30 SEC READ: Tell a story (ENG, ESPA, PORT)

Illustration by Ken Crane
CLICK AQUI PARA LEER EN ESPANOL: Por que contar histórias

The great Rabbi Israel Shem Tov, when he saw that the people in his village were being mistreated, went into the forest, lit a holy fire, and said a special prayer, asking God to protect his people.
And God sent him a miracle.

Later, his disciple Maggid de Mezritch, following in his master’s footsteps, would go to the same part of the forest and say:
“Master of the Universe, I do not know how to light the holy fire, but I do know the special prayer; hear me, please!”
The miracle always came about.

A generation passed, and Rabbi Moshe-leib of Sasov, when he saw the war approaching, went to the forest, saying:
“I don’t know how to light the holy fire, nor do I know the special prayer, but I still remember the place. Help us, Lord!”
And the Lord helped.

Fifty years later, Rabbi Israel de Rizhin, in his wheelchair, spoke to God:
“I don’t know how to light the holy fire, nor the prayer, and I can’t even find the place in the forest. All I can do is tell this story, and hope God hears me.”
And telling the story was enough for the danger to pass.

And I will add:
Tell your stories. Your neighbors may not understand you, but they will understand your soul. Stories are the last bridge left to allow different cultures to communicate among each other.


  1. s.a says:

    If all is a matter of time, just need more attention to the signs. It
    almost has no cost.
    If all is a matter of money, I am ready to give my blood to save
    yours. And with almost no cost, you can make sure that it will never
    And if all is a matter of love, my heart feel nothing but it. With
    almost no cost, you can see it in my eyes.

  2. Sabrina says:

    One day, a prophet’s friend was sitting on a chair in the city and reading the Qoran. Suddenly, someone called him, and when he wantend to raise, he remarqued that it was a little cat sleeping on the edge of his djebbah. He stayed thinking, and he asked for scissors, and than, a boy bringed it to him, and he cut this part of his djebbah. The boy was surprised and asked the wise man : ” why did you cut you beutiful djebah ? ” the wise man answered : ” I did that because I did not want to wake the small cat as I do not want that we wake me when I sleep “

  3. mina says:

    like it

  4. Florence says:

    Beautiful ! :)