The three editions

The monk Tetsugen had a dream: to publish a book in Japanese, containing all the sacred verses.
Determined to transform this dream into reality, he began to travel the country in order to raise the necessary money.

However, just as he had managed to get together enough money to begin work on the project, the river Uji flooded, provoking a catastrophe of gigantic proportions.
When he saw the victims of the flood, Tetsugen resolved to spend all the money he had collected on relieving the sufferings of the people.

Afterwards, he resumed his struggle to make his dream come true: he went from door to door, he visited the various islands of Japan, and once more he managed to raise the money he needed.
When he returned, exultant, to Edo, a cholera epidemic was sweeping the country. Again, the monk used the money to treat the sick and to help the families of the dead.

Undeterred, he returned to his original project. He set off again and, nearly twenty years later, he published seven thousand copies of the sacred verses.

They say that Tetsugen actually published three separate editions of the sacred texts.
But the first two are invisible.




  2. Cory says:

    Read the second and third paragraph. That is your translation and its was in front of you all the time.

  3. Kerry Michelle Hydrick says:

    In giving away the money he was living the Scriptures not just writing them.

  4. reecha says:

    I couldn’t understand the meaning of invisible verses ? please explain

    1. thazleem ali says:

      He achieved his aim twice when he helped out the earthquake & cholera victims. They are the invisible editions.

    2. Cy says:

      the invisible verses were the acts of selfless humanism by Tetsugen towards his fellowmen, for as he endeavored to publish the sacred verses and twice deterred by two separate catastrophes, he actually lived out what the sacred verses taught.. so it was not in achieving his ultimate goal that Tetsugen was considered succesful, but the result of his actions as he lived by the teachings of the sacred verses.

  5. Katen says:

    His goal accomplished gently with such determination, while acting with love, compassion and selflessness…inspirational! Thank you.

  6. Amanda says:

    It would be good to get a ‘true meaning’. Thank you.

  7. Amanda says:

    Please could you explain this Paulo?


  9. Enosh says:

    wats the invisible thing
    still din get…
    plz tell

  10. sujatha says:

    Thanx dear paulo for giving the real spirit of life through another gaint spirit Tetsugen. regards…

  11. iyad says:

    keep walking :)

  12. stella-csilla stannull says:

    3 Editions are -past-present- and future.
    2 are invisible, but not for all of us.

  13. jamal says:

    but still i am confused about the sense of “invisible”

  14. Fort Impregnable says:

    The world will throw anything at your path to test both your virtue and your dream;)but the glory is indelible.

  15. Empié says:

    Y a pesar de todo hizo lo que tení­a que hacer, que es más importante que cualquier sueño.

    Hay tanta gente vende su integridad por tan poco; hay cosas mucho más importantes que grabar un disco, publicar un libro, o desfilar por una pasarela, es mucho más valioso mirarse al espejo y ver reflejado en el a un hombre.

    Que el resto se reparta las migajas, yo prefiero despertarme cada mañana y saber que nunca cedí­, lo demás carece de importancia.

    Hasta pronto.

  16. Beatrix says:

    The Universe will be on our side if we really want to accomplish our dreams.

  17. ishita says:

    like fulfilling the thought of- try try until we succeed.
    he helped the beings every time with the money he collected to complete his dream but couldn’t do it. because it was predestined for him to do those other jobs of helping mankind first, before he could do his own. and after all the past deeds were done he was successful in making his book.

  18. gigi says:

    Las dos primeras fueron las mas importantes.

  19. ÅŸehnaz says:

    when we are young our children are only child.young and child.when we have to trying with our love affairs and fighting our enemies and fighting otherthings and learning an unknown language and earning the money and life we forgot our responsibility our children.and we forgot to show our loves to wE becomes unvisible.we hurt the hearts of our children.and we changed their emotions with money by giving we become invisible second we teach the way like that to them,in future it will become visible like that

  20. irma says:

    que bueno seria que todos tuvieramos muchos libros invisibles y no tanta agresion gratuita

  21. l.near says:

    i myself is a writer, even if i only write in our school publication, though. the best books are sometimes not written they are lived. most people tend to read books, but they often neglect the fact that books are teachers and their lessons are incalculable. the best book is written by everyone, and it is entitled “life”.
    thank you for kindling the spirit of words in me…

  22. Liina.l says:

    When you set out to inspire, the good impact will be in everything you do, because the ways are infinite.

    Com amore,

    1. Polona says:

      So true…


  24. criststar11 says:

    This had thouched me in the middle of my heart. No matter how you write, every word is written with fire by the universe who´s moving within your soul. I thank you so much for this sentences, this sotry, sometimes I feel like I´m drawing words on the wind, but I think as it is written in the holly scriptures, that each word is made of fire, of light, and each word has the power to create a reality, no matter if it comes out today or tomorrow, the wisdom is to live carying on others, knowing that the time is a friend, never mind when your toughts come out, they will come out from universe, because all word exist coming out of it. You can always in this life keep regards on your goal, even if the way can be long, loving others is something to follow, WE all are humans, so love people as yourself but LOVE, till your heart will be drunk of this feeling, LOVE… there is no other secret, this is the greatest mistery, th e greatest treasure. The monk valuted with his heart, and so he reached the dream three times, two in the spiritual meaning of his action, because his dream was written in Heaven, and the thirth on the material word, he knew ho to reach it… The light was moving inside him, there is something bigger than ourselves, something who´s making us divine: LOVE. Love the others as yourself… so love yourself even if sometimes it might be hard, just open your soul to this feeling. It´s not that complicate, but always be awake as a warrior. May God bless you all, May God bless you Paulo, this morning you touched me in the middle, one point! :) Cris

    1. Julia says:

      words straight from heart…beautiful :)

    2. Ermela says:

      god bless you , you made me read the bible !

  25. Mahi says:


  26. lovingheart says:

    We should not be despair if our dreams are not happen on the way we want it to be. Coz along the way we meet an event that realize our dreams, but we turn our backs into it, thinking nothing great happend into our life. Sometimes dreams are realize invisibly.

  27. Malika says:

    It’s very important to fulfill our dreams, but which is more important is to bear, to endure, and to enjoy as well all what happened during our journey in life to make our dreams come true.

  28. nyma says:

    So many of us feel lost………….and wander through their life aimlessly.If only, we could understand that everyday we get an opportunity to help others…………and it is through helping others that we find ourselves, our happiness,satisfaction……..and a reason to live,an aim in life, a clear direction to move in, a path to take

  29. Virgo says:

    people with generous heart have all compassion towards life and they know their priorities

  30. rey zaldy serna says:

    love in the truest sense of the word

  31. sweta says:

    Encouraging!! We may require many years to fulfil our dream and in the mean while we accomplish our life’s mission.

  32. mansa says:

    the first two was invisible…i loved this line. great mr. coelho

  33. Jasmin says:

    For me it means in life’s journey we know our destination but along the way there are events that overtakes our main task. We have to set it aside to focus what is the NOW but not losing the aim – the destination. In the end it is the journey that makes the target more worthwhile and endearing. Thanks Paulo!

  34. Roger says:

    There will be obstructions in fulfilling our dreams. But the most important aspect of that quest is to have a clean heart and see priorities clearly… This is a very beautiful story. People nowadays just focus on their goals, and sidestepping those that need help along the way… Some may even see those that need help as hindrances, annoyances in fulfilling dreams… But for those with clean hearts, these are not hindrances but opportunities to lend a helping hand (which is more important than fulfilling goals/dreams)…

    Thanks for sharing… Live a life of kindness and goodness, and goals will be realized…

  35. Angela says:

    Invisible but truly felt. It’s concrete to the spiritual world.