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  1. Azul says:

    After reading Aleph, I was dreaming with you for 3 nights in a row. You magically entered in my dreams and I lost my confortable role of being just a reader to become part of your stories.
    What is the message you tried to give me? What did you mean by appearing in my dreams?
    Que quieres que you haga? Por que ahora? Por que yo?

  2. Aurieres eric says:

    Je me permet d’intervenir í  propos de l’Ame Soeur.

    Je l’ai rencontré le jour de mes 29 ans suite í  l’éveil de Kundalini.

    Comme la tradition populaire le décrit, je la voyais en robe blanche.

    Elle m’a juste dis : “Dieu” dans ma tíªte.

    Sinon, on ne s’est pas parlé et depuis elle est morte dans un accident de voiture.

  3. Shio says:

    Good Evening Sir.

    Finally I was able to locate a way to communicate you. Or something of a way to at least talk with you. My sister told me about this blog and as im writing this, i’m really hopeful that you might read this and, well, i know it’s too much to ask, but to also give some response to it.

    I was a member of a group of what we call some paranormal youths, But I quit (more likely forced to leave) a few months ago due to some circumstances, that I cannot tolerate anymore on what they are doing and are trying to do not just with themselves, but also to other people involve with the group.

    I want to start from the beginning, and all of the information here are true. I did not make it up and i seriously thought about this for a long time before writing to you.

    I first met them (7 of them including my ex) on December last year, my ex boyfriend introduced me to them and I learned that they are what they call themselves the Socode. One of the sectors led by one of the Holy Guardians, who are also a sector being led by one of the Holy Circle of 9, who are to protect Prince Alucard of Heralia (a world located between Heaven and Earth). The group were able to come and go to that world through what we call Astral. They are also able to visit the world located between the Earth and Hell, Mekai (which is home of the persona of the leader in the Socode). They can do not only to freely go through Astral State at sleep, but they can also go into an Astral State even while awake. They also know how to send curses, rituals and such.

    When they first saw me, they immediately told me that I am one of the person that they are looking for – i am the reincarnated body of a soul (Persona) named “Carmelia” which is already within their group (she’s one of the strongest in the group), but is in a mission to find her missing half soul, which is me. Her other mission is to be together with her soulmate “Martin” which is the soul (Persona) of my ex. So after that, they performed a ritual to open my senses so that Carmelia will be able to go back inside my body and to be able to solidify the gold string between me and my Ex.

    I learned that Carmelia and Martin wasn’t able to be at peace and go to heaven because their wish in their life, which is to be together, wasn’t able to come true since Martin died during a voyage. That’s why they are again being reincarnated in our body. So by being together till the end with my ex, we would be able to fulfill their wish and after we die, the four of us will at last be able to go to heaven. Sadly, we weren’t able to fulfill their wish, we separated, my ex left me for another woman, and i became closer with the group.

    That’s when I started to learn more of the secrets in the other world. They try to teach me how to go into an astral state as well as to learn how to use some spells. but sadly, i am a total opposite of my persona in which – she is headstrong while i’m a little meek, she knows how to fight while i usually tend to hide, she is adept in spells while i can not use anything. The only thing that are common to us is that no other spells can penetrate us. I can’t even talk to her personally inside me, i still need someone who are open in senses to listen to what she is saying for me to know.

    So what i did is that I tried to learn everything in the group, the other worlds, the people involved, even the language called “Darkun”. I also tried to learn the map of Heralia as well as the history of the Astral War. I also learned the true vampire history and met a few vampires myself, well, not actually met, i was only able to talk to them in their Astral State (they usually go to my friends house), with my friends, telling me what they are replying on what im saying or asking. I also learned a little bit of their location, their abilities and such. I was able to learn a little bit of some useful things, i guess.

    When me and my friends joined the group, we maintained a light atmosphere together. We bonded and treated each other like a family. But then our leader told us that we need to make the group larger since the Astral War is fast approaching and his spy in the enemy told him that the enemy soldiers has grown alarmingly. Hence, we decided to make a texters’ clan of the paranormal group open for only those who situated in the city were residing. Before they can enter, we formally meet up with them first, trying to know their abilities, opening their senses, knowing their personas and such.

    At first, the group we formed is going smoothly. Until someone entered who is using a -6 pointed star- for rituals. He was able to pass as a strong member and was welcomed in within the group of the clan. A lot of things happened after then, we were being chased (and almost dragged) by the baphomet as well as the cerberus has possessed on my dog (i was given a dog that time by my neighbor and i was surprised that it is a rottweiler, a breed commonly know for being the dog of the devil), we were also being marked by the goat, and the group has also encountered lucifer. Good thing we were still able to survive through that but after that i noticed that something has change with my friends.

    They now also started using the pointed starts for rituals, they also started giving curses as well as there is something in their behavior that seems off. A few months ago, we came into a big argument that led me to quit that group for good. but they were really mad at me. They even send me some death threats and told me that i will be cursed for life. They told me i betrayed them that i am the black sheep in the family.

    I went to my aunt after that, told her what happened and asked for her help to see if they really did something to me. That’s when I learned the “truth” behind them. My aunt told me that they only called themselves the Holy Circle and the Holy Guardian of 9 so that they can disguise themselves where in reality the “9” is really “6”, which is known being the number of hell. My aunt met them once some time before and she had known then that they are not to be trusted but she didn’t say anything. They are the reason that I was having a tough time in my studies as well as in m family for that is what has happened to them and they can’t bear to see what i have that they don’t. That’s why are are trying to ruin my life, not just now, but also then.

    Right now. I am still in contact with some of the members of the group. They told me that my friends are blaming me that I am doing something that gives some miserable luck to the other members of the group. But they know more than me that I don’t even know how to use a spell, and now they’re saying i’m the one causing harm with the members? My contacts told me that they do not believe what they are saying and they also now noticed that something is already off not just with my friends but also with the entire group.

    While being away from the group, i was able to clear myself of the clouds of their influence within me. But at the same time, I then begin to question… They usually told me that they are in the Heaven side, the Good side, the Holy side. But what they usually do is the opposite of that.

    Which is really it?

    I am writing this message to you, Sir, because I still want to know more of the secrets of the magic world. I know I am really far off from learning the ways of the magic since, even while in the group, i can’t learn anything even the basic spells, but I can’t still help it to be more curious still of the magic world and their secrets.

    I am happy a was able to write to you Sir, and i know it may be far from it, i still wish for a chance to be able to speak with you personally about this. I still want to learn more and more and more. And I know that I can learn it from you. Well… Hopefully. Still.

    Thank you again, Sir. Goodnight. And God Bless. Take Care.

    Your Reader,


    P.S. The books that I love most areThe Valkyrie, The Aleph, and Brida. I really learned so many secrets of magic from it. On how to talk with your Persona/Angel, meeting your soulmate and reincarnation, as well as some secrets of the witch. I still wasn’t able to read your other books, sadly, since I seldom see some stores selling your book here in Basilan, Philippines, as well as I still don’t have the privilege of money in buying some of it. I was able to read those three books since they were sent to us by a friend of my mother’s. But someday I would really want to collect them and i’m eager to learn their secrets more. Thank you, Sir for writing these books. I am really happy I was able to encounter them on my journey for the secrets of the magic world.

    1. Cesar says:

      No desesperes si Paulo no te contesta aún, si insistes seguramente un dí­a hablarás con él :) Lo que si te pido es que no cometas el error de pensar que Paulo sabe todas las cosas del mundo. El es una persona muy sabia que entiende bien la vida, pero sabes quien más puede ayudarte en tu búsqueda? Tíš MISMA! Dios vibra en ti tanto como vibra en Paulo. Confí­a en ti misma, y hallarás la respuesta.

      En fin, lo único que te puedo decir es que existen múltiples interpretaciones de lo que sucede en el plano astral, y lo escrito es una de ellas. No necesariamente el mundo espiritual es como lo defines (Heralia), pero es una buena interpretación de un plano superior. Fuerzas del mal? Quizás estén ahora más listas que nunca para mostrarse, pero ese es el ciclo natural :) El bien prevalecerá siempre que hayan fe y esperanza en los corazones de la gente. Y recuerda algo MUY importante: EL BIEN Y EL MAL HABITAN EN EL CORAZON DE TODOS LOS HOMBRES, EL QUE PREVALEZCA ES EL QUE MíS ALIMENTES (como en el cuento de los dos lobos ^^) Un abrazo :) Si deseas hablar con Paulo de corazón, un dí­a lo harás.

      Pd.: Ten cuidado con las prácticas esotéricas; si no tomas ciertas previsiones, puede ser muy peligroso. Con cuidado ^^ Peace n love

    2. Paulo Coelho says:

      totalmente de acordo con el tema de praticas esotéricas

  4. Richard Pereira says:

    Me encanto la historia, y lo q es el Aleph!!! y existeeee, lo mas maravilloso es cuando encontras a la persona amada en el Aleph…

  5. Hello Dear Paulo
    I want to narrate something.
    3 days ago i had a patient ,he wanted to visit coz of Gastro intestinal diseases, then i asked him about signs and symptoms i asked about his sleeping and his dreams,because in traditional medicine kind and color of dreams r important to recognize the diseases, then he told me :’ i have many dreams when i sleep ,sometimes i fly some other times i see myself in an ancient place with a long browny dress and speak in another language with the people in that place and i see some persons with weaved hairs,once as i spoke in that language and i woke up i could remember those words and i ask a learned person about those words then he told me : u speak younanian language!!!”
    I told my patient have u ever read Paulo Coelho’s books? He said all of them,i told then what about Aleph? He answered not yet i dont know this book,then i advised him to read Aleph,( u know that why ur book Aleph hasnt published here , have u?coz of some limitations ,of course i bought it and could downloaded it furtunately.
    Then that is my narration,it was too interesting , It was the same thing that u told in Aleph ,I was amazed too much.
    Dear Paulo , i have a deep respect for u, thank u very much about narrate us ur experiments, sometimes i realy want to know what is my previous life? and what did i do in that time?

  6. mona says:

    it took me to another place ,, far away from here

  7. stacey says:

    I’m reading this book now. It’s stirring up so many things for me… great things and confusing things. Two nights ago I fell asleep after reading it and dreamt that I was in a doctor’s waiting room with many other people. My business there was done but I was hanging around and talking to a young boy with the feeling that in doing so I was being kind and helpful. Coelho was there in the room as well and he said to me in an impassive but strong tone, “It’s time for you to go now.” When he spoke, I realized (and knew that he saw) that the boy did not need my help or conversation. I was essentially wasting my time and avoiding my inevitable exit from this place I was in. Being seen and called out like this startled me and I woke up from my dream in a panic.

    And signs? I’m suddenly seeing signs everywhere and instead of encouraging me, they’re terrifying me. I don’t know what to do with them. Today, in a restaurant I saw someone whom I admire and whom I had wanted to meet for several years. This has been a secret of mine. A secret which embarrassed me because I’m not the stalker type. I had just recently convinced myself that these flights of fancy about him were actually damaging to me. I don’t understand this obsession and I would never in a million years approach him or seek him out as Hilal did Paolo in the book. But here I am now reading this book and then the dream and then this man showing up in the little cafe I happened to be in today after a change of plans.

    How did I handle it? I fled. I was terrified and could not get out of there fast enough. I find myself preferring at the moment to believe I’m crazy than to take these signs as a call to action. Confronted with this, I see how amazing and determined Hilal was to persist when everyone was against her, even Paolo. I would have crumbled under the initial rejection she faced.

    I was in my early twenties when I read The Alchemist and I was so buoyed by its message and encouraged to pursue my dreams, many of which I achieved. Now, 20 years later, in such a different place and reading The Aleph, I’m struggling with the power of its message. I’m debating tonight whether to finish the book or put it aside for a time when I’m feeling more able to take it on.

    Anyway, just my thoughts. Thank you for your time if you’ve read this.

  8. arezoo says:

    سلام آقای کویلو . ممنونم بابت کتابهای زیبلیتان . من هم خیلی از خواندن آنها لذت می برم و هم خیلی چیزها از آنها یاد گرفتم باز هم ممنونم . موفق باشید .

  9. Cesar says:

    Paulo, what happened with Yao? You stop mentioning him at a certain point. Thanks for everything man :) you seriously followed your destiny.

  10. aida khajavi says:

    dear paulo coelho
    i read your Aleph novel.The novel which surprised have pointed to practice watching the past lif in part of your book.Now i want you,to explain about this techniqe in details. If it is possible for you,introduse some moral masters to me.

  11. Silvia says:

    Thank You Paulo… For reminding me of the magic that lives in everyone of us…for sharing the journey without distance of your inner Self…for opening that door in my mind that takes me where LOVE IS, and nothing else matters.
    Uncountable blessings to All of you.

  12. Zhanna says:

    Я прочитала вашу книгу Алеф. В ней описание моего сна из детства в подробностях. Я одна из тех девушек, которую вы описываете в своей книге, потому что подробности описания инквизиции полностью совпадают с моим сном детства. Я была бы рада с вами встретиться в Калининграде. Если есть на то воля бога, мы обязательно встретимся. Прекланяюсь перед вашим талантом. Жанна из Калининграда

  13. Miriam says:

    Simplemente gracias

  14. Susanne says:

    I completley fell under the spell of the Aleph. I have never been one to wax all mystical especially in regards to past lives. I mean seriously??? the worms don’t just get us??? But minds change, thoughts reform, the eyes open and the heart learns to allow. At least mine did. No one was more surprised than me.

    I was given the book by a friend who wasn’t crazy about it, but it made her think of me. I took it on a trip across the US and read it non-stop as I flew from NH to CA. I felt a recognition that I haven’t felt often. I felt I was eating nutritious food after a long fast.

    Then I passed it along to 2 friends, both of whom gave it back to me. In the meantime I was reading a Buddhist book called Stepping Out of Self-Deception which describes horizontal and vertical time and I understood that the train journey was horizontal time and the aleph was vertical time. Now I have a name for lovely, usually fleeting experiences when I feel part of a bigger something.

    The Alchemist was lovely, but I did not feel the depth in it that made such an impression on me with the Aleph.

    I have the Pilgrimmage in my book bag now.

    I have no idea where I am headed, but I feel it just might be possible to get there.

    So THANK YOU good sir, for helping me on my path. A path that is usually stringently defined by was is “provable” rather than what is felt.

    1. Cesar says:

      I’m happy you did what you did :D It’s awesome when you experience that beautiful feeling of following your path, and hopefully -and surely- your dreams.
      Regards! Big huge ^^

    2. r says:

      but how can you know where your path is or what your supposed to do

  15. camila says:

    - alguien sabe que libro hay que leer antes para entender el libro aleph ?
    – what book to read to understand the book ALEPH

    1. Cesar says:

      Mmm Se entiende por si mismo, pero si deseas entenderlo mejor puedes leer El Peregrino de Compostela (para entender las tradiciones magicas). Por otro lado, te recomiendo leer TODOS los libros de Paulo, tienen tematicas diferentes y muy interesantes. Y mas que nada, disfrutalos :)
      Un abrazo!

  16. Jyotsna says:

    I read Aleph and felt deeply connected to the love and guilt parts. But the way the book went to too much of cosmic love and past life I did not feel connected at all. I felt somewhere Paulo lost track of where he started on fears and HEre and Now to past life and carrying guilt of past life. I felt it just never meant to be a here and now book. Even more than getting int to the aleph and enjoying the cosmic energy of Here and now it was more foucssing on past life which became boring after a point. Wanted to see more feel more of the ALEPH. I am basically belonging to the philosophy of “Here and now ” as a part of sensitivity training, Suggest me if there is another book that lets me enjoy the ALEPH , love and togetherness of souls more.

  17. grace says:

    I’m a huge fan of you and of course of your books, but unfortunately your Aleph is not really fascinating, well this is just my comprehension, forgive me. I used to collect your books and I can differentiate all of it from one another. One of my favorite among them is your first personal novel, the Pilgrimage, I read it over and over again because it helps me when I need advice. Unlike your Aleph, I find it hard to be useful in my everyday life and it’s relevance to simplicity of life. im sorry..
    Long live Paulo :)

  18. Reshmi Kumar says:

    Aleph..was good but couldnt relate to it much.Somehow it didnt touch my soul.
    I love Brida, Witch of Portebello ,Devil & Miss P
    & Veronica Must Die & eleven Minutes

  19. veronika suprapti says:

    I love best “Veronika decides to die” then “the river piedra…” Then “Zahir, then “the mountain….about Elia (forget the title, I read it long time ago), then “Aleph” the rest of them not really, but I collect all of your books

  20. Buenas Paulo,
    soy uno más, alguien que lee tus libros, que modifica pensamientos, crece espiritualmente, y se queda con ganas de más cada vez que sale una nueva lección que aprender de ti, con un titulo intrigante.
    Es frustrante el saber que tu llegas a todos nosotros pero que nosotros no podemos llegar a ti tan directo al alma como nos alcanzas tu.
    Varios de tus libros han despertado en mi un hambre voraz de aprender más y más, con la pena de que hay alumnos que jamás encontraremos a nuestro maestro por más que lo ansiemos.
    Ni el dinero, ni la fama, ni el protagonismo, ni el amor, ni la enfermedad, y un eterno etc.. puede calmar la sed espiritual.
    Es una droga el aprendizaje, quieres más y más; y más cuenta te das de que no sabes nada.
    Estas palabras no llegarán a ti pero para ti son escritas, de alguien que por supuesto jamás ha escrito anteriormente ni siquiera una poesí­a adolescente.
    Con respecto a Aleph pienso que el vací­o del discí­pulo llega cuando se convierte en maestro, ya no es hora de aprender, aunque aprendiendo morimos. Es el momento de enseñar y de nutrirte de la enseñanza.
    Tu enseñas a multitudes, en una época de cambio, de transición. La humanidad esta estancada en la podredumbre de una sociedad clasista y obsoleta que ahoga todo intento igualdad y humildad.
    Por mi parte soy una hormiga más que sigue las instrucciones de la reina de mi colmena mal llevada y extorsionada, España.
    Cada vez que editas un nuevo libro lo devoro esperando explotar, sin todaví­a haber llegado mi momento, seguiré haciéndolo, porque llegas a mi interior. Provocas tempestades en mis océanos, remueves cimientos mal estructurados y levantas columnas de acero que sujetan al ser renovado que sigue su búsqueda.
    Pero creo y no quisiera ofender, que la mayorí­a de nosotros necesitamos más, necesitamos formación práctica en el arte de la manifestación, en mi interior, Paulo, se que habemos muchos que hemos venido a ser guiados hacia un cambio evolutivo, que ansiamos despertar, que buscamos el camino.
    Pero hay cosas que solo se aprenden por imitación como los bebés.
    Es arduo el camino del que busca el conocimiento y seguiré buscando en la oscuridad la llama que me guí­e.
    Con esta locura de palabras de un invisible, agradezco tu éxito a la vida ya que por el muchos encontramos el maná perdido y quisiera agradecer a “J” mencionado por ti varias veces, el que te diera la oportunidad práctica desde 1982 hasta hoy, de aprender y evolucionar, porque tu das esperanza a los que buscamos más allá aunque sigamos confundido en este mundo de información y desinformación continua. Gracias por un gran trabajo.

  21. Aurore Sylvie Kombo says:


    Vos livres me transcendent et me font du bien míªme si parfois ils me bouleversent tant, que je suis contrainte de stopper la lecture pour mieux y revenir ensuite et avancer sur le chemin de ma quíªte personnelle.

  22. Nadia says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I’m originally from Russia and currently living in London.

    In your last book Aleph, you mentioned about an excellent medium who lives in London, who you wanted to recommend to Yao.

    Does this medium really exist and if s/he exist, would you be able to advice how to get in touch?

    As most human beings we ask ourselves many questions to which we cannot find answers. As your book described knowing the past may help to understand the current life.

    Since I have never experienced ‘the past’ no the ‘future’ I would like to seek some help/advice.

    I also wanted to ask you, in your past lives have you always been a man, as some people are man and sometimes women in their past lives, that sounds very complicated to me, especially if you’re in Love with someone and come back as they same sex, do you become gay then?

    Your Reader,


  23. Ferdinand says:

    Dear Paolo;

    Thank you so much for sharing your gifts, your God given talent of writing books that help a lot of people like me in different ways. I always read your books, though not all are available here in the Philippines. The best among your books that I’ve read so far is Aleph because I could relate to it, I experienced lots of similarities, the love and the pain of betrayal and the search for forgiveness from the woman you love. I would love to read your other books because in the past seven years that I have been fully dedicating my life to attending taking care of my chronically ill daughter since birth, your books have been my constant companion, my friend, they lift my spirit in times that I am tired, depressed and losing hope in my own ‘pilgrim’ here on earth. Thank you so much Sir Paolo. We love you and your works here in the Philippines. God bless you and may you and your books reach and touch more people.

  24. Ade says:

    Queridisimo Paulo;

    Nunca me habia sentido tan feliz y tan entendida por unas palabras escritas en historia como tu libro ALEPH.. llego a mi de una manera tan inesperada que hasta escuchaba en mi cabeza la frase “tenia que ser”…

    No tengo palabras para agradecer lo mucho que aprendi con el y como me enseño a seguir amando y encontrando mis amores de la vida y entendiendo el por que, que tantos años busque….

    Muchisimas gracias llevo tu libro en mi mente y en mi corazon.

  25. Privy Trifles says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I read your book The Fifth mountain when I was perhaps in the lowest phase of my life and that book seemed like an answer to many questions that were haunting me since years. I wanted to let you know your books have made me feel at peace with myself and today I very proudly say I love myself. Whenever in doubt I have always gone to your manual of the warrior of the light and have got all the answers.

    Be it 11 minutes , Brida, Aleph or Like the Flowing river… There is something in each one that I connect to and treasure that more. I somehow feel you are my Guru – the teacher who is leading me to a journey that I have to undertake to get to the real Me. Know why have I been sent on this earth. Today thanks to all your beautiful books, I embrace love more openly in all forms that it chooses to come, smile more often and ofcourse spread that love and smiles as much as I can.

    I cannot tell you how much I admire you and look upto you in many ways.

    Thanks for being my teacher!!

  26. Mackena says:

    Senti arrepios. Acredito que muitos sentiram o mesmo. Será? Amei a entrega. Obrigada pela entrega.

  27. ayakkabı says:

    A Hilal é a Brida do seu livro? Ou entí£o a 6ª mulher que vocíª encontrou? Porque ela também é uma feiticeira!

  28. Lu says:

    I am currently reading Aleph and know that I have to embark on a journey and meet more people. I do not want to say anything more as of now. I haven’t experienced what you have and I don’t think I believe in the past, I rather concentrate on the NOW and think of the future…. but journey I must.

  29. tabi-labkhand says:

    How much beautiful aleph is.
    It is overfilled with love.
    Enormous of perseverence.
    Overflowing of kindness of reality
    And shocking because of metepsychosis
    Metempsychosis in spite of life repitation is good but in spite of repitation is frightening.
    How much i love ur books Aleph, Zahir, Brida and etc..

    1. tabi-smile says:

      Dear Paolo
      in ur Zahir book something amazed me, when the teller(u or fiction man!) walk on that ice lake and wanted it doesnt break, i do always the same, for example when i look for a place to park my car i say to myself if i find a parking very soon my wish will become true but if not my wish wont be happened! !! and many other same things like this.Dear Paolo it is wonderful when i think how muuch differents r between our culture and countries and religions but how much similarities between humans such as me, u and others

  30. Alina says:

    Thank You for your vision and talent! It’s a great honor! From Russia with love ; )

  31. JD says:

    I have just finished your book The Aleph.
    I have experienced what you call the ‘Aleph,’ but I know it scientifically as the excrement of DMT in our brains, as it happens during birth and death in all living things, it also happens during meditation and fasting or when taking psychedelics. Some people, like me, and others who through deformation or injury, get a penal gland that produces more of the substance naturally than other people and can ‘tap in-to’ a metaphysical reality. This explains clairvoyants, mediums, even schizophrenics (not to lump them together or say that any of them are “mentally ill,” they all used to be prophets and mystics in past lives.)
    Your latest book may have been my favorite one of your books so far (because of the past life experiences). Although sometimes I felt very uncomfortable when you would travel to your past life during the Inquisition.
    I know that my soul was there too while reading the events and I would try to close my eyes, but can still picture it in my mind’s eye the terror of that time and the betrayal and organized brutality. It echos many places in the past, present and future on many different planes. This has affected generations of generations of souls, and even my own family today are still working out karmic events of that time.
    I know of and recently started studying and researching my ancestors and being an empath, I have imagined and felt what they have because it was a major turning point in history, immigration & emigration, world migration, culture fusion, genetic make-up for the future of the America’s & the rest of the world (even Columbus couldn’t have made his journey without the money the Inquisition brought Spain during that time).
    It’s funny the synchronicities of life, how for the last few years I just immersed myself in learning about the subjects your latest book.
    Thank you for teaching me about Russia. I have recently got a genetics test and learned some of my ancestors come from countries that used to be Russia (perhaps I was there too in a past life), so that will be my next study and this book was a great introduction.
    I’d like to thank you for Warrior of the Light, that is so precious to me and everyone else who reads it.

  32. Mayte says:

    Estoy leyendo the Aleph. Lo compré en cuanto se publicó pero sentí­ que no era el momento de leerlo. Ahora he comenzado a leerlo y siento que sus libros van acorde con mi vida. Es como si bailasen alcompás, juntos sus libros y mi vida. A veces presiento cosas que no se identifica, una vez pasa el acontecimiento ya relaciono mis presentimientos con lo sucedido. No soy capaz todaví­a de entender las señales a la primera ni de entender los mensajes que recibo a través de los sueños o sensaciones. Por ejemplo, el martes estaba muy triste no sabí­a porque no tenia motivo solo tenia ganas de llorar y el miercoles me llamaron para decirme que un amigo habia puesto fin a su vida voluntariamente. El libro me ayuda a avanzar en la vida porque estaba un poco bloqueada. Gracias porque gracias a el estoy viendootras persectivas del Universo que nos rodea. Gracias.

  33. smile says:

    Hi Mr Coelho .Aleph book is wonderful book especially because of Aleph point, of metempsychisis which in my religion doesnt accepted (in islam) some times the metem.. frightens me and sometimes makes me happy,and the other thing in ur book is : love, which Helaal gave u and u accepted , i think how much Hellal was lucky to have ur love too, i envy her !!!! to have ur love, because sometimes u give ur love too someone but he doesnt accept it .Mr paolo i want to have some conversation with u by my mail ,not here.please reply me.thank u for ur beautiful books aleph and zahir,of course there is a great difference between them, in Zahir when u r a married man u have sex with other women but in Aleph u have some laws to not have sex with Helal because of marriage( the same thing that is in our religilon Islam). then u have been changed in this book, havent u?

    1. tabi-labkhand says:

      Realy Zahir is a fiction?
      I thaught it was a true story because at the end u told about the reality of some people. Ok then it is clear that my diferentiation between two books made u laugh !!!!!!!!!! And congratulation u because of writing such a fiction story that seems so real. I AM EAGER TO MEET U.I will be glad to invite u to Iran.Iranian peole love their guests and are good hospitable.

  34. Jayanta says:


    I have finished reading Aleph now . Like everytime when I finish reading any of your book , I cry , don’t know why , but I cry .
    Aleph is ultimate in describing all human feelings churned together in one basket . Too good , just lost my so called balance of being a matured professional and is crying now , don’t know why .
    Just could write this much as my eyes are so moist that I cannot write more.

    I can listen to a music played at distant land , feeling very vulnerable but at peace after reading Aleph . Paolo , I am crying again.
    Good Night

  35. Прочитав почти все Ваши книги,я нахожусь в неком замешательстве.Действительно ли Ð’Ñ‹ практикуете так скажем “белую магию”?Сегодня дочитала “Алеф”.Вот интересно,все события описаны в книге действительно ли происходили с Вами,или же есть доля вымышленного.Просто иногда не верится,что в наше время есть такие люди как Ð’Ñ‹.Благодарна за Ваше творчество.

  36. M. says:

    Dear Mr. Coelho,
    just this morning i finished reading your book “Aleph”, and i want to thank you. thank you for showing me the difference between supreme, devine and cosmic love and an earthly love. thank you for writing a book with so many layers, a book that forces the reader to think, to imagine and to feel.
    my first impression was “a book about an older, married man who fights with all his powers, both physical and spiritual, his overwhelming passion for a young woman who threw herself at him”. but i could not believe that this is all that there is. your open, sincere writing about your feelings, your weaknesses and your strength made me realize that this book is much more.
    it is really enchanted. like you put a spell on the words of the manuscript. thank you.

  37. Dana says:

    Dear Mr. Paulo Coelho,

    I wanted to ask you for a gift… my best friend loves your work, loves your books, and whatever you say, your Facebook page is his favorite thing to open in the morning. So I want to ask you if you please can send him an autographed copy from any of your books, or your latest Alpha.

    I’m ready to pay for postage and everything, I just want you to write a special autograph to him. Your words mean so much to him.

    Awaiting your reply,

  38. meriam says:

    Just wanted to send you thanks and blessings from Egypt…just finished it and enjoyed it..

  39. Андрей says:

    Только что прочитал книгу “Алеф” удивили некоторые неточности:
    1. Екатеринбург не третий по численности в России а четвёртый, интересно кто такую информацию предоставил Коэльо!
    2. В России считалось всегда что самые красивые девушки например Вологодские, но ни как не Новосибирские, опять же недостоверная информация!!
    3. В книге описаны тренировки с Яо Айкидо и часто используются захваты, но ведь в Айкидо нет захватов за кимоно и ударов как описываются в книге, откуда такая ошибка?

    1. Nadia says:

      I agree with Andrei,

      Yekaterinburg, is the fourth-largest city in Russia with a population of 1,398,889 (2012).

      Why this information was not check before publishing it?

    2. Paulo Coelho says:

      It was not a tourist guide

  40. guaraldo braz da vilva says:

    caro sr paulo coelho em 1 lugar espero que se encontre mto bem i tambem lhe quero dizer comecando por eu estar neste preciso momento a lhe escrever por email que neste momento tou a atravessar uma fase pouco boa i mesmo ate de felicidade interior por motivos familiar i profisional.i lhe estou com este desabafo ,por assim lhe dizer porque num desabafo com 1 amigo meu,assim o posso dizer,ate porque amigos[amigos]ha poucos,que me deu o seu nome i o nome de 1 dos seus livros que no meu pensar ele me falou de si i o titulo do seu livro,que tivesse a ver com o que se esta a passar comigo.i pela nossa conversa a sua testemunha em escrita conhecimento sabedoria i talvez tambem experiencia,refero;me ao sr paulo coelho,o ajudou mto a ultrapassar as dificuldades da vida do meu amigo.
    i pra eu lhe ser sincero eu nao sou catolico nem praticante como se espressa,na minha crensa tenho fe mas tambem duvidas,derivado ao que entendo i veijo ao que se passa a minha volta,i por isso nao frequento igrejas,mas sim prefiro i por isso acredito mto i mto mais depressa numa sabedoria de vida ou de inteligencia psicologica,assim o posso descrever,de 1 adulto ou de uma pessoa,i neste momento na propria pessoa falo de si o sr;paulo coelho.
    eu sou do signo virgem i me acho mto parecido em personalidade com o que o livro descreve.i como exemplo sou mto de logica de tudo que me acontece a minha volta,i pelo pouco ainda que li seu i quero ler mais pra aprender i me ilucidar mais ainda pra que eu possa tentar melhorar ou aprender mais ou fazer 1 caminho com menos erros no meu percurso desta vida que e cheio de obstaculos pra todo ser humano que eu sei,ate porque o ser humano nao e perfeito,mas podemos usar o nosso serebro pra boas coisas i tentar todo momento i todos dias ate morrermos ,a sermos melhores.
    se for possivel gostaria de trocar mais inprecoes com o sr.aguardo

  41. Fayze says:

    I’ve just finished reading “Aleph”.I like real books but i forced to download it,cauze im Iranian and in Iran your books wont publish :-(
    It was such an amazin book just like your other books,but the name of it really surprised me,Aleph is the first letter of iranian alphabet and i wondered why u named your book aleph!!!!and i heard about the book from a distant relative and he said you loose your mind! (sry if it bothers u)
    but this sentence made me really eager to read Aleph :-) And i reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy liked it,it is awsome!Pls,Pls Continiue writing amazing books

  42. Елена Полищук-Ладник says:

    Вдохновил Пауло Коэльо

    Зубы сцепив до оскомы –
    Путь свой держи вперед!
    До упаду иди до истомы,
    Пусть энергия жизни прет!

    Тяжело… Кровоточат раны!
    Ну и пусть- не сбивайся с пути,
    Пусть ценою самообмана,
    Иди к цели! Скорее иди!

    Выключай все побочные чувства,
    Различай все подсказки судьбы,
    Пусть порой наша жизнь и безвкусна,
    Каждый миг состоит из борьбы…

  43. Nacre says:

    Paulo… Bon Jour !

    Je voudrais avant tout m’excuser pour vous avoir boudé durant ces deux dernières années.
    A vrai dire j’étais en mon temps en une phase de révolte humaine faute d’avoir été méchamment attaquée par de magiques diablotins. Ma confiance ne pouvait plus se limiter qu’aux lumières célestes de mon intime et je me refusais d’approcher profondément les multiples éloquences humaines.
    Je me devais de vivre guérison, loin de toute foule. Je ne lisais donc plus et je n’étais plus l’adepte d’échanges internet. En mon silence le plus complet, bien qu’il ne pouvait íªtre silence vu que je m’offrais bruits et bruitages, j’osais monter le ton « tous les míªmes, príªchent Lumières et au moindre carrefour déversent dans vos vies maléfices ! ».
    Pardon d’avoir abandonné vos écrits en vous plaí§ant sur la rive du rejet.
    Puis ma vie m’a amenée í  mon jour, l’hier était aussi le mien !
    Je savais que mon mois de septembre 2012 allait m’offrir un tout autre refrain ou plutí´t de nouvelles teintes sur la gamme de mon temps. Dernièrement je voyais mon aura de vie truffée de multiples racines. Et je me désespérais í  la fois de ne point y découvrir l’éclosion d’abondantes pousses. La « puissance » de mon esprit tentait souvent d’éclore vers le sol de ma terre multiples bourgeonnements, je ne pouvais me rendre qu’í  l’évidence que je détenais qu’une petite tige sur la surface de ma Terre ! Je la voyais !! Le Bambou Chinois !!
    ……… il me fallait déménager, changer de lieu, partir encore.. puis vint en moi le nom de ma futur ville. Celui-ci m’attirait tel un aimant. Ce n’est qu’après que je su en moi que j’y avais vécu en une vie passée une sublime vie. (Je suis en mon Je Suis guérisseuse karmique et d’autres Je Suis).
    Ce matin,
    Je pris le train pour rejoindre ma future terre d’accueil. Je devais y rencontrer mon futur propriétaire. Je n’avais pas pris le train depuis des années moi la fidèle du temps jadis des rails ! Dans mon jadis je ne cessais de voyager pour aller rejoindre le cÅ“ur et le corps, l’í¢me et l’esprit d’un et d’une autre : l’offrande du don de guérison. Je Suis le Voyage. Je Suis une touche de l’océan. Je vais et viens, je valse, je berce et tangue les énergies……..
    J’avais une heure d’avance avant l’arrivée de mon train. Et ce train m’amenait pour une heure de voyage. Et subitement je me dis « va acheter un Livre au kiosque de la gare ». Arriver devant la vitrine du magasin je reí§us « Paulo Coelho ». Je suis entrée et de suite je vis « Aleph » ! Quel somptueux A !!
    Je me suis assise et je vous ai lu jusqu’í  mon retour.
    Je m’accorde moi-míªme un Bon point !! J’en suis í  la 141 page !!
    Je ne suis plus allergique aux hommes ! J’ai replacé mes yeux, mon cÅ“ur et mon esprit au sein du voyage collectif……. En étais je réellement séparée ? Non !
    Je fouillais la fin de mon tunnel, je n’avais pas í  le fouiner. Telle une femme qui se retrouve pleine mer et qui cherche une bouée pour nager jusqu’í  la rive. Alors que je sais nager !

    La 141 page de votre livre m’amène lí  í  vous écrire. Merci……. Merci pour la sincérité en vos mots….. Merci d’oser offrir í  la page l’authenticité de votre cÅ“ur……..
    Elle m’amène aussi í  me poser durant quelques jours……. Voyages au sein de mon cÅ“ur, de mon í¢me, de mon esprit………. Laisser couler la source, me laisser bercer par le lit de ma rivière et chahuter tendrement avec les bras de l’Océan……..

    Je reprendrais plus tard la 142 pages… dans une semaine ou…. Mon Je Suis m’y amènera, je le sais.
    Je n’ai míªme plus besoin de me dire Courage, Force et Volonté……
    Je vois éclore ma vie 

    Je reviendrais alors vous parler plus profondément d’ Aleph , en me le permettant.

    Que Ciel et Terre entourent votre aura de vie de Divines Couleurs et Somptueuses Symphonies.

    Divine tendresse í  vous,

  44. Abdelhakim says:

    Mr Coelho you’re a teacher, your novels add always something to my life, change the way I see how my life is going, I downloaded your videos of coelho office to my cellular so I can hear wherever I’ll be.
    This month I bought “Aleph” in french edition after a long time waiting, I’ve made 600 km distance to get it cause I didn’t find it in my small town.
    Hope it’s an other ‘chef d’oeuvre” as the Alchimist.

    1. tabi-labkhand says:

      Me too
      Agree with u
      Coelho is a wonderful teacher

  45. A Hilal é a Brida do seu livro? Ou entí£o a 6ª mulher que vocíª encontrou? Porque ela também é uma feiticeira!

  46. Анастасия says:

    Дорогой Пауло Коэльо! Хочу сказать вам огромное спасибо за ваши книги,самым чудесным событием за последнее время для меня стало знакомство с ними. Читаю и не могу оторваться,как будто живу в том мире о котором в них говорится. Еще раз огромное спасибо,желаю вам дальнейших успехов в вашем труде. Надеюсь вы еще долго будете радовать читателей своими творениями. с любовью из России

  47. Pranav says:

    Sir , I Was Really upset by the way My Life was going..
    but then by chance i encountered you alchemist ..
    i don’t know it was preplanned by destiny or what but that day and that book of you changed everything..
    And No Matters what Happens To Me Today But I Don’t Think I will Ever feel Demoralised or bored with my life..
    Now I Am Struggling Hard to fullfill My Dreams..
    You Changed Me from Slave To A Master Of My Life.. I read Mos Of Your Novels…
    Sir You Are Really Fullfilling Your Path…
    I Put You On my Teachers Place….
    My Life Has Changed And I don’t Doubt That There Will Be Lakhs Of People Like me…
    Thanks FromThe Bottom Of my Heart and on the behalf OF every one like me.. hope you will Someday read This Comment And Feel The intensity of My Thanks giving..
    May God Bless You…

    1. Zarema says:

      So sincere and beautifuul comment. Agree with every word. I liked the fraze “You Changed Me from Slave To A Master Of My Life”,and this is true. Wonderfull books that makes you more completely and stronger, changing your life and world view.