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  1. David says:

    Gracias. Siempre encuentro la respuesta que necesito en el preciso instante en el que la busco, el problema es que la mayor parte de mi tiempo ”vivo” sin buscar respuestas, ando perdido.

  2. Bolivia says:

    Hola Paulo, espero que Dios te bendiga mucho en tu vida y en tus proyectos con abundante sabiduria, solamente comentarte que tu libro El Alquimista fue de una gran inspiracion para mi, en un momento complicado de mi vida. Ahora estoy empezando a escribir libros como vos y me parece una experiencia bastante hermosa, bueno espero que continues trabajando y produciendo tus hermosos y apasionantes libros. Paz y bien

  3. mira says:

    dragi Paulo,
    vasa dela se citaju vise puta…carobno je
    Zahir je moj Alef!
    poljupci iz Srbije..
    p.s. kada cete objaviti sledecu knjigu?
    nestrpljiva sam:)

  4. Ann Tay says:

    Dear Mr Paulo

    I have read and loved all of your books, including the latest Aleph. Thank y,ou for honouring your passion as a contemplator and a writer, else the world will not get to enjoy and benefit from your talent. Life is indeed a continuous circle of evolution. After Aleph, I find myself coming back to re-read the Alchemist. Both books have their titles starting with ‘A’.

    My partner and I were inspired to adopt “Aleph” as part of our new business name. Here is what I shared in our blog as to the discovery of this ancient secret through your latest book. Thank you, once again. Blessings, Ann from Singapore.

    Excerpt from our blog

    “Andy and I first got to know the word ‘Aleph’ (pronounced as Ah-lef ) in Nov 2011 when he bought Paulo Choelo’s latest novel with the same title. The author recounted his experiences being in touch with this timeless and soul-ful state called Aleph. That got me really curious and envious that I started researching its meaning. I then became totally convinced that ‘Aleph’ should be part of our new business name, especially when Earth and humanity has started its journey back to the Void, to the state of Nothingness and Pure Potentialty where life shall be, once again, recreated.”

  5. janet kress says:

    Hola Paulo: soy guatemalteca, felicitaciones por cada uno sus libros todos exelentes pero hago referencia en esta oportunidad de ALEPH creo que los seres humanos asi como estamos conectados con el universo, de la misma forma estamos conectados con vidas pasadas, yo se que por idiocincracia ,religion etc para muchos es tabu pero para mi no lo es, disfrute mucho de esta lectura he vivido gran parte de mi vida buscando respuestas ,buscando el porque de muchas cosas que me han tocado vivir y sobre todo buscando algo en el horizonte que no se que es pero que siento dentro de mi muy fuertemente que existe, se que existe ese punto donde podemos reencontrarnos a nosotros mismos y asi poder vencer la depresion , la soledad ,aunque tengamos compania ,losmiedos , perdonarnos para poder encontrar el equilibrio y la paz espiritual no se imagina cuanto desearia encontrar el alehp.

  6. DeDe says:

    Dear Mr.Paulo:

    Good Day!
    I now feel very “interesting” to write to you and let my following words to be seen by other readers. I feel very very grateful to have been given by one of my friends. Since then,I’ve been reading all your books and now ,enjoying . Thank You Truly Deeply Madly ! —

    First thing I’d like to share with all is my true experience of Small Aleph .Okay ,so the story is like: I went to Tibet for travelling for 10 days.On the second day ,I “happened” to meet a Nun in one of the hotels. She strongly suggested me to go a remote temple.(Sang Ye Temple) As she described , the place is very divine,I MUST visit. As a tourist ,I always want to avoid touristed place and enjoy exploring special places. So I went there two days later. The place wasn’t impressing me when i just got there , BUT as soon as I was “brought”to a small area ,I felt a little bit strange sensation.A bit later,i was”brought”to a spot under few trees, As soon as I sat down on that special spot , as I was watching the other few tress around me , as your book has described , I suddenly feel (very very intense feeling) that there are lots of spirits around me ,I can’t see/hear them but they’re INDEED there! Yes , at that moment,I had a terrible desire to cry(not because of sadness or happiness)but simply my soul feels so grateful/joyful/wonderful that I was there ! And I’ve been crying there for 5 or more mins. I couldn’t explain why until days ago I red from Aleph that you mentioned there are particular spots exsit in the world. I felt very very happy and exciting ! And ,yes ,I am very grateful that I had the blessing to have this divine experience. Haven’t finished Aleph yet but look forward to ,if I happen to experience the Big Aleph ,I’ll surely write down.

    Another fun and interesting thing I’ve done was that , since I am working in a hotel, and I ADORE your books and your E-Cards. So I have put some of yours books in our bookshelf in our lobby..and ,also ,since there’s a big TV somewhere in the lobby ,so I put all your E-cards in my USB Drive to let all your cards displayed on the TV. I think it’s very inspiring and interesting ,so that guests from all over the world can see your work.! Haha ..I am doing free advertisement for your work in Beijing!

    All The Best !

  7. milena paredes says:

    Querido Paulo…

    Soy venezolana y últimamente estoy en una búsqueda espiritual que a veces siento que me aleja de los rituales de la iglesia católica y en otros momentos me acerca, sin embargo, creo que todos lo caminos nos llevan a Dios.

    En su libro las valkirias me reencontre conmigo, con los ángeles y especialmente con San Miguel a quien le pido siempre luz en mi camino, a partir de allí­ seguiré mi sueño de viajar y reencontarme cada vez mas. Agradezco sus escritos, su humildad, su amor al escribir y lo mas especial entregarse hasta ser uno con cada uno de quienes lo leemos.

    Abrazos desde Venezuela, bendiciones


  8. Leonice says:

    Olá Paulo,

    Depois de ver a sua entrevista para programa da Ana Maria Braga, movida pela curiosidade , comprei esta semana o livro Aleph e o li em 3 dias. Gostaria de mencionar que foi a primeira vez que li um livro de sua autoria.
    Durante a leitura, várias vezes eu achei vocíª egoí­sta e um pouco manipulador com a jovem Hilal. Me deu a impressí£o que vocíª estava preocupado somente com a sua busca e ní£o estava se importando muito com os sentimentos daquela jovem que ainda ní£o tinha, nesta vida, a bagagem de conhecimento que vocíª adquiriu ao longo dos anos. Daí­ a dificuldade que ela teve em vários momentos em te entender.
    Achei super interessante a sua descrií§í£o sobre o Aleph e sobre pessoas que te acompanharam nesta viagem.
    Ní£o posso negar que gostei do livro e que muitas palavras me tocaram muito. É um livro que consegue mexer com os nossos sentimentos.



  9. neca says:

    Oi Paulo,
    Nao costumo ter muitos idolos, mas posso dizer que sou tua fa, e tambem gosto de tua esposa Cristhina. Tua escrita, tuas personagens trazem caracteristicas que me atraem.

  10. Karen McCarthy says:

    Hi Paulo!
    I hope you are well and in good health. I wrote you two emails over the past few months, not because I expected you to reply, but becuase I was in a bad place and felt the need to reach out and simply write to you in an attempt to express my soul. I have been feeling lost and without life or meaning for some time now and I tried every way I could to free myself from this negativity, but to no avail. I had planned to read your book Aleph, but I decided not to buy it. I told myself that when I was ready to hear what you had to say in Aleph, I would find a copy and that that would be the right moment for me to read it and for your message to reach me. Two weeks ago, while I was in Waterford on an unexpected visit, taking the first day off from work that I have in God knows how long, I spent the entire day walking around on my own. Doing nothing, just walking. After a few hours, I felt distant parts of my soul move within me. It was an incredible feeling! I have felt dead inside for so long, and this lonely, rainy walk in a deserted town moved my soul just enough for me to know that it was still there. Within an hour of this feeling I found myself wandering around a bookstore, and there it was; Aleph. I didn’t hesitate. I grabbed it and held it close to me and bought it straight away, along with some pens and a notebook. Since that day I have been rebuilding myself, with every sentance I am reading. I am believing in myself again, and I am no longer slowly dying. I am in a difficult situation still, and I cannot do what I need for my soul right now. Not without letting down those I love dearly. But Paulo, I need to thank-you, from the bottom of my heart and from the tips of my newly reawakened soul. Thank-you for putting into words all that I am suffering right now. Thank-you for reaching out to me through Aleph and for reminding me who I am and that this current hell I live in is not my destiny, but my present and it will soon become my past. I am now trying, every day, to ask myself, what can I do right now, to make tomorrow better. This question is keeping my fire within buring, in a way that everything else has failed to do. We are alike Paulo, and I am proud to say it. Perhaps one day my signs and yours will bring us down the same path. For now, I leave you with my gratitiude and tell you that because of you, I have stopped my downward journey and I am now planning for the climb.
    All the best to you now and always.
    Karen, Dublin, Ireland.

  11. Anonymous Muslim says:

    Islam doesn’t believe in reincarnation.

    I am one of paulo coelho’s biggest fans and I just finished reading his latest book Aleph. While I am very impressed by the book, I find it crucial to point out that some verses from the Quraan were misinterpreted leading to the support of the concept of reincarnation which is actually against our beliefs.
    As stated in the book :
    2:28 ”Allah will cause you to die, and then he will bring you back to life again, and you will return to him once more”
    This is only a part of the verse, the whole verse is: ”How can you disbelieve in Allah when you were lifeless and he brought you to life; the he will cause you to die, then he will bring you back to life, and then to him you will be returned”.
    The phrase ”you were lifeless and he brought you to life” referes to being lifeless as a sperm and an ovum before being created into a human being by the will of Allah.
    The phrase ”the he will cause youto die, then he will bring you to life, and then to him you will be returned” refers to death after a lifetime then resurrection for the day of judgement preparing for an eternal life in heaven or in hell where there is no going back to another earthly life. Thus it should be noted that resurrection should not be misconceived as reincarnation.
    This is clearly stated in the quraanic verse 23:99-100 ”O my lord! Send me back to life – in order that i may work righteousness in the things i neglected” – ”by no means! It is but a word ge says before them is a partition till the day they are raised up”

  12. Angela Quiroz says:

    Hola maestro Coelho: acabo de terminar de leer Aleph, que maravilla de libro, el reencuentro con uno mismo, encontrar el perdon para vivir tranquilo y en paz, aprender a caminar con lo que nos toco vivir a cada uno y vivir en paz y tranquilo comprendiendo que la vida es el tre y no la estacion, no debemos quedarnos pegados con los dolores de la vida sino que debemos aprender a caminar y convivr con ellos, enfrentar los miedos mas profundos de nuestra alma… que librerador este aleph un verdadero paraiso. Hace mas de 20 aos que no tomaba un libro para leer y por casualidad me tope con el alquimista que meabrio los ojos para buscar y seguir mi destino y lo que quiero lograr fijando siempre nuevas metas, luego lei Brida, hermosa historia por buscar lo que realmente somos y siempre el amor presente para poder vivir y que el amor no es solamente estar en la carne con la persona amada… tambien ya lei a orillas del rio piedra me sente y llore, pues bien me s sente y llore como una magdalena cn la protagonista ya que sufri y gose cada palabra del libro mi imaginacion logra llevarme a lugares que jamsa imagine que podria encontrar en mi. Agradezcosu forma de escribir, su forma de trasnmitir mensajes, sentiminstos, de trasportarnos a lugares de los cuales puedo llegar a sentir hasta el aroma, se me puede erizar la piel con una palabra y eso no creo que se encuentre en cualquir libro. Paulo cohelho gracias por haber llegado a mis manos a traves de tus libros y por abrir un mundo maravilloso en mi vida a travez de la lectura!!!

  13. John Jose says:

    I was apprehensive to read Aleph – Paulo Coelho. I didn’t believe that i was learned enough to understand the level of his thinking. But Paulo, you inspire me. You inspire me to keep my dream stay alive. I haven’t read The alchemist. Now reading ‘The Winner Stands Alone’. Its keeping me spellbound! Enjoying my journey through the phenomenon – Paulo Coelho!

  14. Charde says:

    Dear Paulo
    I have just finished reading your book entitled “Aleph”.
    It is obvious from your writing that on some level you believe in a “greater power” and that you have talent; however, with all due respect, your talent is being used to mislead readers.
    There is only one God and the fact that nowadays people believe in anything and everything other than the One and Only, Almighty and Powerful God is what is causing our world so much suffering and pain.
    In your book you seem to condone belief in wizards, alchemists, goddesses, witches etc as well as reincarnation which is foolish and simply is not true.
    You write about your character’s belief in God and then completely contradict yourself by condoning getting into bed with another woman as a married man to travel into the past to revist previous lives which are not Godly views in the least.
    I implore you to use your talent to draw people closer to God instead of leading them further away from him so that we might have peace in this world; it is the responsibility of every Christian and should not be taken lightly. We cannot let our fellow brothers and sisters go about believing what is not true such that they will be damned in the next life when we go either to heaven or to hell. I do not wish that any soul enter into hell because they did not know the Truth.
    You might think that what you wrote was an act of fiction and that this is a radical response; however, unfortunately there are several people out there who do not have discernment to tell the difference and it is our duty to protect them from the eternal damnation of hell.
    God bless you and all of our fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world; I pray that you will all come to know and accept God as the One, True Saviour – our Lord Jesus Christ – so that we all might experience peace, joy and love in this life and in the next. Our Lord desires this for us more than anything.

  15. adriana huesca pelayo says:

    Encontrar el Aleph….. en nuestras vidas pienso que es el momento en donde uno experimenta la paz interior del alma y surge una felicidad inmesa sobre cada momento vivido minuto a minuto, increibles sucesos y pensamientos maestro Coelho….. gracias una bendición tenerlo y pienso que a millones de personas les ha ayudado a seguir adelante en este camino por la vida…… como lo hace con mi caminar en este mundo. Ady.

  16. Lula Herbst says:

    Читая “Алеф” понимаю, что Ð’Ñ‹ тоже растёте вместе со своими читателями. Что Ð’Ñ‹ – один из нас. Мне всегда казалось смешным и незрелым сознаваться в том, что до сих пор (в свои 50 лет) я истязаю себя вопросами. Кто я? Ð’ чём смысл моего существования? Уже имея хорошую и желанную профессию всё ещё как школьница ищу себя и пробую сумасшедшие вещи. Ищу себя – нахожу и вновь теряю!
    Спасибо, что Вы такой же.
    Обнимаю, Галина.

  17. Sed says:

    Have to say that it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read,truly inspirational giving life a meaning..

  18. Renate says:

    Hallo ……ich heiße Renate und sollte ja schon des Namens wegen einmal wiedergeboren sein……aber meine Eltern wussten sicher bei der Namensgebung nicht viel von der Bedeutung !!!?
    gerade lese ich Aleph und kann diese Visionen einfach nicht glauben ,dazu noch so Detailgenau !! aber es fasziniert mich trotzdem . Ich bin so kurz vor dem Ende der Reise und frage mich, ob es ein ” happy End ” gibt ???.
    Eine Erlösung vielleicht !
    Vielleicht beschreibe ich demnächst mal ein Erlebniss, dass ich auf einer Reise nach Florenz und Umgebung hatte ( etwa vor 30 Jahren ) es war in Vinci .Es war wie Sie beschreiben …ich konnte nur weinen .
    Bis Bald !!

  19. Amina says:

    I’m reading Aleph and since I began an image doesn’t leave my mind. I think that image can be described by the Aleph. It’s the first, the last, the “everytime” moment we are full of joy, happiness and pain at the same time. And we don’t understand the reason. Like that moment when I was in the french subway in Paris, with my boyfriend at that time. I was standing on the dock. Suddenly, I felt that something attracted me. I looked, I met his eyes, he was on the other dock. Our eyes were connected, nothing else mattered, there was nothing around us, no walls, no tunnel, no docks, no more boyfriend. We looked at each other and we smiled, as if we already knew each other. Only me him and the halo around us. The moment seemed to last forever. And then his subway came. And stopped. I wasn’t able to see him. My heart fell to my knees when the subway started moving. I was always looking to the place he was, and there he was, standing in the same place, looking at the same place : me. Then something I regret till today happened, my subway came, and I took it, my boyfriend following me. I went to the window and looked at him for the last time, he was always smiling to me and me to him. And then he disappeared as our subway entered the tunnel. I came back to my routine. Today and 15 years later, I’m always asking myself, what if I didn’t take that train? What if I stayed there? What if I changed dock and went to him? I feel the answer is I will stay in his arms forever, no need for kisses, or sex, or even speaking. Stay in his arms forever.

  20. Arina says:

    Так бывает:
    …когда Ñ‚Ñ‹ веришь, а тебя предают;
    …когда тебе лгут, глядя в глаза;
    …когда Ñ‚Ñ‹ любишь, а твою любовь предают;
    …когда Ñ‚Ñ‹, всю жизнь отдавая, ничего не получаешь взамен;
    …когда за любезной улыбкой прячется волчий оскал;
    …когда самую нестерпимую боль причиняют самые близкие люди;
    …когда Ñ‚Ñ‹, помогая человеку в трудную минуту, отдаешь последнее, а он, в трудный для тебя момент отворачивается, радуясь твоей беде;
    …когда после полученных за всю жизнь ран, кажется, что душа уже истлела и мертва, и ничто не вернет ее к прежней жизни, но всего лишь один-единственный взгляд искренне любящих глаз – и она оживает, возрождаясь подобно птице Феникс;
    …когда отчаяние намного сильнее надежды, и в какой-то момент Ñ‚Ñ‹ опускаешь руки и перестаешь сопротивляться, но услышав: “Мама, помоги…”, Ñ‚Ñ‹ понимаешь, что видишь ангела в образе сына, и знаешь, что сделаешь для него даже невозможное, и что сильнее тебя никого в мире нет…

  21. Mariajose Flores says:

    Hola Paulo soy una admiradora tuya me fascinan tus libros, solo he leí­do, Once minutos, El Alquimista, Veronica decide morir y actualmente estoy leyendo Aleph es increí­ble esta historia, creo que actualmente estoy viviendo mi Aleph, con tus libros he podido comprender mas el mundo espiritual, he podido conocerme mas a mi misma. Dios te bendiga y te de mucha salud para poder seguir disfrutando mas de tus interesantes libros. Eres el mejor autor que he leí­do. Un abrazo muy fuerte.

  22. thainan says:

    Paulo, estou comeí§ando a ler seu livro e estou quase chorando, minha vida comeí§a com minha liberdade(é o que penso), estou desfrutando desta liberdade? Acho que ní£o. Estou desde meus primeiros passos, com uma certeza em mente, certeza de que serei infeliz se ní£o buscar alcaní§ar meu sonho, parece estar muito distante, tenho 16 anos mais compreendo que nada compreendo, nem porque ní£o consigo sair da busca que ní£o sei direito qual é, ní£o consigo, esquecer que deve ter um sentido para minha vida, o que sou, porque sou, e onde sou?

  23. amany says:

    I m a favourite fan of your books , really like their spirituality & your unique way of living , how you overcame things that happened in your life , turning failures into successes
    I started Reading Aleph today after reading lots of the quotes from it that completely dazzled me , & even though it has only been a few pages , but um starting to make connections to the ppl i know

    However i wanted to Point out something in the Book , Islam Totally Opposes the concept of Reincarnation , & the verses from Quran mentioned here have different meanings & related to other situations

  24. Amy says:


    I was resisting to put my hands on your book “Aleph” for more than 3 months. I bought the book and I hid it because I wanted the assurance of owning it. Maybe because I knew it would alter mood and I was enjoying my misery at the time. And for the strangest reasons, looking for a tattoo design, I started to look at the “Muqatta’at” in Quran and from this I dwelled into the numerical values of “Abjad” in Quran. It is a fascinating path and I enjoy getting lost, the Alice in Wonderland complex! Only a couple of nights ago I finally picked “Aleph” from its hiding place in my bookcase and started gulping the words off the pages, only then I understood what it means: 6 + 1 + 8 + 4 = 19 = One. Aleph is the One. One is everything and it is all here.

    I am still lost. Its all too immense to grasp but this little flicker of light is enough for me to carry on and try to go further and to know I am not alone. For this I want to thank you.

    Good wishes to you

  25. Catherinec says:

    I think Paulo Coelho’s story about the cathedral was a great example of what our purpose in life is. Our purpose in life is to find a way to prepare and better ourselves so that eventually, we will be able to give back to the world all the generosities it gave us. We spend our lives making choices and decisions that will shape our future, and very single action we take, even the smallest ones, will somehow contribute to the world. We shouldn’t go through life seeing our purpose as something strictly physical like the first guy, but we should look more long term. Also, we shouldn’t live our lives like the second person, who, only saw his actions as something that was merely for the time he had on the earth. However, we should view and live our lives as something that will contribute to the world while we are here, and even after we die, so that we can leave the world with something meaningful. 

  26. Melody M says:

    I believe the meaning of life is different for everyone; depending on what a person wants to accomplish in their life. You are the one who can give meaning to your life. I believe in God and I think he puts every single person on this earth for a reason. But, you are the only one who has the power to fulfill that purpose. Throughout your life, your interpretation of the meaning of life could change. However, with determination and confidence in yourself, you can give meaning to whatever it is in your life that is important to you.

  27. Jho says:

    Dear Mr Paulo

    My whole life or from the age of three I’ve been searching for something extraordinary, always looking up at the heavens waiting for something/one to fetch me. As I grew older I was told to stop living in a dream world. I do dream a lot. Sometimes I write down what I dream and try to figure out what they mean.

    But life has a different path it wants you to follow. Through choices and chances we take we end up either on a good wave or a not. I lost my first wife and mother of my children 11 years ago to cancer. I nearly lost my daughter to illness and my son nearly twice to accidents. I was so consumed by work that I didn’t stop to take notice that they were actual warnings.

    I’ve done the church thing where you completely commit yourself to the church’s teachings and follow God. However I didn’t feel that overwhelming feeling of being filled by God. I tried to blend in and flow with things but it didn’t happen.

    I then had a profound experience which led me to search for knowledge. I started studying industrial psychology which led to a more inner search. I started collecting information on the universe, cosmology, astronomy, astrology, spirituality and the history of the bible and various religious followings to try and see where I fit in. I was consumed in my own little world of knowledge searching for just over 3 years.

    During this time I quit my job to start a business with a friend of 20 years. I had to learn the hard way that friends and business are not always a good combination. After loosing everything I had to start over again. It obviously put a lot of strain on my marriage and relationship with my family. Yet I knew in my heart and mind that I must go on things will get better.

    I learned during this time that everything is connected to everything. I realised that I should take a different approach to life. Instead of recognising the patterns I should start looking for flaws, spikes, alternatives in the patterns. I then realised that these are actually signs, omens or warnings. I also started listening more to the voice inside my head. You know, the one we tend ignore and then it ends up telling us I told you so.

    I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe everything happens as it’s supposed to happen. When a very good friend of mine gave you’re book, Warrior of Light, I recognised a spike in the pattern. How did you know all this? I asked. It opened up so many doors in my mind and soul. It was during this time that my marriage and personal life was taking a lot of strain, financially and emotionally. I was writing down everything so as to try and make sense of why things are happening the way they are.

    Then my friend gave me the Alchemist to read. It was as if a higher hand has been guiding this whole process. I was overwhelmed by the contents and recognized the experiences. Once again more doors opened in my mind and soul. I started making more and more notes, writing more and more things down on how I see and experience life. Then I got a break. I started working for one of our country’s famous racing drivers. I started to travel with the team and spend long periods where I was alone and away from the family. It was during this time I also finished 11 Minutes. I saw it as a time to find what I’m looking for.

    I did find some inner peace as well as talking with or experiencing a higher power although I’m not sure. Then I got another break, I got a job in Afghanistan. My first trip here went without a hitch. I spend the best Christmas and New Years in my life here. I also met the funniest, scariest, craziest most wonderful person here. He showed me a lot of things in my life that I had forgotten neglected or forgotten, things that are important to my existence and would help answering some of those unanswered questions.

    While I was on leave I ended up doing shopping with the wife. Something I’m not very keen on. However I did it and fortunately came across your books The Valkeries and The Pilgrimage. I returned here 3 weeks ago and finished The Valkeries and just finished The Pilgrimage. Wow! Who is this Paulo Coelho and why is he writing about things I feel so comfortable, overwhelmed and sometimes scared? I feel I had to get in contact with you somehow. So here is my 5 cents worth.

    What amazes me is the fact that my wife, yes I re-married; who’s going through a difficult time in her life currently has finished reading 11 Minutes, The Alchemist and the Warrior of Light. I’ll be seeing her in just over 2 months again. I believe your books will have an impact on her life as well.

    I’m not into pain and those types of things however I had a tattoo done. The idea came to me through a different channel. I didn’t get it out of a catalogue or book. I started drawing one night, and no I’m no Picasso. Yet an image started appearing and pretty soon I was so consumed by its contents that I spent 6 months trying to figure out why I came to draw it and what it represents. I still battle to tell people what it means without a notebook nearby.

    I will have to send you the design. I’m sure you will have a better understanding and could also help me understand the true meaning of it. My explanation, I have found, tends to bore people. That’s why I avoid explanations, because I’m not often so sure myself.

    I know I’m supposed to write a comment in this column but this is the only way I could find now to make contact. Maybe there are other readers that are curious about my tattoos’ design. I believe I’m carrying some sort of message which I don’t know how to convey.

    Thank you very much for writing those books. It came to me in stages during my life where I needed it the most. I just need to get answers to questions now.

    1. Artyom says:

      Dear Mr. Coello,
      as every human being, i also have some personal problems and try to solve them…. My last girl-friend at the last day of our meeting advised me to read “Zair” – and now i am reading it. it is interesting, it is symbolic, and it captured all over me.
      when i read it it seems to me that it is about me and for the time being i realize that whatever we do – we do for ourselves and whatever happened with us – it is continuation of “Road of Santyago”. maybe you put another idea in your “Zair” – but i really want to thank you for these genius relationship between man and woman.
      You give me another way of thinking about my life and what i want to do in my life.

  28. Pata Pata says:

    I”ve found it weird that there are pages I read and feel like Ive read them before, like a sort of de ja vu. I’ve also found the dreams i have much weirder than before and thats all my impressionable nature to blame. I have only read five of all 15 of your books and the familiarity of the words and the story very fascinating, Im definately a fan and a little obessive too, :)

  29. Paulo,

    Thank you. I walked into the store and your book reached up and grabbed my arm. It said, ‘See me, I am for you.’ And we went home together.

    It was as if you wrote this book just for me at just this time in my life.

    Thank you. I have now moved on and am finding my way once again.

    Eternally your friend


  30. Cristian Marcel Coelho says:

    Preciso de voce, sera que posso ter essa dadiva de conversar com perfeií§í£o do ego agora? Ní£o me conhece, acho que nem tera vaidade de buscar. Mas assim como digo humilde, pelo conhecimento que me consome pela raiva. Preciso de ecenssia que me manteha ao dom unico da evoluí§í£o. Ní£o te procuraria por meu genio e sei que sera dificil pra voce aceitar, mas infelizmente é necessidade. Nem aguardo, mas seria valoroso para ambos. Fique com DEUS, grande abraí§o…

  31. Francisco says:

    Hola, Paulo.
    He de decirte que tu libro toca el alma. Pero como lector me veo en “la obligación” de criticarlo, ya que es la es la única forma de seguir adelante. Yo a pequeña escala también escribo y la crí­tica constructiva es siempre bien recibida.
    Pues bien, mi crí­tica va dirigida a las connotaciones teológicas del protagonista y del libro en el general, a veces no veo bien si estás poniendo a Dios por encima de todo o si es una parte más de la vida. El protagonista, en ocasiones, parece perteneciente al sacerdocio por la dirección que llevan sus expresiones. La carga teológica del libro resta, a mi juicio, belleza al libro en sentido amplio ya que la concepción del Dios cristiano está ya muy devaluada desde la Edad Media y mi sensación es que usted quiere rescartarlo conectándolo con la vida, y creo que de la manera en que usted lo hace pierde toda relación con la esencia del Dios cristiano que la Iglesia nos propone.
    Pese a las crí­ticas no deje escibir ya que sus la luz de sus palabras alumbran a mucha gente.
    Un saludo, Francisco.

  32. Arantxa says:

    Paulo, si esa experiencia del transiberiano fue en 2006, como hiciste para escribir el libro años después? Para poder recordar cada conversación quwe tuvieron allí­, y las experiencias.

    Escribí­as todo lo que viví­an cada dia en tu computadora? Supongo que fue así­.

    Me intriga mucho saber de la vida de HILAL en estos momentos, espero que esté muy bien y que logre todo lo que quiera en su vida.

    Saludos, Besos y Bendiciones.

  33. Arantxa says:

    Maestro Paulo, Dios te bendiga. Quiero empezar diciendo que tus libros significan muchí­simo para mi, ya que ellos fueron uno de los tantos caminos que me llevaron a conocer realmente el camino espiritual. Gracias a Dios, tengo muchas personas en mi vida que me guí­an y me acompañan en este camino espiritual, entre esas tú. No sé si llegaré a conocerte en algún momento de mi vida, simplemente eres grande, tienes una alma espectacular, la cual demuestras en cada uno de tus libros que escribes y compartes con nosotros.

    Todos tus libros son hermosos y nos inspiran. GRACIAS por todo, por tus palabras, por ser tú.

    Arantxa, 15 años, Venezuela

  34. Beatriz says:

    Como siempre mencionas en tus libros… no hay coincidencias en la vida, simplemente todo fluye como tiene que ser. Aleph llega a mi en un momento en el que mi alma necesita recordar, aceptar, perdonar… La manera en la que presentas el tema de reencontrarnos con la búsqueda de aquello que nos mueve en la vida, y de cómo es el amor la fuerza más poderosa, es sencillamente mágica, principalmente para un alma que se encuentra exactamente en el punto donde comienza tu historia en Aleph.
    Gracias por recordarnos esto Paulo, y por esas señales que fluyen a través de tu pluma.
    Te conoci por primera vez con tu obra “A Orillas del Rio Piedra me senté y lloré” estando en un puerto del Golfo de México, sentada a orillas del mar y llorando… ahi comprendi que todo lo que necesitas recibir, siempre llega a tí­ y comence a conocer tu lenguaje para ayudarme a recordar todo lo que el alma conoce pero no recuerda…
    Gracias infinitas por Aleph…

  35. Swetha Amit says:

    The book is written in Coelho’s inimitable style and explores love, forgiveness and reincarnation. Ardent fans who have enjoyed his previous works like ‘The Alchemist’ and ‘Zahir’ would find this new narrative to be yet another enriching experience. Mystical and engrossing, it enables one to discover the road to tranquillity and salvation.
    Aleph is a read that will induce readers to believe in themselves and look at life with a different perspective.
    This bestseller has rightly found its place in leading bookstores and remains a top-seller.

  36. Wafa Abyiad says:

    Les premières pages du livre sont très philosophiques, avec ces questions existentielles que l’auteur aime í  nous adresser dans chacun de ses écrits. Mais, passée cette introduction, l’histoire du livre devient de plus en plus intéressante. L’auteur nous tient en haleine pour découvrir ce qui se cache derrière sa rencontre avec la jeune Hilal. Tout au long des pages, il s’emploie í  expliquer ce que « Aleph » signifie pour lui. Un endroit oí¹ le temps et l’espace se rejoignent, une sorte de « nirvana », un lieu magique et intemporel. Le lecteur est dès lors poussé í  jeter un Å“il dans un dictionnaire pour y trouver une définition plus cartésienne. Selon celle-ci, « aleph » signifie « les cardinaux des ensembles infinis bien ordonnés ». Il s’agit, on l’aura compris, d’un concept mathématique. Cette définition « cartésienne » aide í  comprendre ce que l’auteur tente de nous décrire, ce lieu, cet ensemble infini dans l’espace qu’il a un jour atteint en compagnie de Hilal. Mais lí  n’est pas la fin de l’histoire. Celle-ci reste í  la hauteur de la complexité du concept présenté par Paulo Coelho. Elle prend de court le lecteur, le laisse perplexe, lui donnant presque envie de relire le livre pour íªtre certain d’avoir tout compris.

    Le talent de Paulo Coelho nous fait voyager dans des endroits qu’on n’aurait jamais cru visiter. Un monde qui semble si réaliste mais qui, í  travers la plume de l’auteur, devient magique et irréel.

  37. jim says:

    I finished my first reading of Aleph today that I got from the library.
    I’ve already mentioned (in my “journal”) how I’ve had seemingly unrelated thoughts, visions, or heard things while reading portions of it. Several times I got choked up while reading a paragraph that doesn’t seem to have anything emotional in it. So why did it trigger one in me? Perhaps something I read earlier finally caught up with me? Other times I heard or saw things having to do with my life yet what I was reading didn’t seem to have any connection. I really wish I would have made a note of the exact passages I was reading when things came to me or triggered emotions.

    Well, today I did pay attention. I couldn’t not pay attention. I am not a crier””unfortunately””I may get choked up, but rarely do tears come. I won’t go into why I think this is so right now, just that I do believe it’s unfortunate.

    “One cannot read a book: one can only reread it,” Vladimir Nabokov once said. A paper published in the Journal of Consumer Research (Cristel Antonia (2012)) found re-reading offers mental health benefits because it allows for a more profound emotional connection and self-reflection, versus the first reading which is more focused on the events and plot.

    I again paste this definition I came across, because I have not reread this book yet, and describes how I in fact do read (or watch a movie, or hear a new piece of music). In other words, my first reading is more about my personal enjoyment or entertainment.””a good story if you will. If I were “tested” right now on this book, I’d fail. I’ll need to reread it at least one more time before I really begin to hear the words and have an emotional connection to them.

    So, imagine my surprise when I read the following and literally burst out sobbing uncontrollably… tears and all.

    “Don’t worry.”
    “Did you get the answer you needed?”
    I would like to say, “Yes, I finally understand my destiny,” but my voice is choked with tears.
    “You won’t leave me alone in this city, will you?”
    I put my arms around her.
    “Of course I won’t.”

    Yes, I know. Anyone who has read to that point in the book, or perhaps just this excerpt, could see how it might affect someone emotionally. But if I’ve even come close to describing myself, one could see how I ask myself how and why did this affect me so? And I’ll add, for about five decades, I’ll have to say I’ve had no beliefs. If at least one of my five senses couldn’t prove something was real I didn’t give it too much thought. This does not mean I ever disbelieved.
    I’m here and that’s that, so to say.

    Things really took a turn about four years ago. I was sent a gift from The Netherlands via London from two very special and gifted women. The gift was from one to the other then on to me. I wish I could include what is written inside the cover of The Alchemist that I have here, but I must respect another’s privacy. The book is very dear to me. But once more, when I first read it it was basically a nice story, a fairy tale for adults. The book itself wasn’t what turned my world around, but the woman who gave it to me. Eventually it became more then a nice story. I even bought an audio version as I was spending a lot of time driving back then. The book complimented what I was learning and eventually lead me to others.

    First to the Warrior of the Light. I had come across quotes from it on the web and decided I needed a copy for myself. And it lead me to Brida in a round about way. I hardly ever look through the bargain bins at the book store””I have no patience and rarely have ever found anything I wanted. That day was different. The first book I saw was by the same author that brought me to the store. It called out to me. But after reading the synopsis, I wasn’t interested in stories about witches. I told myself if I found nothing else, I’d come back and get it. What did I have to lose? I’m sure it will be at least a good story. Well, I got the book I came for and found nothing else, so went back and got Brida as well.

    It was a few days before I started reading it…. and…. coincidences? It said some of the very things that a Voice had told me about my Soul Mate just days before!! Yes, a Voice. This nonbeliever had been told something one morning… I heard it! And now by chance I pick up a book with almost the same things I had heard printed right in front of me. Chance? Coincidence? I can’t see, hear, touch, smell, taste or smell either of those “C” words. But I believed I heard a Voice and somehow this book seemed to come to me just days later to insure I had no doubts about what I can’t prove. And I must admit, what I heard and later read, contained some things I liked to hear, but also some I’d rather not hear. But yet even hearing the things I’d rather not know about, I was filled with joy. I was so happy that day I heard a Voice even though some things saddened me. Reading the book was almost like reading a more detailed version of what I had already heard. I’m glad that book called me and kept any others from getting my attention.

    This has gotten too long, but I’ll say I’ve been lead to other books that I wasn’t too excited about reading at first, but like Brida, they somehow made sure I took them home. And was amazed once more when I did read them. I know my Soul Mate, I know a Brida, and I have a Zahir who is surely a blessing and sometimes drives me to madness.

    I’ve only begun a journey and don’t know where it will lead (still learning). Right now I believe I have a treasure, but it seems my treasure doesn’t want me. But voices have come talking about that gift I received that wasn’t entirely mine to keep and I was to return it one day in person after crossing my desert… but right now the shared owner of that gift doesn’t seem to want it returned.

    A long winded way to say Thank You Paulo Coehlo
    Your words (reworded occasionally, but still yours) are all over my “Journal” (private blog really).
    I wish I could post things here for you to read, but once again I must respect another’s privacy.

  38. Mi admirado Paulo
    ciertamente en esta vida venimos de algun modo, a cerrar ciclos con personas con quienes tuvimos algun tipo de relación en vidas pasadas. Lo duro de esto es que somo seres humanos terrenales y por más que cultivemos nuestra espiritualidad, duele mucho en el alma cuando amamos con entrega total a la persona que solo estará un instante, en una situación particular pero no hasta el final de nuestras vidas. >Tal vez si logremos en alguna próxima vida ser como Jesus nuestro Señor, que aprendió a aceptar la voluntad del Padre muy a pesar de su dolor.

  39. Armando says:

    What to do when you found your soulmate and she’s been with you many other lives (is true, we’ve figured out that) but you’re not sure about your self? how could I deal with my own? how could I believe in myself?

  40. Mercy says:

    Me encanto el libro lo acabo de terminar de leer y bueno lo estoy empezando de nuevo, pues a veces sucede que en la primera lectura obviamos ciertas cosas que en la segunda podemos dislumbrar mejor y eso hago. Empezar de cero y ser valiente es la eterna moraleja de sus libros me encantan y espero poder seguir disfrutando de sus hermosos pensamientos

  41. Wouldn’t it be wonderful in all could read and understand? It would be such a more peaceful world.

  42. Judy Estevez says:

    Thank you for that beautiful masterpiece. I can’t put into words the profound impact Aleph has had on my soul. I feel different, accept people for who they are, appreciate life, it’s good and bad; and I understand that if “you conquer yourself, then you will conquer the world.”
    I am an attorney in the USA, and I spend my entire day fighting battles with my adversaries. Battles that many time can’t be won, and these battles bring about enormous amount of hostility and negative energy. I am 33 years old and I feel like I have been searching for peace for hundreds of years. So for years I have been doing Yoga, running and exercising, in order to tune out the world and attempt to find peace and quiet inside my soul. But Aleph has done what these things have failed to do. So thank you for this great book, because it has placed me on the right path- the path to spiritual peace and harmony. The two most important things I so desperately long for. I hope to complete this journey one day, hopefully in this lifetime.
    I used to look at myself, and say how strange life is, I want and long for peace and spiritual balance, but yet I am in a career that is defined by organized fighting, procedural chaos, disputes; an adversarial system that forces individuals to stand against each other as foe. Now I look at this thought and say, there is a reason for this; and I need to find it. I pray that as I light the sacred fire, God will send me the miracle.
    Your books are treasures. I started reading the rest of your books after I read the Alchemist. I couldn’t stop the urge of picking up one and then another. I just finished Aleph, so I can’t wait for your next masterpiece! I hope one day you can come to the States to give a lecture or a conversation about your books. I pray that our path will meet one day, if not in this lifetime perhaps in the next.
    Thank you,

    1. Petia Blagoeff says:

      WOW Judy,
      I can’t believe that your post is like my feelings exactly. I achieved the same balance after reading Aleph. I have very busy lifestyle as well, I am Realtor in WV and finding calmness and peace is harder with each passing day. Thank you for sharing your toughts with Paulo and us, his fans. I also hope that he (Paulo) will have the time to visits the states and be able to teach us some of his wisdom and experience.
      Take care.

  43. Aarti says:

    I picked up Aleph by chance. While reading it and after.. i felt such a sense of calm. it confirmed for me exactly what i have felt about certain relationships.. Thank you so much for sharing it with us fellow travelers..

  44. Wendolyne says:

    Paulo Coelho eres mi Sensei!! Entre mas te leo mas aprendo de ti.. Debo confesar que desde que lei “Los dioses de la quinta montaña” me ayudaste a enteder muchisisimas cosas que venia arrastrando desde años atras, pero sobretodo entendi unpoco las deciciones que Dios tuvo en mi vida.. En Aleph me seguiste nutriendo con tu manera de ver la vida… Gracias..
    Las Frases que mas me gustaron de “Aleph”
    1.- ” Nuestra vida es un viaje constante, de nacimiento y muerte. Cambia el paisaje, cambian las personas, las necesidades se transforman, pero el tren sigue adelante. La vida es el tren, no la estacion”
    2.- No es lo que hiciste en tu vida pasada lo que afectara el presente. Es lo que haces en el presente lo que redimirá el pasado y, lógicamente, cambiará el futuro.
    3.- Hace mucho tiempo aprendí­ que para curar mis heridas necesitaba tener el valor de enfrentarlas. Aprendi tambien a perdonarme y a corregir mis errores.
    4.-Promete que, si en algun momento el viento frio parara por mi vida, encenderás para mi el fuego de la amistad.
    5.- No te dejes intimidar por la opinion ajena , solo la mediocridad es segura, por eso corre tus riesgos y haz lo que deseas.
    6.- Es posible desviarse del camino trazado por Dios?? Si pero siempre permaneceras en el error… Es posible evitar el dolor?? Si pero jamas aprenderas nada… Es posible conocer las cosas sin experimentarlas verdaderamente?? Si pero ellas nunca formaran realmente parte de ti.


  45. Kathy Mosbaugh says:

    appropriate and so true. Thank you
    Continue ro have these kind of experiences with people in my life.
    Loved this book. Read it in a day………….would have highlighted so much of it, if it wasn’t a library book!
    Gonna buy a copy and reread!
    Thank you Paulo…you are a gem in an ocean of consciousness.

  46. elvira giorgi says:

    in questo libro ho trovato la mia risposta!grazie <3

  47. Jessie Richard says:

    Signor Paulo, thanks for allowing us to comment on the book.
    I finished reading Aleph yesterday. That story has the shape of a curve,, a spiral , the Aleph, but with two points around which the whole narrative revolve which are the event that happened to Hilal when she was 10 and the past-life incident when the narrator was instructed to punish her. I skipped through the pages back and forth trying to feel the connection between the episodes on the train and their journey back to the past…I don’t understand though how the relationship could remain so “platonic” given your expressed attraction to her …substituting the reunion of the two long lost souls-in love, with the ring of fire ritual didn’t really feel real to me….maybe as the writer you were trying to balance it with realism…morality and the thought of the narrator’s trusting wife…the connection was rather buoyant , it didn’t really pull the whole story to that direction . Instead the lack of blatant romanticism between Hilal and the narrator lifts the story back to the two core points, back to the Aleph, the central point of the novel. I love your characterization…Hilal seems real, Yao too and the way you portray the publisher makes me think if they are really like that :-). I absolutely love Hilal’s prayers of forgiveness….one thing that attract attention too is the spiritual elements in your books combined with the intermittent mentioning of certain metaphysical elements i.e the lady who predicted that “the soul of Turkey would….” and the prediction of the car accident and the dream the narrator’s wife had…they feel like an honest depiction of the state of spiritualism in the world where no one or no place is absolutely white in color where everything is a made up different shades of grey, real, mysterious, dramatic, and intriguing….I enjoyed reading this novel but I feel I could get more life understanding from reading By the River Pedra I sat down and wept…the theme of having to choose between a seemingly ordinary devotion to an ordinary humanly love or to devote entire life for a higher purpose …its about love, choices, dedication and the search for God’s calling for you in life and for love ….both are beautiful stories…

  48. Ariana says:

    Aun me falta comprender cosas, pero con lo que tengo y he aprendido ,me basta para seguir. Sin palabras. Gracias.

  49. Liliana Sandoval says:

    Hola Qurerido Paulo.
    Solo queria decirte que me gusto mucho tu libro Aleph y obviamente como la mayoria de tus lectores muchos otros de tus libros. Ahora quiero solamente decirte que tengo el corazon roto y el alma desolada porque termine con una relacion de amor que mantuve por largo tiempo. Quisiera entender tantas cosas del amor, como por ejemplo porque las personas dejasn de amar repentinamente, porque Dios permitio que conociera esta persona, acaso no deberia haber conocido a alguien correcto y ya?? porque si di lo mejor de mi las cosas no funcionaron?? Paulo quisiera tener la sabiduria para entender mejor a Dios y sus designios. Ojala y puedas regalarme una palabra de aliento. Espero conocerte algun dia, ven a Colombia me encantaria que conocieras las maravillas de mi pais. Abrazos.

  50. Vrushali says:

    Happened to read Aleph because the book called me from the bookshelf in the library..just was ecstatic to read it..felt peace…and the next one on my list was On the banks of River Piedra…amazing books and gave me wonderful insight and the ability to forgive and not judge myself….