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ALEPH in Farsi (free download)


pdf format
epub format (mobile, tablets)

As I don’t have a publishing house in Farsi, Dr. Hejazi translated the book.
He did it for free and I am posting it for free here
Please be welcome to share this link (or the copies) with your friends


Next station: Croatia

On the first day of August, ALEPH will be launched in Republika Hrvatska (Croatia)

So far, it made #1 in all six countries it was published. Let’s hope this tradition continues!

By the way, August will be a very challenging month, as the book is schedule to appear in

Latin America and Mexico
: August 8
Slovak Republic: August 9
The Netherlands: August 25

25 JUL: Viva Santiago !

1986: my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela was the turning point of my life. Today we celebrate St James Day.

The Way of St. James or St. James’ Way (Spanish: El Camino de Santiago, Galician: O Camiño de Santiago, French: Chemin de St-Jacques, German: Jakobsweg, Basque: Done Jakue bidea) is the pilgrimage route to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain, where tradition has it that the remains of the apostle Saint James are buried. (continue reading by CLICKING HERE )

ALEPH (the video): Winners

In May 2011, when I crossed 5.000.000 friends on Facebook, I had asked you all what we should do to celebrate.
One of the suggestions was to work together on a project. And then ALEPH, THE VIDEO CONTEST was born.
The idea was based on the title of my new book, currently published only in 6 countries ( #1 in all of them!), and scheduled to be published in the rest of the world in the coming months (here are the PUBLICATION DATES)

I had already selected the winner and the 2nd runner up, but I decided to post the 15 FINALISTS for you to see and share with me your impressions. We had over 1.000 comments, and I thank you all for your participation.

Below you find the winners.
Thank you again for your help







Note: as we are in vacations in Europe, the HP Pavillion will be shipped during the first week of September. Thank you Jean-Pierre Le Calvez for donating the computers.

Shiny Brass Buttons

The people in the camp scavenged on the meat like rabid dogs, how long had it been since they’d eaten? Two, three days? Probably more. Juice from the meat dripped down their uniforms, dirtying the already dull medals and buttons that decorated them.

He thought about when they had been shiny and new, the cheers when they had been first pinned onto their uniform’s coats. He had felt a sense of honor when they pinned his on, a sense of pride too. Who wouldn’t? He shot off his musket in the air in celebration, as did the others.

It is always very difficult to explain why you like one story more than another. I chose “Shiny Brass Buttons” by Kara B. as the winner of the Figment fable-writing contest because it is well-constructed, rhythmic, and concise: the author helps us feel the tension of the main character’s inner conflict without over-explaining anything. The beginning is strong, and the ending is surprising””romantic not in the way we expect, but in its own tragic way.

You can read the “Shiny Brass Buttons” (APROX. 6 MIN READING) by clicking HERE

2.000.000 friends in Twitter

I will cross 2 million friends on Twitter. I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions on how we should celebrate together.
É possivel que em um dia eu passe 2 milhíµes de amigos no Twitter. Como celebramos?

UPDATE 6:24 PM (Brasilia), 2.000.853 friends
Reading the comments: tomorrow, Jul 19 at 6:00 PM (always your local time) I encourage you to say a prayer.
In my prayer, I will ask:
A] For myself. May God guide me and inspire me for the years to come.
B] For my family and friends on Twitter. May God allow all of them to follow their call, their Personal Legend.
C] For my work. May I always be an instrument of the Light.

As we are in different time zones, I strongly believe that the Planet will be filled with light and prayers during 24 hr.
If you don’t feel comfortable with praying, a random act of kindness during the day will certainly be very helpful to all humankind

Lendo os comentários: amanhí£, 19 de Julho, as 18:00 hr, eu os encorajo a fazer uma oraí§í£o.
Na minha oraí§í£o, pedirei
a] por mim. Que Deus me proteja, me ajude, e me inspire sempre.
b] pela minha famí­lia e pelos meus amigos no Twitter. Que Deus permita a todos seguirem seus sonhos
c] pelo meu trabalho. Que eu possa ser um intrumento da Luz Divina

Se voce ní£o se sente confortável em rezar, uma boa aí§í£o, qualquer que seja, ajudará muito esta nossa sofrida humanidade


I will be on vacations till the final week of July. This means that this blog will not be updated during this period.
However, Suphi (my webmaster) will continue to moderate comments.
During the second semester of this year, this blog will be updated three times a week only (Monday, Wednesda, Friday), as I will be travelling, launching my new book, ALEPH
Of course I could delegate updating it, but I LOVE to do it myself!

ALEPH: finalists

In May 2011, when I crossed 5.000.000 friends on Facebook, I had asked you all what we should do to celebrate.
One of the suggestions was to work together on a project. And then ALEPH, THE VIDEO CONTEST was born.
The idea was based on the title of my new book, currently published only in 6 countries ( #1 in all of them!), and scheduled to be published in the rest of the world in the coming months (here are the PUBLICATION DATES)

I had expected to have around 20 to 50 submissions, but to my surprise, hundreds of videos were posted.
All of them were made with love, enthusiasm and creativity, dealing with a point that condenses space and time.

Below you will find 15 selected videos. I already know the winner and the 2nd runner up, but I am having trouble in selecting the other 4 winners, so I decided to post all of them here (including the ones that I selected, BUT that I am not telling you) for you to see and eventually help me. It is not a voting system (as this depends very much on how many friends a finalist has), but your opinion will be taken into consideration

Please leave your thoughts in Comments (at the end of the post)
Thank you to all who participated. You are great.


When you pass the mouse, you will notice that every video has a number (from 1 to 15). Please write your opinion using the number.
Thank you

20 SEC READING: the screwdriver

Shortly before he died, my father-in-law summoned his family.

‘I know that death is only a passageway into the next world. When I have gone through it, I will send you a sign that it really is worthwhile helping others in this life.’ He wanted to be cremated and for his ashes to be scattered over Arpoador Beach while a tape recorder played his favourite music.

He died two days later. A friend arranged the cremation in Sí£o Paulo and – once back in Rio – we went straight to the beach armed with a tape recorder, tapes and the package containing the cremation urn. When we reached the sea, we got a surprise. The lid of the urn was firmly screwed down. We couldn’t open it.

The only person around was a beggar, and he came over to us and asked: ‘What’s the problem?’

My brother-in-law said:

‘We need a screwdriver so that we can get at my father’s ashes inside this urn.’

‘Well, he must have been a very good man, because I’ve just found this,’ said the beggar.

And he held out a screwdriver.

Online Bookstore HERE
Kindle (four languages) HERE

20 SEC READING: How to level out the world

Once when Confucius was traveling with his disciples, he heard about a very intelligent boy who was living in a particular village.

Confucius went to speak with him and asked him jokingly:

‘How would you like to help me correct all the irregularities and inequalities in the world?’

‘But why?’ asked the boy.
‘If we flattened the mountains, the birds would have no shelter. If we filled up the deep rivers and the sea, the fish would die. The world is vast enough to cope with differences.’

The disciples left feeling greatly impressed by the boy’s wisdom. But Confucius said:

‘I’ve known many children who, instead of playing and doing the things appropriate to their age, were busy trying to understand the world.

‘ Not one of those precocious children did anything of any great significance later in life because they had never experienced the innocence and healthy irresponsibility of childhood.’


Online Bookstore HERE
Kindle (four languages) HERE

Diario de um mago em quadrinhos


Versí£o completa de um documento histórico para mim (1990). Obrigado Dagomir Marchezi por colocar online

Full version of my first graphic novel (only in Portuguese) published in 1990. Later on, the book was published outside Brasil under the title “The Pilgrimage”

Brasil + USA (totally handmade )

Release Date February 6, 1943