Consequences of fear

by May’s Closet

* Worry is a mechanism of our psyche that prompts us to do something. The prompting energy is fear – usually fear of some consequence. Because it is fear, the person tends to avoid thinking about it. Thus worry tends to perpetuate itself in a circular way – the fear causes non-action, and non-action further causes worry.

* Anxiety is a fear whose object is nonspecific or vague, whereas worry is about something specific and identified. Anxiety is the result of repeated unprocessed fears that have accumulated in one’s subconscious. It has become a vague feeling about an impending misfortune but which cannot be dealt with because it is unspecified. To resolve it, it must first be converted to specific worries, and then one can apply the guidelines on how to handle worry.

* Panic is an overwhelming fear that makes the person confused and unclear about what to do. This is the accumulated result of many fears, worries and anxieties that have not been resolved and not been handled well. It sometimes results in panic attacks, those inexplicable feelings that may not have any immediate cause but which just manifests in the person.

* Phobias are fear-reactions that are (a) out of proportion to the actual danger, such as jumping and shrieking at the sight of a rat or cockroach, or (b) irrational, such as trembling when seeing the photo of a spider.

* Trauma is a psychological “wound” that can still cause distress in a person. Strictly speaking, acquired fears are really traumas in varying degrees of intensity. But a trauma becomes pathological when it causes periodic distress such as nightmares, intense reactions to anything that reminds one of it, or it severely disturbs one’s daily life and work. .

* Envy is a more complex emotion, since it’s a mixture of a number of things: low self-esteem, resentment, and fear. We don’t envy the successes or achievements of those whom we can identify with, that is, those whom we love and care for. Their achievements are vicariously ours too. On the other hand, the achievements of those whom we cannot identify with, particularly those whom we resent, are felt as threats to our own self-esteem.

* Embarrassment involves a “loss of face” and being confused and perplexed at the same time. The embarrassment may not have been caused by anyone, as when one slips and falls down “disgracefully.” Hence there is no cause for anger toward anyone (except perhaps oneself). The action is withdrawal and hiding, not wanting to face people. At its root is the fear of what people might think or say. Shame is a similar feeling.



  1. * Preocupación: Es el mecanismo psicológico que nos pide hacer algo. Lo que nos provoca hacer algo es la energí­a del miedo. Usualmente miedo a las consecuencias. Por la preocupación, la persona tiende a evitar pensar en ello. Por lo tanto cae en un circulo vicioso . El miedo causa no acción, y la no acción causa preocupación.

    * Ansiedad: Es miedo cuya causa no es especifico o vago. Mientras la preocupación es algo especifico e identificado. Ansiedad es el resultado de repetidos miedos no procesados que se han acomulado en el subconsciente. Se ha convertido en un vago sentimiento a cerca de inminente desfortuna pero la cual no puede ser tratada porque no es especí­fica. Para resolverlo, debe primero convertirse en una preocupación especí­fica, y entonces se pueden aplicar los lineamientos de como manejar la preocupación.

    * Panico: Es un miedo abrumador que hace que la persona se confunda y no esté clara de que hacer. Este es el resultado acumulado de muchos miedos, preocupaciones y ansiedad que no han sido resueltos y no han sido manejados bien. Algunas veces se produce un ataque de panico, los cuales provocan inexplicables reacciones que pueden no se tener una causa inmediata pero que se manifiestan en la persona.

    * Fobias: Son reacciones al miedo las cual se catalogan en (a) Exagerar el daño que se corre, como saltar y chillar a la vista de una rata o cucaracha o (b) Irracional, como temblar cuando se ve la foto de una araña.

    * Trauma: Es una “herida” psicológica que aun causa angustia en la persona. Estrictamente hablando, miedos adquiridos con traumas en diferentes grados de intensidad. Pero un trauma se convierte en patológico cuando causa periodica angustia como pesadillas, reacciones intesas a algo que nos recuerda, o perturbaciones en la vida diaria y trabajo.

    * Envidia: Es una emoción compleja, puesto que es una mezcla de un número de cosas: Baja autoestima, resentimiento y miedo. Nosotros no envidiamos el éxito o logros de personas de la cuales nos identificamos con ellas, por ejemplo las que amamos o nos importan. Pues sus logros los sentimos como nuestros. Por otro lado, los logros de aquellos de los cuales no podemos identificarmos, particularmente de aquellos de los cuales estamos resentidos, se convierten en amenaza a nuestra auto estima.

    * Pena: Involucra cambios en expresión fí­sica que denotan perplejidad o confusión al mismo tiempo. La pena puede no tener causa alguna, como cuando alguién cae en desgracia. Por lo tanto no es causa de enojo hacia alguien (excepto tal vez hacias si mismo). La consecuencia es esconderla y no querer enfrentar la situación. Por el miedo a lo que las personas pueden pensar o decir.

  2. Tumi says:

    thank you for your posts, they always leave me so inspired and happier. Thank you!!

  3. katie says:

    “A doctor tells me: we are born with the fear of falling & the fear of loud noises”
    PC- facebook

    the fear of not surviving/unknown?
    can’t this be found everywhere in the animal kingdom?
    the mouse that gets caught by a cat?
    the cat that gets caught by a human?
    the ant, wasp, bee, butterfly that feels the shadow of a human, or the hand that comes closer?
    what about the fight/flight mechanism?

  4. Marie-Christine says:

    “Les consequences de la peur.”
    “L’inquietude – est un mechanisme de notre psychisme qui nous incite a faire quelque chose. L’energie de l’incitation est la peur – generalement peur de la consequence – Parce que c’est la peur , la personne a tendance a eviter d’y penser.
    Par consequent, l’inquietude a tendancea se perpetuer elle-meme d’une maniere circulaire – la peur cause non-action et la non-action produit d’autre inquietude.

    “L’anxiete – est une peur dont l’objet est non-specifique ou vague, tandis que l’inquietude est quelque chose de specifique et d’identifie – l’anxiete est le resultat de peurs naturelles repetees qui se sont accumulees dans votre subconscient – Elle est devenue un ressenti vague sur un evenement malchanceux mais que l’on ne peut pas resoudre parce qu’il n’est pas specifique. Pour le resoudre, il faut tout d’abord le convertir dans des soucis specifiques et ensuite on peut appliquer les directives pour prendre la situation en main.

    “La panique – l’affolement est une peur accablante qui rend une personne confuse et incertaine. Ceci est le resultat de nombreuses peurs qui se sont accumulees, d’inquietudes et d’apprehensions qui n’ont pas ete resolues et n’ont pas ete bien traitees. C’est parfois le resultat de crises de panique, ces sensations que l’on ne peut pas expliquer, qui n’ont peut etre pas de cause immediate mais qui se manifeste seulement dans la personne.

    “Les phobies – sont des reactions a des peurs qui sont
    a) hors de proportion du danger actuel, comme par ex : sauter et pousser un cri a la vue d’un rat ou d’un cafard
    b) irrationnel, comme trembler lorsqu’on regarde la photo d’une arraignee.

    “Le traumatisme – est une “blessure” psychologique qui peut
    encore causer de l’angoisse chez quelqu’un.
    A proprement parler, les peurs acquises sont de vrais traumatismes avec des degres d’intensite variantes. Mais un traumatisme devient pathologique lorsqu’il procure une angoisse periodique tel que des cauchemars, des reactions profondes a quelque chose qui nous rappelle, ou il perturbe severement sa vie et son travail.

    “L’envie est une emotion plus complexe, puisque c’est un melange de nombreux facteurs : manque d’estime de soi ; ressentiment et peur. Nous n’envions pas les succes et les reussites de ceux avec qui nous pouvons nous identifier avec, c’est-a-dire, ceux que nous aimons et prenons soin de.
    Leurs reussites sont indirectement les notres aussi.
    D’un autre cote, ceux avec qui nous ne pouvons pas nous identifier avec, en particulier, ceux a qui nous en voulons, sont ressentis comme des menaces envers notre estime de soi.

    “L’embarras – implique une perte de “contenance” et etre confus et perplexe en meme temps. L’embarras n’est pas forcement cause par quelqu’un, lorsque l’on glisse et tombe en “disgrace” Donc, il n’y a pas de raison d’etre en colere avec personne (mis a part soi-meme, peut etre) L’action est de se retirer et de se cacher; ne pas regarder les gens. La source de tous les maux est la peur de ce que les gens vont penser ou dire. La honte est similaire.”

    1. NadiaDB says:

      Merci Marie-Christine : )

    2. Marie-Christine says:

      ..avec plaisir NadiaDB :)

    3. Marie-Christine says:

      L’anxiete d’apres ce que je peux comprendre, nous pouvons la manager. C’est naturel, Il faut la decomposer en petits morceaux. Tout le monde en a. C’est un peu comme un reflexe, un procede de la nature dont nous faisons tous partie.

      Les phobies – De nos jours, elles sont relativement bien traitees. Les gens en sont de plus en plus conscients par ex Phobie de l’eau – en faisant de la gymn aquatique cela peut se resoudre, – se jetter les pieds dans l’eau – peut etre une bonne chose pour reprendre confiance en soi.

      Le traumatisme prend du temps. C’est un evenement qui s’est deroule qui a profondement marque la personne.

      L’envie – il faut devenir conscient pour pouvoir voir les choses plus clairement. Parce que tant que l’on n’a pas les outils pour rectifier le probleme, au lieu de s’ameliorer, va s’empirer.

      L’embarras – qui n’a pas ete embarasse?

      L’inquietude – c’est quelque chose qui peut arriver a n’importe quel moment, sans prediction, peut etre en fonction de notre niveau energetique, si il est deplete, je pense que ce sera plus facile a faire surfacer la peur.
      Sur ce qui est de l’energie,si elle est positive telle que l’energie universelle comme le Reiki, elle peut aider dans ce sens.

  5. Paolo,
    In our day to day life, we are victims of all the above feelings. But your analysis will enable us to come out of all these. thank you for giving us such point by point analysis.

  6. How to overcome FEAR?
    Dont FEAR FEAR, Just see to it that you maintain sence of happiness and feel happy no matter what is your current situation , If you fear of failure you will only see failures, If you see success you will enjoy success Its the way you want to see the outcome the way you want, If you see happy successfull outcome in all your endeverous you will achieve it no matter whatever can be the external circumstances, then when you look back and see that nothing no word or feeling like FEAR exists in your life,. only thing what matters in life is the consistent ,willfull and pleasurable efforts towards your fullfillment of Life,. Maginify your Success not Failures, Magnify your happiness not FEAR

  7. Shree says:

    Great post. I should learn to overcome this enemy fear. It is said in certain scriptures, that when negative forces try to get into you they first create a sense of fear in you, make you lazy and easily divert your attention.


    1. aksh says:

      FEAR has consequnces as Paulo has pointed out.

      FEAR is being peddalled everywhere now a days, in name of security, physical & financial well being, medical issues, fear is big, fear sells well, we receive fear very willingly. antidote is simple, just remaining aware can keep away irrational fear ( soem fear is good, is based on survival instinct).


  8. artimis says:

    Hello. he is very very good…………

  9. Alexandra says:

    I want to point that, after reading Paulo Coelho books, I feel I handle better fear, and other feelings, because he presented many of cases which might be apply to us all. ( all of us). For instance, in The Journal of a Magus, he tried impossible( or lets say the hero)…facing the fear of death, and doing things he thought he cant( the climbing of the water-fall, so on).
    Same in many of his books, Eleven minutes, The Alchemist, so on and so forth.
    Thank you once again

  10. Olta Ana says:

    To fear is human, to vanquish IT is divine! :D

    I’ve always thought at myself as a very fearful person and thinking the opposite it would have been weird to me. :P
    But lately I hear people telling me about how courageous and fearless I am, the things I do, until I come to tell them that it is not how they see me. It is just that I am curious. I am curious to know what stands beyond that fear of mine, since fear, almost always is a door which is trying to block you from something pretty interesting. :D
    And of course I’ll have to vanquish fear at any cost when it is a matter of following my heart. I just can’t help that. :D
    Pay attention at your actions but don’t let fear paralyze you. Don’t give it enough room to grow, but make of it something which will allow you to grow.
    Yes, to vanquish it is divine.


  11. sheena singh says:

    No matter how positive we become but anybody who has loved ones will always feel fear for their well being and safety. But faith in God wont make the mountain smaller but will make the climbing easier.. Dont ask God for a lighter load but ask him for a stronger backbone. Faith and only faith can diminish Fear.Fear.

  12. James Stygles says:

    It is important to free ourselves of embarrassment, envy any fears and something not mentioned: anger. You are ill or injured you see a Doctor. People are hesitant to speak to someone about their feelings. Bones can be reset, most infections and viruses can be dealt with medicines but how do you cure a soul?

    1. Yelitza says:

      Como puedes curar algo que no esta herido? A el alma no se le hiere, Recuerda que somos Alma, Espiritud y Cuerpo, Somos seres espirituales viviendo una experiencia fí­sica, hieren tu sentimientos, por la percepcion que tenias. Maestros Tricotomitas sostienen la idea de que “el hombre es un espí­ritu que posee un alma y vive en un cuerpo”.

  13. Marie Astrid Amboy says:

    worry/fears and all this robs my peace. You can’t focus on your goal when you have this in your system. It has always been a factor for me on how people thinks about me and to avoid this thinking i just simply think that i have to stand my ground for whatever decisions or actions i do.

  14. Annie says:

    How about fearing fear? would that be the cure ? if we take for granted that we don’t do specific things from fear , then if we are afraid of fear we would stop fearing.. does that make any sense to any other one??!

    Love and Gratitude

    1. Annie says:

      Actually what i wrote would never work.. at first , thought it is unorthodox, it could and it would make sense to some few..(well it did to me) but it’s really a trap.. and…….crap!
      Well you cannot have every day awesome ideas :o)))


  15. nehemias says:


  16. anunciada says:

    De zero a dez meu estado de preocupaí§ao e tríªs.por muitas vezes chega a ser mais baixo,pode tambem ocorrer de aumentar vai depender da situaí§ao.

  17. Shogo Onoe says:

    Thanks for sharing these psychological insights. I guess every emotion stems from fear, for example, fear of defeat, fear of embarrassment, fear of unknown, fear of taking a risk, fear of failing, fear of facing the reality, etc….

  18. David says:

    There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear; for fear has torment, and he that fears has not been made perfect in love (1 John 4:18).

    Thank you Paulo for posting this article my friend.

  19. JÉSSICA PITANA says:

    Mr Paulo Coelho, first of all I would say that he admired very much and am a follower on Twitter, but I wonder why my comment was not published? last night when Mr posted on twitter and read all I was not. But let me say that I’ve read all his books, most definitely “The Aleph” was different, I feel that I’m increasingly finding myself, I feel like I’m connecting with the book, he is showing me amazing things, situations by they passed by me and beat today certainly pay more attention to places, times and people that go through my life, because anytime we can get to the aleph. I wonder why you desaconcelha exercising the ring? and after the exercise has already thought of doing it other times? And if you’re already thinking of another book?

  20. cielo says:

    quello che ci portiamo addosso, secondo me, e tutto quello del infanzia
    .. e poi una vita intera per cercare di sanare le lacune, traumi

  21. Empié says:

    Me gusta la definición de envidia, explica los por qués.
    Hace poco leí­ un comic de Batman, me gustó porque describe muy bien la mente de sus enemigos, y creo que da en el clavo, personas envidiosas, que acusan a sus enemigos de sus pecados, manipuladores y en el fondo desearí­an ser como batman pero son lo que son y por eso le envidian tanto, batman es bueno y ellos no, me gusta ver como batman sigue a pesar de que sus enemigos manipulan la verdad y hacen creer a los demás que batman es el malo, y simpre movidos por una envidia que les corroe. A veces me siento como uno de estos superheroes, es difí­cil contenerse y no devolver los golpes porque esos golpes a la larga serí­an utilizados para condenarme, pero hasta en eso mi vida me recuerda a la de los superheroes, también en como se tienen que buscar la vida para subsistir mientras luchas contra enemigos y fuerzas que otros ni imaginan.

    Un saludo, al final, si resisten, siempre ganan…

    1. canvassing in ecology says:

      Tienen muchos Bats en Bali en las cuevas.
      Si quieres venir conmi en una expedicion ecologica?

  22. Amal Chaudhuri says:

    Fear, Panic, Trauma, Envy are all human traits and the degree of intensity of these depends on a person’s possession perception. Body, Mind and Soul play and assign respective impressions on an individual in his or her efforts to perceive possession. Dynamics of this matrix determines the response reaction of an individual at different points in life.

    1. Dhankar Rohit says:

      Internal vs. External Locus of Control :)


  23. THELMA says:

    Worry: I do worry for things that are beyond my ability to control. I worry for my children, my grand-children, my family, my .. loves, humanity, the children of the World, the old people alone, the hungry and poor, the homeless, the sick, the drug users, whenever someone is travelling with an aeroplane.. I worry if someone will not understand what I want to say… I worry for things I have said and may have hurt someone and I worry for things that I have not said when it was the ‘crucial’ time! :-) It seems that KARMA/Destiny is governing us! At least I know, I am doing the best I can with my up-to-the-minute WISDOM acquired and I hope to change the FUTURE. The pain, we experience, is our .. lesson.
    Anxiety: is waking in the middle of the ..night, breathless and sweating … To control the ‘stress’=άγχος we will have to think logically and ..breathe deeply.
    Phobias = Φοβίες are uncontrollable by .. logic fear, sometimes rooted in our past experiences or PAST LIVES!!
    Trauma = Τραύμα =wound, that makes us ‘adjust’ our behaviour so that we will not experience the same pain again. It causes depression, melancholy and inability to enjoy life fully. I call it the … BLACK COULD! ;-)
    ENVY is the ..snake with the green eyes! I do not envy anything and anybody; I know that this road does not lead us anywhere and these sentiments make us look UCLY and EVIL! Because our face, eyes and AURA colour and mirror our Soul. To avoid feeling envy, just never make comparisons!
    Embarrassment: I just face life with humor and sometimes with auto-sarcasm! After all, nobody is perfect!
    Thelma xxx

    1. Jonilda Trebicka says:

      Thelma, it was so good to read your coment because you captured for me the biography of myself.

    2. THELMA says:

      Dear Jonilda Trebicka, thank you very much for reading my comment. It seems that we all have experienced sometimes ‘darkness’! Love and Light is dissolving it.
      Thelma xxx
      p.s. I have just noticed two spelling mistakes above: Cloud & Ugly! I may need new reading glasses! t.

  24. Ely says:

    I had panic attacks for few times since 10 years ago. It’s not easy to deal with, but by the time goes I learned that I just need to get relax n face everything by my self. The more I’m worry for something that not even happen yet, the more i get panic. Self control, being more spiritual, and pray more.. that’s really helpful for me ^.^ It’s almost a year since my last panic attack.. Thank God!

  25. jenny says:

    Buddha teaches us practical methods to help us deal with these minds and attain wisdom and compassion x

  26. Happolong Cassidy says:

    I breathe a sigh of relief!
    Good to see we all have skeletons coming out of the closet.
    Also nice to see people have the right tools and have been able to handle it better so that we can learn from them.
    I am in the right school, right? Thank you!.. I knew that all along Peurr, peur peur -happy now?

  27. Parth Dave says:

    “We don’t envy the successes or achievements of those whom we can identify with, that is, those whom we love and care for.”

    Well i dnt agree with that partially. I have seen in society that a husband who has more successful wife than her, envies her. But it doesn’t mean he doesnt love her.

    There is another example. A student who failed in exams, envies his friend who passed and moved in a class further. But that doesnt mean their friendship was a folly.

    According to me, “envy” is the purest emotion one can have. And if taken constructively it can take person to newer heights. And if taken the other way, it can destroy a person.

    1. Uniqua says:

      True Love and true Friendship do not allow envy.

    2. Parth Dave says:

      Well i agree but in the situations i’ve described, there can be presence of envy. Have seen it first hand.

      In fact sometimes, envy is the result of deepest attachment.

    3. Zia says:

      So true…..:-))) i agree…!

    4. Johanna says:

      For me, envy is blaming other people for your own shortcomings. So it’s about low selfesteem. If you get angry when other people succeed you need to look inside yourself. If you are confident and believe in yourself you can be happy for other people, even strangers. Be inspired by people instead of envy them! In your example about the student I think envy is about not admitting your own mistakes. Maybe the student didn’t study in a smart way, maybe he/she needed tutoring but was to proud to ask. If everybody fails an exam you can always blame the teacher but if other people do well on a test, you think they make you look bad. Envy is an easy way out. I would be happy for my friend and ask for study-tips instead of feeling sorry for myself.

  28. Lilly says:

    We are in it together all of us.

    1. Marcia says:

      I agree that we are all in it together and if we truely love one another, then there is nothing but love for another’s accomplishments, albeit, there is no place for envy only love and admiration. Our accomplishments are a part of who we are.

  29. Diva says:

    nice interpretation… but i tend to disagree a bit with the last point… Embarassment!! it’s not about being angry with your ownself at times… if you fall down infront of the person whom you hate / dislike the most and he/she laughs at it or makes fun of you then you feel really aggitated!

  30. Khalil says:

    I like the classification and the step wise consequences. I believe fear has become the latest fashion. The commodity of this ages. Lately, every second person I am meeting he has ome sort of fear. But above all, people have the fear from the consequences of their action and thus yields non action. I firmly believe that fear is some sort of illusion that people live within. They fear of the tomorrow, the fear of loosing, I even had a guy who had a fear of success! But once we fight this monster called fear , by believing in oneself, raise the self confidence and understand that the enemy is fear and we have to keep going no matter what. Things will happen but still we loose the opportunity of enjoying the moment irrespective of the consequences. Life is for living and living is free. One has to learn how to enjoy the moment while it lasts. We have to live and thrive on the elixir of constant change, the taste of adventure will b amplified. I can’t imagine that staying still is the remedy. Let’s overcome our fears and fight for what we believe in and get going. Surrendering to fear deems humans helpless and that’s the worst state.

  31. Irina Black says:

    РЁАФ всё тише,тише,тише-это FEAR съели мыши.

  32. Dr Pooja says:

    The one permanent emotion of the inferior man is fear – fear of the unknown, the complex, the inexplicable. What he wants above everything else is safety.
    rise above all fear:
    There is much in the world to make us afraid. There is much more in our faith to make us unafraid
    nice definitions
    Dr Pooja

  33. VIDHU says:

    I experience all these at different times, how to get mind washed up and get cleaned from all these…

  34. Tony says:

    Powerful insight.I had to learn how to manage that fear.It stifles creativity and spiritual attainment.When My Fear becomes overwhelming, I’m reminded of Santiago on his journey.After being robbed of his money and becoming homeless in a strange land.He didn’t allow Fear to stop him.He used his God given ability and insights to help the crystal shop owner generate more income for his business.In the movie”The Wizard Of Oz”,Dorothy runs across the TIn man who is frozen in place because of emotion (emotion = energy in motion).He thought he didn’t have a heart and became overwhelmed by sadness… his tears caused rust and immobility.The same energy (emotions) that moves us forward in life can also cause stagnation.

    1. Sanjna batra says:

      very true, thanks for reminding me The Alchemist :)

  35. Ismael Ramos says:

    Paulo, you have so many ways to help us live a better and happy life. Once again, we are not excemp of worries…i could happen to anybody. And i fully agree with you, when that happens, please realize it and work on a resolution as fast as you can. Avoid accumulations. Like you define furthermore; it can become a health issue. Avoid that.

  36. Geeta says:

    When it comes to envy… what does a person do if they face people who are envious about them and cause problems? The low self esteem of these people makes the other anxious…