My spiritual retreat (01 to 05 June)

31 May 2010

I am leaving for a spiritual retreat that may last 4 or 5 days (depending oh my behaviour…OMG!) During this period, I will only have access to internet for 20 min a day ( 2 x OMG!!!)
Estou indo para um retiro espiritual que pode durar 4 ou 5 dias (dependendo do meu comportamento..OMG) Durante este periodo, só posso acessar a internet 20 min por dia ( 2 x OMG!)

However, I am doing with some friends in Twitter the translations of my quotes in different languages. Please feel free to follow them, who will post twice a day the quotes they like
Abaixo temos o Paulo Coelho em portugues, onde Cris Carvalho irá colocar as frases que ela gosta, duas vezes ao dia.

Just click in the URL below:


















Thanks to all friends here,in Twitter and in Facebook, we can use internet to create important bridges that go beyond languages. May God always guide us in helping to make this world a better place.

Suphi, my webmaster, will be moderating the blog.


  1. Marcos Gaser says:

    I see there is no translation to Slovene yet. I would like to help. Who I need to contact?

    1. supi says:

      Contact @coelhoquotes

    2. Marcos Gaser says:


  2. Ca says:

    Welcome back Paulo!

    Voce faz muita falta… O mundo é mais lindo qdo vc esta!

    Eu amo vc.

    Meu amor, meu respeito e minha gratidí£o,


  3. Gaurry says:

    Interesting, I heard by some press, paulo attend the EXPO 2010 in China Shang Hai for Brazil nation stadium on June 3th, it should have been off, is it true or not?


    Venimos aquí­ con la obligación de ser felices, de crecer, de dar todo lo que podemos, y aún más, trascender. Ayudar, es más fácil de lo pensamos, nuestro prójimo, está más cerca de lo que creemos; sólo es cuestión de querer. Gracias Paulo por la oprtunidad de estar cerca y compartir todo lo bueno que somos. Un abrazo.

  5. Mari Raphael says:

    As frases estí£o muito bonitas, significantes e verdadeiras.
    Parabéns pela seleí§í£o.

  6. Annabel Salvador Camacho says:

    I hope you get a great experience in your retreat.

  7. Hope says:

    What do they do there Paulo? Work or job?

  8. NITA says:

    Paulo… OMG!!! I cant belive you spelled Oh my God like OMG!!! hahahha
    this, and so many other reasons I relate to you…. have fun at the retreat, I am actually enviouse because I have not been in one since 10 years… maybe i look into it!

  9. kealan says:

    Eminem – Sing For The Moment

  10. Greekgirl says:

    i have made a twitter with greek translations…if you need it its : :)I hope you dont mind… I just want to spread your words to my country…

  11. Nancy says:

    I would love to go on a spiritual retreat! Enjoy..,

  12. Tania says:

    Just finished your new book “Inspirations ” I love how -The Ugly Duckling quack quack !! meets Dracula via The Bhagavadgita …and I say Pallelujah ..ahah may your bush keep burning Tania

  13. SONNET says:

    I found the tweets in Arabic…

  14. SONNET says:

    I hope you have a Good time…
    During my study and exam time,my mother gives me 20 mintues to one hour for internet every day…
    We need the site in Arabic; you have many fans in Arab world.
    Best wishes

  15. Liina says:

    Paulo, every time You speak of going away (for a spiritual retreat, or going to the ‘mountains’) it is a reminder to do what’s needed, for me. And my heart always sings…


  16. Kati Kask says:


    I’m Kati from Estonia. Just wanted to thank you, that destiny had brought your books to me. I’m just finishing highschool and had my literature exam today. I hade to choose one author and read three of his books and talk about his biography. I chose u, bc your books are really lifechanging and I honour you very much.I have read all your books that have been translated into estonian and also the winner stands alone and like the flowing river in english.. anyway, I got an A for my exam.thank you!

    1. Liina says:

      Niiiiiiiiiiiii tore, Kati. Aitäh selle toreda postituse eest. Ja palju, palju íµnne Sulle nii positiivse tulemuse eest! Super! í•nnitlused ja kallistus!

      also from Estonia

  17. Nishant says:

    Dear Paolo, I have translated some of your quotes in Hindi. The post is

    and the quotes are

    01 – चमत्कार होते हैं… यदि तुम उनमें यकीन रखते हो.
    02 – सबको अपना आशीष दो. तुम भी कृपा के पात्र बनोगे.
    03 – अपनी मूढ़ताओं को मुस्कान से ढँक दो. चिंता न करो, तुम सिर्फ यही कर सकते हो.
    04 – यदि तुम शान्ति की खोज में हो तो प्रेम को मत ढूंढो.
    05 – ह्रदय उपयोग करने की वस्तु है, तिजोरी में रखने की नहीं.
    06 – सपनों को बाँध कर नहीं रखा जाता. सपने देखनेवालों पर किसी का जोर नहीं चलता.
    07 – यह ज़िंदगी एक ही बार मिलती है. इसे ठीक से जी लो तो वही काफी है.
    08 – दुःख से भय खाना दुःख झेलने से ज्यादा भयावह है.
    09 – अपने ज़ख्मों को यह इजाज़त नहीं दो कि वे तुम्हें किसी और शख्स में बदल दें.
    10 – अपने सपनों की व्याख्या मत करो. वे तुम्हारे सपने हैं.
    11 – सपने देखना चाहते तो हो सतत होश में रहो.

  18. vanesa says:

    all in all
    all in all, it was worth it.
    all in all, it was a journey.
    all in all, it was a destination.
    all in all, i loved, was loved, deeply.
    all in all, i hurt, was hurt, deeply.
    all in all, i forgave, was forgiven.
    all in all, i lived deeply, intensely “” as it is supposed to be.

    1. Yajna says:

      Lovely.. Absolutely lovely.

  19. sandeep singh says:

    journey is always learning for you. as before i hope this journey will also bring some beautiful writings. happy days ahead….!

  20. THELMA says:

    The City
    You said: “I’ll go to another country, go to another shore,
    find another city better than this one.
    Whatever I try to do is fated to turn out wrong
    and my heart -like something dead- lies buried.
    How long can I let my mind moulder in this place?
    Wherever I turn, wherever I look,
    I see the black ruins of my life, here,
    where I’ve spent so many years, wasted them, destroyed them totally.”

    You won’t find a new country, won’t find another shore.
    This city will always pursue you.
    You’ll walk the same streets, grow old
    in the same neighbourhoods, turn grey in these same houses.
    You’ll always end up in this city. Don’t hope for things elsewhere:
    there’s no ship for you, there’s no road.
    Now that you’ve wasted your life here, in this small corner,
    you’ve destroyed it everywhere in the world.

    Constantine P. Cavafy

    The city is … inside us, our World!! ;-]
    Two-three more days of … SILENCE! ΣΙΩΠΗ!
    Thelma xxx

  21. Jojo says:

    Wish you an amazing, profound, extraordinary journey in the world of silence and contemplation in relation to your own Source with the Source. May I ask (if answerable) the place elected to live that adventure by your soul … Will try my best each day to send you thoughts of love, energy of prayer and love …

    Love, Jojo

  22. Cristina says:

    No tengo palaberas para expresar lo que para mi un retiro significa, solo conozco grandes sentimientos al respecto y desceo que los encuentres,
    Un fuerte abrazo amigo.

  23. Luciana lausanne says:

    Boa noite! Hoje tive a imensa e gloriosa oportunidade de conhecer Paulo Coelho e sua linda esposa. Como me emocionei ao víª-lo. Muito obgda pelo autógrafo vou guarda lo com muito amor e seguir meu coraí§í£o. Bjs n coraí§í£o d vcs Luciana

  24. Carmen Larisa says:

    Good luck dear Warrior of Light! :o) Prayers and meditations sound so good.
    May this spiritual journey be inside your heart and mind, helping you to evolve faster and become the eternal Light of the Spirit! May you find inside yourself what you look for outside yourself!
    May God bless the whole world now and forever! Namaste
    Carmen Larisa

  25. Monica says:

    Awesome!!! I love retreats, time flies ….don’t forget to leave your watch behind and let your life be on God’s time…..
    Love and light your way dear Paulo


  26. Patricia says:

    Enjoy your time there.Wishing you all the best.Greetings from Argentina

  27. kealan says:

    Try to not use the internet!

  28. AllaSobirova says:

    Great!I am really happy for you and wish to come back to our world strong and refreshed!

  29. Alexandra says:

    Dear Paulo, here a poem, maybe is fit for the situation. Is talking about anamnesys.
    By Alexandra Mănescu
    My mind is in a battle
    With the dragons of the modernity
    Days of sadness are rushing
    Over the meadow
    That once was my world
    Now I am searching for that far away
    Is calling for me
    With tender words
    Messages are coming on the wings of the breeze
    The wind is translating forgotten words
    I remember these sounds dear to me
    The soul recognizes them
    I filter all through the prism of calm
    Without forcing the tune
    I get the elixir for the lost days
    When I stayed awake in guard
    Now I let the waves carry me
    Where ever they want…

    Much love

  30. Anulal says:

    All the best Paulo.

  31. Daniela Kunz says:

    I am on my own spiritual retreat too……and yet I had to peak into my PC and Facebook and there was your post…..that you too are going into a spiritual retreat….
    God bless you Paulo and all in your family.
    What can one say to parents who just lost their son? xoxox

  32. Adriana says:

    How interesting! dear Master,love you and wish you the best. I’m sure you’re contributing to make this world a better place, you’re creating bridges and showing people how to live a better life
    Have a beautiful week and may the force be with you!

  33. I hope the urdu one doesn’t lose the lyrical vibe of your writings.

  34. Ca says:

    Hey Paulo,

    Do teu retiro espiritual farei o meu tambem, pq, tirando as razíµes profissionais, vc é a principal razao pela qual me conecto, para ver tuas mensagens…

    Espero que vc tenha um otimo retiro, e que vc fique muito bem…

    Que Deus abení§oe…

    Meu amor, meu respeito e minha gratidí£o,


  35. ynez says:

    behave well then. so you’ll be back quick… hahaha.
    cant wait to hear your story about it..
    take care.

  36. elaine says:

    Have fun in the sun while gaining more insight about life…an aqua-fest!!!

    Love and the warmth of the Goddess be with you,