Any journey is a pilgrimage

What is the appeal of traveling and what do you receive from traveling? Are they reflected to your work? Please let us know what does traveling means to you
(Eduard, Twitter)

I’m a pilgrim writer and that inevitably appears in the way my characters deals with space.
I’m in constant movement and very often I find that my characters need to equally find themselves in a journey.
I believe that we are constantly experiencing transformation and that’s why we need to let life guide us.

Every day is different, every day can have a magic moment, but we don’t see the opportunity, because we think: ‘Oh this is boring I’m just commuting to work.’
How many interesting people you are missing, just because our parents told us “don’t talk to strangers”?

You must get as much as you can from any journey, because – in the end – the journey is all you have. It doesn’t matter what you accumulate in terms of material wealth, because you are going to die anyway, so why not live?

You have to look at life itself is a pilgrimage. Therefore, start moving, start talking to strangers!


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  1. Manish says:

    Hello Mr. Coelho,

    I read you book “Eleven minutes” it has the best content i have even read in my life.

    I am thankful that we have this book available in India.


  2. Marie-Christine says:

    Dear Paulo,

    What is a poem?

    For me
    A pilgrimage in your own word, in your own image.
    pil gr image
    You make it whatever you want it to be
    Isn’t it grand?:)

    I think also it’s a good pill to take on a pil grimage

    Pil g ri mage
    A laughing magician

    Upside down it becomes
    A gam ir g lip

    You can make so many words with one word
    On top of that it’s fun.

    Jour = day Ney = ne= born
    A new day is born

    I have chosen to persist because I know that what I am saying has value.To me,it shows that the origins of words are all connected.

    With thanks, love and gratitude,


  3. Eddie says:

    Thanks. Early start tommorrow then.

  4. ria says:

    right :) well, its more of saying that, life is a matter of perspective.. how we view life or live it, is where the change starts.. this is really helpful in my everyday :) thank you

  5. Sema says:

    you know surely the Derwish’s, they travel all their life to search the love, life, otherwise, they find it in their heart. Rumi says: “Bir can var canında o canı ara!
    Beden dağındaki gizli mücevheri ara!
    Ey yürüyüp giden dost bütün gücünle ara!
    Ama dışarıda deÄŸil, aradığını kendi ií§inde ara!”

    it means: there is a life(another world) in your heart, search for it. Search for the jewelry in your body. Hey you, who is walking, search with all your force. But not outdoors, search it in yourself!

    I think, when you’re travelling, automatically you begin to think about something. Why do you live, where you are, or simply what you will do in the future.

  6. jeans says:

    Can do the pilgrim trip at home, in your living room, if you are unable to travel. If you fall ill and cannot get out and you just must stay at home it is possible to do it right there, without taking a step…the whole pilgrimidge…

  7. Deva says:

    For me, travel is an opportunity by which I was able to advance my career and to stand on my own identity. I learned many things such as cross culture information, human behaviors, geographical variances and many more.With my experience, I define traveling as Below:
    Travel is a journey to reach a targeted destination to enrich oneself. It might be for career progression, or for recreation or entertainment purpose. Whatever it be, travel broadens the mind of a person. It refreshes and helps to learn new things, new place and gather useful information. It also provides opportunity to feel and understand new environment. Meaningful travel experiences require genuine inspiration, learning attitude and wonderful adaptability.

  8. Maria says:

    Coragem para falar com estranhos, mto bom.
    Preciso viajar , logo, para reabastecer a alma.
    E ao mesmo tempo mal conheí§o meus vizinhos, ótima reflexí£o.

    Te amo Guerreiro

  9. tereza says:

    Read on my morning commute to work in nyc. Thank you Paulo.

  10. Stacey says:

    Oh so deep and sooo true. I never thought about social anxiety derived from the perspective of behavioral traits ingrained within us from rules of our youth. I find people so fascinating. This has truly inspired me today!

  11. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    I am very thoughtful today. Haunts me still this term around in my head. Stranger. What is the opposite of that? Friend, acquaintance. No idea, someone I know. But who I know really? Me. A nice joke. Is that really so? I really know myself? There are days when I would say yes. Then there are days where I have no idea. I notice more and more that how much strange, unexplored, there is in me. I think it is very important to talk with oneself, the stranger in one’s self and it is important to listen. And it is very beautiful to share my thoughts with others. This is one way to do that. I thank you for that. In love!

    I wish you a wonderful evening

    1. LoveM says:

      Yes Heimo, i agree
      When one starts to look inside
      what’s other and what’s me
      Can one really lay claim to anything… know anything
      Identify this is me (that label will be a lie)
      We’re everything and nothing
      In all honesty…

      Thanks for sharing the thought
      Wonderful day and life to you

      Find the friend in a stranger…
      See the stranger in a friend…
      You are indeed your best friend…
      And your strangest stranger…

      First there was Nothing
      Nothings what you think it is
      THIS is what you thought…

      I now know Nothing
      Much less to worry about
      It’s worthwhile knowing

  12. Daniela says:

    I have just returned from a seven-day holiday in Greece and, besides enjoying the wonders of nature and lots of swimming in the Aegean Sea, I loved watching people, interacting with them, and the results have been most satisfactory to me. I have learnt that we are all the same, we all want companionship and understanding, we all want to have someone to pour our soul out to. This is done much better in front of a stranger, I believe, because you know that the possibility to meet that person again is small. You don’t have to be afraid that you will be judged or discussed behind your back.
    Wonderful experience!

  13. Daniel says:

    I love this! It makes me laugh because I travel on the train for about an hour to work. I usually use the time to meditate, which means unless someone captures my attention before I begin, I am “closed” to meeting anyone. BUT, one day I received a friend request on Facebook from a stranger. I accepted, and it turns out she found me through the meditation timer I used on my iPhone! So, it seems I am still open, even when closed.

    The more the merrier! :)

  14. Leandro says:

    Amazing thoughts! And being the Geek Author as you, now we have the power of meet the stranger without the fear of touch (by Internet ways). Unfortunelly as the world, the Internet it’s huge and you can take just a few set of interesing ppl, as you. Anyway, good text. Makes me rethink in terms stranger on Internet and parents advise, you rule! … =]

  15. Will W says:

    If I could pick one, it would be ‘Getting lost, or miss­ing your train is when your real jour­ney begins’.

    I had ten of them written on my blog, if I could direct your intention, and perhaps read the rest nine.

  16. mitch redman says:

    I like being in foreign countries where i only have basic language skills.You meet someone and have a half hour conversation yet only speak a few words,and yet you still understand each other.

  17. Saran says:

    Paulo….thank you for the reminder! It is easy to forget this when you get caught up with the routine that life sometimes becomes. There are magical, serendipitous moments every day. We just have to remember to look for them.

  18. Janelle says:

    When I travel, I grow. Not because I’m comfortable, but because I’m uncomfortable. I’m challenged to observe strangers and strange customs not from a place of judgement, but from a place of curiosity. Thank you Paulo for showing me that I can take this journey nearer to home as well. Today, for instance, I can observe myself from a place of curiosity and wonder. I can talk to strangers on my path. I can be me.

  19. Breda says:

    No matter what journey I take ..emotional ,psysical ..even a diet..I am testing myself ..and its about enjoyment and learning about what makes me happy..I can always set boundaries if I meet the big bad wolf … !!

  20. Tarek says:

    The journey could be inside and the pilgrimage could be to the inner holy center! And believe me the strangers that one will meet in his inner journey are at least as frightening, as interesting and as inspiring as those met in the outside, if not more.
    So, just start the journey out or inside.

  21. sigal says:

    “Every day is a winding road”
    whether you go on a journey or whether you stay in your own town, life is a journey, where there are no strangers, just friends you have not met yet.
    I recall my mother always talking to everyone, and it is important to listen , that is my great task and mission, to learn to listen to other people’s stories, it is life’s lessons that you write so well afterwards.
    i love and appreciate your writing paulo, you are sunshine, a light i embrace,
    Thank you !!!