May 16: Aleph in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the 5th country ALEPH is being published.

In Brasil, Portugal, Turkey and Hungary it went directly to #1, as you can check HERE

I am crossing my fingers…


  1. GodsGrace says:

    What a blessing you are Sir Paulo Coelho!
    … to me, right at THIS MOMENT, and to those in the world at large who have been lucky for so long to have discovered your existence sooner than I!
    As I write this, I think, What is the point of me writing? I see all these people already know more than I do; and you must know how much your writings have impacted so many lives, … and given the number of comments that are posted on your blog, you may never get to reading this specific comment, etcetra, etc the reasons go! But how could I ignore, an experience that in a moment has an indescribable impact on my life … TRUTH is always amazing! It is universal that which comes forth from the heart goes to the heart!
    I’m at a point in my life, where I think the pull of Destiny, the Power of the Living God and His Loving-Kindness has brought me to this moment where I read just a paragraph of TRUTH you kindly shared with the Sunday Times on March 22, 2009 … Suddenly, my tears swelled up! You spoke to my soul, where it read: “My motto is to be different and to make a difference. But there’s a High Price to pay for being different. I’ve paid a high price all my life. Some experiences have helped me to develop my will, and I’m proud of my scars; they are like medals. you get more stubborn; you follow your bliss … Knowing you are not alone encourages you to follow your bliss.”
    I needed to hear this from another who has defied the odds, to steady my steps on the Path the Journey of Life seems to usher me on. These are words my soul speaks when the roughness of the journey drains my stamina, and hence my focus diverges rendering My Path a vague sketch. I pay the price at the gate to enter another sphere closer to my soul, figuring out through the challenges what is Unique in me, for which I suffer so dearly. But there is joy in retrospective reflections of the gates I’ve paid the price to get past … to know how far I was, and how much closer I’ve come, and in the journey to see what my soul kept trying to show me through the cracks of my crisis -my calling!
    Thank you, Sir Coelho, for your to-the-bone kind of honesty, thank you for being plain, and unmasked! Thank you for your generosity in sharing the raw truths of your life, and not succumbing to nonsensical pretensions. I’ve never been lucky enough to live in the same era as those writers who have so far have impacted my life in a deeply meaningful way. You are my first luck; I feel elated just sharing this with the world :-) I wonder what it’s like to have a mentor like you … I want to write! I need to write! I have to write!

    ~Love, Faith & Hope~

  2. Salve Paulo; linda capa, parabéns aos criadores.

    Perene sucesso.
    Feliz dia sexta 13 – abs

  3. marcos says:

    Como diz uma amiga – “Vai estourar no Norte…”. Já é 1o lugar, aqui, lá, tb, será…

  4. maria emilia says:

    Querido Paulo,

    Comprei pela Avon chega dia 25/05/11 estou contando os dias para ele chegar e comeí§ar a ler, até mais

  5. Alexandra says:

    Yesterday at master course prof said The Aleph by Borges is synonymous with intertextuality…I dont know about it, have no read, and wonder if is near the version you have written…Will see soon, if the book will be published. But, among my mates, was only one heard about it, though your blog. Was nice having at least a slight idea about what does Aleph mean. Thanks a lot dear Paulo
    Big Hug

  6. Nikolet says:

    I love the cover too :) so happy
    Love xxx

  7. Rachel says:

    How cruel it is to make us wait till September for the English version. I’m sure the Aleph will continue to do well since it is already a bestseller in four very different countries. Just finished reading the Zahir. Touched by your work as always.

  8. barbara korycinska says:

    Good luck and congratulations Mr.Coelho! Yes, the cover is awsome!

  9. Annie says:

    Straight to the top!!!!!!!!!

    I love the cover

    love and gratitude

  10. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    I wish you all the very best. I’m sure it’s a great book and will surely be a success. Because I am superstitious, I do not cross my fingers, but I want to say best of luck. I’m looking forward to the German edition.

    A wonderful evening

  11. Bonito dibujo el de la Tapa. Enhorabuena no sé quién lo hizo pero me gusta.

  12. Simeon says:

    Awesome! Hope it goes well!

  13. eleonora says:

    che eleganza e delicatezza la copertina…..

  14. eleonora says:

    contaci,sara’ un successo****

  15. shine says:

    waiting for it In India…Meanwhile enjoying your other publications(and perhaps learning from them) . Plan to read Zahir soon. Love Avantika

  16. THELMA says:

    It seems that Bulgarian language has similar writing characters with Greek.
    ΑΛΕΦ !!!!
    Crossing my fingers too.
    Thelma xxx

  17. Melissa says:

    Paulo, parabéns. E obrigada por tudo, mesmo sem saber que eu existo. <3

  18. Congratulations! I hope it will be soon published in Romania as well. I would have liked to represent you, but I’m sure you have already a contact. I was away from Romania for so many years, I read all the books in English or the local language, :) Good luck, sir!