    become like straw, the wind (moving) me is remembrance of God.

    “My affection doesn’t move (toward anything) except by Gods
    wind, (and) the captain of my cavalry is nothing except love for the One.

    “Anger (is a) king over kings, but (it is) my slave; I have also
    tied anger underneath the bridle.

    “The sword of my restraint has struck the neck of my anger,
    (and) God’s anger has come upon me like mercy.

    “I am drowned in light, even though my roof is destroyed. I
    became a garden, even though I am (called) the Mother of Dust.

    “Since a cause (other than God’s cause) came [into my mind]
    during the battle, I found (it) suitable to hide (my) sword,

    So that she loves for (the sake of) God’ may become my name,
    (and) so that she hates for (the sake of) God’ may become my desire.

    “So that she gives for (the sake of) God’ may become my
    generosity, (and) so that she withholds for (the sake of) God’ may become my existence.

    “My avarice (is) for (the sake of) God, (my) generosity (is)
    for (the sake of) God and (for) none else. I belong completely to God, (and) I don’t belong to anyone (else).

    “And that which I do for (the sake of) God is not imitation or show (of piety), nor is it (done from) imagination or opinion; it is nothing other than (direct) vision.

    “I am liberated from striving and careful choosing, (for) I have
    attached my sleeve to the robe of God.

    “If I keep flying, (it is because) I keep seeing the place (worthy) to fly to, and if I keep circling (it is because) I keep seeing the object (worthy) of revolving around.

    “And if I am carrying a burden, I know where (to take it) to: I
    am the moon and the Sun is the guide in front of me!”


    1. Hope says:

      I forgot to add I modified this poem when I found it on internet by the persian version I have at home and my feelings for this poem.

  9. I wish dear friends to be a worrior of light… But now… I only prove to my self how weak I am!!!! I am seeing it when I have to face some small chalenges… like the one I will tell you above… I have no strengts.. and faith that I will be able to change this situation ever!…I am even depress and I feel very scared that this situation will go out of control!!!!
    I will tell you whay I am so sad sad today….
    Dear friends,

    I would like to ask you a question, please….. Please GIME YOUR ADVISES … AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!

    I live in a share house … with other people… but, unfortunately two of them, -male- like to drink… and smoke… They smoke in the house, they talk loud even after 12 o’clock and they have friends coming around… Most of the weekend, Saturday night, around 3-4 they came home… noises and smoke disturb me and the other 3 of us… But 2 of us are going to live soon… so they do not say too much… as they will live anyway! But me and another girl we have to live here… Usually after they come home I cant sleep any longer – maybe after 6 in the morning when they go to sleep themselves

    I would like to know if this kind of behaviour you find it appropriate especially when you share a house… and you know that you are going to disturb other people…

    I want to say that me and another 3 from the house told them to don’t make noises anymore… or to don’t smoke in the house… but….

    It is difficult to stay in a house where you know that at 3 o’clock you will have a couple of drunk people coming home… I don’t like living in such a house… but we don’t have any rules in the house… and How can any rule stop people from coming drunk if they choose to… or smoking… if they did all their life… ?

    We had a new guy moving in… And this man, though he looked presentable and seemed to be quite a nice guy… He came in the first night with 2 male friends and one of them entered into our bath and took our toothpaste, shampoo, body cream… and didn’t give it to us only after 2 days when we asked him to… I found this at that time very strange behaviour… and to be honest I was thinking of calling police… Still I thought… we should give the guy another chance… Not long afte… guess what happen? He came late as well, this time he brought his male friend and another 2 girls in his room… In the middle of the night… someone wanted to enter in my room… really opened the door and I have to tell you that I jumped out of my bed and I scared that person to death! lol… it was one of the girls… lol She was told to come downstairs to use our bath… but she ended up into a wrong room… it wasn’t a bath, it was my room! Lol
    Ah… who knows what else will happen tonight… the two of the men who live here and their friends… left around 11 pm.. just now… and I am wondering what time they will be back.. and what they will up to tonight?… We have shows in the weekend for which we don’t have to pay! ’cause they are FREE!!!! If you would like to be part of them… please tell me and I may try to find some places for you too… After all… this is a BIG HOUSE!… and people who live here have BIG HEARTS!
    Well…. I guess… I will let you know soon… or maybe if I am lucky… tomorrow… how everything goes in this house…
    Good night everybody and have great SUNDAY! I HOPE you can sleep! :D or.. if not… HAVE A NICE PARTY!!!!

    I am waiting for yuor reply… you can send me messahes throught Myspace:

    Thank you so so so much.. I am really waiting for your thoughts and advises… as i have the feeling that I can not handle this on my OWN!!!!! HELP!!!!!

  10. Den Rod says:

    Warrior of Light
    Walking Faith Creature

    should be synonyms :)

    1. Cristina says:

      I agree, dear Den.
      Words fullof light.

  11. First we must believe in, and be SURE of what we want…then nothing can touch us!

  12. Monika says:

    That’s it! No need to explain!

  13. Thank you so much for these empowering words. All through life we hear the opposite, everyone demanding explanations and reasons for everything. Your thoughts are always refreshing, giving back to the person their right to be as they want to be, reclaiming our own power, fighting the good fight!
    Love and Kisses,

  14. Ida says:

    if we knew ourselves we will find it in our heart, spirit and LOVE…
    I live in Iran and far far away from the sword but i think if i begin the journey in myself i will find it…
    thanks a lot for remembering us that we are all the warrior of light… :)

    1. Den Rod says:

      Wise you are.
      Thank you.

    2. Nancy says:

      Ida, it is really good to read a post from someone from Iran because of the difficult times the country is having right now. I like your photos on your photoblog. I think your camera is your sword!

    3. Gaurry says:

      sure you will! And that sword would be more precious and it is real gift. As far as you brave and have courage , you will! Once you find it , it is yours for ever! Good luck!:)

  15. Karin from Zambia says:

    I love the last line – there is absolutely no need to explain when the warriors know clearly what they want. Thank you Paulo for reminding us to stop justifying ourselves!

    1. Den Rod says:

      We sometimes act so strange others just ignore us.
      And we think: That’s a good sign. ! Let’s work harder in the path. ! Just a matter of time the seed is growing strong. !

  16. Laren Eggleston says:


    This is how Lance Mackey won the Iditarod sled dog race in 2008. He pretended to sleep and then when his opponent was fast asleep, he got up, left and won!

  17. Rain says:

    We need more warriors of light

  18. Alexandra says:

    Very well, and how nice I read that while I prepare to face new people and to fight for my dreams. Thats great, thank you for reminding such useful things. Many times if I cant do a thing, trying, if I stop, do else, than retry, I succeed . Is interesting.

  19. Catherine E.A. says:

    I would agree with this very much. Especially how when tired, it is wisest to take stock… and especially to be cautious where others are concerned… for your intentions might always be misjudged/miscast. Even if you are mocked for being suspicious or secretive… do not betray your own soul’s inner sanctum… which is its knowledge to universal, eternal wisdom. Treat it with respect. Don’t be fooled by the argument that no one can be that self-confident without fault… at the end of the day, hold on to your self-confidence, not your paranoias!

    But most of all… no! do not explain yourself!
    take that as a tangent in the battle that one needs not expend one’s energies on.
    Otherwise, it is a long way around via the back road, limping… a longer path which one must take to get back to where you want to be…

  20. Heart says:

    She knows what she want, and that there is a time for battle and a time for retreat, and to stay on the quest towards finding her missing Atlantis.

    1. Thank you, Heart. Yes there is a time for everything; a time for battle and a time for retreat!
      Time for a nice weekend!
      Love, Theresa

    2. Heart says:

      Yes Theresa…I forgot…a time for electric kisses too!


    3. Good idea! You have a good imagination! Imagination is what a Warrior needs!

  21. Den Rod says:

    beautiful words, cute one. !