Is it written?

Are coincidences in our life are a part of our destiny and if everything is written as we say ‘maktub’, then what is the point in following our dreams? (by Saakshi)

There’s a traditional story that in my view sums up quite well the answer to your question:
There was an old man who had a dream one night that he would be protected from a ravaging storm that would engulf his whole village.

The next day, as expected, a terrible storm came to his region. The first day a neighbor of his offered help for him to flee – help that he denied since he was sure God was going to help him.
The second day, when he had to take refuge in the second floor of his house given that the waters had taken over all of the first floor, a rescue team came to his house and offered him to get out of there – help that he again refused given that God had promised him to get out of there.
The third day came a helicopter to rescue him but he was adamant that God was going to save him.
Not long after he drowned and died. Once in heaven he complained to God: “why didn’t you help me as you promised?”
To which God replied: ” I sent your neighbor, a rescue squad and even a helicopter to which you simply declined!”

You see Saakshi: things are written, but you need to be attentive to the signs that constantly try to remind you that life wishes you to be “saved”. And salvation is the path that leads you to your dream, your fulfillment in this life.


  1. Benjamin says:


  2. Han says:

    So you are saying that it IS written but we have free will and can choose to fulfil our destiny or personal legend. It is always there to be grasped hold of, to save us from being unfulfilled. We can tap into our destiny once we have lived enough to have learned that our destiny is what is best for us.

  3. Sham says:

    I am currently in a career where i have lost enthusiasm for and it is becoming jaded. Should I wait for it to get better and should I change my career?

    How do I know what is the right decision?
    I need some insight. Did anyone here change your career on your 4th year?

    1. buruck zeri says:

      This is a very tricky question. The thing is, may be the job is not the main cause or issue of your problems. Jobs become boring and meaningless, when we have no outside life or may be when our life lacks the caring of others. Loving and caring for others ( responsibilities ) make our lives worth living.
      If the only problem is the job, then its an easy problem.

    2. Han says:

      Your life is supposed to be wonderful. Go inside yourself and ask yourself the answer to your question. You already know what you want to do. You already know that you need to do what you want to do so you can be happy. You are only asking this question because you need support because changing your life requires courage to face the unknown. You can do it.

  4. zeinab says:

    TRUE!!!!!!! Since we always blame destiny for everything that happens to us,,,,This fits your quote about the world’s greatest lie,,,What’s the world’s greatest lie?… It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate.”
    “” Paulo Coelho

  5. ishita says:

    its usually very difficult to get to these signs and listen to them. though they are indirect helps from god but we ignore due to the oddities of life that we are unable to catch them.

  6. Etelka Huber says:

    The path we walk is one of our own choice. The map we follow is our own choice. The goal we have ahead is also our own dream. There might be messengers of different kind leaving traces for us to pick up and follow. The signs come in many different forms and shapes. And the hardest road might learn us something..This what we call life..

    With love

  7. Saulius says:

    History tells us that lived during the Middle Ages three geniuses. They have discovered what known five year old child , that is denied the Aristotelian-Ptolemeian geocentrinÄ— system, which claimed that the Earth is stationary at the center of the Universe and everything revolves around it. The happiest of all three was Copernicus, who in his discovery, that stands in the center of the Sun,his the work has appointed Roman Pope. Less happy , that is pitty, was Galileo, he refused to press against the Inquisition’s own ideas. But before his death was able to show the “back”. Most unfortunetly of the three inventors was Giordano Bruno, even if he in the fire did not abandon his ideas: “Yet he (the Earth) rotates”.
    History usually refers to the first two explorers. About a third case, when you want to show that the defense of their beliefs, that is possible, but can also lead to the worst consequences.

  8. sadia says:

    i found it very touchy and nice

  9. Let says:

    God respects the free will that he gave us. So the choice is yours. If God predetermines our lives, including every nasty accident and vile deed that has ever happened, could we not rightly blame him for all the misery and suffering in the world?

    God said to the nation of Israel: “I have put life and death before you, . . . and you must choose life . . . by loving your God, by listening to his voice and by sticking to him; for he is your life and the length of your days.” (Deuteronomy 30:19, 20)

    1. kita says:

      This is wonderful

  10. rajvi says:

    Signs are always there but we don’t listen to them because sometimes they seem to hinder our plans, so we give arguments and logic and choose to ignore and the results are disastrous.

  11. Mathilde says:

    no coincidences..just choices to make, decide and act

    1. Ginja says:

      I have always been driven by a quote by Thomas Keating: “The winds of grace are blowing all the time, and it is up to us to raise our sails.”

  12. since my high school time,alost 44yrs,dont forget what my teacher told us.:when an opportuonity comes hold it from the hair and dont let it go.God sends us alot of it.we should only trust on us and on God.Mr.Paulo you are a very wise man.I love to read ur blog.Itremeinds me what I have forgotten.Thanks.

  13. Fanahy says:

    We sometimes unconsciously write and send whatever messages to the universe (or God), the answers for these messages are given to us via signs which enable us to act intelligently as well as be spiritually attuned to our very being.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I do believe that sometimes those signals show us and guide us towards our destiny. Nevertheless, i have a problem were i am used to look out constantly for signals were there arent any and perhaps think of how a situation can be that signal i am looking for.
    Something that happens to me very oftenly is that i tend to fall in love for people i dont know; were i see them and after that, i cant get that person out of my head. I know its wrong, because it feels heartbreaking to love, or like someone you barely know, but its inevitable. I know him, and have talked with him on facebook once, but after that we have not spoken anymore, and havent seen him for a very long time. It has happened so many times, and i dont want to do this anymore. Sometimes i think of things that happen as signs, because many of the things that happen to me, or things i see, remind me of him. Dont blame me for feeling this way. Really hope u guys can give me some advice here on what to do, and if anyone have had a similiar experience, care to share it please. Perhaps i wont feel that much of a stranger after some comforting words. Thank u very much. xoxo

  15. Pandora says:

    I knew a lady who went to see a very highly acclaimed astrologer, who predicted a number of things that would come true…. however one thing hadn’t, and that is that she would be treated like a queen by a very wealthy man and would marry him…. and live (one assumes) happily ever after.

    When I met her, she complained that her husband to be had not appeared on the scene, then I found out through later conversations, that she had met a very wealthy, cultured man, who loved her, was completely besotted with her, had offered her everything, including marriage… and they had, had a relationship, but it ended suddenly, because she couldn’t cope with the differences in culture and lifestyle …. so left him after a party he had held in her honour … and now she is still waiting … believing that this man will appear … (who knows)?

    I think in some situations there is choice, but not all, when my Mother was in the grips of illness it felt as if there was a huge insurmountable tidal wave that wanted to take her, no matter what we did, one thing happened after the other, and despite fighting the good fight, we lost.

  16. Seven says:

    I don’t understand PC. Ur Alchemist is like bible to me. Everytime I’m confused i open it at random page and i get answer… But rightnow things are getting very Difficult… Being an india girls I’m suppose to marry this guy my parents have found for me… But i don’t like him…now it has been 3 yrs… the guys parents are bugging my parents.. as i’m getting older… they r trying to scare saying i’ll be left alone .. I donno what to do..Now this story of urs… is confusing me… should i say yes to this guy just b’cos he is coming back with prposal again and again… ??? is tht the sign? but i cannot stand this guy… at all.. pls advice..

    1. Nicole says:

      My opinion: Your heart is telling you no. That is the sign you are looking for, that is the voice you need to hear YOUR VOICE :) ~Nicole

    2. Marisol says:

      Hi Seven, I am speaking from my heart, God has given us our life for us to live the way we want, we have something to accomplish, I feel that God speaks in many ways to us specially through our heart and soul therefore you should listen to what your heart and soul are telling you. I always think of what I want for my son I have an 11 year old and when I make a decision I think if I would like this for my son, it always helps me make a decision that I am comfortable with. I hope it helps you :0)

    3. LavenderBlonde says:

      Hi Seven,
      No it is not a sign. If your heart is not there why are you forcing yourself to be with someone you do not love. I hope you can make a choice, if you can, you should choose what makes you happy.

      My interpretation of the story above is that there is signs that came to rescue the man from dying in the storm. Those signs are positive therefore he should have accepted it.

      Your signs of the guy who is coming towards you are considered as negative since you cannot stand him and do not love him. And what is he going to rescue you from, from being alone?
      Being alone is not a bad thing, as long as you are not dying.

      The fact of you refusing him (if you can do it) might leads or give a chance to someone else who you might truly love and to be with him.

      Marrying someone you do not love or hate is the worst torture you can do to yourself.

      I really hope you possess the freedom of choice.
      Good luck.

    4. derya says:

      I think you can answer this question easily. Just ask your heart. I’m serious.. Speak with it and ask if it really wants to know this guy. Try to leave from all your obligations for just a moment and think with your free will. You’ll find out the answer :)

    5. Adriana says:

      What I’m going to tell you has already been said, but it is good to listen to the same words several times. Follow your heart, listen to it.
      From your words I can tell you shouldn’t marry that man, dear, but it is up to you to decide, and the only way to make the right decision is listening the voice of your heart without the interference of others expectations or your own expectations not related with your true desires.
      I see a lot of family meddling and believe me, I know how it feels, they can make you see things that are not there for the sake of “your own good “. For example, my sister knew well what guy was good for me as if it was her the one who was going to date him, and even though I don’t like her husband at all I have been respectful enough not to tell her anything or meddle in things I don’t have to. So don’t let your family to meddle in this matter.
      I remember Paulo’s words from By The River Piedra which I find timely to reproduce here: “With love there are no rules. Some may try to control their emotions and develop strategies for their behaviour; others may turn to reading books of advice from ” experts” on relationships-but this is all folly. The hearts decides, and what it decides is all that really matters.”
      Much love , darling.

    6. rajvi says:

      If u dont like the man even after 3 yrs. u r never going to like him and if u marry him under pressure,life will be hell….nobody will come to share your sorrow. Listen to your heart. your hearts voice is the biggest signal.

    7. Let says:

      Hi Seven. They already gave you good advice here. If i were you i’d better say straight ‘NO’ and be firm. Your happiness is the most important so don’t go with this guy.

  17. cristine says:

    when i asked something from God i do consider signs… this is really true….God comes with in different ways to save us from our own good…..Sir, can i make a request? i hope you consider to compile all your blogs in one book….i love reading your blog and i want it to have one just in case you will grant my request….thank you sir…

  18. margherita says:

    Che tristezza: rifiutare l’aiuto quando ti viene offerto per essere salvati.
    Ma che tristezza molto, molto pií¹ grande quando si chiede aiuto ed il nostro prossimo passa, vede che sei in difficoltí  ma non ti offre il suo soccorso. Perchè?
    Per egoismo, per invidia, per mancanza di sensibilití  o per narcisismo?
    Triste nel primo caso, tristissimo nel secondo.
    Nel primo caso manca l’amore verso se stessi, nel secondo manca l’amore verso se stessi e pure verso gli altri.
    Poveri coloro che non posseggono l’amore e quindi non sono capaci neppure di donarlo, non possedendolo.
    Ma l’amore è una pianta che si puí² coltivare, basta volerlo.

  19. Marie Chalouhi says:

    Maktoub ou pas ?
    Face a une situation difficile l homme se trouve parfois perplexe et si a la fin il reussit a en sortir il dit voila c mon intelligence qui m a sauve et s il echoue il dit voila c maktoub .on ne peut rien faire !!!
    Ce mot maktoub peut ns consoler et parfois ns aider en etant pas du tt responsable de notre echec .mais si tt est maktoub
    alors restons inactifs et attendons ce qui va ns arriver .!!!
    Je crois que la vie est un melange de tt .il faut la vivre d une facon intelligente et faire notre possible pour bien profiter de ce qu elle nous procure et d eviter les dangers qu elle nous presente .et si par hasard une fois elle nous fait signe nous devons etre eveilles et savoir deceler le sens de ce signe .Il ne faut jamais negliger les circonstances que la vie ns revele ou montre qd nous sommes soit en detresse soit en allegresse “Leve toi pour que je me leve avec toi” dit le proverbe .il ne faut jamais croiser les bras et attendre le maktoub .a cote de ce maktoub il ya tjs l intelligence ,l intuition ,l effort personnel,et le -il faut oser – .n oublions jamais ca .

  20. Rits says:

    Very well said Paulo…..God is always around us listening to us and catering to our needs only that we need to be receptive enough……simple words with deep impact….love you Paulo….you just made my day…. :)

  21. OldLady says:

    This story is one of my favourites. It teaches us, God affects across (or by) us, humans in the material sphere.
    I think these are not signs already… but the action itself. Poor old man was waiting for a big palm that holds him. We are God’s hands. It isn’t enough to notice signs around you, you have to discover’em in yourself too.
    Somebody’s taught me once, it won’t happen just because it is written. It will happen if you also believe it.
    So, this fable is the most effectual one about the faith. Yes, God helps us… across our faith.
    But… who knows… perhaps it was written for the old man, he had to die that day….

  22. usma says:

    Our beleif lies somewhere between our will and our destiny.

  23. belinda610 says:

    yo tomo en cuenta las señales cuando me suceden 2 veces

  24. HECTOR says:


  25. tere says:

    pero habia un hombre que si hizo caso, y construyo una barca,cuando todos se reian de el , lo conocemos como Noe.

  26. Rima says:

    This is the hidden law of God. Those signs are so obvious to me that I lead. twenty years ago I had a signal that transformed my life. I led against the family wishes. I do not regret it because it put me, I could say, on top of everything. Yet it was painful to be separated from the family. Still I get these signals and I follow them. And not necessarily that I get those signals for me but also for my family. I share it with them and it’s up to them to lead or not.