ALEPH: finalists

In May 2011, when I crossed 5.000.000 friends on Facebook, I had asked you all what we should do to celebrate.
One of the suggestions was to work together on a project. And then ALEPH, THE VIDEO CONTEST was born.
The idea was based on the title of my new book, currently published only in 6 countries ( #1 in all of them!), and scheduled to be published in the rest of the world in the coming months (here are the PUBLICATION DATES)

I had expected to have around 20 to 50 submissions, but to my surprise, hundreds of videos were posted.
All of them were made with love, enthusiasm and creativity, dealing with a point that condenses space and time.

Below you will find 15 selected videos. I already know the winner and the 2nd runner up, but I am having trouble in selecting the other 4 winners, so I decided to post all of them here (including the ones that I selected, BUT that I am not telling you) for you to see and eventually help me. It is not a voting system (as this depends very much on how many friends a finalist has), but your opinion will be taken into consideration

Please leave your thoughts in Comments (at the end of the post)
Thank you to all who participated. You are great.


When you pass the mouse, you will notice that every video has a number (from 1 to 15). Please write your opinion using the number.
Thank you


  1. Camelia says:

    Al 2 lea videoclip da senzatia ca suntem parti ale unui intreg. Atomi, protoni si electroni pe diferite niveluri dar din acelasi univers. Atomii care imi formeaza mana dreapta vor forma peste ani coltii unui lup , apoi hartia unei scrisori si asa mai departe…….


  2. Rogerio Cesar Pereira says:

    Acho que o número cinco (5) demonstra muita sensibilidade.
    O número dois (2) me fez chorar.
    Mas com certeza vocíª fará a escolha certa.
    Até breve

  3. sektant23tm says:

    Video nr. 5 from Juan Castro is the best in my eyes.
    I like the fact, that a fantastic and at the same time simple idea seems to be more important than tecnics.

  4. ELLA says:

    videoclipul 2 este superb, imaginile sunt fantastice, poezia si simbolurile transmit emotie si creeaza mesajul esential / frumusetea si misterul vietii.

  5. Jackie Pittigliani says:

    Número 2 e número 7 sí£o fantásticos!!!!
    Ní£o consigo me decidir…

  6. Piros says:

    NO 2 is very nice! :-D the best :-)

  7. Vanessa says:

    Really liked number 2, it shows the treasures of nature, Paulo travelling and enjoying the water of the river at a peaceful time, simple times that bring inspiration, still are breathtaking. Life is worth every second.


  8. Jazzel says:

    Thank you Mr. Paulo Coelho for let us enjoy of these works. Every one has it’s own feeling but i prefer # 2 because make me feel, think and imaginate everything you say and you are…thanks.

  9. Coucou says:

    Ca y est j’ai passe la mhouse; j’ai vu Minnie la petite souris grisee :)de 1 a 15.
    De 1 en partant de l’oeil; elle forme deux triangles qui la divise en deux parties.
    Les videos sont toutes bien encastrees dans un grand rectangle et chacune disposant de son petit rectangle formant une mosaique de couleurs “a la Kandinsky” et pouvant etre divisee egalement en formant un X en 4 part ;chacune formant 4 triangles.Je vous laisse le soin de faire la x.
    Il y a d’autres combinaisons bien sur, je n’ai pas mon compas sous la main, ce serait interessant de faire un cercle a l’interieur et le disposer a la Leonardo pour voir ce que cela donne.J’ai ma petite idee, en regardant le sablier; sinon on peut toujours se referer a l’Asterix d’Herve*

  10. Federico says:

    and i bet the slow mo guy will win, learned my lesson, winners are the people that bring nothing new to the table, carry on

    1. Jazzel says:

      Which is your work here? Some new video?

  11. Matilda says:

    I really like nr 7,8 and 15. Ihave to read the book now, must be very good! : )

  12. Elise says:

    The number 4 is totally my favorite.

  13. Artabano says:

    My favorite is absolutely NO: 6 , because its deep and high

  14. Dina Abramova says:

    Tomorrow will be exciting for all of us :)

    I can’t wait and I am soooooo curious!!!!

  15. melli says:

    #14 is breathtakingly beautiful!

  16. Marija says:

    # 2 touch me most of all. Aleph shows all beauty of this life,nature, universe and above all Love. Beauty of creation.
    jaqueline Ribes Silva

  17. Shereen says:


  18. THELMA says:

    Wonderful, imaginative videos. Thank you, I have enjoyed each one of them. I like number 2. The Eternal Creation gives me the ALEPH idea. Nice ..sensational, nostalgic music.
    Good luck to everyone. Taste is different to each one of us. This is the beauty of … Creation! Each one of us is UNIQUE.
    Thelma xxx

  19. Varah Katims says:

    #4 & #14 are the best!

  20. Cats says:

    Agree- they are all beautiful..
    well done to the person who captured their ideas and produced a movie in a day!

    when i first saw the Paulo coehlo video for Aleph, I had no idea how any one would be able to reproduce and compare such a brilliant idea in their own words..

    saying that… the film number 11 goes completely the opposite way and takes the concept to its simplest and purest vision form.. i like it the best so far..

    1. Cats says:

      sorry.. my mouse/icon was not on the right picture.. whooops… i mean to say 14… sorry x

      p.s. i looked at videos 1, 3, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14..

      the rest maybe tomorrow..

      congratulations to all..
      it must be a difficult concept to get across..

    2. cats says:

      p.p.s. I especially like the sincerity [ergo = pureness of thought] in the actor of video #14..

      even in slow motion..
      where authenticity can be tested..

      but i think this video succeeded..
      and so.. one is , as a viewer/an audience.. not held by the gaze of the actor, nor the camera [wo/man] but by the energy that is transmitted..

      and this, so simply captured through the act of filming slow motion the hand releasing crystals..

      that is marketing at it’s best!
      x <3

  21. Crystal Munier says:

    They were all beautiful but I like #6 & 8 the best!

  22. Marie Biskwit says:

    #7 definitely. love the graphics and the music! :-)

  23. Beata Pokorni says:

    A legjobb a 2. videó.

  24. Sami says:

    Numbers 4 and 7 are the ones that spoke to me and touched me the most. The music in #4 is just stunning. The visual in #7 is beautiful. I can’t wait to read the book.

  25. Wanbliska says:

    3-For it’s juicy and shows all. If Aleph’s a blink, it is everywhere at the same time. Why I was waiting the eyes at the end, altogether at the same time blinking on the screen: that would have been a great symbol of Aleph.

    4- because how could we represent Aleph but through the letter and that way? How could we represent being at the same time at different infinite moments? And all that regards Aleph? That’s just possible by putting different point of views and have many images on the screen.
    Here, by joining their foreheads we have at the less two points of view. It’s Aleph and I find it beautiful.

    However, I place it in second, because it is about thematics that have been already made about Paulo and I consider it is like a cliché.
    Plus, the man is too ressembling the author, especially at the end, walking on the railroad.

    7- the artwork is just amazing!

    Enjoy Life..!

  26. patricia morocho says:

    Que un video represente la idea de la infinidad en corto tiempo , eso es un logro gigante….porque el Aleph es eso…El video 5 reune todo eso.

  27. Kátia says:

    Amei o ví­deo 2, a cienrgia, sincronicidade imagem/movimento/rí­timo – perfeitos!

  28. Giuseppe says:


    was one picked?



  29. Elisabeth says:

    Definitively I vote for Number 4 by Stephanie Joannes, this short film is very poetic and the image are very beautiful !! it’s like a dream in the mind of this solow men… Very artistic !! i like it !

  30. Dominka, Poland says:

    the best 2 and I like 7, 11

  31. bine says:

    N°5 because it is so poetical

  32. Karina Morales says:

    I love all, but my fabourite is # 8

  33. FEYROUZ A ANTOUN says:




  34. Kara says:

    i choose number 9 by deval agrifarman,so blissful,energetic and universal.

  35. Jazzel says:

    #2 absolutely…

  36. 2, 7, 8. они лучше всех.

  37. Anett says:

    number 5. Cause it’s at the same time simple and artful, made me think and left me smiling :)
    love, anett

  38. jaizkt says:

    i like video 8 because it represents symbolically all great works of coelho

  39. Xerophytia says:

    No. 5 is my favorite video. It is simple and beautiful…

    1. jm says:

      i totally agree with you. the most poetical submission.

  40. my favourite is #8, but i also like #2.