“Play it!” (Rick, Casablanca)

Chris, estou longe de ser o “bom moí§o” ou o “marido ideal”, mas é isso que faz de 30 anos de casamento uma festa: Feliz dia de Sí£o Valentim!

Chris, I am far from being the “good guy” or the “ideal husband”, but that’s why our 30 year old marriage is a constant party: Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!


  1. maraia regina borges says:

    Paulo, digitei errado, dá para corrigir? é MARIA REGINA BORGES. Digitei Maraia, sem querer Beijos.

  2. maraia regina borges says:

    Paulo,esperei 6 anos e finalmente consegui minha liberdade.Recomeí§o minha vida, e topei com vocíª no twitter.Te conheci nos livros.Agora,encontro o Paulo; gostei da sua prosa, vou segurar no seu braí§o, meu amigo, e seguir nesta estrada.Afinal,falamos a mesma lingua,quando ouí§o vocíª, vejo meu reflexo.Estou feliz, porque ní£o me sinto só. Obrigado.

  3. meire says:

    Paulo, boa tarde! Voltando ontem do carnaval em Petrópolis, encontrei outra leitora de seus livros, Vanessa, enquanto aguardava a bagagem no aeroporto de Sí£o Paulo. Ela estava lendo sua biografia feita por Fernando Morais, quando me aproximei para conversar. Fico feliz quando encontro pessoas que gostem tanto de ler os seus livros quanto eu!!! Um grande abraí§o.

  4. Mirarte encantada de ver el sublime amor que le demuestras a tu esposa me llena de felicidad, Bendiciones para ustedes.

  5. Ha sido todo un lujo verle cantar y con el amor que lo hace hacia su mujer… que bello regalo, para todos los sentidos.

    Que el amor sea eterno para ustedes.

    Un abrazo grande y mi admiración eterna, POETA.

    Posdata: Si lee esto, gracias por tantos momentos inolvidables que he sentido con sus letras.


  6. Caroline de Lourdes says:

    Happy anniversary!

  7. Monica says:

    Gracias por compartir tu amor Paulo y que Dios los siga llenando de amor por siempre (a ti y a tu esposa Christina)…..

    Mis mejores deseos


  8. vicky says:

    Beautiful, lovely colours, Paulo & Christina!

    I couldn’t decide where to put my comment, here under the
    title ‘play it’ or… :-) :o) ;-) couldn’t decide about that either :-)
    Allow me to quote a song, in other words to get lyrical…

    I could just sit around making music all day long
    As long as I’m making my music ain’t gonna do nobody no harm
    And who knows maybe I’ll come up with a song
    To make people want to stop all the fussing and fighting
    Long enough to sing along

    I believe in music
    I believe in love
    I believe in music
    I believe in love

    Music is love and love is music if you know what I mean
    People who believe in music are the happiest people I’ve ever seen
    So clap your hands and stomp your feet and shake those tambourines
    Lift your voices to the sky tell me what you see.

    I believe in music
    I believe in love
    I believe in music
    I believe in love

    Music is the universal language, and love is the key
    To peace hope and understanding, and living in harmony
    So take your brother by the hand and sing along with me
    Lift your voices to the sky, tell me what you see

    I believe in music
    I believe in love
    I believe in music
    I believe in love

    Writer: Mac Davis

    It is sung by Liza Minnelli, this version of the song
    I got to know through my treasure, a music man precious to me, he plays with such sensitivity!

    Lots of love,



  10. Fabrício says:

    Muito legal Paulo e se voce me permite dizer, que bom que o seu sonho era ser escritor e ní£o cantor!

  11. Liina.L says:

    In love, one loses and finds themselves many times. Loving people who treat us lovingly, is easy. The roots of the plant grow together in the body of the same tree, and after a some time has passed, the tree will blossom, and then it will carry fruit, sweet fruit. Yes, love is indeed beautiful.

    Thank You two, for being such loving persons.

    Sending sunshine,

  12. Enpie says:

    Que bonito¡¡¡, Felicidades por haberlo conseguido.

    Un saludo y un abrazo… a Vivir que son dos dí­as¡¡¡¡

  13. Joana D'Arc C. Azevdo says:

    Paulo & Christina,

    Fico imensamente feliz em ver um casal que gosto, tenho carinho e admiraí§í£o, viver um AMOR tí£o lindo.
    Vocíª e Christina merecem essa cumplicidade, essa harmonia e amor.( Achei linda sua declaraí§í£o de amor para Chris)
    Esse amor é recí­proco e raro.
    Feliz Dia de San Valentin para vocíªs… mesmo atrasado.

    Beijos com carinho e minha amizade.

    Joana D’Arc Azevedo.

  14. a.q.s. says:

    smile. tears. wow.

  15. Yoomi says:


    Dear Paulo!

    I think you are so lucky to have such a

    beautiful and graceful wife.

    She must be beautiful both outside and inside.

    I don’t know her, but I can feel it.

    Am I right?

  16. Monika says:

    In the scene “Here’s looking at you, kid” Humphrey Bogart stood on a little stool, beacause Ingrid Bergmann was much taller than he was. So he could lift Ingrid Bergmanns chin and look down into her eyes to say this sentence. The scene had to be shot several times because Bogart burst out laughing.
    A really great man! I love his movies.

  17. Alex Sandra UK says:

    beautiful ♥

  18. Ballesteros says:

    Gracias por compartir este momento tan bonito conmigo y con todos los que por aquí­ pasamos. Un abrazo muy fuerte para su esposa y usted. saludos de Juan.

  19. Marie-Christine says:

    Happy Valentine’s to both of you.
    Lovely song.

  20. aditya says:

    Hi ! paulo and C,

    great to see u two so much in love, love ?? has its own meaning for everyone, hope mine tooo becomes as expressive as u’rs.

    thnaks also for showing how important it is to express u’r love. somehow in this i have been a shy person, my actions may express the love i have for someone, basically it boils down to me being there for that person when s/he needs it most, but otehrwise i somehow feel that expressing love, is it a compensation for maybe actually not being that much in love, as i said everyone has their own ‘problems/definations’ with love, mine are as absured are …..

  21. AllaSobirova says:

    This is what I said to my husband ! I am not ideat but i love being with him and have this family! happy Valentine’s day!