Las Valkirias (Espanol)

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Translation by my friend Marie-Christine (who was there – in Santiago de Compostela – when the interview was recorded, by the way):

“The Valkiries” the new Paulo Coelho’s book

It is one of the most succesful author in the world, Paulo Coelho new novel “The Valkiries” an autobiographic works in which the brasilian author and his wife have crossed, during a period of a month and a half ,the Mojave desert in the United States, and which, according to the author himself, has changed his life.

A journey of dreams, of his personal legend, this is “The Valkiries” , the new Paulo Coelho’s novel, a journey of 40 days through the Mojave Desert which, says the author has changed his life.

…”the cult life .I apply it every day.Looking around me and I see that anywhere I look, there is life and this life is…. “Paulo Coelho

The author himself affirms that there is always a “before” and an “after” of this trip, “yes” who truly has changed my life”. Paulo Coelho

Originally written in 1992, it provides an autobiographical journey and like an extra step towards the research of perfection to arrive to “become a master.”
An intention to imitate the same experience as Jesus in the desert.

..”These 40 days in the desert have changed me a lot..I believe there is a tradition.” Paulo Coelho

“Some of these feelings have remained to take shape in the book’s images, one of these experiences, in particular very difficult, which almost cost the life of the author and Cris, his wife, who accompanied him during this personal retreat.”

“..I, Myself spent a lot of moments in confrontation with myself.” Paulo Coelho

“Coelho insists that we are not alone. The world is transforming itself… the angels are guiding us and are protecting us.” They are teaching us, as with him, an apprenticeship that ends, when one arrives at what himself defines as “becoming a master.”


  1. Nadia says:

    I wish I could meet You and learn from You how to speak with my angel.
    After this book I will never lose hope and stop trying to see them.

    With love and gratitude,

  2. cami says:

    ayer temriné de leer el libro “Las Valkirias”, y como todo libro de Paulo Coelho, me hizo reflexionar muchisimo sobre la importancia de no generar propias barreras ante los sueños, ante nuestros verdaderos deseos. A muchos de nosotros a veces nos parece que por todo lo que somos o por como somos, no tenemos derecho a ser felices, pero es sólo porque nuestro subconciente no deja que la felicidad llegue a nosotros. Me encanto el libro :)

  3. karla says:

    paulo coelho es mi gran inspiracion, con sus libros abre mi mente a lugares increibles. el los describe con una manera que parece que estoy viviendo sus viajes. he leido casi todos los libro de paulo y cada uno me hace viajar en mi imaginacion… desde el alquimista a las valkirias he tenido el placer de disfrutar y amar..

  4. jany says:

    senor Coelho:
    siempre sus libros me han parecido increibles su manera de expresarse requiere de un constante seguimiento por mi parte pues aunque sus palabras son entendibles la comprension amerita mas consentracion de mi lado, Las Valkirias es un libro interesante pero extrano,en su PRóLOGO CUENTA K SOLO UTILIZó la ficcion en dos ocasiones pero realmente la magia como tal existe? es real la ah palpado o es solo cuestion de una imaginacion aguda y perzpicas que ve todo aquello que desea? es bueno mantenerse en constante movimiento pero como mismo usted cita muchas veces destruimos aquello que mas amamos, es bueno su busqueda espiritual me parece mas fuerte que otros sentimientos pero si huviese sido Chris no creo haver podido entenderlo del todo, su historia data de septiembre a octubre de 1988 meses antes de mi nacimiento ojala tuviese su conocimiento, pero eso se aprende con el tiempo y aunque no sean mis vivencias ha sido interesante leerlo, quiero felicitarlo por todas sus obras que atraen a muchas personas incluyendome a mi y desearle un feliz y prospero ano nuevo …

  5. Vilma says:

    Estoy enamorada de el libre me hizo tener la seguridad q en lo q creo es tan real como yo pero tengo una duda q nombre decia en la arena

  6. XIMENA says:


  7. Adriana says:

    It was amazing to read it in my native language for I had read it only in English. The book is really touching, inspirational, controversial and I read many passages which I had not understood the exact way when I read them in English. Cristina is the heroine and I have looked up to her since then, which I fortunately was able to tell her face to face.

  8. THELMA says:

    I read ‘The Valkyries’ in English, at the beginning of this year; it has not yet been translated into Greek.
    I was magnetized by it and read it in one day. ;-] Now it seems that it is the time to read it again and absorb the Wisdom of the Master, our Teacher.

    Paulo Coelho has signed my copy and wrote: ‘LISTEN TO THE SIGNS’. If this was a … sign, well I must stop listening to ..myself and start listening to the signs and my Angel. These last months I am .. lost. Too many problems in my daily life, I feel weak and ill, so many sad news .. Are these the SIGNS that we must LISTEN carefully? Hopefully the Angels will be by our side guiding us. Amen.
    Thelma xxx

    1. Liliane says:

      The “Valkiries” has it all. Enigma, magic, spirituality, self realization, in addition I think it delivers a powerful message to the reader. Forgiving our past and believing in our future!!

      Thank you Paulo Coehlo for giving us another masterpiece……


  9. elaine says:

    Keep going..Keep searching…Keep learning by achieving dream after dream after dream…never stop no matter how old you get. Our angels are there to boost us, cry with us and cheer for us. When we deeply listen and follow the omens anything we desire is possible.

    This is what “The Valkeries” taught me.

    Thank you, Paulo

    Love and warm blue light to you :-)

  10. Heart says:

    We should arrange a ‘pilgrimage’ to the Mohave desert and follow in the footsteps of this wonderful story. I am in Arizona and would love to find other readers who would like to do the same.

    1. Liliane says:

      I would love to follow in the footsteps of Paulo Coelho’s wonderful story. Keep in touch Heart I will search for other readers willing to follow us.


  11. Annie says:

    This is my favourite book of all times.. and the last paragraph is my favourite part of all..
    I think i will revisit it again now… I am lucky to have read it many many years back..

    Love and Gratitude

  12. this book helped to practice my eyes… look around em with a deeper meaning… see things i would have noticed few years back… interesting journey… and very interesting book! helped me through a rough winter last january!! thank you paulo for sharing it and helping people the way you do!!!

  13. Que felicidad, el libro ya llegó a una de las librerias más grandes en Rep. Dom. y tiene un precio acequible para personas trabajadoras, no puedo esperar para comprarlo, aunque tengo que ir a otra ciudad porque en la mí­a no lo tienen aún. Ojala que pueda algún dí­a venir a mi hermosa isla, si busca en el interner encontrará cosas muy interesantes de nosotros.

  14. Olta Ana says:

    This is a book I definitely wanna read! A precious one!
    Thank you Paulo for sharing this interview with us!

  15. eleonora says:

    ho letto *Le Valchirie*da pochi giorni,l’ho letto velocemente……mi piace ritrovarvi avvenimenti che quando accadono,non si riescono quasi mai a spiegare,fino a quando non trovi da qualche parte condivisione…..Bello…grazie***

  16. Di says:

    Soon as I finish reading “The Fifth Mountain”, I am getting “The Valkiries”.

  17. Mon says:

    Gabriel e Paulo estao lindos!!!!

  18. aksh says:

    angels !!! are some hding on thsi blog also, why do they have to hide, i mean have they done something wrong, why don’t they just reveal themselves; anyway angels logic is for them to comprehend, for me humans are more than a handful.

    earth transformation – somehow it appears that things are reaching a climax, maybe its only my illusion or maybe even hope, but the rate at which vaue systems are changing, humans seem to be loosing it.

    can u beleive it, in India we are facing a unique problem, prices are going through the roof, of even basic cereals, poor people are dying of hunger and foodgrains are rooting in millions of tones in governmnet godwons. Our supreme court is aghast ! as any sensible person would be. grians are rotting, give it for free to the hungry poor. But no some stupid economic wisedom says it will be bad for markets. holy shit !!! have these stupid PHDs forgotten that economy is for man, man is not for economy, and why balme economics for this, any fool who says / feels that distributing free rotting foodgrains to hungry people is bad economics, should know for sure that his understanding of economics is poor, he needs to start again from basics. sorry folks got carried away, as usual, but just with a faint hope that maybe someone of importance may see this and do something.

    “”They are teaching us, as with him, an apprenticeship that ends, when one arrives at what himself defines as “becoming a master.”” becoing a master ??? wow !!! swami is teh word in ancinet sanskrit for it, tell me more about it paulo or …..


  19. katie says:

    book for my next trip!
    have to go into the lion’s cave; meeting with many enemies. maybe the angles will help :o)
    better then taking the winner … otherwise nightmare at day & night.

  20. Nagualero says:

    Yes the Valkyries is a wonderful book indeed !
    Thank you for sharing your adventure there dear Paulo

  21. Andaleeb says:

    I’ll definitely buy this book and I wont ever give it to anybody for reading. So many of my Paulo Coelho books are with friends and they don’t intend to return them back to me :(( and I wish to read those books again and again. Everybody seems crazy about Paulo’s :D

  22. Que Felicidade Paulo! As Valkí­rias em espanhol é fantástico. Amei esse livro. Me identifiquei com a forí§a,descobertas,impulsos e entregas dos personagens reais. Todo o conteúdo possue sua alma na essíªncia,lavada,desprendida. Parabéns! MESTRE

  23. Haiku says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed THe Valkyries. I was very pleased at the ending. the laughter it caused led me to an intense reflection

  24. vanuza says:

    “No deserto confrontei-me comigo mesmo.”

    Essa frase diz tudo e o ví­deo é muito bonito.
    Obrigada pela partilha, amigo!!!Bjssss

  25. marie-christine says:

    Thank you very much Paulo
    I am grateful for that.
    with love &

  26. Jane Stewart says:

    The Valkyries!!!!!
    Yes, Another beautiful story Paulo and still wonder how the book was published as ‘fiction’. Funny thing is that the title I had not yet heard of in 2001-2002 when sculpting a piece of rock, working to Wagner’s musical compostion by the same name! Nor had heard of any of your books at that time (not until 2003, sad but true). Now I live in the Mojave desert.

    You are sitting in the other courtyard at the hotel of the Exposition at Santiago, Spain, a lovely room. Had thought maybe butterflies dance and play there in the light. And right next door outside of the St James will always be a very special place too.
    It was there that I thought about all the people I may have hurt along this journey and also forgave myself. Rosa was hugging me, we were overwhelmed with emotion. Emilio, Mari and Denise were present. Just cannot find the ‘right’ or the best words for love oftentimes.

    Dear Paulo, grateful that you have the gift of words and story-telling. Thankyou for the gift of friendship!

    I highly recommend reading The Valkyries. I love angels too!

    Love to All,
    Jane xo

    1. Jane Stewart says:

      p.s. Paulo you are also glowing white with some transparent aura just like trees, birds and butterflies!
      More Love, thankyou, Jane xo

    2. aksh says:

      ya looks like the journey is complete now, teh sinner ( said jokingly, i mean paulo commited all thoses ‘sins’ but in his heart he was never a sinner, that transparant smile cannot be faked, howver good an actor anyone maybe !!), the sinner has become a saint, defination of sain needs a litte revision.


  27. moah says:

    Dear Paulo,
    Is the “Valkiries” book available in France please?
    Thank you.xx

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      not yet. This year Brida will be released in French in October.

  28. marie-christine says:

    “Les Valkiries” le nouveau livre de Paulo Coelho

    “C’est un des ecrivains qui a le plus de succes dans le monde, Paulo Coelho nouveau roman “Les Valkiries” une oeuvre autobiographique dans laquelle l’auteur bresilien et sa femme ont traverse pendant un mois et demi le desert du Mojave aux Etats Unis – un voyage, qui selon le romancier lui-meme , lui a change la vie –

    “ vie culte est une vraie vie.Et cela,je l’applique tous les jours..Regarder autour de moi et je vois que n’importe ou que je regarde, il y a la vie et cette vie est… “Paulo Coelho

    “Un voyage dans les reves, et sa legende personnelle.Ceci est “Les Valkiries” le nouveau livre de Paulo Coelho. Un voyage de 40 jours a travers le desert de Mojave qui, dit, l’auteur m’a change la vie.

    L’auteur lui-meme affirme qu’il y a toujours “un avant et un apres de ce voyage,oui”, qui vraiment m’a change la vie.
    Ecrit, au depart, en 1992, il pourvoit sur le chemin de l’autobiographique et comme un pas de plus vers la recherche de la perfection pour arriver a devenir un maitre.
    “Une intention d’imiter la meme experience de Jesus dans le desert.

    “Ces quarante jours dans le desert m’ont beaucoup pense qu’il y a une tradition.”Paulo Coelho.

    Quelques unes des sensations sont restees pour prendre la forme dans les images du livre; une de ces experiences , particulierement dure, qui a presque coute la vie a l’auteur et a Cris, sa femme, qui l’accompagnait pendant cette retraite personnelle.”

    “..Moi-meme j’ai passe de nombreux moments en confrontation profonde avec moi-meme.” Paulo Coelho

    “Coelho insiste que nous ne sommes pas seuls,Le monde se tansforme..”les anges nous guident et nous protegent”. Ils nous enseignent, comme a lui, un apprentissage qui se termine quand on arrive a ce que lui-meme definit comme “etre un maitre.”

    J’ai pas tout compris. presque.. j’ai fait du mieux.

    1. Jane Stewart says:

      Dear Marie-Christine,
      SO excited to see you there!! Sending a gazillion hugs to you today. A moment ago, I read your text, all of it because it transformed into French and also English. Thankyou for translating and thankyou angels.
      With Love and Gratitude, congratulations Marie-christine. You know, because you have walked too. :D

    2. marie-christine says:

      Thank you very much dear Jane.
      Thanks to the angels as well.
      with love and gratitude.

  29. Guru Talks says:

    Paulo Caoelho looks handsome in video :P

  30. ada castillo says:

    feliz de que hallan publicado las Valkirias en espanol e esperado des que se publico por primera ves.

  31. Alexandra says:

    I found that book only with dificulty, I mean I had to buy it from abroad in English…Dont know why was so hard to find. It was good lecture, shocking at traits, but with wonderful ending…I loved the kiss of Paulo on that book while meeting him, and getting his autograph…Thank you so much, wonderful author and man!Big hug

  32. marie-christine says:

    j’ai vu Gabriel, coucou!