Aleph: publication dates

ALEPH in Farsi for free download: CLICK HERE

The list is far from complete, but these are the confirmed dates so far. There are some languages (like German, Russian, Japanese, for example) where “The Valkyries” is being release this year, so ALEPH will be published in 2012

Disclaimer: it is not me who decides the publication dates!


  1. Michelle says:

    I want that book. Venezuela is included?

  2. Gabriela says:

    Congratulations on your book being number 1. I hope you enjoy your time in beautiful Mexico this month. Will you be visiting Egypt any time soon? If not, maybe I’ll see you in California? LOL.. I am just looking forward to reading your new book =] Thank you for your wonderful stories.

  3. Shanks says:

    man… i have to learn portuguese to read the books earlier!!

  4. Mena says:

    I’d like to know the date of the publication of the English version of the book in the UAE? Not the Arabic edition which should be out this month.

    Much appreciated.

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      September 1 (UK edition)

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      It is here, for free download >

    2. jaleh says:

      thank you paulo. we,the iranians, love you

  5. mitra says:

    thanks to you and arash hejazi we(iranians) can read your last book sooner than many countries! I downloaded it and read it in 2 days and enjoyed it very much. It’s amazing, I love it! I wanna read it again nd again such as your other books.
    thanks thanks thanks!

  6. Zina says:

    Dear Paulo,
    Do you have a date confirmed for the United Arab Emirates? Does this mean that the English version will be available only after the USA/UK release?
    Best regards,

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      In principle , the Arab edition will be published on 30 August

  7. Sarah says:

    Hi Paulo

    New Zealand will be the same as Australia I assume, thank you!

  8. Conny says:

    Hola,Paulo, sólo para agradecer a Dios el que existan seres tan talentosos como tú,que nos hacen viajar con tanto placer a través de su escritura,gracias por compartir con nosotros tus dones , gracias por ser como eres y por existir!….

  9. Alejandra says:

    Hello, i´m so glad dor the aleph´s arrival to Mexico but i want to know if you have plans of coming soon to Mexico.

    Thank you and please reply!

    Best regards!

  10. Vanessa says:

    Cuando sale en Republica Dominicana?

    1. Almando says:

      can’t wait for the month September for me to read Aleph here in my loving Country, The Philippines. Mabuhay Paolo!

  11. Marie-Christine says:

    Le mot traduction pour moi signifie
    Tr ad uctions en (francais)
    Advertising – an added value

    Translation in English
    trans lation
    trans = transmitting, trance
    with a traduction you go …beyond and this allows you to dream.

    Translation ,a transfer – an advertising and an added value for the country of origine of his author.

    I downloaded the translation in Farsi – just for a glance –
    it was really elegant i thought.

    I am not sure whether this was done by hand or typed however I enjoyed looking at it. It is a different way of looking at things and it fitted the way I look at different languages, they all bring new way of looking at life.
    I recognised a few numbers or I could read what looked like numbers.I found the question mark interesting. It reminded me about the Spanish way of doing it- at the beginning of the sentence and at the end -then i did remember that the writing is done the opposite from us so it was in the right place after all.

    The writing looked very dainty.

    So thank you to Dr Hejazi for this opportunity and to you Paulo to make it available on the blog.

    I enjoyed the traveling…and it was free.

    With love

  12. Olá Paulo,td bem ?…ní£o sabia desse seu blog..lei seleí§íµes e entí£o procurei na internet e te achei..muito legal isso poder baixar gratuitamente pra que todos possam ler..e eu comecei a ler livros com quase trinta anos..e um dos primeiro livros que lí­ na minha vida foi um seu(AS VALQUíRIAS) e a partir daquele dia me tornei uma viciada em leituras..Amei a todos.mais o que mais me marcou foi ”AS MARGENS DO RIO PIETRA ..”a partir de agora lerei por aqui…grande beijo pra vc e continue assim escrevendo muita coisa linda …
    Adriana Carvalho.

  13. Cyrus says:

    Thank you so much…and tanx Arash Hejazi
    you have many many fans in Iran…
    What do mean by Aleph?…. is persian first alphabet?…

  14. Dana says:

    Dear Mr. Paulo
    When will the English edition of Aleph be available in Arab countries – more specifically in Lebanon ?
    The table states that it will be published in Arab countries in august.. but i’m guessing that’s the Arabic edition not the english one.
    Thanks, best Regards

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      in August in Arabic

  15. Ali Abdallah says:

    Always we are waiting for your new books.
    You are a light in our life, so keep writing…
    Good bless you.
    Peaceful Ramadan to you.

  16. maria says:

    mr paulho, in slovak republic we already have the book more than one month…4th of july was published by IKAR
    hugs & kisses

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      yes, I learned that yesterday via Twitter. I am glad you already have it!

  17. Summersky says:

    And when will Aleph will be published in English?

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      1 September (UK) 27 September (USA)

    2. sweta mehta says:

      and in India..?

  18. Margaret says:

    Can’t wait to turn the first page of this new book!
    Thanks, Paulo!

    One sincere reader from Seoul

  19. Thana says:

    Good Day Mr. Paulo,

    I’m wondering; which Arabic Countries are you visiting?

    Thank you for being You!


  20. fenny says:

    and when you plan to publish aleph in GREECE?

  21. mo says:

    Hope you are now refreshed from your well earned break and able to continue your amazing work. Love from Scotland.

  22. Mahsa says:

    Thank you for posting it in Farsi,
    looking forward to receive it.

  23. Giancarlo says:

    Hola soy de Peru, y queria saber si usted va a venir para el lanzamiento del libro o si cuando va a venir a visitarnos. gracias

  24. martina says:

    no se por que, pero mi comentario anterior no esta bien visualizado, asi lo escribo de nuevo…

    Gracias por el gran libro. Lo compre la semana pasada y lo he leí­do de unas horas…no podria dejar de leerlo.

  25. martina says:

    Gracias por un gran libro. Lo compré la semana pasada y he leí­do de unas horas…no podrí­a dejar de leerlo.

  26. Adriana says:

    Querido Paulo
    Entiendo bien y la nota de abajo corrije a la tabla de arriba y el libro será publicado en Centroamerica hasta en septiembre? Por favor confirma pronto porque yo lo estaba esperando para agosto porque soy de Centroamerica. Dile a los editores que no nos hagan sufrir más :)

  27. shoba says:

    Is this for translated version or English edition too? ‘m searching in Malaysia

    1. shoba says:

      Read through the comments. So the English ed is in September! Now I wish I learnt Portuguese!!

  28. vera says:

    Congratulations you deserve that God will enlighten more and more

  29. nafise says:

    ma qui non e` il nome di Iran…. :(

    1. Mostafa says:

      en iran nous n’avon rien (francais)!!!

    2. Paulo Coelho says:

      Arash Hejazi will give me the translation, and I will post it for free here

    3. THELMA says:

      So, we are back from … vacations!!! Nice to be back in the Internet, Face book, Twitter and the MAGICAL PAULO COELHO ‘s BLOG!
      Have a wonderful Sunday! Regards from sunny, hot C.+ 35 Limassol! Time for swimming…
      Thelma xxx

  30. Miljana says:

    Hvala na ovako divnoj knjizi i na prilici da je medju prvima procitamo :)

  31. yodz says:

    Wow, something to look forward this September. I’m from the Philippines and I’m a big fan!
    Hopefully you could visit the Philippines someday!

  32. bg says:

    India read novels since time immemorial :)

  33. Edina says:

    Mester mikor erkezel vagy Magyarorszagra?
    Paulo when are you come to UK or Hungary?

  34. giusy says:

    perchè in italia a settembreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lo sto aspettando da moltoooooooooooooooooo… vabbhè siccome a settembre è il mio compleanno quale miglior regalo.. Ti Adoro Paoulo

  35. Maria says:

    I’m a huge fan! I’m so so looking foward to reading this book so when it will be published in Macedonia ?
    Greetings from Skopje <3

  36. Jacqueline Zavalza says:

    Hola Paulo me gustarí­a saber si vas a estar dando firma de autografos en europa entre el13 de junio y el 21 de julio

  37. Ksenia says:

    Thanks Paulo! :) *******
    We love you!

  38. Mayte says:

    Espero que muy pronto venga a México, aquí­ lo esperamos con los brazos abiertos, así­ como esperamos con ansias a que sea Agosto para poder leer Aleph.

    Gracias por seguir escribiendo ^^

  39. Alejandra says:

    Hello Paulo,

    Do you know the exact date of the publication of Aleph in Mexico City?

    And will you come to México soon?

    Looking forward to your answer, you are the best writter ever and you bring inspiration to my life!

    Best regards!!!

    1. Alejandra says:

      Hello Paulo,

      Do you know exactly where will you be in Mexico city for the publication of Aleph?

      Best regards!!!

  40. roxxane says:

    I don’t see any asian countries on the list. I’m from the Philippines and I’m looking forward to read this book!

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      this is not the complete list.

    2. Michelle says:

      Holla Paulo! I am looking forward to read it. (Aleph). Until November isn’t such a long time. You can go to work at another book… hehehe
      I am not kiding. I am young, and what I will read if you stop writing? Now, I am kiding.

      I love your books.

      Best regards,


  41. and Argentina? I need to read this book!!

  42. Marivi says:

    Hasta Agosto tendré que esperar.
    Gracias Paulo por escribir, gracias por llenar mi vida de buenas palabras y pensamientos! Gracias

  43. Laura says:

    Well, just 2 months (:

  44. Gagandeep Singh Raina says:

    Hmmm such a long wait for India…hardly wait…:(((

  45. Julia from Moscow says:

    too long too wait in Russia((((( it’s unjust……. =(((

  46. Pankaj says:

    Dear Paulo y india 2012 it s too long a wait …..plz make it earlier god bless u Take care…….

  47. umarfaruk khatib says:

    in sir paulo’s ‘the alchemist’
    the camelman says to boy
    (when they could see the oasis from distance which was their destiny and asked by the boy why don’t we get there)
    ”coz, we have to sleep now”

    1. umarfaruk khatib says:

      same thing about aleph
      we can’t wait but
      we have to.

  48. Ksenia says:

    forget about Ukraine ;)

  49. Dheeraj says:

    Why is that we dont get the book in India untill 2012 bad too bad cant wait to read it