Rosa de los Vientos ( Compass Rose )

Rosa de los Vientos and I (photo by Priya Sher)

The compass rose is an element of a map used to show direction,showing cardinal directions and frequently intermediate direction.

The “rose” term arises from the fairly ornate figures used with early compasses. A fleur-de-lis figure, evolved from the initial T in the north wind’s name Tramontane, is sometimes used to indicate the north direction. Similarly, on old maps the east was marked with an L for Levante, or with a Christian cross indicating the direction of Jerusalem from the point of view of western Europe’s countries.
A Rose of the Winds is an ancient version of a compass rose which personified compass directions as winds with individual names, such as the west wind Zephyrus and the east wind Eurus. A fountain in Taranto, Italy was inspired by and named after the Rose of the Winds.

Rose of the Winds also inspired several quotes about friendship

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

Ben Jonson: True friendship consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and value.

Cicero: It is virtue, virtue, which both creates and preserves friendship. On it depends harmony of interest, permanence, fidelity.

Ecclesiasticus: A faithful friend is a strong defense: and he that hath found such an one hath found a treasure

Elie Wiesel: Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing

George Washington: Friendship is a plant of slow growth and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation

Marcel Proust: Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Ralph Waldo Emerson:
It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.

Samuel Coleridge:Friendship is a sheltering tree.

Samuel Johnson:
There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity.

Aristotle: Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.

Czech Proverb: Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends.

Saint Jerome: The friendship that can cease has never been real.

Madame de Tencin
: Never refuse any advance of friendship, for if nine out of ten bring you nothing, one alone may repay you.

Publilius Siyrus Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them.

And finally, Khalil Gibran on Friendship:

Your friend is your needs answered.
He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving.
And he is your board and your fireside.
For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace.
When your friend speaks his mind you fear not the “nay” in your own mind, nor do you withhold the “ay.”
And when he is silent your heart ceases not to listen to his heart;
For without words, in friendship, all thoughts, all desires, all expectations are born and shared, with joy that is unacclaimed.
When you part from your friend, you grieve not;
For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain.
And let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit.
For love that seeks aught but the disclosure of its own mystery is not love but a net cast forth: and only the unprofitable is caught.
And let your best be for your friend.
If he must know the ebb of your tide, let him know its flood also.
For what is your friend that you should seek him with hours to kill?
Seek him always with hours to live.
For it is his to fill your need, but not your emptiness.
And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.
For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.


  1. jay says:

    Querido Paulo y tus amigos,
    Gracias para tus palabras y en compartirlas de los sabios. Es cierto que queremos vivir, pero como podemos sin Dios y sus benediciones. Como he mentido a yo mismo, en acceptar un amigo o un amor falso cuando perdi mi fe. Mis gracias son para Dios en que El me ensena, en como El nos da gente como Paulo. Yo se que tus palabras escritas son para mi alma y el alma del mundo.

    1. Precioso comentario Jay. Viva la Amistad y Viva San Jorge.

  2. marie-christine says:

    ” Amizade nao se perde,

    Para se ter um boa amizade
    e preciso, acimade tudo, haver afinidades

    Genelmente os bons amigos se parecem.
    Gostam das mesmas coisas

    Pensam da mesma forma e
    respeitava-se mutualmente

    O primeiro passo para uma amizade
    e aceitar sua forma de ser, agir e pensar

    O verdadeiro amigo nao e aquele que lhe
    aplaude o tempo inteiro,
    mas aquele que lhe aponta os defeitos
    para que voce possa sempre estar crescendo

    Uma amizade verdadeire permite que voce fale

    sem se preocupar com o medo de melandrar
    O verdadeiro Amigo jamais se sente ofendido
    com algo que voce disse sem pensar

    O amigo verdadeiro e desinteressado,
    desprovido de ciume, inveja e falsidade.

    Esta sempre as seu lado para beindar as alegrias
    e chorar as horas de sofrimento.

    O Amigo leal concorda ou discorda
    mas sempre respeita as suas dicisoes

    O Amigo verdadeiro e aquel que sempre
    escuto o que voce tem a dizer
    antes de dar sua opinao

    Un Amigo de verdade presente
    que voce esta no chao e lhe oferece

    Ana Amelia Donadio

    This is for me one of the best definition of friendship.

    1. Beautiful dear The Friendship is the most important thing in the world.
      Thank you for sharing Marie-Christine

  3. mari raphael says:

    querida Rosa,
    Achei lindo !
    Mari Raphael.

    1. Querida Mari Raphael mi amistad está abierta para ti.

  4. katie says:

    so many rose petals on this block for you…..

    what a good idea to give everyone also a sea shell.
    so much meaning :o)

    and priya: beautiful picture – a snapshot; but the colors repeat themselves, looks much more like a painting – planned.

    1. Katie thank you very much. The Shell with a mensage:
      “Came to Galicia (Santiago de Compostela) and Take your Star-T”.
      Yes each word of each friend is a petal. Petals came to me now and thank to Paulo that give me a Rose.
      Tank you dear stay with us in this house Paulo´s Home.
      Kisses to you.
      Thank you Priya too ofcourse.

  5. marisela Madeira says:

    WELL now thats we are writting aboub what a real friend is..i want to say THANK YOU PAULO for giving me the chance to became friend os such amazing people as..Rosa , Slex , Paul , Ilva , Emilio , so many people that i wish i could have the right words to tell u how much i feel blessed..i live in this island and my true friends i met trough you…people that are beside when i feel dowon that wipes my tears…thank u so much for all u do to me my dear friend even not realsing that.
    I want to again say Rosa i never met someone like you even my mother feels she already knows you because im always talking about you…ure a magicam angel with so much love to give…
    to all my friends around the world people that i truly admire my love to all of you i dont need to say the name u are alwys in my heart….God bless you all

    1. Marisela tú vives en esa Isla y nosotros también vivimos ahí por ti y tú también vives en todo el Mundo porque te comunicas, viajas y a través de otras personas que viven en un entorno diferente conoces su entorno, a que es fascinante?.
      Gracias por tu amor y espero verte por aquí la casa de Paulo para tomar algún café.
      Un beso

  6. marisela Madeira says:

    Dear Rosa i remembered like it was yesterday the day i come to visit you in ure house…u recevived me like i was on of ure daughters….thank you so much for the love u share with me , ure friendship , for all we shared those days , meeting ure friends being a part of ure life for those days…u are an amazing woman and i admire u so much…u have a pure heart…te hecho de menos amiga mucho

    1. Gracias Marisela es bueno compartir, darse a si mismo como dice Khalil Gibram.
      Un beso mi amor

  7. La presencia mística y mágica de la Estrella de Ocho Puntas(arriba a la derecha), que es Venus y simboliza la plenitud y la regeneración de la vida. También está relacionada con los egipcios, Los trigramas del I-Ching y la rueda pagana. Es como luz de guía a la humanidad, enseñándonos el camino a Jerusalén y representa a la Virgen María. En el esoterismo islámico, hace referencia a los 4 profetas principales, y a los 4 ángeles mayores que sujetan el Trono de Dios.
    El seudónimo (Rosa de Los Vientos)también está conectado a la estrella de ocho puntas y simboliza las ocho virtudes del mundo: honestidad, compasión, valor, justicia, sacrificio, honor, espiritualidad y humildad.

    1. Olta Ana says:

      Gracias mi querida Rosa! ;) <3

  8. kealan says:

    Such a nice photo of good friends; wishing you the best in the years to come and many more rose petals to cross our path.

    1. Thank you kealan and many more rose petals to cross in your life too.

  9. Paqui says:

    Querida Rosa,querido Pablo:

    No encuentro mejor forma de reconocimiento y gratitud que dedicaros las palabras de Pablo de Tarso.


    Himno al Amor

    “Aunque yo hablara todas las lenguas de los hombres y de los ángeles, si no tengo amor, soy como una campana que resuena o un platillo que retiñe.

    Aunque tuviera el don de la profecía y conociera todos los misterios y toda la ciencia, aunque tuviera toda la fe, una fe capaz de trasladar montañas, si no tengo amor, no soy nada.

    Aunque repartiera todos mis bienes para alimentar a los pobres y entregara mi cuerpo a las llamas, si no tengo amor, no me sirve para nada.
    El amor es paciente, es servicial; el amor no es envidioso, no hace alarde, no se envanece, no procede con bajeza, no busca su propio interés, no se irrita, no tienen en cuenta el mal recibido, no se alegra de la injusticia, sino que se regocija con la verdad.

    El amor todo lo disculpa, todo lo cree, todo lo espera, todo lo soporta.
    El amor no pasará jamás. Las profecías acabarán, el don de lenguas terminará, la ciencia desaparecerá; porque nuestra ciencia es imperfecta y nuestras profecías, limitadas.

    Cuando llegue lo que es perfecto, cesará lo que es imperfecto.

    Mientras yo era niño, hablaba como un niño, sentía como un niño, razonaba como un niño, pero cuando me hice hombre, dejé a un lado las cosas de niño. Ahora vemos como en un espejo, confusamente; después veremos cara a cara. Ahora conozco todo imperfectamente; después conoceré como Dios me conoce a mí.

    En una palabra, ahora existen tres cosas: la fe, la esperanza y el amor, pero la más grande todas es el amor”.

    Carta de San Pablo a los Corintios 13, 1-13

    1. Que bonito Paqui pero no se podía esperar menos de ti.
      Que sepa todo el mundo que tengo una alaja por compañera y amiga.
      Un beso


    Amigo mío…, yo no soy el que tú crees. Mi aspecto exterior no es sino un traje que llevo puesto, un traje cuidadosamente hecho, que me protege de tus preguntas, y a ti de mi negligencia.
    El “yo” que hay en mí, amigo mío, mora en la casa del silencio, y allí permanecerá para siempre, inadvertido, secreto.
    No quisiera que creyeras en lo que digo ni que confiaras en lo que hago, pues mis palabras no son otra cosa que tus propios pensamientos, hechos sonido, y mis acciones son tus propias esperanzas en acto.
    Cuando dices: “El viento sopla hacia el Este”, digo: “Sí, siempre sopla hacia el Este”; pues no quiero que sepas entonces que mi mente no mora en el viento, sino en el mar.
    No puedes comprender mis navegantes pensamientos, ni me interesa que los comprendas. Prefiero estar a solas en el mar.
    Cuando es de día para ti, amigo mío, es de noche para mí; sin embargo, aun entonces hablo de la luz del día que danza en las montañas, y de la sombra purpúrea que se abre paso por el valle; pues no puedes oír la canción mi oscuridad, ni puedes ver mis alas que se agitan contra las estrellas, y no me interesa que oigas ni que veas lo que pasa en mí; prefiero estar a solas con la noche.
    Cuando tú subes a tu Cielo, yo desciendo a mi Infierno. Y aún entonces me llamas, a través del golfo infranqueable que nos separa: “¡Compañero! ¡Camarada!” Y te contesto “¡Compañero! ¡Camarada!”, porque no quiero que veas mi Infierno. Las llamas te cegarían, y el humo te ahogaría. Y me gusta mi Infierno; lo amo al grado de no dejar que lo visites. Prefiero estar solo en mi Infierno.
    Tú amas la Verdad, la Belleza y lo Justo, y yo, por complacerte, digo que está bien, y finjo amar estas cosas. Pero en el fondo de mi corazón me río de tu amor por estas entidades. Sin embargo, no te dejo ver mi risa: prefiero reír a solas.
    Amigo mío, eres noble, discreto y sensato; es más: eres perfecto. Y yo a mi vez, hablo contigo con sensatez y discreción, pero… estoy loco. Sólo que enmascaro mi locura. Prefiero estar loco, a solas.
    Amigo mío, tú no eres mi amigo. Pero, ¿cómo hacer que lo comprendas?. Mi senda no es tu senda, y sin embargo, caminamos juntos, tomados de la mano.

    Khalil Gibran: “El Loco”

    1. Liina says:

      Only one comment… perfect does not excist. We all are weird and ‘locos’ in our own way, and that what makes life beautiful, interesting, tragic and fun… and so on.

      We are all locos, wether we admit it or not. :D

      Much love, Rosa.

    2. Yes Liina “El Loco” is the book and ofcourse we must to be Locos in the some time.
      Kisses to you

    3. marisela Madeira says:

      Querida Rosa y Paulo…amigos mios…Rosa eres una persona maravillosa llena de luz y alegria contigo aprendo todos los dias gracias por todo lo que me das mismo tan leja de mi…eres una amiga muy especial….
      Paulo a ti agradesco la fuerza que tengo por luchar por mis suenos , la sonrisa que me das cada vez que te miro….gracias amigo por estares en mi vida siempre te amare…un beso a los dos

    4. Gracias Marisela por tu amor a mi y tu amor a Paulo que me encanta como sabes querer y compartirlo amiga.
      Eres una fresca brisa de aire puro que nos llega desde Madeira.
      Un beso para ti y mi amor incondicional.

    Si pudiera tocar el pulso de tu corazón,
    corazón que reposa en los caminos agrestes,
    sería un poco más feliz, amigo del alma;
    sabrías entonces que no estás solo,
    que mi corazón en el tuyo golpea,
    cruzando tu cerrada morada, allá entre lienzos,
    libros, música y pensamientos dormidos en el aire

    Pasos vacilantes,
    como las hojas de otoño,
    como sangre,
    con esa mirada serena que me quema las entrañas;
    como ese fuego encendido en la antorcha.

    No hables si no quieres amigo,
    pero apoya en mi hombro tu cabeza,
    no te sientas solo. Quiero ser esa mano amiga
    a quien recurras en las negras soledades,
    que a veces te ciegan.
    Entre el viento y la tempestad
    y esas lágrimas prietas.

    NO quiero ser ausencia extendida, ni vacía,
    quiero estar llena de amistad para ti, amigo.
    Quiero compartir tus temores e inquietudes
    y esa sonrisa que se escapa de tus labios,
    pausadamente, inquieta.

    Quiero saborear las virtudes que en ti anidan,
    y esas manos que embellecen un lienzo,
    junto al mar, testigo de tus días.

    Carmen Calderón.

  12. Alex Sandra UK says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I just want to mention, every rose petal that Rosa is delivering to you from the basket was very carefully chosen by her. She wanted to make sure that each rose was the freshest, most beautiful and scented flower she could possibly find to ensure the deliverance of them was just perfect! Everything that Rosa does, she does it with such grace and consideration. She is a true blessing to this world and an inspiration to everyone she meets.

    I honestly believe this tribute could not go to a more genuine and amazing person. She takes everyone ‘under her wing’ and gives them love and attention as if they were part of her own family.

    She really is unbelievable!


  13. Thank you very much Paulo for Khalil Gibran because I don´t see before.
    I like very much and I hope the spirit of Khalil to be with you and all the wises spirits.
    God Bless you with many friends.

  14. when I see the cest I remember many womens in Melk going to buy with the cest, is a beautiful view.
    Kisses for all and kisses for Paulo.
    Thanks for all coments and thanks to Paulo because he give me a one moment of glorie.

    1. Theresa Goubran-Keshta says:

      I think you deserve a moment of glory! Thank you for inspiring the Post!

  15. Thank you very much Paul, you see you are a important person in here you sharing many things and the most beautiful thing is your sunshine.
    Beafutiful Paul many people love you and me too.

  16. Dear Rosa,
    You wrote something a few days ago, that it ‘is imposible to have to much love in your body and I know.’

    Today I feel stronger because of those words, because love is everywhere, it never dies, and god is everywhere too.

    How can I thank you enough? I love you, beautiful friend.

    Love, Jane : ) xo
    What a beautiful, beautiful garden!!!!

    1. The Garden of God make all people in here because one person is nothing but many people or a few people in unite is like a Garden. Remember the Paulo´s tale the roc in the garden.
      Dear Jane you are magnific, you are all love and is beautiful.
      Thank you dear for all, for your love too, for your feeting.

  17. Sarah from Lebanon says:

    My Dearest Rosa,
    And my Dearest Paul,

    I am very blessed to know people like you.
    I am caught in words, and can’t describe you in few words, all what i can say is that when i think of both of you i see your caring, your kind face, and your smile that reflects your inner beauty. God bless you both

    Thank You Paulo for giving us the opportunity to tell our friends how much they mean to us..


    1. Oh Sarah my love I miss you very much you know, I meet with you in Paris last year and was beautiful meetin dear and you read the prayer very good. I liked very much ear in arabic from you, beautiful.
      Kisses to you my love and don´t forget you

  18. Heart says:

    Oh dear Rosa, you are a compass indeed. Look at how your English has improved in no time. I loved to meet you, and have the shell you gave us as a little sign here to think of you. Please, tell your husband, Emil, it was very nice to meet him too!
    Much love,

    1. Beautiful Heart the shell yes is for you caming to Galicia and when you caming you meet with me and Emilio too, I say to him your words and he liked.
      Kisses to you dear and I wait for your informations in here because ever you sharing interesting things.

  19. Theresa Goubran-Keshta says:

    “A faithful friend is a strong defense: and he that hath found one hath found a treasure.”

    It is rare to find a treasure! When we find one, we must honour it, take care of it, hold it to our heart and never let it go!

    Blessings to all, and may we always be alert, for treasure can often be found in the most unexpected places!

    1. Thank you Theresa your words are very important words and remember me The Alquimist.
      Thank you for sharing, thank you for all.

  20. Irina Black says:

    HOW TO BE COOL..Between the two extremes:Paradise and Hell,Love and Hatred,superhuman feelings,lies Friendship.Superhuman Beings are just Beings which lost the Balance.

  21. Acacio says:

    Grande Paulo
    a maior virtude que admiro em ti é o valor que voce dá a seus amigos.
    Um gesto nobre e que todos deveriam sequir.
    Linda Rosa
    Acacio & Orietta

  22. Pandora says:

    Dear Rosa

    It was really wonderful to of met you, and I thank you Paulo so much for the opportunity.

    You are a beautiful light, and very deserving of this tribute. A very beautiful picture too…

    Lots of love

    1. Thank you Pandora was a placeur to meet you dear you are like a Fairy dear.
      Kisses to you and a lots of love to you

  23. Alireza says:


    I think the most important point in friendship is having the ability to test your friend. the true friend is the one who is truly tested …

  24. Olta Ana says:

    Te lo mereces de verdad! <3

    Querida Rosa te lo dije ya y te lo repito, tu te pareces una rosa de verdad. Cada ves que pienso en tu cara pienso a una rosa muy bonita.
    Gracias por ser como eres con tu alma tan bonita, llena de bondad y luz.

    PS: Ahora se un poco mas sobre tu nombre. ;)

    Con amor

    1. Que bonito poder hablar en castellano contigo, eres muy inteligente ayer se lo comentaba a una compañera que sabes un montón de idiomas y que estaba orgullosa de ti.
      Gracias por tu amor y por todo lo que me enseñaste y la alegría con que lo hiciste.
      Este es nuestro lugar de encuentro, la casa de Paulo, aquí solo nos falta poder servir café o té para tener una agradable tertulia.
      Gracias mi amor por tus palabras de cariño.

    2. Olta Ana says:

      Ahora soy yo la quien va llorar. Parece increible! Todo esto parece tan increible. Y sabes que? Es una buena idea, esa de tomar café o té en quando hablemos en el blog(la casa) de Paulo. :DDD
      Es tan estraño pensarlo pero aunque nunca me habia gustado el idea de mi como inseñante, a mi me gusta muchisimo enseñar a los otros…
      Quiero enseñar todo lo que se….:)))

      Me acuerdo de las primeras veces que hemos comunicado aqui y yo siempre era curiosa por conocerte, pero nunca me habia imaginado que tu serias tan especial! Eres tan buena Rosa!

      <3 <3 <3

    3. Ahora me tocó a mi llorar.
      Enseña mi amor todo lo que sabes y disfruta enseñando que lo haces muy bien.

  25. THELMA says:
    Thank you Paulo Coelho for the information and lesson given. I have always seen and thought our beautiful friend Rosa as the .. flower rose! Today this adds another meaning to her personality: she is our compass, our beautiful friend, the Heart, the Angel. She is, I feel, a child’s heart, so open and spontaneous. An open, beautiful, full of colours BOOK. God bless you always Rosa and Emilio and your two beautiful daughters. You make the World a more beautiful place to live in, because you exist.

    Thank you Paulo Coelho for giving us the opportunity to find and meet beautiful people and souls as ROSA.

    The Rose of the Winds: The Levante, the Zephyr, the Tramontane are Greek names, some from Ancient Mythology. Ο Ζέφυρος, η Τραμοντάνα; all known to the sailors. I have read in a book about ‘Athos monasteries mountain’ how the hermits ‘know’ about the winds and breezes and their influence on people’s thoughts and moods.. {I think I must go back to the book again} ;-] I seems that Rosa ‘feels’ the changes of her friends’ moods even without talking or understanding much English! The Angel’s silence!
    Thelma xxx

    1. Dear Thelma thank you very much for all, in Vienna we can speak many more perhaps we have a diferent point of view but God have many point of view you know and was beautiful walk for Vienna and stay with you in fromt of Kiss painting Gustab Klinb.
      Thank you Thelma you here are important because ever put a good imformation, you give me culture.
      Thank you very much dear and I hope some day I´m going to Cyprus because is a beautiful place.
      Kiss to you

    2. THELMA says:

      Dear Rosa, Thank you for your kind words.I am looking forward to seeing you here in Cyprus and drive you around with my car! You will not be tired as walking to .. Belvedere!;-]
      I think, you must already know by intuition, that we did not have a .. different view .. GOD knows.
      Thelma xxx

    3. thank you Thelma and Kisses to you.

  26. nagualero says:

    thanks for sharing dear Paulo.
    I had no idea what a rosa de los vientos meant :-)
    what a nice tribute to a friend! admirable!

    1. I´m Nagualero and is true thank to Paulo because is admirable the love to give us.

  27. Alexandra says:

    I am happy to have met the kind and beautiful Rosa, and must thank her for the present she gave us( the shell). She is an sincere and friendly person, is a pleasure to be near her.
    Wishing her only good things.
    By the way, I saw such a rosa dellos vientos in Italy, while visiting Tarvisio, near the sea shore, it was an old model, first time saw such in life.

    1. Alexandra says:

      In Trieste, sorry, I mistake the two cities…

    2. Oh good In Trieste (Italy) I hope some day I´m going there because I like very much this simbol. I have one in my town near Hercules´s Tower and I know that in Santo Domingo to have other rosa de los vientos and people came here from there.
      Arround the world to be simbols and first you must looking in your town and then look in other town. The simbols speak you.
      Kisses to you Alexandra, beautiful meeting.

  28. AllaSobirova says:

    thank you for giving every time new information that i did not know before!

  29. Adriana says:

    What a tribute!
    I’m open-mouthed , dear Rosa, what beautiful post only for you! I’m so touched because through your posts I’ve felt your inconditional love and friendship towards Paulo. You really deserve it, even though I know that incontional love doesn’t expect anything in return, it is so gorgeous and thoughtful of him. I’m truly happy for you. Congratulations!
    Lots of love

    1. Dear Adriana thank you to you, for your love too and for all your words, and thank you because you are happy for me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  30. Beautiful gesture dear Paulo, and thank you Rosa for always being full of love and light.


    1. Thanks to you Carolena and thank you to Paulo and all that give me friendly love.
      The love and the friendly in the most important in my life.
      Kisses to you

  31. Jojo says:

    Rosa … First of all, I heard that the presents offered were from you, and I wish to thank you for that delicate attention. I appreciated a lot what you offered me. We did not talk at the party, but as I do always I observe. And what I saw was refreshing, lovely and Love, and also a strong personality. For me, as you say Paolo is a teacher, you are also a teacher, a living teacher. In your moves, in your smiles, in your actions, in your words, in your attentions, you are a model of wonderful Being. For me, going to Melk was a huge adventure and am very proud of having done it. I tasted a magic moment, well many magic moments, which have nourished more my life and brings even more mysteries to uncover. And in some of them, you are in those.

    Love, Jojo … and if there is a next time in our lives, maybe the encounter will then be more intimate.

    1. Oh my God what a wonderful words, beautifuls words I don´t wait this.
      Yes in other moment we going to speak more and thank you for to observe dear because is most important thing.
      Dear in Melk I stay like with my old frinds in my life with confidence and I stay like in my home and this was posiple thanks to Paulo and all of you.
      Kisses many Kisses.

  32. Ca says:

    Rosa e uma pessoa que admiro muito, desde o primeiro instante que a vi, pela sua boa energia, seu carisma, sua luz…

    Lindo post! Linda foto! Linda Rosa! Linda amizade!
    Ao olhar pra foto, a alegria deste momento e contagiante e transmite alegria..

    Deus sempre continue abençoando…


    1. Ca quién eres? nos conocemos? estabas en la fiesta?. Me gustaría conocerte si eso piensas de mi no me gustaría desperdiciar esta amistad.
      Grazas que Deus te abençoe a ti sempre por ter esta amabilidade.

    2. Ca says:

      Rosa, desculpe-me querida… Eu não assinei meu nome completo.. Sou eu, Cassia.

      Obrigada a você pelo teu carinho e tua energia maravilhosa!!

      Deus abençoe vc, Paulo e a todos!

    3. Oh meu Deus Cassia adorote voçe sempre me deu seu amor sem coñecerme moito e eu sentín moito non estar con voçe e poder hablar mais no festa do ano 2009 en París.
      Estaba pensando agora que sería moi bo poderse desdoblar e estar en varios sitios á vez para non perder a oportunidade de compartilar.
      Un beijo, un bico, un beso y un Kiss me falta por saber en francés terás que decirmo ti Cassia.

    4. Ca says:

      Obrigada linda Rosa!!

      Quando vier a Paris terei grande prazer em te rencontrar!!

      Obrigada pelo teu carinho, pela tua boa energia!!

      Bisous pour toi la belle Rosa!!

  33. elaine says:

    One of the most amazing people I have ever met, is Rosa. Thank you so much sweet Paulo for this beautiful tribute to her. A world treasure, Rosa definitely is with her smiling, loving and glowing light.


    1. Thank you Elaine and you are a big soul and a sweet woman I remember when you ask me Rosa when going to singing I belive in Angels and you remember in this moment ear the song from Abba. Dear was manific that you have interesting.
      Kisses to you and person like you made this world better.

  34. priya says:

    Beautiful Rosa, beautiful quotes & beautiful picture taken by me!

    1. Yes dear and I thanks to you because I don´t take many pictures.
      And you ara a very pretty girl and your dress was beautiful like a princess.
      Kisees to you I´m very glad to meet you.

    2. priya says:

      Beautiful Rosa, thank you for your very kind words. You have a very kind heart and this is a very fitting tribute to your friendship.

      ‘Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.’ Anais Nin

      Lots of Love


    3. Paulo deserve all the love of the world.

      ‘Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.’ Anais Nin
      Beautiful words dear. You have a beautiful spirit in you. I like very much read your coment, dear please write more ok.
      Kisses to you

  35. Meeting Rosa at Melk gave total meaning, full emotions and become real that quotes.

    Nice picture.
    ¡Un abrazo afectuoso Paulo y Rosa!

    1. Ileana fue un placer conocerte, tu fuiste una prueba más en mi camino. Me escribistes en myspace y pensé que quizás no era verdad no quise hablar mucho aunque te contesté. El miedo a veces a ser engañados hace perder posibilidades de conocer a gente tan guapa como tu por dentro y por fuera.
      Me encantó el video que hiciste, las declaraciones, me encantas tu.
      Un beso, es estupendo tener este lugar de encuentro verdad?

    2. Ileana Rodriguez says:

      Rosa, gracias por tus palabras. Yo comprendo el temor es parte de la naturaleza del humano. Pero es algo que hay que superar y tu has superado muchos temores en tu vida.

      Creeme que fuiste muy amable conmigo en myspace y en verdad te lo agradezco.

      Eres una persona que irradia felicidad y ese magnetismo atrae hacia ti muchas bonanzas.

      Gracias a Paulo ahora nos conocemos.

    3. Si gracias a Paulo que nos brinda esta oportunidad y ya ves sin ser importantes nos hace importantes.
      Un beso Ileana

  36. Cristina says:

    Una autentica guia a seguir, una buena amiga.

    1. Gracias Cristina tu siempre tan atenta siguiendo mis blogs y siendo tan buena fan de Paulo Coelho.
      Un beso

  37. Dear Paulo: thank you very much for your post because you speak from orientatión and many things speak from friendship.
    Beautiful post and I´m here for you, I think that we need you and we need everybody and now that we meeting in your party is beeter to participate in here your blog because is the home that you open the door.
    My friend you can count on me and if is posible You can make our dreams can true because all the world tour arraund you because here you have many people come from all the worl LOVING YOU.
    In the Party I can see all love for you and now that many people write me say me beautifuls things of you.
    I learn many things with you because you are a silence teacher, I learn English, I learn make a blog remember in blogspoot, I learn a make travel in airplane and now the most dificult thing read in public I make.
    My love, the life is two times in move perhaps now is finish one time and begining other time.
    Thank you very much for put this photo, here I take a rose´s petals and I let the wind take a roses for you because wherever walk a wise man drops of rose´s petals keep falling in his path.

    My incondicional LOVE

    1. Liina says:

      You are beautiful! Thank You for being. :)
      And thank You, Paulo, for this gesture. Beautiful, aswell.


    2. And you? you are the most beautiful thing and I give thank to god because I meet person like you.
      Kisses to you Liina

  38. Alex Sandra UK says:

    So beautiful! Rosa sees the world and everyone in it through ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’ because she has such a beautiful, and pure heart and soul this is what she sees in everyone and everything around her. A true and loving friend and I feel blessed to have met her.

    Love you Rosa!


    1. Dear Alex thank you very much for your beautiful words full of love I think the same of you, you are a beautiful soul and I can see in the train that you are an amazing woman and I keep you in my mind and in my hearth.
      I think all in here can together make many beautiful things and tell to Paulo that his blog is many important to us because we must give him thank you for all he give us free. We must to colaborate with him.
      This is our home and this is our Bibliotec and here is our Master.
      Dear do you liked the tinted glasses?
      Kisses for you
      All can learn from all, yesterday I learn from Olta Ona she teach me the simbol make with key board <3
      :) :* O:)

    2. Alex Sandra UK says:

      Rosa, I LOVE the tinted glasses ♥ :D

      Kisses and love for you too.

  39. marie-christine says:

    Beautiful picture – I prefer the other one with the beijo though – the one where one can see the little child within and it makes me laugh :)
    I like the quotes
    “Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love, Love risks degenerating into obsession ,friendship is not anything but sharing.” E. Wiesel

    “It is one of the blessing of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them ” R. W. Emerson

    “A faithful friend is a strong defense and he that hath found such a one hath found a treasure.” Hallelujah! :)
    Thank you !
    Beijos to both.

    1. Beijos to you Marie-Christine you are a very good person and very funny.

  40. Patricia says:

    Lovely quotes,interesting information. Thanks for sharing

  41. What a beautiful homage it is! :) Rosa is such a great heart!

    Great quotes, nice picture and very interesting text!

    Thank you so much for sharing, dear Paulo!

    1. Thank you dear for you love and you know we have a few time in meeting but here we can know many more for each one.
      Kisses to you Patricia.

    2. Paqui says:

      Querida Rosa, querido Pablo:

      Os brindo las palabras mas hermosas que se han dicho jamas sobre el amor y la amistad.


      Himno al Amor

      “Aunque yo hablara todas las lenguas de los hombres y de los ángeles, si no tengo amor, soy como una campana que resuena o un platillo que retiñe.

      Aunque tuviera el don de la profecía y conociera todos los misterios y toda la ciencia, aunque tuviera toda la fe, una fe capaz de trasladar montañas, si no tengo amor, no soy nada.

      Aunque repartiera todos mis bienes para alimentar a los pobres y entregara mi cuerpo a las llamas, si no tengo amor, no me sirve para nada.
      El amor es paciente, es servicial; el amor no es envidioso, no hace alarde, no se envanece, no procede con bajeza, no busca su propio interés, no se irrita, no tienen en cuenta el mal recibido, no se alegra de la injusticia, sino que se regocija con la verdad.

      El amor todo lo disculpa, todo lo cree, todo lo espera, todo lo soporta.
      El amor no pasará jamás. Las profecías acabarán, el don de lenguas terminará, la ciencia desaparecerá; porque nuestra ciencia es imperfecta y nuestras profecías, limitadas.

      Cuando llegue lo que es perfecto, cesará lo que es imperfecto.

      Mientras yo era niño, hablaba como un niño, sentía como un niño, razonaba como un niño, pero cuando me hice hombre, dejé a un lado las cosas de niño. Ahora vemos como en un espejo, confusamente; después veremos cara a cara. Ahora conozco todo imperfectamente; después conoceré como Dios me conoce a mí.

      En una palabra, ahora existen tres cosas: la fe, la esperanza y el amor, pero la más grande todas es el amor”.

      Carta de San Pablo a los Corintios 13, 1-13

    3. Querida Paqui que hermosura. Tu siempre tienes estas joyas guardadas para decirlas en el momento preciso.
      Gracias querida amiga y compañera que sepan que todos los dias me siento al lado de esta mujer y compartimos muchas cosas y desde aqui quiero dejar claro que es una amiga importante en mi vida.
      Un beso Paqui y déjate ver por aquí de vez en cuando piérdele el miedo a esto.