НЛО ЗАСЕКЛИ!!! Aliens!!!

SIBERIAN air traffic controllers claim that a female-sounding alien spoke to them in a cat-like language.
They say that a mysterious object – which they believe was a high-speed UFO – appeared on flight monitors over the remote Russian city of Yakutsk, the Daily Mail reported.

It rapidly changed direction in the sky and reached speeds of nearly 1000km/h – surrounding planes were seen to be travelling significantly slower.
The aviation workers tried to make contact with the ship, as evident in a video posted to YouTube.

“I kept hearing some female voice, as if a woman was saying mioaw-mioaw all the time,” one air traffic controller told the pilot of a passing Aeroflot flight.
The UFO was automatically designated as “00000” as it did not have a flight number.

Airport officials have not commented on the footage.

(NOTE: if any of my Russian friends here can translate the conversation, we all appreciate…)

Thank you Roman Makush

The conversation below is going on when UFO flies close to the aircraft on the radar monitor:

CONTROLLER: /delivers info/
PILOT: There is bad connection here. Repeat please.
CONTROLLER: /repeats info/
PILOT: It’s hard to get it. Keep flying on 11100 meters.
CONTROLLER: It’s a connection check out. How do you hear me?
PILOT: Much better. But there was muttering before. It seemed like another channel laid over.
CONTROLLER: Got you. /says info again/
PILOT: Can’t get you, can’t hear.

Then the controller starts checking out connection.

PILOT: Ok, I hear you now. There was this strange meowing female voice interfering with the frequency.
CONTROLLER: When did you hear it? In which time interval?
PILOT: All the time from the very beginning when our communication started.


  1. M Khan says:

    There are billions of stars in each galaxies and there are billions of galaxies. Number of planets with life could run into trillions. Some of the civilizations may be millions of years more advanced then us. So the question is why are they not already here? The answer may lay in either rarity of intelligent life beyond earth or laws of physics. The distances between stars and habitable planets are so vast that only way to communicate would be faster then light travel, Time travel, And use of worm holes. All these are in the realm of science fiction at his time. It is quite possible that laws of relativity cannot be broken and nothing can go faster then the speed of light. If this is so then we may never be able to see the aliens. This is why we have not seen any. We are basically prisoners in our own space. Aliens are probably masters in manipulating the enviornment and molecular strucutre. So they do not need to travel or mine exotic substances. They possibly can make their own. Energy from the stars is enough to power anything. Also they may be able to convert any form of matter to anything else. They may be able to extract energy directly from any kind of matter. Because of this possibility they do not need to do any space travel.

  2. barbara says:

    Interesting, I’ve seen a lot of programs with people such as scientist etc. saying that the Universe is much too big to exclude life on other planets. Have we been visited by aliens? I certinaly believe so.

    Men, going back to ancient times, Mayans, Egyptians, how did they ever build such structures that were too advanced at the time…and what about the mysterious crops in England, that no one could copy? There were farmers who tried to take the credit for it, but who failed in the end for it was far too complex for them to reproduce.

    I do think that here in US there is something that government hides from us, I believe they do not want controversary, or rather scare people. I always been fascinated by that, too bad that those files are closed to the public, they are forbidden.

    Well Mr.Coelho, we are not alone, that is my conclusion. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, maybe one day we’ll meet our neighbors here, thanks to the Internet we have access to things that government can not control.

    Love always

  3. naira says:

    A rather interesting fact! I’ve a conviction that people on our planet are a kind of Guenea pig for a certain outer civilization. When I read the Bible from this standpoint I became more than sure.We seem to be result of artificial insemination! Anyhow I’m glad I live on this planet, I live and learn.Cognition is everything when your life becomes dedication to your close people.This is unbounded love. Superpowers gifted us with our feelings, the ability to create, to act positively and negatively. They simply control our behaviour. Many years ago I decided to revolt against my destiny by taking another path and I was punished I was lead to the same kind of problem in ten years! I calmed down and began to believe in my inferiority.God changed my destiny. Aren’t we controlled by superpowers? Every possibility is sent to us by superpowers. A loooot can be learned from the Bible,Koran, Talmud….You can learn every minute, but changes are introduced by superpowers.We are the servants. I happened to seetwo suns …

  4. su says:

    I so beleive in aliens – higher beings –
    And I completely associated with Avatar – a beautiful reality.
    Am waiting for them to show up for everybody to believe in them.
    We are living in magical times.
    Thanks Paulo – for bringing this topic on your blog.
    BTW – Do you believe in Aliens?
    Love, Su.

  5. KAMUS52 says:

    Pero la verdad es que hasta el momento muchas cosas que vemos en las peliculas como la tecnologia ya las tenemos en el presente,lo que si es cierto es que todavia no ha salido un extraterrestre que se baje de su nave y nos hable y que el mundo lo vea esa si seria una prueba contundente,esperemos haber que pasa.chau,gracias

  6. Rakesh Mathiselvan says:

    For so long i wondered whether life is possible other than in earth. people regret it but it is very much possible. a fact which is not (yet) proved . we have conquered neighboring space because it is feasible in our technology but when you consider them as an advanced civilization than us , its not a big issue for them to come and visit us often.
    as a matter of fact, travel through very long distances is possible by taking a short cut which we call as a Worm hole.

    people are afraid to face the facts..
    contact me – Rakesh mathiselvan@ Facebook.com or mail me
    [email protected]

  7. Enpie says:

    Al final este tipo de cosas se convierte en un debate ideologico, como tantas cosas a lo largo de la historia. Creo que en el siglo XIX paso lo mismo cuando Luis Pasteur dijo que muchas enfermedades eran provocadas por la existencia de microorganismos, y propuso que los medicos se lavaran las manos para atender partos, la comunidad cientí­fica de la época se le echo encima por cuestionar su posición, que al fin y al cabo es por lo que las discusisones sobre cualquier cosa suelen ser tan acaloradas, porque se cuestiona el conocimiento, y con ello la autoridad y la posición de alguien, normalmente el conocimiento de la verdad pasa ser algo secundario en un debate ideológico.

    Supongo que hasta que no se demuestra algo ese algo es incierto, pero no se puede demostrar ni la existencia ni la no existecia de vida extraterreste y es mucho más problable que exista, los argumentos a favor que se me ocurren son la inmensidad del universo, hay estudios sobre ello, hay que tener en cuenta que si en unos pocos de cientos de años los hombres han sido capaces de crear la tecnologí­a que tenemos hoy en dí­a, teniendo más tiempo por delante se pueden descubrir cosas que ni siquiera somos capaces de imaginar, los argumentos en contra son principalmente ideológicos, las iglesias verí­an de nuevo cuestionada su veracidad, sus dogmas de fe (aseverar sin verificar. ej: un dogma de fe puede ser que los burros vuelan, y al ser dogma de fe, es verdad incuestionable) y de nuevo esa institución se tambalearí­a por lo que hay que luchar contra la verdad si la verdad es contraria a lo que se asevera en los estatutos de la iglesia, la iglesia cristiana fue fundada en el siglo IV en base a unos escritos con alto contenido simbolico(lo que quieren decir está velado son metáforas. ej: la luna de plata… la luna no es de plata porque en un texto sacralizado diga que es de plata, es una metáfora, y quizá el que lo escribió se querí­a referir a la mujer que brilla(p.e), para que los que lo lean comprendan su significado real han de conocer los codigos para transcribir el mensaje velado en el real) creados en la edad antigua , institución en cualquier caso creada por los hombres con un fin muy concreto quizá util en cierta etapa de la evolución de la humanidad pero hoy en dí­a al menos cuestionable.

    Un saludo.

  8. Javier Gustavo Gaitán says:

    Fabio Zerpa tení­a razón…

  9. Javier Gustavo Gaitán says:

    May be we are ready to talk with them about the things that we are doing with our world.

  10. James Stygles says:

    A “meowing” female voice flying over Siberia?

    What is the difference between the whining hum of a UFO and the whining meow of a female UFO pilot?

    The UFO stops whining when it arrives in Miami.

    No offense to our female alien friends.

  11. luiz bertoni says:

    They’ve been with us for a long time.