Which one is the best?

Today Harper Collins UK sent to my agent the suggested covers for ALEPH
In your opinion, which one is the best?

You may argue: but we don’t know anything about the book. You may click in the name above for a small description; but what matters is which one, in a bookstore, will be more attractive.

The English edition of ALEPH will be published in September . Click HERE to know other publication dates

Please leave your comments here, in this post.


O post é em ingles porque estamos falando da capa na Inglaterra, Australia, Nova Zelandia e Canadá.
Hoje a Harper UK enviou as sugestíµes de capa para minha agente. Qual é a melhor, na sua opinií£o?
Isso dito, eu adoro a capa de O ALEPH no Brasil
Com amor


  1. Empié says:

    Cualquiera hubiese valido, la iba a mirar menos de dos segundos antes de empezar a leer lo de dentro.

    Un saludo.

    Parece que ha ido bien, no?

  2. Edgar says:

    First one.

  3. Autumn says:

    Definitely the first one. No reason except it grabs my attention more than the others.

  4. Vesela says:

    The first one. I can’t motivate my choice and I guess that’s what makes a real favourite – not knowing why you love something, just feeling that you love it.
    And by the way, the name of the author is enough to sell whatever the cover.

  5. Keith says:

    Of the three possible book covers in English, the middle cover is by far the best, the disappearing into the mist in the distance gives a hint of mysticism.

    1. Sarah says:

      Agree – second one.

  6. Mathilde says:

    First SPEAKS

  7. Zara says:

    I like the first one Paulo and I wish you choose it.The first one reminds me the first letter of Persian Alphabet(Ø¢)and we call it(Alef).The most beautiful,simple and useful letter of Farsi.I hope it helps.

  8. Alan Field says:

    The first one…it captures the whole mystery of the journey in the cover, the wide open space representing the vastness of the world of the unknown…but yet inviting to those seeking out the mystery!

  9. erica says:

    i love the first cover
    hopefully I’ll get to read Aleph by the end of this year
    can’t wait!!!

  10. nathaly says:

    la primera

  11. Iqra says:

    I love the first one. :)

  12. Lulu says:

    The third one!

  13. brian says:

    I am most attracted to the first cover. Thanks for asking!

  14. Ahana says:

    the last one ..

  15. Georgia says:

    I vote for the first cover, the wide open bright space – it’s her and her world. I find the second is more restrictive despite the train, she’s dependent on her surroundings… The third strikes me as melancholy.

  16. I would say the first one !it really represents the adventure to the unknown! but also the freedom of the choices or the path of the signs !

  17. Elizabeth says:

    My opinion or cover I like the most is the middle one, coz is not only a beautiful color but also big space, and the trein it can be faster,and the people waiting their and also that young woman with viol I guess….and of course the light is amazing color….Aleph is that mean Alpha and the Omega…? By the way, I found the film yesterday about Central Do Brasil ( Central Station ) was 2 Oscar nominated the best film outside the country. I going to watch that film maybe today , it’s France and Poutugess gesproken but with title dutch so is not really problem to me…Will I think this is my opinion and if you appreciate I would be very honor to hear it from you….Best Wishes xxxx

  18. grace says:

    I like the first cover…