Bad girl receives an envelope

DISCLAIMER: Intel, “sponsors of tomorrow”, does not sponsor this blog. But I love creative ads, and this one of them, using the classic Web platforms.


  1. XXX says:

    fantastic!i’m an iranian girl & i love your books.i’m ashamed of our governments desicion…

  2. Faramarz says:

    Dear Paulo
    Happy new year, It’s not for Iranian ideas to ban you books to publishing in iran it just a govermental decision. All of the Iranians love your books and know that when the somethings get banned in iran it is more promoting within Iranian people. I am sure The Iranians going to read more your books after this. I am so sorry for this decision. Although the Iranian GOV can ban publishing your books, but they can’t ban Iranian people to read you books.
    Best regards

  3. Keith says:

    I would not normally post a commercial promoting a product, but I thought this creative ad was quite clever and thus worth showing and so I made an exception.

  4. Ana Karla says:

    Ha! wonderful, it’s like an action movie! Definitely entertaining.


  5. Adriana says:

    My son loved the add!

  6. Ali says:

    Dear Paulo
    I don’t know how to appreciate your generosity and kindness toward Iranian people but I would like to inform you that you made a home in their hearts for ever .
    I wish you prosperity and happiness.


  7. dieter says:

    Thank you ! The best advertising I´ve ever seen !

  8. Sara says:

    Dear Paulo,
    I sent u a message somewhere else but just wanted to say thank u again.
    We Iranians love u and ur works.Nothing may change that.

    Lots of regards,

    P.S. It was a beautiful video.thx

  9. Kajal says:

    Dear paulo
    You shouldn’t publish it as a comment here ,as you closed comments in the topic books banned…. I just wanted to say that I felt so sorry and ashamed of the gov decision.
    Love u

    P.s. Your books are such a wisdom for me and my friends

  10. Stefanie says:

    I love the short cuts and the rhythm it has. Modern Life in a flash with a lady hero.
    Yes! Strike! More Ads like this pls. Greetings Stefanie

  11. CG says:

    WOW! what a tremendous cascade of ideas!

    Creativity – my theme at present.

  12. samira says:

    Paula ,I am iranian,thank you for the books . you were and you are always my favorite author.
    I love you.
    Again ,thanks

  13. Doris says:

    Some thoughts on bad girl receives..

    What distinguishes humans from animals? Is it to give meaning and purpose? To judge “žgood” and “žbad” and so on. In my opinion not everything needs meaning or purpose, but we are conditioned to constantly give meaning and purpose. Whether we are aware of it or not.

    Advertisments are messages. Messages that confirm/affirm our often hidden convictions, thoughts, opinions.

    What thoughts does the above video confirm in you? Do you mind?

    I am asking myself: Can violence be beautiful and harmless? Are we free? Must it be that killing is part of the human experience?

    I think we always not only feed our minds, we also live out feelings when watching videos or movies like that. And these are two different things that happen, although connected. Science says we reinforce synaptic networks within our brains by everything we think, feel, do. So we are constantly learning and teaching ourselves. Our considerations or non-considerations determine our thinking – determine our deeds – habits – characters – society – politics….

    “Noone is an island.”

    In my view, as long as we do not learn to guard our minds, our minds controll us. Currently it is not normal/common to live in/out of the heart that is in tune with the intuitive mind. We mix up a lot of things and make so much suffering. I feel fear, pain and sadness when watching, hearing or reading news. This also moves me, to be as honest with myself as possible. I want to contribute to peace and lessen suffering. How can I do this?

    Albert Einstein shall have said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

    My understanding is heart/soul moves mind: the intuitive mind. The rational mind helps to recognise to what, and brings it into the human language of words. I need regular practice in meditation/stillness to feel myself grounded, centered and then to know what to do. And I love to know what to do.

    Best wishes to all

    (or as Jane always writes: Love to all:)

  14. Marie-Christine says:

    Cherishing the “mot ment”.

  15. Marie-Christine says:

    The Chase Manhattan Transfer.

  16. Zynab says:

    Thank you Paulo,
    Nice to share lovely and creative ideas.
    I really have the pleasure that I look at a video being watched by your deep and nice eyes..
    Thanks again
    Love you

  17. I like it. Very well executed and they got me really curious about what is in that envelope! Talk about being in the Matrix… Do you know which advertising agency made it?

  18. Alexandra says:

    interesting, for an add…seemed a short adventure movie

  19. dear paulo
    happy new year
    i’m an iranian girl,i’m so ashamed because of the behavior of the iranian government.i wish someday they solve this problem.
    I want u know iranian love you,and they cant accept their way.
    Most of us,find ourselves by your books.I was a real veronika,but i found myself.
    Congradulation for your achievment.
    With love

  20. nikamarie says:

    Great advertisement and very entertaining.

  21. intimo desconocido..... says:

    hey¡¡ muy entretenido el video.. pase un rato muy gratificante.. a cambio le voy a contar una historia:
    havia una vez un paleta, que en la empresa donde trabajava
    nadie sabia hacer un muro de contencion excluyendo a el…
    y eso le hacia crecerse como persona… las personas
    que tenia a su alrededor pensan que era un prepotente,
    que tenia demasiado ego… donde iria esa persona cuando saliera de la obra? seguramnte a un bar a enborracharse
    para olvidar en la sociedad donde vivimos….
    pero eso tiene muy poca importancia…. centremonos en la historia… una dia llego a la obra y el arkitecto tenia
    demasiada prisa para quedarse unos minutos a contarle como
    queria el muro de contencion ,que cerraria la presa de agua que rodeava el pueblo….
    el paleta se dispuso a empezar el muro, pero cuando llevava solo un palmo … se pregunto si el arkitecto
    lo queria donde lo estava haciendo…entonces decidio
    llamar a la secretaria de la empresa… cuando la llamo
    le pidio muy amablemente que le indicara los planos de ese arkitecto… ( la secretaria cansada de ese hombre loco perdido… ni se digno a decirle donde iva el primer ladrillo y colgo el telofono… nuestro paleta tu vo
    que tragarse el orgullo…( aunque no le gustara) y decidio
    poner un poco de coraje por su parte y interpretar ese plano…. el paleta acabo el muro y se fue a su casa ( sadisfecho) pq el havia hecho todo lo que podia dar de si sus manos….

    cuando paso unos dias, ese muro aguantava perfectamente el agua…. hasta que un dia llovio demasiado y se rompio el muro… el agua arraso con todo, vidas ,casas todo…..

    pd:la reflexion de esta historia es que nuestro orgullo
    puede acabar con el mundo

    un abrazo de tu intimo desconocido

  22. Marie-Christine says:

    It was a good “mot” ment. Thanks.:)

  23. kealan says:

    This is really cool and shows how people can be so inventive with different mediums of art and creation. I can’t wait to see what we will get from 3D TV in a few years. I’m sure it will be wonderful. P.S. I love the new look to your website :D


  24. I love this adverts too! Indeed the person who did it had a creative mind! I was impressed also!
    Thank you very much for sharing it with us!
    Love, Gabriela Romaria

  25. Arto Hutto says:

    Oh my god! This was really a cool and creative ad. Loved it.

    Best regards,

    Arto Hutto