10 sec reading: patience and speed

A Warrior of Light needs patience and speed at the same time.

The two biggest mistakes of a strategy are
a]to act prematurely
bto let the opportunity pass by.

To avoid making these mistakes, the warrior copes with each situation as if it were unique, and applies no formulas, prescriptions or the opinions of others.

Caliph Moauiyat asked Omar Ben Al-Aas what was the secret of his great political skill:

“I have never gotten involved in any matter without first studying the way out;
“on the other hand, I have never become involved and wanted to get out right away,” was his answer.




  1. Andrés T. P. says:

    …….pues no dejemos pasar la oportunidad……….ya descansamos, estudiamos, sembramos….etc…..un abrazo.

  2. Arthee says:

    Thank you Paulo… You are very well known for your writings…A surgeon introduce me your art of writing. He is you biggest fan ever…sister has your collections and love you… Thank you again Paulo.

  3. vasudha says:

    Patience always pays– high ofcourse…..but the chanllenges in the days that count till u reach ur pay date makes the difference..Warrior of light strives to make that difference

  4. seema.r says:

    thank you Paulo..m really fed yu pf my impulsiveness..i keep banging speedily..its really getting too much as time passes by.. i need to halt..

  5. iaris says:

    la rapidez y la paciencia son cosas diferantes pero nunca es imposible lograr las dos cosas a la vez. Un gerrero sabe como se puede!!!!! gracias paulo por todo lo q nos enseñas a cerca de las habilidades!!

  6. flomy says:

    Paciencia y como logro tenerla??
    Es dificil y complicada, el mundo actual nos hace correr y andar de prisa, y aunque lo he intentado o he podido encontrrla, será que no es mi cualidad???
    Que debo hacer??

  7. vinay nalwa says:

    It has been seen that when you don’t involve others in your decisions,u feel much strong as you are prepared to face the consequences of your decisions , whatever it may be

    1. alya says:

      yes indeed ! i agree with you ! i think if you haven’t your own plans you’ll be one of others’ plans so we must assume our responsibilities ! we can ask for advice but we must be the king of ourselves!”u feel much strong as you are prepared to face the consequences of your decisions , whatever it may be”

  8. MILKA says:

    la paciencia es la mejor arma para lograr la paz interior,para alcanzar grandes satisfacciones en la vida.

  9. Spunky Winkerbean says:

    Green eggs and ham taste great to a blind man.

  10. Jayanthi Ramu says:

    ‘Success comes to those who wait!’ Wait patiently, listening quietly to your heart – it knows better!! Opinions do help but not always! People around you want to help you out – agreed, but it should always be your final decision in the end! Whether it works out or not, you hold yourself responsible, not others! That way there are no wounds, no grumbling, no har feelings, no nothing whatsoever! A warrior of light should therefore know to take life at his own stride! Paulo again!!

  11. Victoria V. says:

    Patience is a virtue, indeed. It is the virtue we most of the time forget about. We live in the world of speed, forgetting about how important is to give attention to little things, passing by them and rushing. But I do not know where.

  12. Reg says:

    Thanks for this! just reminded me how important it is to listen to my own gut feeling rather than seek other people’s approval or opinion.

  13. yuyi says:

    como combinar la pacenca que es esperar y velocidad que es ir de prisa, realente solo uan persona como tu lo puede lograr, yo solo soy una simple mortl comun y corrinte, saludos dejame decrte que te admiro mucho y nos proporcionas gran ayuda

  14. neha says:

    for a worrior speed is never a problem bt wen patience is required it always seems to b a tough job.

  15. Lenoushka says:

    You never know what your books mean to me. there are no words that can ever show how much i love you. Only have patience i will see you soon.
    You are the light of my life Mr.Coelho

  16. Marissa says:

    I am constantly amazed at Paulo Coelho. Not just in the way he thinks, but more in the way he expresses his thoughts. The best of his comments are like seeds of contemplation which grow in the mind.

    1. Cher says:

      So true Marissa,I agree with you and say exactly the same.

  17. deidre pereira bueno says:

    The opinions of others doen`t matter.You must to hear our heart.

  18. Micu Adriana says:

    Il tempo resolva tutto,it is important to know how to accept this

  19. Sanjeev says:

    I like your words. 10 sec reading = 10 min thinking

    1. Vagelis says:

      100% correct!!

  20. I am Ian says:

    Timing is everything i think. and Mr. Coelho is right, there is no formula that works on all situation. Adaptability is the key to survival and success.

  21. socorro says:

    El guerrero de la Luz, estara pendiente de no caer en imprudencia, sin embargo, lo humano del guerrero es saber que se equivoco, recuperarse y sacar algo bueno de lo que en un momento fue malo, el mejor premio no es obtener algo, LA GLORIA NO ES LO LOGRADO, gloria es la enseñanza personal que te lleva haber luchado.

  22. satouguebli says:

    est ce que cest la sagesse qui merite patience ou cest la patience qui merite sagesse

  23. Isabel says:

    La paciencia es un gran virtud aunque a veces es dificil practicarla debemos tener la sabidurí­a de saberla utilizar busca tu felicidad aún en ciertas circunstancias Que Dios te bendiga

  24. LETY says:

    hola Paulo:

    Tienes mucha razon, un Guerrero es el que lucha por hacer el bien y debe tener cuidado con las imprudencias que en un futuro se pueda arrepentir por tener acciones arrebatadas

  25. Marianna Simics says:

    If I see something end, that’s a relief.

  26. maritza says:

    La pasiencia es la madre de la virtudez o una de ellas

    Tenemos derecho a ser felices. Ver la oportunidad,tomarla y a su vez la salida para no salir dañado, son acciones que se adquieren con la expericiencia.
    Solo la frialdad de mente robotizadas podrian cubrirce, cada dia, momento somos protagonista, acreedores de experiencias eso nos hace dar opinion acertiva como un manual de prevencion.

    Tomar la oportunidad y de inmediato la salida es un compromiso de experiencias

  27. krystyna says:

    Czasem możemy żaÅ‚ować,że nie zaangażowaliÅ›my siÄ™.Może czasem potrzebna jest komuÅ› pomoc i może być zbyt późno.

  28. Lailah says:

    Es bueno tener paciencia para esperar que las cosas ocurran en el momento adecuado. Pero a la vez es bueno ser audáz y no dejar pasar las oportunidades que nos da la vida, pues muchas de ellas se van y nunca regresan. No debemos apresurarnos a hacer cosas sin antes pensar bien. Es mejor dejar que las cosas sucedan de forma natural.

  29. If a Warrior uses no formula.. no prescriptions..then there are no strategies..there are no mistakes.
    All that happens…HOW it happens, is perfect. Warriors of Light act naturally, lovingly, compassionately, instinctively and intuitively. Only on reflection do humans consider their actions a mistake..only in non-acceptance of ‘what is/what was’, do we consider action to be premature, an opportunity missed.
    A Warrior of Light would never judge Self as he/she knows all action, all that happens.. is God.

    1. Mind Faith says:

      I agree.A Warrior of Light is honed by instinct, intuition and faith. Whatever happens along the way, the Warrior of Light accepts things as they are and view it as his fate designed by God. Living life light and being wise.

    2. Tunde says:

      …….and does not judge the other as he/she knows who is she /he to judge
      Wise words Rachel

  30. Simona says:

    10 sec read leads to 10 minutes of thinking… you inspire more and more every day :)

  31. Lorna says:


    1. P. Antunes says:

      Un guerrier de la Lumière nécessite patience et vitesse í  la fois.

      Les deux plus grandes erreurs de stratégie sont:
      a/ agir prématurément
      b/ laisser passé l’opportunité

      Pour éviter de commettre ces erreurs, le guerrier fait face í  chaque situation comme si toutes étaient uniques, et ne se réfère í  aucune formule, recette ou aux opinions des autres.

      Caliph Moauiyat demanda í  Omar Ben Al-Aas quel était le secret de sa grande habilité politique:
      “Je ne me suis jamais impliqué dans aucune affaire sans jamais en étudier la sortie”
      “D’un autre cí´té, je ne me suis jamais impliqué en voulant sortir directement”

  32. Nitza Pretto says:

    If we assume too quickly we become an ass too quickly. Ignorance is too daring.

  33. ishita says:

    hi paulo
    sorry long time couldn’t post my thoughts to your page.
    yes, it is like none would be knowing about your fist move not even you which would bring unexpected results.

  34. Enpie says:

    Mi forma de ver la realidad cambia. Un dí­a la impaciencia desaparece, y se espera actuando, o simplemente se espera porque no queda otra opción, pero esa espera deja de ser dolorosa. No se si soy el mejor para dar consejos porque no se si cogeré la oportunidad cuando venga siendo como soy, aunque se que cuando evolucione no tendré problema para ello, así­ que espero a que el momento llegue, porque cuando yo sea yo podré actuar en el mundo sin problemas y mi situación cambiará, a su momento claro, ahí­ no puedo incidir porque lo que a mi me limita es mi forma de ser y de interactuar con el entorno, la oportunidad será buscada o simplemente aparecerá, el resto ocurrirá de forma expontanea, a su momento.

    Un saludo.

    1. VIRGINIA says:


  35. Ana says:

    Yeah..patience does pave way to much better plan of action..if we respond without giving a thought to what lies ahead, we might later on regret our actions. This does not draw a pretty picture. We need to hold our breath, analyze and then move ahead with the plan of action.

    If we respond to the situation at hand in a jiffy, then we need to be strong an quick enough to hold our grounds and at the same time think of a remedy to the situation..

  36. Elena says:

    if we have patience enough we `ll get the right way out,,,, on the other hand we can wait too much,cause it can be late ,, so we need learn how to be in time and on the right way ,, this skills come with experience ,i think so