The moment to decide

The warrior of the light is terrified when faced with important decisions.

“That is too great for you,” says one friend. “Go on, be brave,” says another. And his doubts only increase.

After some days of anxiety, he withdraws into a corner of his tent, where he usually sits to mediate and pray. He sees himself in the future. He sees the people who will benefit and lose out because of his actions. He does not wish to cause unnecessary suffering, but nor will he abandon the path.

So the warrior allows the decision to appear.

If he must say yes, then he shall bravely say it.
If he must say no, then he shall say so without fear.


  1. Admiro a las personas que saben hacer un alto en su Camino, con el fin de analizar sus huellas.Es bueno saber administrar las soledades, ya que estas califican a los Seres humanos que luchan dí­a a dí­a por ser mejores.

    Os deseo una muy feliz Navidad eterna

  2. GLYNIS says:

    …as always appropriately placed… inspiration to follow my own sacred path… if only i saw that in its actuality … but that is the warrior within me…caution… perseverance… and never without the wisdom of you, Paulo…

  3. Mind Faith says:

    Follow your heart when your mind can’t rationalize..many situations in our lives are affairs of the heart which mostly are beyond the comprehension of our minds

  4. Dear Paulo,

    Should I say yes? Should I say no? How will I know? That is the question…

  5. sunita says:

    i never find myself in comfort zone after decision, may be i never heard sounds of heart.

  6. ilm says:

    a very good excerpt just before the end of the year, when we all sit and think how the year passed by, where we are heading to and what we want to learn from our life lessons. Time to listen to my inner worlds…

  7. olimpia says:

    Hermoso se pueden decir las dos cosa, sabiendo como decirlas, es lo que tenemos que aprender…

  8. Saroula says:

    That is what I am trying to do..allow the decision to appear..and I am still unsure and the doubts and fears stop me from seeing it…But I think, the more prayers and meditations I will do…the more I will come close to it..I must continue.

  9. Jasna says:

    We fear the consequence of our decisions at times, taking
    a risk and fearing the unknown. What if we fail and don’t
    succede?? This is a risk we need to take and then will learn from it (good or bad)
    If we don’t try, how will you ever know what your capable of??

  10. mary says:

    I agree that we must follow our heart and insticts even though deep inside we know we may be wrong. But it isn’t wrong if we feel that way. We simply need to be brave and support our decisions to the end!

  11. sher says:

    There are no wrong decisions. It all depends if you were happy and contented with your decisions without having an ounce of regret and bitterness.

  12. Cali Thompson says:

    I agree with this Paulo. It is the warriors decision. And no matter what path he chooses. It was his to decide.
    I have been this warrior and the path I choose I really wasn’t thinking about anyone not even myself. I just went for it without any fear. Later to find it really wasn’t the right path, but it was my decision and my lesson learned.

  13. mrdone2010 says:

    thanks mr. paulo for all the inspirations you gave us…

    before i read this, i can’t choose on what kind of life i should go. now, you help me to decide. thanks a lot.

  14. Valentina says:

    I am at a crossroads in my life now and I do not know what move to make next. I am so afraid to make a mistake. I have done it a lot before.

    1. Maria says:

      Do you have someone who you are very close with? Someone you trust and respect? Mother, father, sister or just friend? If you do have and you know them well , think what would he/she do in your place?

  15. coolguy1609 says:

    When you are not in a rush you are more likely to hear your inner voice!
    When you are flexible and courageous you are more likely to follow your inner voice!

  16. Julia says:

    What if the signs which appear are leading you down one path but your heart yearns for another? Is there some meaning to this added confusion or should one accept that the best-planned path is the one the is truly right for you?

    Any insight or replies welcomed. Thank you.

    1. Christina says:

      You say that you see signs for one path, but your heart yearns for another. I wonder what makes you see those signs for the first path… because only you can judge if they are signs or not. Nobody else sees them but you. So I would ask myself what part of me sees those signs. Not the heart? Reason? A bad conscience? A childhood dream?

  17. Nancy Dodeja says:

    I would always go with my gut /heart, even though it may not be considered right at the time. What is right changes constantly, but the gut/heart will never lead you on your wrong path . So honor yourself – do that thing YOU KNOW is necessary, regardless of consequences.and face your consequences bravely.

  18. lola says:

    decisions change

  19. This is so true, sometimes we have to find a quiet spot where we can let our mind wander and bring forth the answer to our prayers and questions. Give yourself minimum 30 mins a day to be alone.

  20. Jacqui Briones says:

    This is so timely…I am at the juncture of making a very critical decision that will affect every relevant person in my life…This message re-inforces that if I say “yes”, I should bravely say it and embrace it…

    Thy will be done. Amen!!!

  21. robert says:

    sometimes we decide through pain…. others from determination…. thanks saint paulo coelho.

  22. ADRIANA says:

    Muchas veces no se que camino tomar y siento miedo de equivocarme y causar daños irremediables a las personas que amo, igual siempre o casi siempre decido por intuición no siempre sale bien, pero no me arrepiento, aunque sufra, aunque no logre el resultado deseado, lo importante es seguir, siempre hacia adelante,también se aprende a convivir con el dolor, pero creo que vale la pena intentar estar mejor…deseo en algún momento cosechar el esfuerzo.

  23. Alex says:

    Иногда правильные решения не рациональны, а рациональные не правильны.
    И в этом случае, войну света приходится жертвовать либо совестью, либо победой.
    И когда воин света терпит поражение за поражением, оставаясь в конечном итоге один, безоружный, лишенный отдыха, и возможности вновь вступить в битву,
    он спросит себя, – “зачем мне все это было надо?”

    1. Maria says:

      А разве совестью жертвуют ?

  24. EXCELENTE!!! algunas veces en la vida es dificil tomar ciertas decisiones.
    Pedire ayuda a mi guerrero!!!

  25. Marjan says:

    The sign in the picture is like my mind sometimes….I am not sure which way or what the result but somehow it always works out and I learned to live with the consequences of my decisions. Thank you!

  26. lina says:

    at crossroads in my life… what i want will affect many people around me while what i need to do will only affect me…



  28. GoodEarth says:

    The roads traveled by other people are their roads.
    The road ahead, not traveled by anyone before, if your road.

  29. Breda says:

    THE WOL you write about was a good decesion maker,it took him days ..with this WOL it took me years to make a very BIG personal decesion …but I knew in my heart by then it is the only decesion…letting go of my marraige recently.
    Facing the consequences of my decesionis very painful…. and good in other ways.
    Facing the consequences of my indecesion over many years is also painful…
    I am curious about the positive possibilites going forward ,for me and others closely affected.
    Love Breda

  30. shkendija says:

    Somtamis is very hard to decide andmake desiones but at the end men mast

  31. charlotte says:

    Sometimes in life we are most clear and know confidantly what direction/decision to take/make…… these times are sweet but sometimes our minds are not so clear , i believe in these times we should at least make a decision to listen.

  32. shkendija says:

    Somtimes is very hard to decide what to do,in meny weys ve shall be in crossrods but in the end vi mast do what vi think it is best and we must be aurself will ol hart.

  33. Zoila Iturralde says:

    Una guerrera es valiente aunque la decisión a alguien afecte, pero uno debe enfrentarse a los retos y cuando se ha marcado la vida de uno cuando ha afectado la autoestima de uno es mejor tomar la decisión acertada o morir en vida por aparentar algo que no va mas es preferible que piensen que uno fracaso aunque en realidad aprendio una valiosa lección y queda el temor de no volver a caminar por aquel camino o volver a creer en ese camino. Solo el tiempo curará aquel dolor. Gracias por permitir expresarse.

  34. John becker says:

    hmmmm…..sorry dude!!! But sometimes is not so easy….the pain and suffering one can recieve , because of ones action …may at times be to great of a weight on ones own conscious …that i think…that maybe…if if i know that the answer should be yes…maybe its better to just wait…, wait for that one wink of wonder…time does not always have to be against us….it may alson work for us…and time alone at times answers all the questions for all…..all i have to do…is sit and wait!!
    Warrior of Light from the island of Sylt
    Jon JOn

  35. Loosing and winning something in one breath, jumping into unknown knowing what could happen, shadows of the past, moments of the future – once you say yes from the bottom of your heart and soul you will feel free – or not.

  36. Yolanda says:

    I stand at the place the warrior stands. The choice to move forward knowing that I may hurt my own life (financially) but knowing that the dream only lies on this path. The other choice, a safe choice the choice I hear those who really care about me want for me. Its the choice that would have me saying, I wish I had, I would’ve, I should’ve, I could’ve.

    So I am in the place of the warrior. I have chosen to stand still and let the decision come to me. The bravest thing a warrior can do in moments like these is to stand still – for that’s where courage lies.

  37. Mathilde says:

    all of the above, am referring to great post sign..were can i get one..?? ;) decision time

  38. Dutchgirl says:

    With the previous two sayings you posted I did not agree. But this is shining with brilliance again. thanks for sharing

  39. Aurora De La Garza says:


    I don’t know if to write in spanish or English, but it’s all the same; I’ll still express the feelings.
    I have been through much hardship in the past two years, and I can honestly say, I have looked to your works, as a way to remain sane. Since I was a little girl, I would say to my sister that one day I’d leave far, far away, where no one knew my name, and that I’d never come back. The time has finally come and I’m ready..scared, but ready. Reading this blog helped to calm my anxiety and my fear. I know it’s time to go! Follow my path! I admire you so, and will keep following you, your words bring much comfort and reassurance!

  40. Always follow your instinct! See what life has to offer you!

  41. Rafik Adel says:

    Whatever the decision is…. be responsible

  42. Bai Sharifa says:

    Right now I am in a moment when I really need to decide. And this one is heaven sent sign for me to take courage on making my decision. I will say yes without the guilt feeling. Yes to spending sometime with my friends whom I haven’t seen for so long. And no to staying at home with Mom for a while… Anyway, in God’s perfect time I will be home to be with my Mom these holidays. Thank you very much Paulo for being an inspiration. -sham^^,)

  43. Vidya Dsouza says:

    We are the light of the world and so the one in us is more powerful than one around us.God has not withheld any blessing from heaven and has shared everything thru Jesus Christ.So we need to learn to listen to the spirit who always speaks.If we feel good and peaceful with the decesion then we are right.

  44. jesmina says:

    DEAR POBLO.l have read your book,veronika decide to…it waz very beautiful book.l have cryed in the end of the book.l like and love yours book

  45. Adriana says:

    Listening to your advice about not feeling guilty which is what I needed to read today I want to thank you for the Christmas Tale you sent,which touched my heart to its core. Your words come from God and light the sacred flame of love and enthusiam within your readers. May God, The Virgin Mary and baby Jesus bring blessings upon you and yours always and may they keep the flame you light on others lit for you forever. Merry Christmas, my beloved writer.

  46. Nancy Dodeja says:

    In my mind I see right as a ubiquitous word, all over & ever changing. What is “right ” today is wrong tomorrow, so don’t be tormented by choices that vacillate daily. Chose the path immediately, without any hesitation and ,go for it as fast as you can.

  47. Adriana says:

    I’ve been several times in my life at important crossroads. Some of them I crossed with my heart silent listening to what others indicated and I ended up going nowhere. I am still alive and after a lot of trial and error situations I learnt to cross the intersections listening to my heart and following the signs.

    1. Suela says:

      Same goes for me here..Exactly.
      And that’s what I am doing right now.
      I’ m glad to hear that other people do the same.
      See? Even if you take a wrong path,you will find the right one,since you seek for it.

    2. Adriana says:

      Yes, I am also glad to find out that we are not alone. Thank you for your comment.

    3. hm says:

      I surely agree with u .

    4. dilip says:

      good adriana. life is al about trail n errors. after al nobody is perfect. to err is to human. we juz gotta admit n keep learnin4m our mistakes

  48. katia mayoral says:

    Bravamente digo sem medo…<3…

  49. nada says:

    c est toujours un moment difficile qui nous semble durer une eternite… mais une fois le choix fait il faut le defendre jusqu au bout.. quitte a avoir des regrets… pas des remords

  50. Cinla says:

    ‘So the warrior allows the decision to appear…..’

    this is what we need to learn, allowance…

    love that…


    1. Zainab says:

      …the only way, but the hardest to accomplish.