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1] All human beings are different. And should do everything possible to continue to be so.

2] Each human being has been granted two courses of action: that of deed and that of contemplation. Both lead to the same place.

3] Each human being has been granted two qualities: power and gift. Power drives a person to meet his/her destiny, his gift obliges that person to share with others which is good in him/her. A human being must know when to use power, and when to use compassion.

4] Each human being has been granted a virtue: the capacity to choose. For he/she who does not use this virtue, it becomes a curse – and others will always choose for him/her.

5] Each human being has the right to two blessings, which are: the blessing to do right, and the blessing to err. In the latter case, there is always a path of learning leading to the right way.

6] Each human being has his own sexual profile, and should exercise it without guilt – provided he does not oblige others to exercise it with him/her.

7] Each human being has his own Personal Legend to be fulfilled, and this is the reason he is in the world. The Personal Legend is manifest in his enthusiasm for what she/he does.
Single paragraph – the Personal Legend may be abandoned for a certain time, provided one does not forget it and returns as soon as possible.

8] Each man has a feminine side, and each woman has a masculine side. It is necessary to use discipline with intuition, and to use intuition objectively.

9] Each human being must know two languages: the language of society and the language of the omens. The first serves for communication with others. The second serves to interpret messages from God.

10] Each human being has the right to seek out joy, joy being understood as something which makes one content – not necessarily that which makes others content.

11] Each human being must keep alight within him the sacred flame of madness. And must behave like a normal person.

12] The only faults considered grave are the following: not respecting the rights of one’s neighbor, letting oneself be paralyzed by fear, feeling guilty, thinking one does not deserve the good and bad which occurs in life, and being a coward.
Paragraph 1 – we shall love our adversaries, but not make alliances with them. They are placed in our way to test our sword, and deserve the respect of our fight.
Paragraph 2 – we shall choose our adversaries, not the other way around.

12A] We hereby declare the end to the wall dividing the sacred from the profane: from now on, all is sacred.

14] Everything which is done in the present, affects the future by consequence, and the past by redemption.

15] The impossible is possible

Paulo Coelho


  1. AJ Freibott says:

    Thank you for the blessings! I will do my best to live up to your principles, as well as my own. With Love, Arec, Yosemite

  2. Saad Baakali says:

    Wonderful statements, and powerful principles . I’m from Islamic background and I can ensure a back up for these most of these principles right from the holly book of islam the Quran. The only thing that I see missing or just becouse of my limited understanding is the statements of bringing these principles together and applying them in a society or in a manner of the world as one unity.
    Thank you

  3. Nisha says:

    I loved ur ideas. I totally agree to u as well following ur path. I have my own little world where I keep my self engage in the kind of activities like meditation, yoga, gym, singing and sort of. I just feel sometimes that being in the society sometimes things might not be that same as it looks like.. At the same time everything we do should give us happiness

  4. Vanda says:

    Yes ,what is happening in the world now is not part of our dreams but something forced on us in order to attain our dreams.Finally we say no more and we are willing to fight a righteous fight to stop it from being taken away from us.Archangel Michael please bless those who in the battle for a life on a giving planet ,with many wonders and many life forms.This is ours,and we need to be able to take care of it with as much love as its given us.

  5. marga ballester says:

    I enjoy yr ideas! My inspiration for the difficult times we are facing currently!!!

  6. Well says:

    One for today: Whatever it is, that I sense in my body, I practice to be with it kindly and mindfully.

  7. Linda Laletin says:

    Re: Definition of principles = do no harm and be true yourself.
    Dear Paul,
    As you know there is a price for the above.

  8. Michael says:

    I am here in the now
    I am Free I am not afraid
    I am Love
    I love truth
    Nothing can oppose GOD’s will so join in the victory dance
    I am grateful
    I am ready
    I am an artist I will evolve

    1. Lina says:

      Love your poem, Michael. good for you. L.

  9. cats says:

    P.S. I <3 that you DO make all sense out of the chaos [of these times] . Amie

    1. Ghaida says:

      Indeed!! <3
      Allah be praised.

  10. cats says:

    I wish to ask you one important question..
    we have our dreams, our personal legend, our rights, our legcacy.. etc..
    so, why, for a very simple girl like ‘moi’ does the world seem to wish to stop me, myself and I, from fulfilling MY destiny?
    that being my destiny as I, a self-determined agent/individual/citizen.. chooses to be at any moment, on any day, and.. yes, at any time.

    WHY ? Coehlo?

    1. Lorena says:

      Dear Cats,
      The world is not stopping you from fulfilling your destiny and your personal legend…You are allowing obstacles to block you.
      You are not seeing beyond your what is limiting you, perhaps these inconveniences that you are allowing to limit you are just subconscious fear and weak enthusiasm for your personal dream.

    2. Abdulghani says:

      The world might seems to be stopping you from fulfilling your dreams (maybe) but not your destiny. Your destiny is unknown to you or to anybody else. It is basically what we are facing everyday without knowing ahead that we will do so. It might be something against our wells and dreams, but believe me it might be (sometimes) just the best for us. We just have to look to the bright side in our lives, and if you couldn’t fulfill one dream go after another one and another and another.

  11. eleonora says:

    Ho letto su un suo libro come bisogna fare per acquisire consapevolezza.La consapevolezza, rende ognuno di noi libero dall’inutilita’ di alcune azioni,pone attenzione sulle cose belle che possiamo ottenere per noi e per gli altri.Se osserviamo per un attimo quanto viene fatto in nostro nome,quanto per il nostro bene ,dovremmo ricercare la coerenza tra parole ed azione di chi le pronuncia.(cioe’ quasi mai).Quando viene pronunciato :è per il tuo/vostro bene,dovremmo osservare attentamente chi lo pronuncia.L’idea che qualcuno stia facendo del bene per noi, ci rende molto spesso fragili e poco attenti. Lei come scrittore ,pone sempre ad ogni suo lettore la domanda.chiediti il perche’,parliamone in termini educati e rispettosi .confrontiamoci,confrontati,sii te stesso.Ognuno dovrebbe rispettare l’altro,.Il rispetto,la coerenza(non sempre applicata,ma continuamente ricercata,la consapevolezza,sono principi alla base di ogni convivenza.

  12. Adnan Ahmad says:

    Now you are going to win the noble prize for literature and peace! , Mark my words!!

    1. Nithin Lekshman says:

      I hope everyone get this enlightment !!
      & I wish our world would become a paradise !!!

      May our beloved writer get the power to continue transforming many fragile minds out there in the world!!


  13. Žana says:

    Every human beings have the right to dream craziest dreams.

  14. bassem samir says:

    What do u mean by each one has his own sexual profile??

    1. cats says:

      determinism, i would hazard a guess Samir..
      patriarchy is a tough law enforcer…. and has a long history……
      we are all unique, not the same.. just because of gender, sex, sexuality.. it’s not a game.. it IS LIFE ;o) Some, just choose to make it a game.

  15. Karen says:

    some of my personal principals:
    follow you heart

    the road you take will lead to the type of journey and destination, chose the road that speaks to your heart and don’t stop choosing each and every step of the way

    do whatever makes you come alive

    be Self-Full instead of selfless or selfish, Self-Full has power AND connects to others

    speak your truth, even if you think it goes against what you have been taught… it may be the same thing said in a different way

    Everything is always perfect on the deepest level, but on the surface level nothing is ever perfected.

    just dance.

  16. THELMA says:

    Thank you, dearest Paulo Coelho, for your Wisdom in …a ..summary!!! :- ))

    15] The impossible is possible

    Thelma xxx

  17. Loma Loots says:

    As always you managed to put emotions and convictions in simple human language. Unlocking in the reader that which he/she always had inside of them, but never could lay their hands on to unpack, assemble and display or put to use to any benefit. Before you open it, it is just a inrecognizable heavy lump.

    1. Til says:

      good explanation,

      thanks paulo!

  18. Sandra says:

    Every person should live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment of it, even the bad ones… There’s always something good coming from it.
    Live your life and don’t try to change others. They’re just living their lives…
    Love your friends, realise how much they mean to you and let them know! Life’s beautiful, respect it! :)

  19. Bhaskar Roy says:

    Going through very bad times from all fronts!

  20. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Quel grand espoir contient chacun de vos mots, espoir de tolérance, espoir de respect de la nature humaine et des différences entre les íªtre ! Espoir que chaque “human being” trouve la force de “be human” et écoute la force de compassion qui est en lui. Espoir que l’on mette en pratique l’avant-dernière phrase: “Everything which is done in the present, affects the future by consequence, and the past by redemption. Mais le plus grand espoir est résumé dans la dernière phrase: “The impossible is possible”. M Ch G

  21. Leandro says:

    ” Tudo que é feito no presente afeta o futuro por conseqüíªncia, e o passado por redení§í£o. ”

    O texto inteiro é prefeito , mas essa parte foi a que eu mais gostei .
    : )
    Abraí§os !!!

  22. Varah Katims says:

    thanks for always reminding us the correct path…

  23. Benny says:


    this is a place i can truly hear a different opinion. Love.

  24. eleonora says:

    nel rispetto della tua proprietà intellettuale chiedo cortesemente il permesso di postare sul mio blog la dichiarazione dei 15 principi citati in questo bellissimo articole:naturalmente dopo aver citato la tua fonte.
    Attendo il consenso:Grazie anticipatamente comunque.

  25. Psiche58 says:

    Dichiarazione dei Principi di Paulo Coelho

  26. james says:

    Im a huge fan of Paulo Coelho. He inspired me much, through his literary works and on his page. Keep inspiring, God bless always and more power to you…

  27. vivek says:

    this soo good as usual frm u paulo. its inspiring and self realising a true way of being

  28. Arianna says:

    It remind me of the “Proverbs Of Hell” from ” The Marriage of Heven and Hell” of William Blake.
    Master script. ( both, this one and Blake’s one)
    Thank you Paulo Coelho for being.

  29. Wessel says:

    Thank you

  30. Anu Kartic says:

    My God!!! These are simple n superb :)

  31. princesa says:

    Greatt! I have not words to thanks as Paulo Coelho exist! God bless him, and all of you…. We… all of us… should think soo deep about all, all, what he are saying…. not JUST read… And to treasure him, how long does it with us.

  32. Agda Martha says:

    Sou uma eterna aprendiz!!!! A filosofia budista me ensina muitas coisas e vc sempre contribui com o que ficou em branco ou nas entrelinhas (escondidinho…).Valeu!!!

  33. justine says:

    so much is happening at the moment and i needed a reminder to get back on my personal legend. thank you for remind me this. you are such an inspiration

    1. issel says:

      The more I read it, the more I agree with it. Thanks for sharing !!!

  34. st. clair naylon says:

    Thank you Paulo …. fundamental reachings – respect to all and for all – basic understanding of our fellow women/men.
    Not asking for the moon, are we?

    1. Maryneth Festin says:

      Thansk Paulo for reminding me! God bless!

  35. Greco-Danerol Laure says:

    Merci Mr Cuelho ! Si chaque íªtre humain écoute, ressent sa vraie nature, ce qu’il est vraiment, si dés son réveil, il ouvre grand les yeux et voit chaque belle chose qui l’entoure, chaque belle personne, chaque belle phrase, et ce jusqu’í  ce qu’il ferment les yeux pour dormir et rentrer dans les ríªves, alors l’íªtre humain est heureux, et cela sur la planète entière….Love and Respect!

    1. Chichi50 says:

      Paulo Cuelho,
      Thank you for these principles, especially number 9, for these two languages hold the key to harmonious cohabitation in this realm, at this time.

  36. Kishore says:

    Wish this was part of holy scripts of all the religions..

  37. Ibtisam Moukarzel says:

    Very inspiry Prof, and what stuck in my mind and my heart is the “impossible possible” your own trade-mark powerful words!!! You said: What is a teacher? he isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the students to give them the best in order to discover what they already have. And you are the best ever!!!
    God bless you! Luv you

    1. ana lopez says:

      muy buena reflexión!

  38. sajid says:

    These are some of the principles if understood and followed can make life meaningful and the stay here in this world adventurous.Paulo is in the category of intellectuals who represents wisdom of the universe and does not necessarily belong to any specific grougs of ou

    1. sajid says:

      specific groups of ours, he is blessed simply to bless the world.

  39. Raphael Apu Hampi says:

    Hay algunas cosas que no entiendo y no está mal. Paciencia. Pero otras muchas cosas que si las entiendo y estas me ayudarán a conseguir lo que realmente estaba buscando. Creo que voy por buen camino.

  40. Oliva says:

    Thanks for sharing your superb principles, Mr. Paulo. It was a magic key to free all the negativity in our life. Say no to negativity, say yes to positivity.

    Take care and God Bless you…

  41. karina says:

    Hola , tambien creeo que la culpa es un sentimiento danino e inutil , aun asi , en ocasiones es imposible no sentir su peso sobre ti , cada dia es un reto , y lo acepto y trato de dar lo mejor de mi para los demas y para mi misma

  42. Vivian Macgillycuddy says:


  43. NandoPeregrino says:

    Indeed, but aren~t we more alike than unalike? But yes, everything is possible except in the manifestation of a declaration of love. So yes, the impossible is possible. Aren~t we all manifestations of love?

    1. Vivian Macgillycuddy says:

      I totally agree. The impossible is possible and we are all indeed manifestations of love when we just arrive this world, afterwards we decide if we are love mostly or not.

    2. dementedlover says:

      of course we are, depending on our actions…

  44. Lafi says:

    The essence of mental health: Ideally, healthy humans have:
    *An ability to love and be loved. Without this cardinal asset, human beings, more than other mammals, fail to thrive.
    *The power to embrace change and uncertainty without fear – and to face fear rationally and in a spirit of practical optimism.
    *A gift for risk-taking free from endless worst-case-scenario-gazing.
    *Stores of spontaneous joie de vivre, and a wide range of emotional responses (including negative emotions, such as anger; these may be important for motivation, as well as being a natural antidote for pain).
    *efficient contact with reality: not too little; not too much. (As T S Eliot said, humankind cannot bear too much reality).
    *A rich fantasy world enabling hope and creativity to flourish.
    *A degree of self-knowledge to encourage the humane exercising of the skill of repairing the self and others following harm.
    *The strength to say ‘I am wrong’ and to learn from experience.
    *An adequate feeling of security and status within society.
    *The ability to satisfy the requirements of the group, combined with a freedom to choose whether to exercise this ability.
    *Freedom of self-expression in whatever way he or she wants.
    *The ability to risk enchantments and to feel a sense of awe.
    *The ability to gratify his own and others’ bodily desires.
    *A sense of humour to compensate should the forgoing be unavailable.

    Happiness need not be an ingredient of mental health; indeed the merely happy may be supremely vulnerable. All that it is needed is for their happiness to be removed. The above are important as they are what a person needs should this misfortune befall him. The above may also be seen as a sort of blueprint for our species’ survival.
    ~ Oxford Hand Book of Clinical Specialties.

  45. katie says:

    it is good to read this again ….
    it was beautiful the first time I saw it.
    but now to see it, in this moment with the current circumstances …

    for me not just your contribution of the day provides a tool to deal with me & the world … it is the sequence of your contributions now: “chain reaction”

  46. É com imenso prazer, que tenho a oportunidade de comunicar-me, escrever í  um grande GíŠNIO,com o meu simples portuguíªs e muito emocionada, por ver tanta beleza, sabedoria e humildade, porque o Senhor, Paulo Coelho és “O Iluminado” e que nos dá esta oportunidade, de poder entrar em contato e sei, sinto que és um enviado do Grande Superior, Pai de todos. Obrigada pela linda sabedoria, que vem nos ensinar a viver com retidí£o e sabedoria. Deus vos ilumine ainda mais.

  47. Vera Weiganad says:

    ~E acrescentaria: Há dois crimes (quase) imperdoáveis: lesa autoestima e lesa-evoluí§í£o.
    Obrigada pela carta de princí­pios.

  48. hazem zoma says:

    dear paulo
    so beautiful and true words
    i i adore u r Writings because u r the best :D

  49. see: I had tried to subscribe to Paulo Coelho´s blog and space in facebook and I could not get it; please: I read to this writer and I can sure you that his words in my live are important, because speak about inside life, everyone life but in my case: my life; I can chance it but one person like him give me a great support, please: tell me how can I do for being in his facebook space?,

    David Pimentel

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      click on Facebook in the sidebar, than click “like”