Magic Realist Transformations in Paulo Coelho

Thesis Subject: Magic Realist Transformations in Paulo Coelho’s The Witch of Portobello and The Experimental Witch
Thesis Author: Meryem Riza-Ezel
Thesis File: Download


  1. elaine says:

    Thank you so much for including this as a download. I have not read it yet, but for me, the title goes right with the synchronicity that Jane mentions.

    In the USA, forty-four states have adopted a common core curriculum for Math and Language Arts. I teach 10th grade Language Arts. One of the literature units from this core that we are to teach our students is on South American and Central American authors. The big question is “What is magic realism?” It never ceases to amaze me how connected we all are. Your beautiful books and your love will now be shared by more of our youth.

    Once again thank you, Paulo, for asking and listening to the promptings of God/Goddess. You truly are one of their messengers of (((((LOVE))))) and ****Peace*****


    1. elaine says:

      Thank you, Meryem :-) This is wonderful.

      If it is okay with you, can I share this document with other 10th grade teachers in the USA? Your research, examples and comments will be very helpful to many.

      With (((LOVE)))


    2. Meryem says:

      Thank you Lainee!!!

      I really appreciate reading my thesis :) Of course you can share it with other teachers..

      With Love


  2. Congratulations Meryem! What a wonderful topic to write a thesis on. Wishing you much success.

    My dearest Paulo, would you please give us an update on the release of The Witch of Portobello? Any plans in the works for release through any medium?


    1. Meryem says:

      Thank you Carolena for your beautiful comment :)

  3. Wow Paulo and Meryem!
    Magical realism!! A great paper, reading for the second time.
    A few weeks ago, watched a tv show called Pawn Stars, rarely watch tv. On the show, a customer was wanting to pawn an illustrated edition of Alice In Wonderland. The lithographs were painted by Dali.
    Last weekend at a wedding, the stars of Pawn Stars were there (family of the groom).
    Grew up near a town called Humboldt (name mentioned in the thesis)

    Almost every day is like this, synchronicities one after the other. Magic does ‘exist’. Realing that it can be difficult to embrace unless/until one is having personal experiences.

    I really felt for Athena, in your book Paulo. Ahead of her time.

    Returning to read the thesis, thankyou for sharing!!
    Jane xo

    1. Meryem says:

      Dear Jane,

      thank you for your wonderful comment. I indeed believe too that magic exists, thus we are the creators of these kinds of magical transformations :)

      I also have to thank Paulo for giving me with his books the inspiration to enter the field of magic realism…I can’t express my gratitude.

      Thank you both again