ALEPH (the video): Winners

In May 2011, when I crossed 5.000.000 friends on Facebook, I had asked you all what we should do to celebrate.
One of the suggestions was to work together on a project. And then ALEPH, THE VIDEO CONTEST was born.
The idea was based on the title of my new book, currently published only in 6 countries ( #1 in all of them!), and scheduled to be published in the rest of the world in the coming months (here are the PUBLICATION DATES)

I had already selected the winner and the 2nd runner up, but I decided to post the 15 FINALISTS for you to see and share with me your impressions. We had over 1.000 comments, and I thank you all for your participation.

Below you find the winners.
Thank you again for your help







Note: as we are in vacations in Europe, the HP Pavillion will be shipped during the first week of September. Thank you Jean-Pierre Le Calvez for donating the computers.


  1. Kalpana says:

    Paulo you are the best writer….I love to read your books….I’ve read most of your books….I’m absolutely delighted to go through your books and I always have a smile on my face when I read your books.Your lastest novel “Aleph” is absolutely amazing.I wish,I would have an honour to meet you.Thank you.

  2. Todos los videos bellisimos, pero el primero es fantastico, pues es el polvo de estrellas de donde proviene toda la creacion pero lo mas interesante es que cada cabeza es un mundo aparte pero todos unidos al mismo tiempo, no he leido el libro pero por estos videos me doy cuenta que es la unidad del ser plenamente, en hora buena como siempre Paulo Coelho.

  3. shmuel wahli says:

    Aleph, is the brightest star, the unifying force of the world, the beginnings of Life as a seed formed by joining many strands of Light day by day. As as Seed, Aleph takes us into the world through which we see all that is in ALeph. Through ALeph the Minds of Lammad make everything, even as via a Seed, a Tree makes its generations. Thank you for sharing and inspiring all people to behold the ALeph whereby we know we belong together as one people in One Kingdom. Shallam

  4. Ipek says:

    Je suis contente qu’un Turc a gagné!Et puis je trouve bien,simple mais philosophique.

  5. marilena says:

    I think that simplicity throws light upon profoundness,so the first video deserves its place.I like all of them ,I appreciate their work,congratulate them and above all I congratulate Paulo Coelho for this brilliant idea.

  6. Annie says:

    Me encantaron los videos, me parece fantástico que hayas hecho esta convocatoria y que pudiéramos ser partí­cipes, de alguna manera, de tu obra…
    Gracias mil por compartir!!

  7. Diana says:

    I would like to thank for everyone who participated in the contest and for using your imagination and creativity for these videos. All of them were truly amazing and I thank Paulo for posting them. This is my first time ever writing in this blog, but I have always have kept up with your sincere and meaningful comments. To me, all the videos were impressive and each carried it’s own meaning regardless of who won. I would like to thank Paulo for his spiritual and peaceful messages. They have truly changed my life and have inspired me to always do my best and be the best person I could be. If it wasn’t for my parents who are true fans of him and had introduced me to his novels, I would had never known about him. I congratate you for all your success and you will always have me and my parents as one of your best fans. In fact, I have recommend your books to as many people I have met because you have truly connected with most people than any author I have known.

  8. I have to say that I had two disappointments:

    as many users I was disappointed about the winners; I was waiting to see which videos from those 100+ entries will win and, when the videos were released, I didn’t find in them what I call “deep” or “connecting” to the subject of Aleph.

    secondly and a crucial point, many videos that were in the finalists broke the rule of using copyrighted music. I wrote a comment on the finalists’ post and didn’t get a reply. as it’s my true nature, I’ll give everyone who’s supervising this thing the benefit of the doubt, but this problem changed my view towards the competition, breaking rules is unprofessional.

    I’m not entirely unsatisfied by this contest, I had great fun making my video and loved the way mr. Paulo Coelho gave us the opportunity to share something with him. No other writer did this, and I want everyone to know that the week I spent making the video, was one of the best I had in months. few disappointments can’t cloud the fact that we, writer and fans, had a great time and connected with each other. congratulations.

  9. Dana says:

    Congratulations to all :) they are all great.
    I do disagree with Nb. 1 though…

  10. Rita del Carmen Alvarado B. says:

    ¡ Felicidades a Paulo por organizar el concurso y a los ganadores¡ 3 de los 4 videos que seleccioné son los primeros lugares, pido ser juez en el próximo concurso (ja, ja). Saludos desde SLP, México.

  11. analu says:

    todos los videos son excelentes.felicitaciones.

  12. Rocio says:

    Mi favorito es el que quedó en cuarto lugar, el trabajo de animación es muy bueno y la elección de la música fue adecuada. Todo en conjunto representa muy bien el estilo de Paulo Coelho.

    1. simona says:

      concordo pienamente con Rocio! lo stile, le illustrazioni, la musica, tutto riporta alle atmosfere di Paulo Coelho. Il lavoro è straordinario.
      Peccato non aver potuto partecipare.
      Paulo organizziamo qualcosa anche in Italia!

  13. Laura says:

    Congratulations to all winners!! And to the others as well!!
    Personally, I love the third one (Jaqueline Ribés) but all of them were awesome!
    Paulo, I hope you to come to Barcelona to sign books or make a conference some day! Your books have changed my life!! Thank youuuuuu!!! :)

  14. Monika says:

    Place two stays my number one.

  15. Monika says:

    First place: Handsome man, but the idea of the video is a bit boring. Second place: Nice actors and also an interesting video. Third place: Great composition of nature impressions and music. Forth place: Beautiful handmade drawings. Fifth place: Much fantasy.

    1. Monika says:

      Sorry, I have forgot the sixth place: Poetical drawings.

  16. Farzaneh Zahiri says:

    Congratulations to all of the winners, and congratulations to you Paulo also.


  17. delisa says:


  18. Hossein says:

    Great Work from everyone, Congradulations to all of them…
    Thank you Paulo…
    Enjoy every second of this great thing..To be Alive…

  19. Alex says:

    Perhaps for a similar contest, the public should decide. By public I mean the readers, the followers…those who have no other reason than to feel, to sense and to perceive with their spirits what is conveyed…


  20. Francisco says:


    Excelentes videos ha inspirado su trabajo, felicitaciones a todos los ganadores, cada uno puso su mejor esfuerzo y ha dejado algo en las almas nobles de este mundo.

    Felicito especialmente a Jaqueline que me hizo soñar y recordar que en la vida hay muchí­simas cosas porque vivir, bella composición.

    Gracias a todos por compartir un poco de sí­.


  21. Tsu Lin says:

    Although I appreciate creativity of defining Aleph, I find the 1st prize winner’s video such a BIG BORE! Really bored me, I waited & waited for the “big” finale, but no.. very disappointing.

  22. MM says:

    Honestly,the video that won the third place should have got the first place….i think its just awesome!!!! the video that got the first place is really boring:(

    1. Alex says:

      Third place was visually stunning!!!
      Great work and effort to all!!

  23. Suela says:

    Great work from all!!!
    Congratz to the winner-s!
    Well done!!

  24. yo-yo says:

    Merecido el 1º como ganador, muy artí­stico con un resultado final muy elegante.

    Los demás cada uno en su estilo también son merecidos ganadores, pero es, para mi gusto más de lo mismo.

    Felices sueños <3

  25. gülşah says:

    tebrik ederim raif…Aynı zamanda sizi de tebrik ederim sayın Coelho….

  26. vilma says:

    I love all of them, most the third one, it express how beautiful life is!!

  27. Florence says:

    Amazing videos !!! :)

    The 5th is my favourite ! I like the cartoon one too but they’re all excellent ! the guy in the 1st video is cute to look at, it’s a bonus héhé ;)

    I love the 3rd one but I recognize some of my friend Yann Artus-Bertrand’s video work and his name is not mentionned at the end, so I don’t like that much..

    Thanks a lot to all th contestants, the winners and you Paulo for sharing those great pieces of work !

  28. Selen says:

    Tebrikler Raif !
    Congratulations to all the winners and participants.

  29. duygu says:

    Syn paulo seninle tanışmam í§ok yeni olmadı:fakat daha eski olmayı isterdim.Bu eserleri bize sunduÄŸunuz ií§in teÅŸekkürler ve ayrıca sorunuz sayesın de harika yaratılar oluÅŸmasını saÄŸlamışsınız. TeÅŸekkürlet.

  30. Shauky says:

    Congratulations Raif, and to the other winners.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of something unique.

  31. Hermosos todos los videos y ver semejante creatividad expresándose es un regalo. Gracias.
    El ganador me gustó mucho por su sencillez. A veces, menos es más. Felicitaciones a todos!

  32. Paula Faria says:

    That caught me by surprise! I could swear that Joannes would take 1st place! They had a whole movie production for that video!
    When and where will be the “Aleph contestants get-together???”

    1. maury says:

      I propose a meeting in Italy… or virtually everywhere!

  33. Evelyn Ferris says:

    O Aleph – um ponto que contem todo o universo levando -os a outra dimensao em busca de uma resposta que pode transformar suas vidas. Nenhum dos videos que foi escolhido chega perto da definicao acima com todo respeito Sr. Paulo Coelho.

  34. Really Nice!! Congratulations to Paulo for this Nice book and the amazing ví­deos!!


  35. freda tsiloglou. says:

    congratulations to all…your contributions have been splendid to say the least ….continue to inspire….thank you…xxx

  36. gladys says:

    I was thinking the same. But it did a little work putting it together. Not for a #3 finalist.

  37. David Palmar says:

    Pienso que el segundo video, es mas alegorico, para el titulo de su libro,pues encierra el pensamiento mismo del hombre y en su busqueda, perpetua de no ser una isla, en el mar…Sin desmeritar al ganador, pero es mas emocional el segundo video, es bastante artisco, sencillo y puede dejar a acad persona su libre interpretaciones, abrir sus sentidos sensoriales… en hora buena.

  38. HECTOR says:


  39. Excelentes todos, ya estoy ansiosa por leer el libro, vivo en Venezuela, espero que llegue pronto…

  40. Knut says:

    I´m sure it wasn`t easy to choose…. I think each one was unique and beautiful! Thanks Mr. Paulo, it was a great idea with the contest on the blog… we seen them all and we was in touch with the soul of the artists – so you made everyone a winner.. great & thanks to you!

    Only one think is not right ;-) the german version of ALEPH will be able in the next year ..?!? I´m sad, because i have to wait a long time..

    Greatings from Germany

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      it was my publishing house decision

  41. Leila says:

    Hoy, dí­a de Santiago el Mayor! Felicitaciones a todos, gracias Paolo, Jaqueline, la música eleva, las imágenes de Shauky sublimes! Aleph, Ya quiero que llegue agosto y obtener la copia en español. Enviándoles, luz, amor y paz!

  42. barbara says:

    They all beautiful, and as for comments on video # 3, it’s amazing how everything is put together, the music, choice of pictures, Paulo’s journey and the girl dancing, everything is in the right place, I love it!

    If I had the same idea I know I would never be able to record videos as those, so yes I would borrow them to express myself because they are breath taking.

    Thank you

    1. Jaqueline Ribés Silva says:

      Thank you so much Barbara… Thank you for your so kind and beautiful words…
      God bless you

  43. Marina Dimitrioska says:

    Congratulations to the winner. He was my choice too. :)
    And greets to all the other participants.
    Thank you Mr. Coelho for sharing “Aleph” with us.

    Love from Skopje, Macedonia

  44. Jairo Cruz says:

    They are all wonderful pieces of art!
    An inspiration for our new generation.
    Senhor Paulo Coelho: “Make it Happen!”. You have all the gifts.
    Born in Mato Grosso.

  45. Keele says:

    Dear Mr. Coelho, having followed your blog but refraining from commenting, thus so far, this contest has really changed my perceptions of you. The winners are placed correctly, except for #3

    I guess the wise man who said ‘do not judge a book by its cover’ was indeed true as I am quite ‘surprised’ by you and your team’s choice of winners.

    Choosing a copyrighted video as one of the winning finalists seems to put all the other videos, finalists or not at an unfair advantage.

    While it is only fair to recognize the ones who have actually put their heads into this, #3 is purely a copy/paste exercise. (No offense to the author of the video, i’m just stating the facts)

    I and i’m sure many others would like to know/read your justification on this.

    1. Jaqueline Ribés Silva says:

      Hello Keele

      First at all, I think Paulo Coelho doesn’t need to give you any justification. He is a man who spends his time only with good and important things in life.
      I tried to touch feelings, minds and souls with this work… With ilussion I worked to share with the world the amazing inside of Paulo Coelho and touch hearts. I respected the rules and the requirements, imagining the book. I take your words with respect; but i am in peace and very grateful with the world feeling with my work because I touched the feelings and the minds of others who understood the meaning of the context.

      God bless you and maybe someday if you read to Paulo Coelho, can understand it. Greetings and would be better if instead of attacking, respect and understand the meaning of Love…

    2. Keele says:

      Dear Jaqueline, your defense is quite appropriate and I understand where you come from. Please note that this wasn’t meant to point fingers but more of seeking a justification.

      If Mr. Coelho prefers to ignore a direct question, I rest my case.

      Having friends from the legal team working in some big media outlets, the issue of plagiarism if often talked about and the reasons people give for plagiarizing content.

      Taking inspiration from someone else’s work is commendable, using an already published work is another story!

      What did annoy me is the fact that this put the other contestants at an unfair advantage, on the contrary imagine if everybody had submitted plagiarized content.

      The contest is closed, my question was unanswered. And nothing is going to change.. well except for what I mentioned earlier.

      I have nothing more to add. Best of luck!

    3. Nikhat says:

      I second Keele.Copyright should be the foundation of any creative project and must not be overlooked.

      Besides it Loved the idea of getting us all involved with our fav. writer’s work.

      Anxiously waiting for Book to arrive in UK USA soon so we will get our hands to it.

    4. Chris Gray says:

      I agree entirely, and I also wonder if the owners of all those beautiful “borrowed” scenes have been asked permission to use them. I doubt it, but that’s not the point, the point is that it was an easy excercise, anyone could have done it. Really not fair to those who put their heads down to spark their own creativity and imagination, and worked hard to represent their vision.

    5. viviana says:

      Keele: estoy totalmente de acuerdo con vos, es mas el ganador estuvo desde un primer momento en su blog. Yo considero que las desventajas fueron muchas, el segundo es de Francia y yo puedo considerar perfectamente que es un amigo del señor coelho, la verdad fue bastante desleal el concurso, muchos de los videos fueron cortometrajes de muy alta calidad …seamos realistas eso no lo logra cualquiera, ya eso es una gran desventaja…considero que el señor coelho, no le dio valor , a la gran convocatoria que genero el concurso , no estoy de acuerdo con rives, sino tengo que creer que el libro el ganador esta solo, no nos enseño ni trasmitió nada , keele , no es mala persona solo por expresar lo que siente , y yo si, eh leí­do todos los libros del señor coelho, el 8 de julio deja en su blog a solo 15 finalistas , restándole a los demás la posibilidad de compartir el trabajo de cada uno. Si mostrar 15 o mostrarlos a todos los trabajos es lo mismo, es mas! hubiera sido un halago y un agradecimiento hacia el lector que sigue su escritura, pero ni eso fue así­, y esto no es una critica contra el señor coelho, es solo un sentir, se suponí­a que era una celebración, en la cual unos pocos pudieron participar, quizás la escritura de coelho sea solo para unos pocos…hoy este concurso lo demuestra. “yo entiendo poco de técnica, que es lo que tienen todos los ganadores,…para mi, aleph es la suma de puntos que se unifican en uno solo que es el amor”

    6. Paulo Coelho says:

      a] no tiene nada que ver el tema de Francia. Por que tendria? No conosco personalmente NINGUNO de los ganadores.
      b] otros videos tambien fueran postados mientras divulgava el concurso, no apenas el del ganador. Vea en
      c] no podria poner en el blog centenas de videos. Pero intenta ver en youtube “Aleph by” (alli estan la gran mayoria)
      d] si, tenia dos amigos que participaron (Dasha Balashova, Ken Crane y Airton) pero ninguno de los tres ganó.
      No tengo el habito de dar explicaciones sobre mis decisiones, pero para ti lo doy

  46. Nancy says:

    It is great to finally know which 6 Mr.Coelho chose. It does seem from the thousands of comments that each number was liked by someone. Congrats to all!

    1. Marie-Christine says:

      I like your comment Nancy.Thanks.
      With love

  47. aditya says:

    first ok. :(
    rest awesome!

    1. anne says:

      Me encanta el ganador#1 si se toma el tiempo de ver bien su trabajo y apreciar cada segundo y cada puntito de arena volar como una luz, una estrella , volando mas allá de la realidad, algo sencillo, majestuoso y misterioso; se darí­an cuenta que con aspiración, inspiración e imaginación se convierte en algo sencillo y grandioso a la vezzzz!!!!.