My unfulfilled desires

You have probably reached many of your goals for your life and many of your dreams must have already come true. What is an example of a dream or goal that you are still working towards and hoping will come true? (question by Ushani)

A ] to learn how to dance well (from a 1 to 10 scale, I would say I am 2)

B] to learn how to play guitar ( from the same scale, I am definitely 1)

C] spend three months in a monastery, totally isolated from the world ( I already talked to the abbot three years ago, but I am always postponing)

D] a safari in Africa (politically incorrect, of course)

E] to sponsor a good boxer (I know it sounds politically incorrect, as the previous item, but boxing for me is the ultimate body dialogue)

F] to learn boxing myself

G] being in orbit circling the planet (the Russians are making a business out of it, but I never actually sought the information out)

H] to have dinner with Nelson Mandela (this one I tried, but I did not manage so far)

I] to fly a Mirage (as a passenger, of course)

While writing this list, I realized that I did most of the things I wanted (the most recent being a 9.280 kms train journey from Moscow to Vladivostok, in 2006 – theme of my new book, ALEPH ).


  1. Al says:

    Sir, I have a question.
    I am a very big fan of yours and your work inspires me a lot. Even I have some dreams that I want to be fulfilled. I am working very hard but again my attention diverts and I cannot find my self concentrating and working towards it. Please help.

  2. Олег Бойко says:

    Дорогой, Паоло! Все желания по моему внутреннему ощущению ,это помощь в росте каждого, испытывающего мечты и желания. Любое желание исполняется , если оно соответствует выбранному духовному росту. Все мои желания рано или поздно исполняются (есть только разногласия в работе со временем). Так как на пути к цели( желанию, мечте) есть необходимость кушать, одеваться, кормить и одевать свою семью, платить за крышу над головой и что важно, сохранять душевное равновесие своих близких( жены и дочери). Я как выбравший путь мага, мог пройти его и один, но жизнь и Бог показывает , что семья это неотемлимаая часть моего Пути. Так что я идущий к своей мечте, испытываю на своем пути не только ежедневные трудности , но и прекрасные мгновения , когда вижу глаза своих девочек. Да прибудет с Вами Сила и Любовь. Олег

  3. kealan says:

    The question I am still wondering over a year later… can any man stay in Melk?! I only have one goal at the moment and that is to make a list of dreams and goals.

    1. Mademoizel says:

      that’s a start. :)

  4. Deanne says:

    I have my own list as well started after the death of my father. Immortality seems to do that to us. I don’t call it a *buck list* as many do but rather a life list. I want to put the energy into the thought of living rather than death although death has lost it’s fear factor with me.

    My list was sparked by a book my 8 yr old daughter found called *Heaven on earth 100 must see destinations* we have made it to about 30 of them in seven years and this has become the fire within and passion that stirs my soul. Several are in South America, one being your county Brazil so we will make it there *some day* I have added things other than travel to the list of course, but nothing stirs me more than to experience people and culture in their own setting and see the divine in them and have it reflected back to me.

    We are more alike than different is what I have learned in the past seven years and the beauty of people never ceases to amaze me. There is so much good in this world that gets ignored by the fear driven media , but I can say from experience the world is inherently good and it’s people are loving, beautiful hope filled people who long to live in a world that is equal in it’s blessings to everyone and I for one believe we will achieve this one day as I have looked into the eyes of many and have seen the soul and source of the divine that says we “will rise!”

    Nelson Madela is on my list as well as meeting you. Dinner for three or more, perhaps…LOL I was blessed to get your lovely signed card in the mail which is framed at my bedside and keeps the dream alive. Thank you!

    With love,

  5. su says:

    Like Thelma said – to Love and be loved.
    My deepest desire is to find my soulmate. I have had this since I was 7 -8 years old – ( am 42 now).
    I think of him being spanish , with amazing blue eyes – which can read my soul.
    We are connected emotionally , mentally and spiritually.
    Meditating together and going for retreats and pilgrimages around the world.
    When I meet him for the first time – it will be electric.
    I know it sounds *fairy tale* but thats how I want it to be, alongwith all the details that I have visualized.
    I am tired of loving people and being dumped, and then hurting , wondering , where did I go wrong.
    So I hope my soulmate comes along soon – coz I am at a point in my life where I need him the most.
    Thankyou !

  6. Nitin says:

    Well , I had always thought of visiting the Hindu Holy place of Haridwar to understand what is there in Hinduism which has propelled more than a billion people over the past several centuriesto accepts new and newer faiths amongst them which is much different from theirs and at the same time prosper spiritually and materialistically ..
    i did it last year .. While my curiosity was not satisfied but i had a chance to travel 44 hrs in a second class sleeper coach across the Indian hinterland , crossing 5-6 states of India .. It was a very satisfying journey ..

  7. To dance well to me, is to become one with the music and let your body do the talking (writing, creating). Let go of your thoughts and allow yourself to be moved. Feel the rhytm inside you. The beat of a drum, is the beat of your heart. Let all the moves originate from your center (pelvis). “A dancing person, is a happy person” (African proverbe).

  8. eleonora says:

    vorrei poter vedere piu’sorrisi*vorrei vedere la gente correre meno*vorrei non scordare mai gli anni che mi hanno formato*vorrei vedere i sogni infranti realizzarsi*vorrei che ci si soffermasse di piu’ sulle sfumature dell’essere umano ,che determinano la luce e il buio della nostra vita*vorrei rifare quello che ho fatto ,con tutti i sorrisi e il pianto,si.. proprio cosi’,grazie alle scelte dettate dal cuore ho scoperto chi sono oggi.Vorrei incontrare il mio autore preferito****Grazie per tutto quello che ho ricevuto,grazie per tutto quello che gli altri realizzeranno.

  9. Jojo says:

    Dear Paolo
    I will be honest … as always I try to do … I was surprised to see so much unfulfilled desires … or so much things that are there for you to still fulfill. I realized something at one point in my life not long ago. I had achieved my objectives and then things started to change colors, becoming in my surroundings and inside me more dark … I then realized that I had no more dreams, objectives, things to do or desire, since I thought I had achieved those I was pursuing. This brought me into a hole, a black hole … I was then entering a new lesson chapter in my life, which is to always have desires, goals, dreams, after one chapter is done, to write another, and here I am now with a new chapter I am writing. Now, for me, I have as you so many things I want to fulfill … and I understood the importance of letting this flow. In my personal story, as a child, one dream was too much and had to be silenced. So, it was normal that as I was taught that after materializing or fulfilling I stopped. I have specific desires and dreams to fulfill and then I have those who will suddenly appear at a moment that I will jump in and grab … like an invitation to a party, like friends who suddenly suggest an idea that pleases me so that I will stop and jump in, fulfillment of the moment that I never captured in the past because of all this mental activity that brought me to be “realistic”, “wise from a culture point of view”.

    Thank you for posting this Paolo … because I realize that I must really let myself go and not judge nothing and go after all that nourishes me, to let myself be in a no limitation zone, and believe that the Universe is always there to conspire.

    So, at this moment, what is there for me as desire to fulfill …

    Put in place the second Juste Moi near my place, create this concept of regrouping all levels of professional helpers for the mind, body and soul, a place where I will be able to mix personal, professional and collective works together … I have this vision that I want to create and that I will fulfill

    Prepare and go on this motorcycle trip to the Islands of Madeleine, with all kinds of people together for this ride

    Acquire my place in Acapulco and prepare the nest for receiving family and friends, for writing and painting, with this view on the ocean, coasts, the rising of the sun each morning in front of me.

    Go on a pelerinage, one offered by Don Ruiz in the vicinity of Mexico

    Learn Spanish so to exchange with my friends up there and be able to transmit and receive from those relations

    Begin the writing of my book relating the quest of Le Juste Moi

    And mostly listening on a moment to moment basis to my heart and fulfilling its desires with spontaneity in an attitude of total freedom and under the smile of the Universe.

    Love, Jojo.

  10. emily says:

    i know one of mine is to meet you and eckhart tolle. just finished reading eleven minutes. i had countless moments where in i just stopped and be completely lost and focused at the same time with the profoundness i just read.

    if you want to sponsor a good boxer, please consider philippines on your list of where to look for one.

    funny, i tried to learn the guitar too but after a few weeks, i felt it was not for me. as for boxing, i’ve been learning the basics for a month now, it’s fun and it’ll give you a good cardio workout!

    keep fulfilling your dreams and inspiring millions to do the same, mr. coelho!

  11. emily says:

    i know one of mine to meet you and eckhart tolle. just finished reading eleven minutes. i had countless moments where in i just stopped and be completely lost and focused at the same time with the profoundness i just read.

    if you want to sponsor a good boxer, please consider philippines on your list of where to look for one.

    funny, i tried to learn the guitar too but after a few weeks, i felt it was not for me. as for boxing, i’ve been learning the basics for a month now, it’s fun and it’ll give you a good cardio workout!

    keep fulfilling your dreams and inspiring millions to do the same, mr. coelho!

  12. gina says:

    It is another surprise which you offer us, to know more about you, although we are happy to know you as you are… an amazing man…no need of words, explanations, examples. In our eyes you are special. A man like you wants and can take a lot from life, you are not lazy, you are not giving up your dreams, you live so intensily that I wonder when you have time to sleep, to have rest. I wish for You, from all my heart, to be healthy and forever young, full of energy and enthusiasm, as you are now. WE THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU GIVE US, YOU TEACH US AND MAKE US FEEL GOOD AND PERFECTIBLE.

  13. Suela says:

    ~to find out about RAM
    ~to learn magic(this has already started)
    ~to cross the four paths of the Tradition(not really in a rush of the fourth path though,it can wait)
    ~to see in person my spiritual Mother in Lesvos(Greece)
    ~to travel to some countries(this has already started too)
    ~to gain money or a better way to help and expand the non profit organization I am a member of( security and protection of the indigent elderly)
    ~more books
    ~be a better musician
    ~to paint more
    ~eat a table(not the table) full of lobsters till the next day(greedy I know)
    ~oh and recently I have a new wish,to build a hobbit house in the woods by a lake,where I can cook all the time,read,paint, “experiment” ;) in different fields ect…

  14. coolguy1609 says:

    Sometimes you have to experience the opposite of your dream to be able to fully appreciate your real dream, when it comes to you! So, never lose heart and never lose patience… Continue with courage till your dream comes to you!!!

  15. THELMA says:

    Growing older, becoming ‘wiser’ and looking around and ‘í­nto’ other Souls on the Way, I have realized that the only thing that really matters for me is to LOVE and BE LOVED! ;-))
    Thelma xxx

  16. Ah, Paulo…
    Há sonhos que nem foram sonhados e foram lindamente realizados…
    Alexandra Dias

  17. Han says:

    Have you ever feared the results of success?

  18. Adriana says:

    Dancing well. You should aim at this. Although it is a lot more difficult for men than for women becuase they usually have to think about what to do next while I’m just being led and enjoying.I’m sure Cristina will love it, and you might as well to. By the way, I begun attending dance classes because of The Witch of Portobello. And this turned my world upside down. My performance was really poor at the begining, however right now I don’t understand how I could live for 38 years without dancing. It’s divine, and even more than that if you dance with your soulmate.

    1. Han says:

      I love to dance as well. I found spiritual calm from dancing to heavy metal when I was a teenager. It sounds wrong, but it was so peace-making!

  19. Maya says:

    these are sunday afternoon desires.

  20. Daniel says:

    Do you have a plan to fulfil these goals? It seems some of these would not be difficult to achieve. How do you know when the time is right? For instance, finding a good boxer to sponsor – you could just ask someone who trains boxers. But how do you know it is the right time and the right boxer?

    I’m not usually this inquisitive about other peoples motivations, I’m surprising myself! :)

    With love,


  21. Payal says:

    I am sure you have a story behind each wish of yours, will be interesting to know something about “G” point :), it’s so nice to hear that you have done most of the things u wanted to do.

    it’s a good idea! but I wonder if I’ll be able to do it all. Although I recently fulfilled one of my wish, which was to share my artwork as an artist. Hope god keeps showing us the way :)

  22. Monica says:

    1.)learn to fabricate jewerly
    2.)learn French
    3.)talk to Jesus face to face (I think this is the most important one out of the list)
    4.)learn to draw so I can catch the wonderful winter evening in South Texas
    5.)Move to the Mountains in New Mexico, I love the people in New Mexico, they are so open minded
    6.)Walk the road to Santiago
    7.)meet you and talk about the Pilgrimage, I love your book (have read it four times and each time I have a better time than the other) and there are so many things I would like to ask you about
    8.)meet Petrus (I think he must be an amazing character, you portay him so humble and full of love for everything he does)
    9.)Visit with my friend Luis again, I haven’t seen him since I was 17, 20 years ago.