2011 Festa de Sí£o José/St. Joseph’s Party

St Joseph’s Party 2010, Melk Abbey Kealan’s photo (above) full size

This is a traditional party in honor of my Patron Saint. I invite a total of 120 people, comprised of 100 friends of mine and 20 selected readers from this blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

1] This Sunday, November 14, at 7:00 PM (Paris Time Zone), 1:00 PM (New York Time Zone) I am going to post 5 questions and I am going to select the winners on a first come/first served basis. The first 20 readers who answer the questions correctly will be invited to join my friends and I. It will be the first post in the blog.

2] You can check here the prayer during 2010 party in Melk, Austria

3] The 2011 St Joseph’s party will take place in Istanbul, Turkey (thanks Suphi!) so if you are considering to apply for the competition, check if you need a VISA

4] The party will take place on March 19, following a conference (open to the public) to my Turkish readers.

5] Please keep in mind that the selected people will have to take care of all expenses (hotel, airplane tickets, etc). The invitation is only for the party

Currently I have over 5.000.000 friends in the social communities, so if you are not selected, please don’t get mad with me!

I will write to the selected readers by the end of November, confirming their presence.

Celebro o dia de Sí£o José meu santo padroeiro, desde 1987.
A partir de 2007, além dos meus 100 amigos, comecei a convidar 20 pessoas de minhas tres comunidades sociais : Blog, Twitter e Facebook.

1]Neste domingo, 14 de novembro as 16:00 hr (Hora de Brasilia) vou colocar aqui cinco perguntas (Ingles e Portugues). Os 20 primeiros a responder serí£o convidados. Será o primeiro post do blog

2]Voces podem checar aqui a oraí§í£o em Melk, durante a festa de 2010

3]Neste proximo ano a festa será em Istanbul, Turquia. Pelo que entendi, os brasileiros ní£o precisam de visto.

4]A festa será no dia 19 de marí§o. No caso em questí£o, ela será precedida de uma conferíªncia (aberta ao público ) para os meus leitores turcos.

5]Se voce deseja participar, saiba que convido apenas para a festa – todas as outras despesas (avií£o, hotel, etc) sí£o por sua conta.

Leve em conta que tenho hoje em dia aproximadamente 5 milhíµes de amigos no Twitter, Facebook e Blog, de modo que ní£o fique furioso(a) comigo se ní£o for selecionado(a)!
Comunicarei os leitores selecionados no final de Novembro.



  1. kealan says:

    I was going to ask Paulo to send me some energy and feathers today but my photo here is enough. For the original go here http://twitpic.com/367cit

    1. Alexandra says:

      Thank you dear Kealan, so great memories of a perfect night, once more I was amazed by the great organization, Paulo took great care of us! Best regards

  2. margherita says:

    Cao Paulo,
    come sarebbe bello partecipare al party di Istambul ma io non potrí² mai venire lí  perchè dovrei partecipare in compagnia dell’amore della mia vita. Noi siamo inseparabili, specie se facciamo una cosa per la prima volta. Ed il mio amore fatica molto a camminare quindi io non proverí² nemmeno a partecipare. Ma col mio pensiero farí² festa con voi. Come tante altre volte ho fatto.
    Anche a chi non è consentito correre almeno con l’immaginazione è consentito volare.
    Perí² Istambul rimarrí  un mio sogno…
    Auguri a tutti gli altri lettori. Spero che possano essere scelte 20 persone che amano veramente Paulo, i suoi libri e le buone letture. AUGURI A TUTTI!

  3. Paulo, I would like to be there!!
    St. Joseph 2010 at Melk, was amazing! The best experience in my life.

    I think Turkey will be a great adventure too!!

    Suphi, why mexicans need VISA? :(

    Thanks Paulo for do this, meeting you, cheer with, meet WOL’s but specially pray to St Joseph are just some of all the blessings I have gotten for this experience.

  4. larickyforever says:

    wow!! awesome!! I’d love to go but I live in an subdeveloped country which means I cannot afford either the plane tickets or the hotel :(
    Anyway, I wish good luck to all the participants!!
    Next time please consider doing it in latin america jejej.

  5. Asude says:

    Wow.Im so excited.And im really happy cause it will be on my country! Its really really great choice :) I wanna see you in here.I hope i will win!

  6. Nour says:

    I’d love to be invited. How does this happen? Or you select randomly?

  7. richard says:

    sounds like fun. I just like parties. I hope the questions are “easy.” :P I’ll try to set WinAlarm But I still can’t decide if I hate plans and 5 angels out of 10 or 12 say that’s a plan.

  8. kostas says:

    constantinople is the center of the byzantine empire.i wish i could be with your guests and you after years of virtual communication.iam ready to come by bicycle from greece.

  9. Rania says:

    So how do we get and invite Mr Coelho? It would be an honour to be invited…truely

  10. Mireilli says:

    Mesmo no meio de tantos amigos, vou tentar…
    Seria uma honra participar de uma comemoraí§í£o tí£o cheia de energia boa, e principalmente estando ao seu lado!!



    I’d like to participate of your party in Istanbul.
    I always have admired you. Have read some of yours books.
    When I have been strolling across Europe, I’ve seen many and many books, which give us a lot of proud. The great writer who you are, it is seen in whole world…
    I don’t see the moment, maybe I may invited to go to Turkey.
    Hoping, and hoping, it would be a premium.

  12. Lina Alia says:

    That will be great, i wish if i will be one of the 20 too :)

  13. Seria a maior emoí§í£o da minha vida está ao lado de um grande mestre, e com certeza gostaria de participar da festa, pois para mim ní£o teria descrií§í£o da emoí§í£o que sentiria de está ao lado de um grande escritor que acompanho a muito tempo desde 1994 e sou muito fí£ de todo o trabalho de Paulo Coelho.

  14. Narta says:

    aww Turkey, here’s where I study. I don’t need visa (I’ll be there anyway)

    will be waiting for good news..

  15. Narta says:

    aww Turkey, here’s where I study.. wish I’ll be selected :))

    will be waiting for good news

  16. Tarek says:

    Istanbul, Istanbul, for sure one of the most exciting cities. I’ve never been there though but for sure I’ll be visiting it soon.
    For those who are going to join the party, I will feel your love and joy because I experienced them last year (It is amazing how time flies).
    One last thought, I find the contrast between the 2010 and 2011 party very interesting from Melk a very small town at the Danube on the heart of Europe to Istanbul one of the largest cities in the world. But still the people are the same the love is the same and the fun will by definitely the same.

  17. Irina Black says:

    Dear Mr.Coelho!Is the conference open for everybody or only for turkish readers?

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      for everybody, of course.

    2. jacqueline klutman says:

      Love your books, most 11 minutes, veronika decides to die and the zahir (magnifique). Would love to talk to you about life, to learn more about people. My grandmother also was in a institute for ‘lunatics’, my man’s brother and father decided to step out of life, I love living, and I am a person who comes up for the rights for women, why? Because my mothher was raised by nuns and she lost a lot of feeling, she deserves, but al the consequences in life made her a slave to the religion.. So I turned my back towards all religions who say to people how to live their lives. I.m a kind of pipi longstocking. That’s why I probably love your books! Hope to read and learn a lot more about life. Greetings jacqueline

    3. Where is the story about “Where is the milk?”… I send it to you hoping that you will like it.

      Well, maybe I was not good at writing that…let me try next time…:)

      God bless you!

    4. cecilia says:

      Gracias por la oportunidad.
      Cecilia de Uruguay.-


  18. Alexandra says:

    Thank you, hoping, hoping…I am going to try. I already checked, I do not need visa, only regural passport…
    Very ecited by the contest, Paulo always make us feel alive.
    Much love to eveybody

  19. Adriana says:

    Saint Joseph’s party? Ahhhhhhhh, lovely memories. I will be there, even if it is in spirit.
    Hugs, kisses and lots of love to all the warriors of light.

    1. Heart says:

      ‘I believe in Angles’ ABBA Song I will never forget :)
      lots of love back to you,

    2. Liina.L says:

      There is no doubt, wether in physical or in spirit, we’ll be there.
      Lot of love,

    3. WOL’s yeah in spirit!! I believe in angels!

    4. Adriana says:

      Love you!

    5. Suela says:

      Have you been to one of those parties Adriana?

    6. Adriana says:

      Yes, this year, and you can’t imagine it was really something, I had the time of my life with Paulo and all the warriors I met there. There was an unbelievable wave of love and positive energy in the air. I kept daydreaming for months after it.
      I had to fight hard in order to be there, there always seemed to be an obstacle ahead, but it was meant to be so I finally got there.
      So far this has been one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences of my life. Like a very long orgasm.( I don’t want to sound vulgar, but that is how I felt)
      I don’t know if I can take part in the contest tomorrow because I will be working at school by then, but I’ll give it a try.
      Wish you all the same luck I had this year.

  20. Guru Talks says:

    I wish to see party video.

  21. Annie says:

    Hey hey, there is me there in the photo!! hehe right click- save as on my folder :o)

    I am sure whoever goes will have a great time! Friends of mine visited Istanbul (last Christmas was it?) they were more than amazed, true story! :o)

    Love and Gratitude

    1. Heart says:

      & I am there right beside you :)

      Yes, my sister & nephew visited Istanbul too. Loved it :)

  22. Cecil & Mark says:

    Dear Paulo,
    Your books “The Alchemist” and “Brida” were lights in the ‘desert’ for us. We would like your and your reader’s comments on the following passage on our blog:

    All The King’s Men
    We (Mark and Cecil) were recently reading an interesting book when we stumbled upon a quote perceived to be true (or at least meaningful and relevant enough to be placed in the book) by the author.

    The quote is as follows: “Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption and he passeth from the stink of the didie to the stench of the shroud. There is always something” -Willie Stark, All The King’s Men

    While we find little more than absolute absurdity in this statement, your feedback and perspective (agreeable or challenging) is of interest for us and our readers.

  23. Ane says:

    Waooo Maestro Paulo, ya me emocionado otros años en donde usted ha hecho lo mismo, tomarnos en cuenta para una celebración, la verdad es admirable, gracias por compartir cosas tan maravillosas con nosotros, yo me encuentro en México, no tengo plan de ir para alla esa fecha, así­ que mucha suerte guerreros..que los guie su corazon.

  24. Jojo says:

    Would be wonderful to live another adventure … so happy for you Suphi that Paolo will be coming to your homeplace. Wonder if one day Paolo you will come to Montreal, Québec …
    Love, Jojo

  25. supi says:

    I’m very excited to welcome Paulo and his friends to my city.

    1. aksh says:

      HI Suphi !!

      one can alsmost feel your exitement !!

      wish paulo hosts one of his annual parties in Mumbai or any other place in India too.

      One cannot understand the world, till one ‘sees’ india. e.g. where else in teh world will you find Monorail, luxury bus, a hand puppled cart, a bullock cart, …allmodes of transport from ost primitive to most modern, in same view.

      wishing all the best to gracious hosts and amazing guests !!


    2. Alexandra says:

      Dear Suphi, hope to meet you in your city, I am sure there are many amazing things( for me will be exotic, thats something more interesting)…Thank you
      Aksh, I know there is crazy trafiic over there, in India, but also many interesting things. Well, than, I also hope you might come once to Romania, maybe to some ancient castle( I dont give names…)…
      I would take care.
      Much much love to you all
      Many thanks

    3. Monika says:

      Hi Supi,
      how are you? You are doing a great job here.
      lol wol Monika

  26. isa says:


  27. Okay, let’s first see who is going to get “selected” by our magician Dr. Paulo Coelho…ha ha…:)

    Second, it is one of the noble idea that writer should connect with his beloved readers. This idea is worth zillion dollars but I do not have money to invest. I am sorry.

    Maybe then I have heart full of love so I wish everybody whoever is “selected” a happy party.

    God bless you all !

    1. Marie-Christine says:

      Makes me feel like singing “Doctor, Doctor give me the news.” :)
      I saw a feather yesterday is that a sign.
      I am saying a little prayer.
      Supi, you wont’ have to go too far this year.
      Love to all

    2. Monica Staff says:

      you are so sweet Santosh!!! always so happy for other people!!! you have the best gift of them all, a heart full of love!!
      Love and light your way


    3. Monica,

      thank you so much…for your kind words…highly appreciated !!! :)

  28. Empié says:

    Pasadlo bien¡¡¡¡

  29. Ally says:

    I already feel lucky :)

  30. Monika says:

    To meet you and the other “warriors” once more belongs to the things want to relive in my life.

  31. marsela says:

    I`D love to be at the Istanbul party but i dont think i`m that lucky:)..Wish Everyone all the best and to my favorite writer endless sucess:)!!

  32. Jane Stewart says:

    Good luck to all from a heart full of love, hope and gratitude!
    Huge Hugs and Kisses, thank you xo

  33. Alexandra says:

    Oh, God, still near my country…would be so great I can go there , is the best thing I ever experienced, the magic athmosphere at your party. Hope is last to die…
    Thank you for your great generosity

    1. Suela says:

      Yeap! Next to Greece, who would believe it?!
      Just a breath away!

    2. Annie says:

      Yeap, right next to it!!:o)

    3. Marielle says:

      Not so near to my country (holland), but not that far either. If you compare it to Australia :)
      Would love to be at Paulo’s party this year tough… and I agree Alexandra; Hope is last to die..!


  34. THELMA says:

    LOVE does not ‘see’ any difference in country, colour or religion. Everything is POLITICS about … power and money.
    Politiki kouzina. A wonderful film.

    Constantinople/Istambul is so near to Cyprus and still so far. I wish to be there, with all of you, once again.
    Thelma xxx

    1. Satora says:

      Θελμάκη μου…Θα ήταν πολύ ωραία να παμε «ÎµÎ¹Ï‚ την Πόλη»
      Αλλά …πραγματικά ..είναι τόσο κοντά και τόσο μακριά….Και για μένα θα ήταν η πρώτη φορά…


    2. THELMA says:

      Σατοράκι, Μέχρι τώρα δεν ήθελα να πάω ούτε ‘εις την Πόλη’, ούτε στα Κατεχόμενα.. Ϊσως η αγάπη μου για τον Paulo Coelho και η επιθυμία μου να ξαναβρεθώ μαζύ σας με κάνει να αλλάξω γνώμη, άν πάρω πρόσκληση πάλι. Θα πρέπει να ταξιδέψω μέσω Θεσσαλονίκης. Δεν υπάρχει κατευθείαν σύνδεση από τα νόμιμα αεροδρόμεια..
      p.s. I am in facebook.

  35. katie says:

    looking forward to the reports again :o)
    and the new prayer…
    and ….
    Paulo, what are you going to sing?
    are we going to see the video?

  36. kealan says:

    I remember you came up with the idea of Istambul when I was chatting to you in Spain… It was after I told you that funny story about the last party and what I said to Suphi..! Ahhh the smokers corner :)

  37. Sônia Vianna says:

    Que seja linda e mágica.

    Que Sí£o José te proporcione mais um momento inesquecí­vel e divino.

    Mas, já imaginou, se eu consigo novamente um convite… Só se fosse chegado o momento de um maior entendimento…


  38. Heart says:

    Ahh Turkey! Suphi! Turkish baths!

    Suphi and I have something in common, your autograph tattooed to our bodies. Does that count? :)

    1. elaine says:

      Marit, I hope you and Suphi get a chance to compare NOTES or Signatures ;-)

  39. Elaine says:

    This location is awesome!!!! Thanks, Suphi!!! And Paulo, you are amazing!!! I would love to BE at this party and enjoy spending a lovely evening with you, Suphi, and the other WsOL!!!

    ((((LOVE)))) and warm blue light to you,

    1. katie says:

      why always “blue light”, Lainee?

    2. Olta Ana says:

      It is the color of love Katie, and the one that I will always remember Elaine with. A blond angel in a blue dress. At the party, while dancing together I felt you so close to my heart and soul, you made me feel so warm. :DDD

      Love you AMAZING WOMAN !

    3. elaine says:

      You are one of the AMAZING ONES, OLTA. The love that you have inside you is so strong and your love for God/Goddess is not going unnoticed. I can feel that they love you so much and want you to suceed.

      The love that was beaming when we danced filled the entire room. I will never forget that dance nor you. I do hope that we can dance again in Turkey.

      ((((LOVE)))) and warm blue light beaming your way,


    4. Natalie says:

      Ahhhh I remember that gorgeous blue dress….

      So beautiful… xoxox

    5. elaine says:

      As I was driving today, Katie, I thought also about Paulo’s THE PILGRIMAGE.” Read it!!! Paulo also describes the warm loving, blue light he experience during his pilgrimage. A wonderful moment for him.

      It would be so wonderful to be a part of it again in Istanbul!

      ((((LOVE)))) and warm, blue light coming your way!


    6. elaine says:


      Your light and warmth is very catching and wonderful….loved meeting you and loving you fellow WOL. :-)

      ((((LOVE)))) and warm blue light coming to you,


    7. elaine says:

      Olta is correct Katie.

      I had a death experience and crossed to the other side. The most loving entities/beings were extremely bright with a beautiful blue auras about them. The love was beyond what I have experienced here on this world, but not unfamiliar. It was not my time to go back…I was told that I still need to be here on this world to teach others how to recognize, realize, and strengthen that warm, blue light within themselves so that they can receive all of the love that God and Goddess are ever so willing to give.

      ((((LOVE)))) and warm blue light coming your way,


    8. Monica says:

      how awesome!!!! I feel the love coming!!!!

    9. Monica says:

      one more thing!! can you teach me more Lainee???

  40. Breda says:

    Wow exotic location ,

  41. Dj C says:

    Dear Mr. Cohelo
    Regarding to the organization of your next party I would like to offer my services as a Dj for your party in Istambul. Thank you very much for your kind attention and all the best for you and every participant of this Blog.
    Sincerely yours.
    Dj C :)

  42. Suela says:

    This sound wonderful.
    Very kind of you to give this opportunity to some of your readers.We know that the chances to be part of it are few ,but we will be glad for anyone that stands lucky to be there. I wish good luck to everyone.
    Thank you.

  43. Olta Ana says:

    Turkey! Exotic party I guess! Original as always Paulo. :)

  44. ieba! festa! *\o/*

    eu quero ir! mesmo que tenha que usar alguma habilidade ninja para invadir (just kidding :)


  45. Maybe this year (2011)… ;-)

    Kisses from Barcelona,


    1. Liina.L says:

      <3 :)))))

  46. Dr Pooja says:

    this sounds sooooooo exciting
    must be lucky ones to be called for party

  47. Monica says:

    how exciting!!!! I wish your party is as wonderful as always!!! a wonderful time to exchange love with your friends and fans!!
    I hear wonderful thingsfrom the WOL and I am sure it’s an event no body wants to miss!!

    Love and light your way dear Paulo and may you keep enjoying many many more years so we can continue growing with your books…


  48. Deepak says:

    thank you sir. I wish to be there, with you.. at any cost.