Who stole my story?

When I was active on Myspace (I am not anymore), “Fly me to the moon” (Frank Sinatra) was deleted from my profile.
So who deleted the song? The answer is simple: greed and ignorance.
Greed that does not understand that this world has changed. Ignorance that thinks that, if the music is available for free, people are not going to buy the CD.

A] some will say :
you are rich enough to afford having your texts here for free.
It is true that I am rich (as were Frank Sinatra, and his heirs), but this is not the point. The point is that we want to first and foremost SHARE something. If you go to most of the pages, what will you see? Fantastic pictures, great blogs, amazing photos. For free. My texts are for free here. And you can reproduce them anywhere provided that you name the author.

B] The industry will say:
artists cannot survive without being paid.
But the industry is thinking on the opposite direction of our reality today. I follow Hilal on Twitter (even if she tweets once a year…). Hilal is from Turkey, but lives in Russia (and she is the main character in ALEPH). She first read a pirate edition of “The Alchemist”. Hilal download the text, read it, decided to buy the book. Up to today, I have over 12.000.000 hard copies sold in Russia, and counting.

C] I also decided to create “The Pirate Coelho”, an non-official fan page that allows people to download the full texts in different languages. I am selling more books now than ever. (Where is it? Well, not difficult to find…)

D] How did all these social communities start?
At first it was just wanting to chat with another person. But chatting isn’t enough – we have to share the music, the book or the film that we love. When there was no law against it, this information was exchanged freely. Finally, when the entertainment industry caught on, the repression began.

E] Art is not an orange.
If you buy an orange and eat it, you have to buy another one, and then it makes sense that oranges should not be given for free, because the consumer consumes the product. Art is about beauty. Music is about beauty. If I visit a page and I like the music, I am sure I will buy the CD, because I want to know more about the work of the artist.

F] A woman went to a market and saw two jars.
She asked the vendor for the price:: “ten coins”, he answered.
The woman was surprised: “but one of these jars has been painted by an artist!”
The vendor replied: ” I am selling jars. Beauty has no price.”

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  1. Cristina Maldonado says:

    Socrates said it a long time ago:

    “Ignorance i the mother of all evils” Can´t agree more.


  2. Zvezdoros says:

    My first post! :)

  3. DONA LUZIA says:

    Pensei que vc fosse brasileiro!!!
    Cheguei aqui e ní£o vi a expressí£o do meu paí­s, em ternmos literários.
    Que triste!!!

  4. paroles et traduction says:

    It is appropriate time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy. I have read this post and if I could I desire to suggest you some interesting things or suggestions. Perhaps you could write next articles referring to this article. I wish to read more things about it!

  5. Jake says:

    I agree , and we must fight “ignorance and greed “ because they make us miserable, they stole beauty and hope from our days

  6. Hi Paolo!
    I’d like to tell you that your position works – the first your book I met was The Alchymist as a pirated audiobook. It attracted my attention so much so I currently have four of your books, all bought of course. It’s my reward to author and a fee for private exclusive access to those texts no matter if some device have got enough energy or not ;-)

    Thanks; and please – continue writing, I’m a hungry reader ;-)

  7. […] For Paulo Coelho, fairly low maintenance blogging is the foundation for his social media strategy. Due to his fame, he has massive user bases on both Facebook (5.5 million fans) and Twitter (1.6 million followers). But he uses these platforms effectively. He engages more with readers via Twitter, seemingly leaving Facebook updates to his assistants. He also has an active YouTube channel and is well known for pirating his own books. […]

  8. naomi montana says:

    Would love my poetry and art to inspire theft.
    But alas you can not steal a gift.

  9. silke wieduwilt says:

    ich,hoffe alles wird gut mit dem herzen und mit dem verstand

  10. silke wieduwilt.geb.goldmann says:

    was tun wir mit den wahnsinigen in der schweitz,die den urknall nach machen möchten,bitte hilf mir,was tun?

  11. AL says:

    This is it!!!

  12. salam ammar says:

    I have given your texts as exams to my students,and i have seen them asking one after the other about you,your blog,your books,your facebook.Beauty emerges like the city that cant be hidden on a mountain.but theres one problem Paulo ,tell me how many times do i have to buy your books and then send them away as presents?i have no answer…may be as long as i live…God bless u.

  13. Asnow white says:

    I agree , and we must fight “ignorance and greed ” because they make us miserable, they stole beauty and hope from our days

  14. Isa says:

    Lady gaga sells more online than other artists. The reason why is that she is connected to all her fans via twitter and facebook and she treats them as her friends. And you don’t steel from a friend. You buy because you appriciate what she does.

  15. Chewgc says:

    Yes I totally agree. We always download books or Music. We don’t like we delete. We like we will definitely buy the song or book and share our likes with friends and family. Sometime we buy the books and give them for birthdays or Christmas.

  16. nitika says:

    great thoughts..its right beauty can’t be sold..

  17. silke wieduwilt says:

    lieber paulo,ich werde nie aufhören zu lieben,ich bin immer wieder gefallen,aber ich habe mit der hilfe der lie be,der zeit undvieler menschen,der natur,der tiere und gott gelernt immer wieder aufzustehen,vielen dank und ich hoffe das wier uns irgend wann begenen

  18. jinet says:

    great perspective :) as always :)
    And that’s what makes special paulo :)
    God bless your witts:)
    I admire the way u look at things and therefore the way u see things and the fact that u share all of it and try to open people’s eyes and hearts :)
    Wish I could meet u in person one day..who knows??maybe I will :)I believe it is somehow possible :)
    One last thing to mention : whoever gets the chance to read your stuff (either pirate or original ) is lucky :)

  19. EUGENIA says:

    es muy interesante todas las opiniones aqui expuestas, y se aprende bastante si se quere dedicar al lucro con el arte y la belleza, pero tambien es muy valido entender que personas como yo ,que difilmente tenemos acceso a comprar cada obra que leemos en el internet sean del Sr. coelho u otros , nos veriamos limitados a no leer grandes obras o mendigar a quien si puede pagarlas, que las deje en un bazar o que las preste . ciertamente cuando una obra me llega al corazon hago todo por adquirirla y prestarla a quien la pida, y mas aun a recomendarla cuantas veces tengo oportunidad, solo asi hago sinergia de venta .

  20. Wonder says:

    Dear Paolo,

    Your success is in your philosophy. All your followers share same philosophy and the number is almost 6 millions. That means there are more great people. We have to share either for business or for non business. Karma is always a circle.
    I love reading Paolo’s writings.

    I heard that his book is going to be translated in Mongolian. Is that true?


  21. Has9 says:

    The subject of piracy and intellectual property has occupied my thoughts considerably, especially considering how I view the internet as the “Great Library” and feel that free information is essential for the betterment of mankind. It’s allowed more diversity, its helped eradicate prejudices and its delighted and inspired those that have had a chance of sampling more of what they like to hear and see.

    However, I believe that this wonderful period will not last in its unfettered state. Already technology is at a stage where its possible to identify virtually every individual on the net, rather like a CSI investigation, it is possible to identify an individual from an IP location by their activity, Gmail, FB accounts etc etc. Most people have nothing to hide with regards to their activities on the net and are fully aware there is not much they can do to stop this. It is with this in mind that I believe that piracy in its current state will become a thing of the pass ( Just like smoking inside public places has become a thing of the past – in most western countries that is. – the general populace has had to accept this. For fear of criminal sanctions, and being seen as a discourteous act to fellow civilians).

    Already the likes of Apple and their IPhones, have made it fashionable to pay for downloads and a “no piracy” stance has been accepted by the masses.

    “We will all look back and comment on how the internet in the beginning allowed us access to virtually everything for free.”


    1. javabean says:

      I’d like to pay, for full length movies, for music, in open formats like mp3. But here can you get those? The industry is so encumbered by their own laws and regulations, they can’t even sell their own wares properly in fear of thousands of litigations.

      Give me a site that has our culture for sale, open formats, easy and fast access. This is too hard for the greedy lawyers and businesspeople to fathom: that this is where the real money are tomorrow..

      Not in Digital Restrictions Management-schemes, spying, litigating and generally pissing on your customers.

  22. farza says:

    thank you Paulo…!

  23. Shadia says:

    No matter how many ebooks I download and read, for me, the real pleasure or rather kick out of reading comes only when I leaf through the pages of a physical book. Otherwise there always seems to be something missing.

    Today had gone to a book shop at random, and though I had read “The Winner Stands Alone” from a library here, I bought this book.

    So I think as long as there are people who enjoy reading a book will always be the medium of preference.

  24. miguel ramirez says:

    i definitely agree with you, i got all you books on hard copy even special edition, but i also got all of them on an electronic pirated copy, it is a thing i got for digital information it doesn’t cease to amaze me how much of it you can carry along in a little tiny piece of silicon….