Publication dates 2011

“When you reach the end of the novel and reflect on it, you realise that the sublime place that contains all lives and all universes is not just in its pages or in the title of the book. In literary terms, Paulo Coelho’s novel is, itself, the Aleph.”
Pilar Obón

“When I was twenty-two, I devoted myself to the study of magic. I followed various paths, walked too close to the edge of the abyss, slipped and fell, gave up and returned to the path. I imagined that by the time I reached fifty-nine, I would be close to achieving the paradise and absolute peace that I think I see in the smiles of Buddhist monks. However, the search for peace has its price, and I ask myself: just how far am I prepared to go?”

In a frank and surprising personal story, which draws the reader in from the very first page, Paulo Coelho reveals how a grave crisis of faith caused him to go in search of a path of spiritual renewal and growth. In order to get close to God again, he decided to start over: to travel, to experiment, to reconnect with people and the world.

Between March and July 2006, letting himself be guided by signs, he travelled to various continents – Europe, Africa and Asia – on a journey through time and space, through past and present, in search of himself.

As the journey progresses, Paulo gradually emerges from his isolation, sheds both ego and pride and opens himself up to friendship, love, faith and forgiveness, unafraid to confront the inevitable challenges of life.

In Brasil, as soon as it was released. ALEPH went directly to # 1 in all major bestselling lists, and kept the position for several weeks.

ALEPH will be published world wide during 2011


  1. fatma says:

    i am impatient to read this new book
    i wonder if it will be disponible soon in tunisia

    In October, in French

  2. Chithra says:

    Paulo Sir,
    I started reading books very recently and my first book was “The Alchemist” which was gifted to me. Thats how i read your “The Alchemist” it was excellent and differnt from all others. I liked it very much. I just got now got stucked with the name “Aleph” i like the name very much and for sure i’m going to read this. I think even this will be as good as The Alchemist. :) :)

  3. sumita says:

    love all your novels. waiting impatiently for your new masterpiece ALEPH’.

  4. dr adwait says:

    Finally I got ALEPH ….
    keep enriching us ..

  5. My just gave me this book Aleph she bought it today….i cant wait to read it….my favorite books are “The Alchemist …and Eleven Minutes…

  6. DEnok says:

    Mr Coelho,
    I read your alchemist nine years ago in netherland and directly fell in love… I even take the same journey as Santiago did.. 13 years ago, I used to use ALEPH as my nickname and it’s a big wonder that finally u release a novel: ALEPH.. I look forward to have it here in INdonesia..

  7. Griselda says:

    Sr. Coelho, para mi es un placer haber encontrado esta pagina. He leido casi todos sus libros y han sido inspiradores para mi. Se que escribe ficción, en la mayoria de los casos, pero creo que su narrativa es excelente, haciendo que lo que creemos imposible, pueda ser creible. Gracias del alma.

  8. Meriem says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I read all your books and since you have announced that Aleph has been released and i am waiting for it to be in book stores in UAE. till now nothing :( we are in the second week of September and nothing yet.
    I am tooo excited to read it

    1. nada says:

      I bought a week ago from book store in abu dhabi. they have it

  9. Camy says:

    My journey began three years ago when I first stumbled upon Brida, yes Brida was the first book of yours that I read not the Alchemist and I’m very glad…when I read the blurb I was attracted to two sentences: that Brida ‘has long been interested in various aspects of magic’ and that ‘she had a desire to become a witch’. at once I knew that at last I’ve been guided to where my journey would start, i immediately knew before ever reading the book that this was not the ‘abracadabra’ magic we see on tv shows and as i said my journey has truly begun…it’s vast in its speed now…i might as well try to stop an avalanche…but i feel excited..I want to thank you Mr. Coelho for the decisions you have made so far, because they have affected my life as well as thousands and more I’m sure…one of your decisions revealed the Feminine Face of God and that belief has made me love life again and feel free to worship the Goddess as well as the God because they are One…

  10. Nicky says:

    I am not a spiritual guy,but i like your books and reason is which i realized now is each of your words has tale of its own.keep writing .

  11. DIVYA GOGIA says:

    honestly i dont knw what to say as a 16 year old i was inspired by your books believed in destiny and now i am 19 totally uninspired and non believer….but i still read your books, some habits are way ahead to change….. you are the best author i have read so far even though it appeared as you were stealing my views and writing them in ur words….my best ideology in lyf is given by you ” Life is all about the choices we make” i dont know whether or not i will be able to meet you in person but i think as a soul i have already met u many a times…..

  12. hi!!
    ur writing is superb.the way you see,interprete the world around is really appreciable…i’m pretty inspired by your work.One of

  13. Malhar says:

    Hi Paulo,
    Your books have helped me in a lot of ways and hope that Aleph will also be as inspiring for me as your other books have been.
    Looking forward to read it when it releases in India(my home) and All the best.

  14. ishbel says:

    I really would want to read this new book of yours. I know I’ll be able to contemplate from it because i am in the same situation right now wherein in I’ve been through a tumultuous and tragic event that shattered the very foundation of my faith.

  15. Juliana says:

    Dear Coelho,
    I have a lot of respect for you and your work and I appreciate that you choose to go beyond your limit existence and live your life purpose.
    Eu moro em Los Angeles e estou na minha jornada as well….atendo a igreja Agape e Earth Church mas eu quero saber mais sobre o mundo mystical leio muito…but it’s not enough. Eu tenho muitas perguntas e uma sede de aprender….gostaria de saber se vc tem alguma recomendacao de livros ou lugares?

  16. sherazad says:

    salem paulo;
    j’aime vraiment vos livres, je suis une de vos fane, j’ai lue un de vos livres pour la prémiére fois pour passer le temp, j’ai découvert en vous une faí§on de voir les choses, une philosiphie que j’ai adorée,depuis ce jour j’achete touts vos romans et c’est un vrai plaisir de les lire.
    j’ai adorée le démon et mademoselle pryme ou vous combiner entre le mal et le bien, ainsi que vous trois chef d’oeuvre: veronica décide de mourir, onze minutes et l’alchimiste.
    bon courage a vous; j’espere vraiment vous rencontrer un jour.

  17. Abhimanyu Rathi says:

    MAKTUB (I tried my best not to write this here but somehow I wasn’t able to stop me)

  18. Nicole Fernández says:

    Hi Paulo,
    I’m also a great fan of your books. I’ve read many of them and I’d like to meet you in person someday. I’m from Dominican Republic and some people say that I’m very good at writting short novels, but I don’t believe them. I write in spanish and I will LOVE(that’s my dream)to share them with you and tell me what you think. Thank you so much for allowing people to express themselves here :)

    Best regards,

    Nicole Fernández.

    P.S: Aleph hasn’t arrived to my country yet, But I hope it to come soon.

  19. Guru says:

    Dear Paul,
    I will not thank you for bringing out truth to the world. Guess this is everyone’s duty.

    My spiritual teacher says the same things which you say the only difference is that he asks us to meditate and “feel” god.

    Do come to India sometime.

    With best regards,

  20. Aisha says:

    Congratulations on the new book, you’re one of the people i wish to meet before i die! your words have inspired my life in a way or another that i can not explain but can only feel! i really hope i’d meet u in person one day in either tunis or saudi arabia. God bless, and i wish you all the best!

  21. Rohan Sehgal says:


    Just like others, I am also a lover of your Novels. I read The Alchemist, Eleven Minutes and Veronica Decides To Die..all three were amazing and teaches a lot if one read and understand by heart. Every phrase of your stories depicts the moments of life which few has faced and others face sooner or later. I am too waiting for “The Aleph” in English version.

    God bless you
    Lots of love….keep writing!!!
    Rohan Sehgal

  22. siofa says:

    Brida was based on an Irish Girl, have you ever been to the Emerald Isle . . . you could do a book signing. Queen Elizabeth and Barack Obama visited recently . . . we would give you a warm Irish welcome ? Sláinte.

  23. Miray says:

    Selam Paolo

    How come you write about a Turkish Girl?

    Miray – a Turkish Girl

  24. Sholeh says:

    Thank you for sharing the Farsi translation for free download. Also thanks to Dr Hejazi for his free translation to Farsi.

  25. adriana says:

    i read all your books… you’re my favorite writer.. since high school when i discover for the first time your books( eleven minutes was my first one), i just can wait to appear another one to read it…is any chance that you will come in Romania?..
    Love and good luck …

  26. Momiza says:

    Wow………. Honestly you are an angel for me

  27. Carla Ellingsen says:

    Dear Paulo,
    When will the universe conspire for you to come to Aalesund, Norway? This place is soo much you… the streets, with unique viking motives… the wildness of the weather, the strength of nature, this city is considered the most beautiful in Norway…the fjords that sing songs that only the heart could understand.

  28. Sara Siddique says:

    Aleph stands for the first alphabet in Arabic. It is the first letter of the name of God in Arabic “Allah” (Aleph+ laam+laam+Aleph+hay)The them it of Aleph is self explanatory. Its the quest to find Allah. I m looking forward to read this book.

    1. Shenon says:


  29. Sophie says:

    dear coelho..
    i luv ur bks very much..and waiting for “Aleph” to release.if it were many ratings wud u give to “aleph” ?

  30. rosye says:

    longing to read another book from u especially “Aleph’ which i could have that in Indonesia, since it hasn’t been published yet.. really love your works

  31. miriam del valle Garay says:

    Cómo se hace cuando uno no quiere seguir viviendo y siente que no vale la pena viendo a mi hermano por ejemplo padecer una enfermedad siendo tan buena persona, un pilar de mi vida y ver como dí­a a dí­a arrastra a mi madre…mi otro pilar…
    Mis hijas noto que no me necesitan ya que una tiene 21 años y la otra 18, tienen su vida, estudio, solo dependen de mi en lo economico….SIENTO QUE soy una fracasada y que eh luchado para nada…

    1. Safiro says:

      Querida Miriam;

      Hay momentos en la vida que el dolor niebla la belleza de un ser. Ya sentistes el fracaso y ahora tienes que retomar tu vida para la generacion de tus nietos y la alegria que ellos te van a dar. Tu dices:”He luchadpo para nada” No estas viento el mundo a tu alrededor – tus hijas estan vivas saludables estudiando aunque dependan de ti.

      Nunca te des por vencida. La nada es EL Todo de El Bendito Sea y tu puedes. Sufrir y llorar es una opcion personal hasta que tu quieras.

      Actua con la fuerza de tu mismo nombre – el nombre hebreo de la madre de jesus es Miriam y significa rebelion. saca fuerza y no te detengas a penar, Si luchas por regla de vida seras una vencedora y ulgun dia le podras contar esta historia al mundo, hijos y nietos. Te parece?


  32. Maryam Batool Gondal says:

    Dear Paulo ,
    I m from Pakistan.I hv read almost all of your books and i hv been anticipating about your new book . now i m happy that its on the way . hey just tell me when you would die who do i read ? because you are the only one whose books i read.
    Looking forward to more books !!!! because i need them for a life time !!

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      see the bright side: you may die before me..

    2. Maryam Batool Gondal says:

      yea may be :) !! Paulo thanks for making me look at this side of the picture too ! thanks for your reply !

    3. No says:

      Or if she doesn’t die before you, she might never read again and start writing instead ;o)

    4. Musab Wahedna says:


    5. steven beercock says:

      Maestro Coelho, I’ve been laughing at your reply all morning. Talk about “asking for it” ha!

    6. Cristina says:

      THE smartest reply ever :))))

    7. zaheer abbas says:

      hi paulo ! when will be aleph available in Pakistan.

    8. Reece says:

      I’m not sure which is better: you asking your favorite author what to read after he dies… or the fact that he responded in such an honest way! Fantastic!

    9. Zaheer Abbas says:

      Can you please tell me from where can I get Paulo’s books in Lahore.

  33. rehan farooq khan says:

    hi dear paulo,
    waiting for your book to reach in my region…
    what was the reason of selecting this name ALEPH
    rehan farooq khan

  34. Zion Joy Suvillaga says:

    when will ALEPH be available in Philippines? I’m excited to read your book. I’m 22 years old and is still searching for the path prepared for me. I wake up everyday feeling empty because something tells me I’m supposed to be somewhere else.. someone else.. I wish I could have the means and resources to search for who I really am. Reading The Alchemist has helped me a lot. And I’m looking forward to your new book for enlightenment and inspiration.

    1. angelface says:

      read rick warren’s purpose driven life and the bible. you will be guided. God bless.

    2. Kich says:

      Yes, when will it be available in the Philippines?

      I’m from the Philippines too and I’ve been collecting your books since highschool, when I read Veronika decides to Die. Your books have been a source of inspiration for embarking on my own mini personal and spiritual journeys. Rest assured your books are the ones I grab when I get the opportunity to travel and contemplate in the many islands of the Philippines. You should visit here, there are a lots of places here to go for pilgrimages :)

      Looking forward to this latest one!

  35. Tanja says:


  36. Lucy Rosado says:

    Me gustaria nos avisara tan pronto este a la venta en Puerto Rco. Un millon de Gracia. Dios le Bendiga!!!

  37. Kaye says:

    It’s funny how when we faced the real world with such enthusiasm, determination and ambition and then we reach a point when its all too much and we tell ourselves its time to withdraw from all this and search for our inner souls and listen to what our heart’s desire really lies..the one thing that would lead us to pure happiness and one day to lie on our death bed and be content that “we have made it”. Isolation is always a good way out..return to our inner self and listen to what our soul is telling us. I did it and it work wonders..letting me go of the past and all of sudden everything became so clear and am working on it at the moment..cheers and encouragement to all..

  38. Nikhat Riaz says:

    As always just the title of book seems wonderfully enchanting. Anxiously waiting to get my hands on it dear Master.

  39. Vibhor Johar says:


    I am eagerly waiting for this book.
    When will this book be published in India?

    Vibhor Johar

  40. Jawaher Alwardi says:

    Dear Paulo
    I can’t wait to get my hands on this amazing book. I have ready many, some that changed my view and others how gave me inspiration & motivation.
    Just wondering when will this bool reach the middle east. The normal English version.

    Thank You

  41. Sree says:

    Is it posible to download a copy of this book

  42. Diane N says:

    j’ai vraiment hí¢te que ALEPH arrive au Canada en franí§ais. Maintenant je lis votre biographie qui devrait m’occuper pour un moment. (La bible de votre vie).Intéressant de mieux connaí®tre le personnage !

  43. Hulkar says:

    Dear Sir,
    thank you very much for sharing your books in persian. Could you please tell me when you are going to publish “O Alef” in persian language.

    Thank you in advance!

  44. Norinda says:

    Dear Paulo,
    The only thing i can say for your books :Is that you turn back to me the desire for reading that was lost in me.
    Thank you.

  45. Stephen says:


    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      and many others. In this case, Coelho

    2. Abi says:

      Your writing manages to spark hope and inspiration deep within myself, in a place I thought was destined to be buried forever. I can only thank you, Abi.

  46. leah says:

    i can’t wait to read this book..I just finished “the winner stands alone”..and i gave it two thumbs up again,as always. Looking forward to getting a copy of “aleph”,hopefully soon, here in the philippines..hopefully.^^

  47. Geena says:

    All the best for your book. I am sure it will be as magical and as thought provoking as your previous books. They make you ponder over things that you feel you already believed in some years back but just forgot about in the midst of what is called life.

  48. Hakim says:

    C’est avec impatience que nous attendons votre nouveau livre surtout si il est aussi fascinant que cette vidéo

  49. Safar Talal says:

    Dear Paulo,
    I’m desperately waiting for this new Book “The Aleph” which is about to be published in english in September this year.
    I’ve read 5 books of yours so far including Alchemist which was very special.
    I’m located in balochistan Pakistan and everyone we meet talk about your books.
    Thanks and hope many more wonders to come.