Character of the week: Frank Herbert

The function of science fiction is not always to predict the future but sometimes to prevent it.

The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. (Bene Gesserit Litany against fear )

The concept of progress acts as a protective mechanism to shield us from the terrors of the future.

Seek freedom and become captive of your desires, seek discipline and find your liberty.

The real universe is always one step beyond logic.

A process cannot be understood by stopping it. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it.

Truth is subject to too much analysis.

A person cries out against life because it’s lonely, and because life’s broken off from whatever created it. But no matter how much you hate life, you love it, too. It’s like a caldron boiling with everything you have to have — but very painful to the lips.

The people I distrust most are those who want to improve our lives but have only one course of action.

The human question is not how many can possibly survive, but what kind of existence is possible for those who do survive.

Destroy the place and you will destroy the person.(The Bene Gesserit Sisterhood)

The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.

Franklin Patrick Herbert, Jr. (October 8, 1920 – February 11, 1986)[ was a critically acclaimed and commercially successful American author. “Dune” is his masterpiece.


  1. Janus says:

    Try “The Jesus Incident”. My favorite one

  2. Victor says:

    .- La ternura es el inicio de la crueldad
    .- La mas alta funcion de la ecologia es la comprension de las consecuencias

    1. Vicky says:

      El universo de la vida solo se te abre en su totalidad si sigues el camino en el amor y en la sinceridad contigo mismo y los demas…”Quien lo siente lo sabe”.

  3. ishita says:

    Destroy the place and you will destroy the person.

    holds very true and deep meaning. we are familiar and comfortable in the zone we spend and live our lives. if that is being disturbed our whole set of mind, routines, though pattern also get disturbed.
    very inspiring.

  4. salim says:

    hi, i gotta to tell go ahead.
    thx exceedingly

  5. Lailah says:

    Fantastic critical thinking!

  6. Paura? Non dovrei più respirare mangiare bere perchè tutto inquinato. Pare che ce l’abbiamo tutte di fronte le nostre paure, pare che si siano realizzate tute. Allora mi chiedo, quale arma posso usare? La risposta me la dà il bello che nonostante tutto, mi circonda e con molta umiltà come i spendidi fiori inviano messaggi di bellezza e amore e questo lo fai anche tu Paulo e tutti quelli che ti scrivono, a mia volta farò lo stesso. L’ energia si trasmette

  7. rico says:

    i don’t know…
    it seems like..the more i question life, as we all do..the more confused and more questions it provides.
    If you say we still have too experience the life as we do in any mind goes into a grey realm state of conciousness.
    its really hard to say in articulations of any is beyond words.
    should we try to find what LIFE is..we should do with out IT.
    and the only way to do that,..the only thing i can think of is..through death!,i’m sorry if this sounds absurd or nonsense,but let us put our mind to the test,..
    is it all about entity surviveing or about what this entity porpously leaves behind (should it contributes to the next form of life/or not)

    I will do what reallity told me what to do.
    But I will not succumb to heart tells me so

  8. Malihe says:

    Thank you.

  9. I’m inspired to learn more about Frank Herbert.
    Great quotes!

    “The people I distrust most are those who want to improve our lives but have only one course of action.”


  10. Oriana says:

    1 presentacion consumismo ;el concepto de progreso actúa como un mecanismo de protección para protegernos de los terrores del futuro.
    simplemente eso. envio pensamientos

  11. Ajay says:

    The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand….

    Very Inspiring , this gives lot of hope to folks who give on knowledge…..

  12. meai o. says:

    “The real universe is always one step beyond logic.”
    Totally agreed!!
    In Buddhism we have a saying that the only thing that travels faster than light is our mind…so to say when we think of the moon, we reach there immediately.
    The consciousness creates true wisdom. Yet it is difficult for human beings to reach true wisdom as our consciousness could just disappear immediately right after we gain the consciousness. We are always distracted by everything, even from ourselves within. Therefore, every breath counts. Once we can maintain the consciousness there we would know what we should fear and what we should not. And apparently, death isn’t what we should fear as it is as certain as the sun. Eventually, everybody will face death. What important is how do we prepare to be conscious when it’s time and we face it calmly without fear.

  13. manish says:

    I think that its best to live the life with all its colors, be it fear, joy, or any other human feeling. Being Human we get over of every feeling and what is left are the memories. These memories can b dreadful reality, or memorable event and the reason one can appreciate the joy is because one has felt fear, sorrow. There is no formula to live life, its just an experience. Just try to make it memorable, for you, for others, every other thing is a part and will b over one day and there will b sunshine touching your face and will let you enjoy the best of it.

  14. I think that it is impossible to programme our life ,life is impredictable,we can live our life only,we can have a project of love,of work,of life if we believe future only.Every day we must live our life very well as it is our one and only chance.It is not easy,but I try it,How do I do ? What do I do?I believe in me!Every night I think my to morrow,every night I dream a better day,every day I know what that I’ll do ,every day I smile while I am working for my family and I am fighting for my life, I love my tiring life,because I believe my dreams,I believe my family’s lovely project,every day I give my family a lot of my life and of my heart,often none of my family think me tired because I am happy.But while I am smiling some people think me fool,Why ? They think me fragile, silly and poor woman.What do I do ? I let them think me fool,Why? I am confident I shall succed because I put my life in God’s hands, everyday I work,I dream ,I fight,I believe in me.Many years ago my Albanian maid said me:-you are not Catholic religious,you are Mussulman religious-.She loved me very much that she thinked me very strong and fearless as a Mussulman Observant,I’ll not forget her,because she paid me a great compliment ,Naschie was a good ,strong,very honest Mussulman woman and mother.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    The knowledge of human are also in the bible, we should grow, and the wisdom it comes from God he will rewarded to everyone but first seek the wisdom Of God…than anything in the world…I don’t knw If I undertand the topic but at least I give my opinion….

    1. rico says:

      you are being honest, may be that’s what life is all about..being Honest :D

  16. Lizett says:

    “Destroy the place and you will distroy the person”
    Great message to care in particular our mother nature.
    -So inpiring.
    Thank you.

  17. Daniel says:

    The film alone made me “high”…

    You make me want to read the books. There is true thinking in there.

    “The real universe is always one step beyond logic.” WOW!!!

    I have thought much about the symbols in Dune. Maybe you could be interested in this… I have to start a blog.


  18. Rochelle says:

    Thank you so much for printing the sayings/teachings!!! I remember one point in my life when I kept repeating over and over again… “fear is the mind killer”. We fear the unknown and dread the known.

  19. Anil Bhave says:

    All quotes are really great & inspiring. Specially I like:- “The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience”.
    Thanks with love and regards.

  20. Vivek says:

    very inspiring….

  21. Muthu Perumal says:

    Just be free and do right things which your heart says and not mind but unfortunately our mind is something which causes so much delusions about life. Feel the world that it’s your empire and you are the KING of it and everything which you would be surrounded with will be filled love and peace and you would be able to enjoy every passing phase of your life.
    Do what you can wherever you are with whatever you have.

    1. Nemira says:

      Inspiring, thanks

  22. shyam sunder says:

    fear is a by product of security.
    when you operate out of security life gives a situation of uncertainty and fear surfaces.
    when you operate out of adventure not knowing what is in store for the next moment where is fear?
    but how do I reach there? If I knew the answer where is adventure?

  23. Silenzio/Si spegne cosi’ un’altro giorno/ nella bellezza del rosso infuocato/ che scivola sul filo del mare/ nella danza perpetua/tra la luce e il buio silenzio

  24. Donare con amore. Il mio più grande maestro è il mare, affannata dalla vita è stato ed è il rifugio d’amore. Ho chiamato le sirene per insegnarmi il senso della vita. Ho ascoltato le serenate delle megattere. Ho visto ballerine di luce che ringrziavano il sole

  25. Elizabeth says:

    Veronica decided to death – it’s the book which has turned my life. It has returned me to life during the heavy moment. Thanks you for this book, this miracle!

  26. ricky says:

    Hi, Thanks for posting…. I really needed this –

    I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. I will read this statement daily ..till the time my brain becomes healthier and stronger … :)

  27. This reminds me of the book “The left hand of darkness” by Ursula K. Leguin that I first read in softcover in 2002. I remember that in her prelude, she said that science fiction should not always try to predict the future but instead present “what if” situations. This might be difficult to understand unless the book is read..=)

  28. Chablis says:

    His opinion on fear is not my reality…Everyone bears a cross,yes!…But when U rise each morning with d uncertainty & unpredictable malady,an ailment as ancient as man and despite numerous medications,I ponder:This here is for real!…Yes,one has no choice but to accept his/her fate…Hope?…Like a London foggy morning & I’m not being a pessimist.

  29. lavinia says:

    che centra quello che devo dire io? non lo sto leggendoti e le parole da dirti sono tante nella mia testa… poche sulla tastiera…
    tu sarai abituato a ciò… io no.. non ho mai scritto che io non una volta a topolino per le giovani marmotte… ( ero piccola)
    ora sono adulta..forte fragile e confusa..
    perchè ti scrivo.. per dirti che i tuoi libri stanno sistemando in qualche modo i pensieri confusi della mia testa
    non li dipanano…ma la forma assume qualcosa di pratico da indossare…
    prendono una loro identità e mi chiedo..perchè non l ho letto prima.
    un grazie quindi…. che si unirà al grande grazie di chi ti legge…ma io lo sento mio..
    diverso dagli altri..perchè è stato utile a me.
    buone cose..uomo che sai toccare il cuore ma sopratutto fai pensare…e fai fiorire i pensieri.
    un sorriso… lavinia

  30. jennifer adeline says:

    “The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand.”
    it’s so true ‘cuz you don’t born knowing everything…the experience it’s the true knowledge of the things..and if we understand the things of the universe, our mind gonna be more opened to the future and unnaturals things.
    Everything can change in this world, people nust be preparing to the new world and people.

  31. Annie says:

    They are all such great quotes!
    I specially like these ones :
    -Seek freedom and become captive of your desires, seek discipline and find your liberty.

    -The real universe is always one step beyond logic.

    very inspiring, thank you <3<3
    Love and Gratitude

    1. rico says:

      maybe its not freedom or liberty as we understand,that we are looking or yearning for.
      may be its just a simple…Needs or expectation that we must have and do, either way..tell me your point of view