10 SEC READING: The right tolerance

The warriors of light always keeps their hearts clean of feelings of hatred.

When they go to fight, they always remember Christ’s words: “love your enemies”.

And the warriors obey.

But they know that the act of forgiving foes does not force them to accept everything.

Warrior cannot lower their heads – otherwise they lose sight of the horizon of their dreams.

The warrior notes that the adversaries are there to test our persistence, our ability to make decisions.
Adversaries are a blessing – because they force the warriors of light to fight for their dreams.

Love your enemy. But never forget: he is not your friend.



  1. Mintakastar says:

    Enemies are the people who make us show exactly what we really are, we can make reality our dreams when we have defeated our enemies.

    Brilliant thoughts P.C.

  2. Yuli says:

    No justice. No peace.

  3. AmnAli says:


  4. Muita falta de ní£o ter podido passar por aqui…
    Paz e Bem!
    Alexandra Dias

  5. Maria says:

    Bom dia Guerreiro

    Mto bom.
    Qdo li algo algo q vc escreveu sobre o inimigo oculto, gostei mto.
    Ní£o posso odiar, mas tenho minha lista negra tbém.


    Amo vc

    Deus te ilumine

  6. Gus Barreda says:


  7. andrea quante says:

    My brother, Hermann Quante, has a daughter that lives in America, he has never seen her, nor have I or my mother, despite this relative trying to make contact of us. How sad. What does this say about us?

  8. victoria says:

    The caveat is: trust no one (but God). Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  9. jasminestarlingseven says:

    We are all love
    (this is all I remember)

  10. ligia says:

    La mejor arma para un Guerrero de la Luz es el PERDON…. alguien dijo LA MEJOR VENGANZA ES EL PERDON…..

  11. Paulo ja po prostu kocham TwojÄ… twórczość.DziÄ™kujÄ™.Pozdrowienia z deszczowej Polski :)

  12. molly says:

    I love my enemies because of the gifts that they brought to my life. Their actions provided me with great opportunities to learn and grow. They have given me cause to stop and re-evaluate my dreams and beliefs, which further strengthens my trust in myself and God.

    I do not think of them as enemies but as adversaries. They challenge me. Their actions and the pain I feel as a result helps me become a better ME.

    I also love them to help them heal. I don’t keep them in my life but I want them to heal. People hurt others when they are hurting themselves.

    How boring life would be and how stagnant we would become if we had no challenges. I thank God for bringing them into my life.

  13. Punita Saxena says:

    Firstly, how do you identify your enemy? We are all warriors of light. Once our enemies are out of sight we have no grudges, but when faced that feeling of revenge somehow surfaces. It is at times difficult to convince your own self that forgiveness is the best thing to do. What do we do the enemies that are there within us…the enemies that do not let us fight like warriors of light.

  14. elissavet says:

    there is no such thing as an enemy though; our only enemy is ourself

  15. It is so important to identify your enemy . He is not your friend . Fogive him , but remember that he was never your friend in life . He too must feel that what you went through were not too easy due to the actions he made .

  16. Usman says:

    waow dear Paulo,

    I’d like to share my thought with you too.
    “Every adversary is chance for u to learn some reality!”


  17. Monika says:

    My greatest adversary is cancer. Today I learned
    it has spread its metatasis meanwhile in my whole spine. Now it is threatening my brain. I will not give him power to threaten my mind too much, but Lord knows how long I will persist.
    Love Monika

    1. edmond says:

      Hi dear Monika,the Warrior!

      Yes its in GOD’S will.Hope that your persistence its infinite.If i could do something for You!…All the best!

    2. Monika says:

      Thank you, you did something for me by showing your sympathy!
      Love Monika

    3. Punita Saxena says:

      All the best to you dear…You are a true warrior.Anything that I can do for you…

    4. Monika says:

      I must admit I don’t feel like a warrior at all these days. I feel paralysed and empty inside. Thank you for your sympathy.
      Love Monika

  18. nagualero says:

    good advice! its easy sometimes to forget that your enemies mean you no good at all…

  19. Eirini says:

    everyone,friends and enemies alike, that crosses our path is a reflection of us….

  20. Lailah says:


  21. Diana says:

    So what is meant by loving them?
    I have had this revelation about some people in my life, but my answer is just to eliminate contact, and hope good for them. Is that what is meant?

  22. Anulal says:

    Dear Paulo, I think, your idea of the Warrior of Light represents every one. Every one is a warrior of light.
    Kind regards,

  23. Afshin says:

    How do you love your enemy? How do you overcome the heatret you feel towards him? I want to stab him in his heart.

  24. elena says:

    im thankful a lot for all your publications,Paulo.they help me much to fight for my aims,for my love.that is why i think that LOVE never my enemy.I accept love and all difficulties….

  25. MARGHERITA says:

    Quando penso all’amore verso un amico, sento che sto facendo qualcosa di NORMALE.
    Quando cerco con la mia buona volontí  ed a volte anche con qualche sacrificio, di amare il mio nemico, sento che sto facendo qualcosa di “divino”, non per merito mio, ma con l’aiuto di Dio.
    Avverto che Dio è al mio fianco ed il mio cuore è tranquillo e sereno, senza mai sentirmi giudice di nessuno perchè il giudizio spetterí  a Dio soltanto.
    Non è sempre facile amare il proprio nemico: per questo chiedo costantemente l’aiuto di Dio.

  26. De acuerdo no es su amigo.Pero es más débil,porque no tiene corazón.

  27. val williamson says:

    lf you try to be a warrior of light the new you will be all you desire.The damage we do to our self and only ourselves is so hurtful and ugly.lts the hardest thing to do forgive our ememies but they win if we dont let go we can forgive but not forget.My prayers are with you today

    1. Iryna says:

      One of American presidents(it’s seems to me Kennedy)said:”Forgive your enemies, but remember their names”.To my mind, to forgive doesn’t mean to forget…

  28. arun says:

    o khuda mere jakham mujhe woh na bana de jo amin nahin hu…. O god the wounds given by my enemies shall not covert my persoanlity in a person who I am not…

  29. arun says:

    show ur emotions to those who respect it…. it is good to take care of ur enemies if they are broken, wounded or need ur help to overcome their sorrows but always remember that they are not ur well wishers and they are ur enemies and you can only win them with ur actions… so show them you care but not to forget the ststus which they carry in the battle field of life

  30. meow says:

    i agree with u.. i ws more loving n warm b4 my close ones hurt me..n nw i find it difficlt 2 trust ppl cz im always afriad of d consequences…bt lately i hv chngd my outlook on ds aspct..no matr hw mch enemies hrt u, forgive them..n keep a smile wenevr they cross ur way..n more important..if u r worried hw new ppl wll b 2wrds u, then keep a gud observnt eye on them…only wen ur sure they r of no harm 2 u only then open ur hearts 2 them,..till then u r ‘just’ frnds.. it hs helpd me a lot.. :)

    1. arun says:

      Always remember we meet different types of people in this world and because of them the world is so beautiful and I always believe that they are good… If the bug can not leave his habit of biting people than we should not leave our habit of trusting others.. The universe is like the garden and they are like the flowers and part of plants of this nice world.. this is good that you have understood the lesson of forgiveness because this quality will keep you away from negative forces… start living with urself as this journey path on which u are walking is not common and it belongs to u and during ur journey you will meet many friends and till path will remain same they will live and blossom in ur life and as the path will further take u to ur own direction they would also move to their own destiny…enjoy the journey….))

  31. Anil Bhave says:

    Thanks Mr.Paulo for enlightening thought. It is very true that the “warriors of light” can only forgive their “enemies” because they have power, strength, tolerance, wisdom and positive attitude to face any moment as they fought and came over from the weakness of themselves and unless we have these qualities we cannot forgive ourselves as well as others because “weak cannot forgive others who is stronger to him”. with love.

  32. Niki Allen says:

    This one made me stop and read it as I scrolled through Facebook. Take care, some friends are enemies I´ve discovered. And acceptance can be selective. Takes more than words to make something happen and fighting for the light should not have conditions.
    I´m pretty glad I´m a Warrior…keeps me sane.

  33. El Burro de Caín says:

    Creo que se trata del final del proceso, porque previamente debemos reconocer a nuestros enemigos e identificarlos para amarlos. ¿Quienes son mis enemigos? ¿Cómo los descubro? ¿Son ellos mis enemigos o yo soy el enemigo para ellos?.
    Absorber los daños, perdonar las injurias, elevarse por encima de las calumnias. Son algunas de las consecuencias de permanecer alertas, sin pasividad ni agresividad. Afirmando de distinta manera lo que Cristo dijo, si tienes enemigos, amálos. ¿Tienes? perfecto, entonces eres capaz de amar.

    1. ligia says:

      No se si eres burro o burra ja ja ja pero me da igual…. lo que importa es que me gusta lo que piensas….. saludos Burro de Cain

  34. d says:

    perfect timing. as of the moment, I am still thinking of a definition of an enemy. but yes, I believe their existence make us stronger and makes us strive to be a better person.

  35. Wow, i like lt. Thank U very much.

  36. Cathrine says:

    …there is no miracle in loving those who love you – thats easy.

    The real miracle is in loving your enemies.

  37. Dubraska Gaetano says:

    Bueno mi querido amigo SOULFIRE, yo sufrí­ mucho a causa de un amor que creí­ que era mi amigo y luego resultó un gran enemigo. me valí­ de mucho para seguir adelante, sin lograrlo. Caminé a oscuras, perdida por el dolor que me causó este enemigo, hasta que una noche inesperadas desperté llorando, y luego de meditar sobre cada una de esas lágrimas decidí­, desde el fondo de mi ser, PERDONARLO Y PERDONARME por todo lo acorrido. Justo en ese momento me liberé de esa tortura, de ese rencor… cerré esa herida y por fin comencé a andar hacia adelante. Hoy veinte años más tarde no he olvidado, pero sí­ me siento LIBRE. Con cariño, para ti. Espero, sirva de algo.

  38. suha says:

    Sometimes Warriors of light feel defeated so badly defeated..

  39. HECTOR says:


  40. Sylvie says:

    “Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.”
    -Esther Lederer

  41. soulfire says:

    I have been meditating on this exact subject “Love your enemies, but remember he is not your friend” for over a week. It’s ironic you posted this today. Today, my heart holds on to the pain they caused me. In fact, it’s been on my mind consuming my thoughts. The one thing that keeps me going is that I remember who I was before my enemy caused me pain. And I was one hell of a human being. And that’s what I strive for once again.

    1. Mary says:

      Peace to your heart and soul.