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This is the first time I wrote a book in public (I mean, I wrote in private, but it was like many eyes were on me, because I was doing daily updates in Twitter about my emotional status while writing). I finished this Thursday, 11 March, at 2:00 AM.

In 2006 I was called to my 3rd sacred pilgrimage.

The first one, the Road to Santiago (1986) takes place in space , meaning that you have to cover a physical distance between two points. In my case, I walked from the border of France to O Cebreiro (Galicia), close to 600 kms. I wrote a book about it, “The pilgrimage”.

The second was in 1989, called Road to Rome, takes place in time. It is not a journey to Rome, but I needed to choose a place (in this case, the French Pyrenees) to stay for 70 days. I had to dream and follow the dream the next day, regardless how absurd it was (I remember dreaming with a bus stations, and I spent 3 hrs the next day in a bus station). It deals with the Feminine Energy, and I wrote “Brida” and “By the river Piedra I sat down and wept” while seeing my feminine side manifesting itself.

The 3rd sacred road Is called Road to Jerusalem. Again, you don’t need to go to Jerusalem, but you have to travel in space and time. The only task I was given was: stay away from home for the next 4 months.
I went to several countries, but the epiphany happened while crossing Asia in the Transiberian train ( 15 days, 7 different time zones, 9.2528 kms from Moscow to Vladivostok). I was travelling with a Turkish girl, Hilal (not her real name), for reasons that you are going to discover in the book. This point where time and space converge is called “The Aleph”(J.L.Borges has a wonderful short story about this point) . Therefore, this is the title of my new book: “The Aleph”.

Why did I take so long to write about this pilgrimage? Because it took me three full years to understand it.
It is not a travel guide. Of course I describe what does it mean such a long trip in a train, but the main goal is the long trip to my soul, past, present and future.

My friends in Facebook and Twitter are the first to know, besides a note today in Radar (Veja magazine)
The book will be released in Brasil very soon, and in the rest of the world in 2011. I wish it could be this year (a writer wants to see his/her soul unveiled the next day), but the publishing houses have a different schedule.



Essa foi a primeira vez que escrevi um livro em publico (quer dizer, escrevi comigo mesmo, mas todo mundo sabia que eu estava escrevendo, porque fazia updates diarios no Twitter sobre meu estado emocional). Terminei nesta quinta, dia 11 de marí§o, as 2:00 AM.

Em 2006 eu fui chamado para fazer minha terceira peregrinaí§í£o sagrada.

A primeira foi O Caminho de Santiago (1986), uma viagem no espaí§o fí­sico, cobrindo a distí¢ncia entre dois pontos. No meu caso, andei da fronteira da Franí§a até O Cebreiro (Galí­cia), e foi tema do meu primeiro livro, “O diario de um mago”.

A segunda foi em 1989, é chamado Caminho de Roma, e se passa no tempo. Ní£o era uma viagem para Roma: eu precisava escolher um lugar e ficar ali durante 70 dias. Escolhi os Pirineus. Tudo que precisava fazer era sonhar, e no dia seguinte transformar o sonho em algo real. Lembro-me de uma noite que sonhei com uma estaí§í£o de í´nibus, e fiquei 3 horas em uma. O caminho de Roma lida com a Energia Feminina; escrevi “Brida” e “Na margem do rio Piedra eu sentei e chorei” logo depois, enquanto essa energia despertava em mim.

A terceira peregrinaí§í£o sagrada é chamada de O Caminho de Jerusalem. De novo, nao é necessário ir a Jerusalem, mas precisava viajar no espaí§o e tempo. A única tarefa que me foi dada: fique fora de casa durante 4 meses.
Visitei vários paises, mas a revelaí§í£o aconteceu enquanto eu cruzava a Asia no trem Transiberiano (15 dias, 7 fusos horários diferentes, 9.258 kms entre Moscou e Vladivostok). Estava viajando com uma jovem turca, Hilal (nome falso) por razíµes que vocíªs irí£o descobrir no livro. O ponto onde o tempo e o espaí§o se encontram é chamado na tradií§ao mágica de “Aleph” (J.L. Borges tem uma maravilhosa historia sobre este ponto) . Portanto, o tí­tulo do meu novo livro é “O Aleph”.

Ní£o é um guia de viagem (assim como “O diario de um mago” tampouco foi). Claro que explico um pouco o que é a longa viagem de trem, mas apenas para localizar o leitor. O livro é minha viagem ao encontro da minha alma, no passado, no presente, e no futuro.
Por que demorei tanto tempo para escrever sobre esta peregrinaí§í£o? Porque demorei muito tempo, quase tres anos, para entende-la.

Meus amigos no Twitter e Facebook sí£o os primeiros a saber, além da nota dada hoje no Radar (Veja)
Será laní§ado no Brasil no final de julho.


  1. Allison says:

    Mr. Coelho,
    I just finished reading “Aleph,” and one sentence in particular really resonated with me. “Only two things can reveal life’s great secrets: suffering and love.” I am in the midst of suffering, having been involved in a serious accident 9 months ago. I have been recovering from two broken legs (one very seriously) and the loss (temporarily) of my independence. I had to learn to walk again, and every day has its struggles. I tend to believe the right books find us at the right time, and an employee where I have physical therapy lent me your book. It was exactly what I needed to read at this time… It has helped bring me a sense of peace in this difficult time, as your books always do when I come across them. So, thank you for sharing your journey.

  2. Mariana Nestianu says:

    Dear Mr. Coelho,
    You had spoiled me with your yearly Christmas Stories. This year I have not received it. Is it possible to receive a delayed copy? Those stories used to be part of my Christmas Joy that, with your permission, I used to share with my students.
    May God bless you and keep you many years from now on,

    Mariana Nestianu, US teacher

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      please go to the timeline, Dec 25 (The juggler of our Lady). thank you for your interest and happy 2012

  3. Rohan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I just finished reading Aleph. More I turn the pages, more I feel inspired. The book of yours has made me understand about the life more closely thereby, making me more enthusiastic than ever. Currently, I am reading The Flowing Rivers…. I would like to read more of your stories. Keep writing and
    sharing your wisdom….

  4. Leandro Domingues says:

    Fiquei até triste agora , eu sempre olho os comentários a direita da tela , quando vi que alguém comentou na página ” MEU NOVO LIVRO ” . na hora eu pensei , oba , livro novo , mas é o aleph .

    Mas ainda falta eu ler na margem do rio pietra e a bruxa de portobelo , vou me contentar com esses até o próximo laní§amento .

    E seu livro de fábulas é muito bom , vou guarda-lo para quando eu tiver filhos .

  5. Gulay says:

    Dear Paulo,
    I just finished your book :) while reading it i felt that someone else
    On this planet actually understands or would understand me. All the unexplainable experiences, flashbacks and emotions I have had during my 27 years on this planet – became harmonised. Eventhough i dont know what the puzzle exactly looks like – i know it is complete which brings peace to my soul. Thank you.

  6. Wim says:

    Hi Paulo,
    Many thanks and blessings for writing a book so profound in such simple language… Given the history involved it shows great courage and a deep understanding to publish it.

    I moved to Portugal and live in Fátima since 2010. Your book explained why. (And God knows of course)

    Um Abraí§o,

  7. Dear Sir,
    I have enjoyed the Alchemist, by the river Piedra and now still reading The Zahir which the book is really match with my current experience about my wife leave me with no reason, i got the Zahir from my grandfather when he lost his wife.

    All of your books was inspired me to be an author like you one day,

    And for your new book (the Aleph) i cant wait to read it after i finish the Zahir.

    Thanx Sir. GBU

  8. I will definitely buy this book. I was enamored with The Zahir due to i need something to refresh my mind from my sad experience on married. I wish I could be like you one day. I still work on it. as you have said; Truth wells from within when one is able to look into his heart.

    You are a gift and still one of my favorite author. I’ve enjoyed The Alchemist, By the river Piedra, and also the Zahir, All of your book was inspired me to write a view story.


  9. m. says:

    im trying to find the book “Brida” in turkish but i cant find it in Greece:-(

  10. Geachte heer Goelho,

    Uw boeken Brida en Aleph kwamen op mijn pad terwijl ik aan het reizen was; Toeval bestaat ‘echt’ niet! U geeft het leven door met uw werk en maakt voor velen het verborgen licht zichtbaar. Na het lezen van uw werk voelde ik mij erg gelukkig en gisteren heb ik dat geluk proberen door te geven aan een ernstige zieke patií«nt in mijn praktijk door haar te attenderen op uw werk, ze had nog nooit van u of uw werk gehoord. Hartelijk dank voor het delen van uw spirualiteit.

  11. Nadine Fayad says:

    Paulo … I just started Aleph and every page I read I discover that I have the same questions towards my believes … i hope when i reach the end i reach the answers I am looking for.

    I have learned in your previous books that the answers of all my questions are spread between the lines, words and the emotions you put in every book.

    Thank you

  12. petu says:

    i had just completed reading your book yesterday and it is hauntingly beautiful
    It has given me the courage to look back on things that i have been afraid to address for a long time
    thank you

  13. Tagalog Love Quotes says:

    just read this wonderful book… i really love your works Mr. Coehlho. Espacially your qoutes about love. Good day. :)

  14. Mikey says:

    How long do I have to wait for getting ALEPH in German?

    I can’t describe how much your books mean to me!!! Thank you to share your mind with us! You give energy to me!!!!

    Wish you all the best!!!!!!!!

  15. conny says:

    wow u know your eleven minutes is so fantastic that i even read like more than 5 times wow it relates so much to my life that i just could not put it down after i started reading it Paulo you rock man i wish to see live one of the good days

  16. Angela Narea says:

    Dear Paulo, Just finished reading this amazing book..OMG…OMG…it took me to places in my soul that I’ve never been before; to the point that I’m a little scare. I know I have to continue exploring my inner feelings and take out everything that is holding me back and become who I really am. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and God bless you today & always..

  17. amanda says:

    I found out the book was being written at all the day it was released in the usa. I found it existed,bought, read and mailed it to my friend within 24 hours. Incredible work Paulo. Your inspiration was meant to find some of us… I am blessed yet again by your connection to the All.

  18. Spielzeug says:

    Probably your greatest writing I have ever seen

  19. jade Pandora says:

    Dear Paolo

    I have read all your books and I’m waiting for your next one. Is nothing more to say to it .. Your books are my best friends. I like to spend time on my own learning and practicing what you are trying to teach us all.Many people I know they fear your writing, because they don’t want to know more. And Unfortunately they fear of me to, because they cannot follow the thread of my thoughts. Your thoughts.
    I’m a writer myself and i know how much time and energy it takes to create a master piece, regardless the type of writing. You have my fully admiration Paolo. God bless you.
    Kind regards

  20. Vikash Pandey says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am neither a big fan of yours nor a guy so interested in books. it was like time pass for me and it would be like the same but i was moved by your book, the first which i read,The Alchemist,so much that i started looking for my destiny and believe that i can achieve it as now i know my heart.

    Just wanted to say thank you for writing that book. Pray i reach my destiny.

    regards for your new book.

  21. Farhana Kousar says:

    Hello Sir,

    Good Morning!

    I am from India. Just started reading “Aleph”. This book helped me to idenfity myself. Really, you inspired me a lot. Hope, in search of my spiritual life i will meet you soon.

    Have a smily day boss!


  22. Jaishri Iyer says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I am a big big fan of yours and have read all the books except The Aleph and i would like to mention that the character Athena is so similar to me in so many many ways that i could not stop myself from mentioning it to you…hope someday i get to meet you in person.
    love & light

  23. Aušra says:

    I’m so thankfull for this book “Aleph”. I have something similar in my life. I can’t explain this not for others, not for myself. Finally Your story, Your experiences help me. I find understanding and I’m so happy that some people know about this feelings and this is “real”:) Sorry for my english. AuÅ¡ra, Lithuania



  25. Meraj says:

    Dear Paulo
    We Iranian looking forward to read your new book , is that possible if Arash translate it for the huge number of Iranian who are inside Iran or forced to live out , Many many like Arash .


    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      Arash is working on it. As soon as it is ready, I will post for free in my blog

    2. Fariba says:

      Thanks Paulo,

      Can’t wiat.


    3. Arezou says:

      i just finised it .great boook.I have to read it one more time tounderstand it due .

  26. Maestro, ¿cuándo se va a publicar el libro en castellano? Gracias.

    1. THELMA says:

      You are not on … holidays, after all, dearest Paulo Coelho!!! You have ‘broken’ your ‘pact’ for staying away from the Blog, until the end of the month!!! ;-)) I am happy to see you here though ..
      I am sure you have heard about the ‘disaster’ here in Cyprus! We are ‘shocked’ from the .. irresponsibility .. ! 13 people were killed and among them two twin brothers 19 years old, beautiful like Ancient Greek Gods..
      We are going away too for 7 days tonight, but I, for sure, will not communicate… I have not bought an i-phone yet! ;-))
      Thelma xxx

  27. One day this book will be made into a film.

  28. arsenius says:

    hi mr.just want to know in mauritius when it will be avaible in creole

  29. Noushad says:

    Dear Paulo,
    When I was young; there was a temple in my small village. People in the village celebrates Goddess day every year which lasts 10 days. Those days were really great joyful days for children like me and my friends . Horses, elephants, 10 days of stage drama, record music, evening market..! Outstanding memory. The same joy i’m feeling now when i’m waiting for your new book The Aleph

  30. Eugenia says:

    Dear Paulo,

    Do you know if you will be going on a book tour in the US this fall? I would like to hear a reading, buy a book and have it signed by you. Thank you very much!

  31. Ellen says:

    You are a gift and my favorite author…you write on a level that my soul understands….thank you for that!

  32. Roman L. says:

    hope its gonna be a great book,can’t wait to buy it in romanian or english.

  33. mery says:

    “O Aleph” va etre quand disponible au Maroc ? merci

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      Au mois d’Octobre

  34. Luce Rocha says:

    Mr. Coelho,
    I was wondering if you know and could possibly inform when is your new book ” O Aleph ” going to be available as an eBook in the US market. I have been unable to purchase the book as an eBook as of this writing.
    Thank you!

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      It is already available in Portuguese. In English, only in September

  35. eleonora says:

    che le case editrici non rallentino le uscite del nuovo libro,sarebbe un peccato dover aspettare tanto….

  36. Dan e kuriakose says:

    Dear sir,hoping that this book would soon be published in INDIA,you’ve really got a strong fan base here!

  37. elyanne says:

    I just have read this wonderful book.
    Thank you for it
    Greetings from Romania

  38. Mitch says:

    …i just wanna thank God for using u…reading ur books makes me travel within my soul…I love 11minutes and Like the Flowing River. The ALEPH will be the next one. Thank u so much…I read the Fifth Mountain same time when I was in time of waiting for Gods plan for me. thank u Sir.

  39. Ann says:

    thank you for letting us know. will definitely buy this new book. I was enamored with The Zahir. I wish I could write too in the future. work demand prevents me to do. as you’ve said, writing a good book requires much concentration and meditation. truth wells from within when one is able to look into his heart.

  40. zianya says:

    ola he leido varios de sus libros, acabo de terminar el mago y la verdad es un libro del que todo se comprende
    a decir verdad a mis 17 años algunas cosas en comun tengo en ese libroo donde es detalle y detalle .

    ♥ cada libro que publica y espero leer el proximo!
    mis mejores deceos en todoo
    qe diosito lo bendiga

  41. Volkan Kaya says:

    Dear Mr. Coelho,
    I’ve just finished to read your book ”Elif-Aleph”. It was so excited, fluent. We have a group who read a new book each month and we gather, discuss it. We read your new book and 17th april we’ll discuss. Hope oneday you visit to Turkey.
    Best Regards

  42. Suleyman says:

    Hi Mr. Coelho,
    I just heard about your new book “Elif-Aleph” that you pulished in Turkish. As I’m turkish who lives in Canada I’ll go to Turkey for buy your new novel. I can’t wait for english or french versoin. Thank you very much, peace.

  43. Elif Naz says:

    Hello Mr.Coelho
    I have just started to read Aleph. I read your a lot of books but when I saw the book; Elif I very suprised with happiness. I want to thank you for these book. Hope you will come to 30th International Ä°stanbul Fair for meet your followers.
    Sincerely yours

  44. Cengizhan says:

    Dear Mr Coelho,

    It is always nice to make such meaningful voyages with a great companion such as your book(s). However, Hilal character does not very much reflect neither modern nor conservative turkish woman profile. Besides, one of the heros (maybe so to say, the prime one) is a turkish lady; however, she is “weak” at reflecting the turkish lifestyle, culture, etc… As a turk, I had expected more, frankly speaking. It would have been really better; and the historical root of some Turkic tribes being in Ural; the part written about the meeting with Shaman could be well combined with a nice dialogue initiated by Hilal as well…
    Anyways, I am not a criticiser at all ;) And I really liked (even adored) your amazing book and strongly recommended my friends to buy and read it as soon as possible.
    I also look forward from dear publishers in Spain to translate and publish this amazing book to spanish so that I may send the spanish translation to the lady I adore in Spain…
    Thank you really so much for touching our souls with such a nice book.
    Best wishes and regards,

  45. Fatma says:

    Dear Mr. Coelho,

    I completed to read “Elif-Aleph” in Turkish today. How nice that we have it published in Turkish so quick. I am totally enchanted by every single word that has been written in it… Just in time I have it for my own “present”.

    Thank you for sharing it…

    Greetings from Istanbul.

  46. Kristina says:

    Thank you for sharing your journeys with us, Mr. Coelho. They are received with immense pleasure and gratitude.

  47. Jo says:


    When will this book be released in South Africa ?

    Is there any place online i can buy it now ?


  48. sharan says:

    its just all brilliant-a new book by paulo. looking forward to more of coelho wisdom.
    the fifth mountain and eleven minutes have changed me can i express my gratitude!
    blessed be this awesome man!

  49. Elif says:

    Mr. Coelho,

    How happy I am, after I hear your last book’s name: which is also my name…Elif in Turkish!
    I have read all of your books, the Alchemist and Brida are my favorites.
    I am following you on facebook/twitter, with your posts you make my days better…
    Now I am waiting for 15th of March impatiently to buy 1st copy of Elif in Turkish.
    I wonder that if you are planning to visit Istanbul for new book’s campaign? I know that you have so many followers in Turkey and it would be great to meet you and listen to you.

    Best regards,

  50. kamy alias says:

    Hello sir,

    I just followed your twitter for the past 2 days. I saw your books many times in the bookstore and somehow it never occurred to me to read but when I watched the trailer of Veronica decides to die…I feel very similar to the character. Somehow you inspired me to live a life.

    Looking forward for The Aleph soon and definitely I will buy.

    Have a good day sir.