The river of passions

All the roads in the world lead to the heart of the warriors of light.

They plunge unhesitatingly into the river of passions always flowing through their lives.

The warriors knows that they are free to choose their desires, and they make these decisions with courage, detachment and – sometimes – with just a touch of madness.

They embrace their passions and enjoy them intensely.

They know that there is no need to renounce the pleasures of conquest; they are part of life and bring joy to all those who participate in them.

But they never lose sight of those things that last or of the strong bonds that are forged over time.

A warrior of light can distinguish between the transient and the enduring.





    1. GREILIS MORENO says:


  2. liliana says:

    he perdido.. mi armadura.. como guerrera.. me he olvidado.. estuve ausente.. ja ja de combatir.. y ahora que?? tendré que encontrarme .. será ese otro combate.. pero conmigo misma.. je besitos

  3. Jojo says:

    Beautiful, powerful

    Love, Jojo.

  4. Maria do Ceu Matos says:

    Nao haja a menor duvida, este eh o resumo dos meus ultimos 6 anos de vida.
    Sou uma guerreira de coracao aberto e nunca perdi de vista as coisas que eram supostas durar para sempre e dos fortes lacos, mas eh tragico reconhecer, que passam de permanente a transitorio ate um dia pertencerem, apenas a felizes memorias.
    Partidas que o tempo nos faz… e eh, igualmente, o preco da liberdade sem arrependimento!

  5. Margo says:

    I love someone like that. They are in my life and they steer me away from my own madness, just in time…

  6. Marie-Christine says:

    La riviere des passions.

    Toutes les routes dans le monde menent au coeur des Guerriers de la Lumiere.

    Ils plongent sans hesitation dans la riviere des passions, qui coule toujours, tout au long de leurs vies.

    Les Guerriers savent qu’ils sont libres de choisir leurs desirs et ils prennent leurs decisions avec courage, detachement et – parfois une touche de folie –

    ILs embrassent leurs passions et les apprecient avec intensite.

    Ils savent qu’il n’y a pas besoin de renoncer aux plaisirs de la conquete, ils font partie de la vie et apportent de la joie a tout ceux qui y participent.

    Mais ils ne perdent jamais de vue les choses qui durent ou les liens solides qui se sont forges au cours du temps.

    Un Guerrier de la Lumiere peut distinguer entre l’ephemere et le durable.

  7. Makini says:

    Freedom, what a wonderful word.
    Free to choose that which we desire, to overcome the criticism when that what we do is not to the liking of others, but our actions are always carried out with the wish, that that what we do be for the best of all our brothers and sisters.
    The word freedom has a wonderful ring to it.

    1. Ginja says:

      On an occasion recently I had a taste of that freedom,I found myself surrounded by people who always liked what I was doing.Some how the critics were absent. Allowing me to plunge into the river and embrace my passions intensely. I found strength and courage and celebrated this Freedom.

  8. Bill says:


  9. maria says:

    That is so true, yet at times one can only hope that those things will endure.

  10. lisa says:

    Que hermosas palabras!!! gracias MR Coelho.

  11. Alpesh says:

    Just 1 word for this wonderful!
    perhaps one word is not enough so 3 words
    Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

  12. Chauncey says:

    a moment of madness can also destroy you. If one is patient he/she will know what the meaning of endurance is. So? more
    then one person can’t be on the same page?

  13. jeanne says:

    he leido varias de sus obras y me parece impresionante de las lecciones que nos da para poder aplicarlo en el dia dia de nuestras vidas.

  14. Kealan says:

    Never Surrender

  15. A warrior of light has to walk away from many mundane, endless confrontations… many believe he/she to be a coward … but the important battles are never ignored…the required element is the wisdom to know what is mundane, what is not to be ignored …

  16. marisol says:

    tiene la mente mas increí­ble con sus libros aprendemos secretos revelables de la vida de joven para aprender de grandes para refleccionar

  17. Rocío Martínez Rico says:

    “Guerrero de la Luz” Coelho, por el paso de mi vida profesional fuí­ una guerra profesionalmente con categorí­a elegancia, educación y valores y siempre tuve mucho éxito.
    Ahora soy ama de casa pero sigue siendo en mi vida una guerrera siempre logrando el éxito.
    Un abrazo Coelho como siempre es un placer leer tus palabras, gracias!

  18. CG says:

    “They plunge unhesitatingly into the river of passions always flowing through their lives.”

    If only I could say this about me!
    I’m always a little coward, thinking about consequences and hesitating. ….. Sometimes until it’s to late. I know, I have to do something about it….
    There will always be something to learn, irrespective of our age.

  19. Fred says:

    @meow is a classic example of what I disagree with here. YOUR desires are the result of years of cultural bombardment & programming. It takes a lifetime to work out the truth from the conditioning. The question is how you discern the transient from the enduring if you’re already full of spiritual half-truths & neurotic memes. A modern soldier is not a warrior of light; they have no choice over their actions and are simply pawns for their masters. If their masters are deceiving them, their hearts are still pure but they are not working for the good of all beings. I believe when considering any desires at all we need to be aware of everything affected by those desires, and those affected on the way. Warriors of the Light need to know themselves better than anybody else, and make sure they don’t fool themselves into a bubble of self-righteous feedback.

    1. Marie says:

      You’re right, we are made to our culture and our education. But as nothing is set in life, we also have the opportunity to think for ourselves. It’s a powerful act precisely because it requires taking a step back from what we hear. Ask yourself a question about a subject (no matter the subject). Summarize what your family, friends, colleagues or surround thinks. Tell yourself: “And I what I really think? . You’ll find that the distance to put between your feelings and your deepest circle of life requires a real effort to be consistent with yourself.
      I’m not always agree with what my country did. Of my education, I took some things because they had real meaning for me. For others who were equally essential to my parents, I left because I feel nothing. This doesn’t love to exist.
      Well, whatever, people who act or people who think because it takes all kinds to make a world and in addition can be made act and think !. You can choose to be in black and white. But it’s just you who decide. Because in reality the world is full of colors.
      Even for a soldier is free to think even if he can not act freely. And as anyone, he has a private sphere which allows it to not disconnect itself. Still must he really likes it.
      As for the semi-spiritual truths, no matter what you believe in deeply because you’ll always look and therefore doubtful. Doubt doesn’t seem a weakness just a
      so kindly get back involved.
      I wish you a path that may surprise you ;)

      Light & Love,

  20. Maria Alvarez says:

    We don’t have to be lucid and reasonable all the time. A moment of madness can give a touch of splendid colors to our life, thereby making our journey more challenging, interesting, amazing and yes… simply beautiful!

  21. chuyinni says:

    que persona tan increible !! que mente tan unica y esquisita me dan escalofrios sus escrituras :-)