The lion and the cats

Illustration by Ken Crane

A lion came across a group of cats having a chat. “I’m going to devour them,” he thought.

But then an odd feeling of calm came over him. And he decided to sit down with them and pay attention to what they were saying.

– Good God! – said one of the cats, without noticing the lion’s presence. – We have prayed all afternoon! We asked for the skies to rain mice on us!

– And so far nothing has happened! – said another. – I wonder if the Lord really exists.

The skies remained mute. And the cats lost their faith.

The lion rose and went on his way, thinking: “funny how things are. I was going to kill those animals, but God stopped me. And even so, they stopped believing in divine grace. They were so worried about what was missing that they did not even notice the protection they were given.”

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  1. Mohammad Ali Gaad says:

    Moral is, we should thank God for all whether we have attained something or not.

  2. Aditya Dogra says:

    Very nice story and the moral. But i think its not the lion, its a dog which said all this . Its an extract of Khalil Gibran’s The Madman (“The wise dog” is the name of the story : Link ).

    But Anyways , moral remains the same.


  3. vimal zaveri says:

    selfishness often blinds us to see the right

  4. Laurel says:

    A great president of the US, Abraham Lincoln, once said “most folks are about as happy as they decide to be”. For so many of us, we yearn for something. Once we have it we are so happy. We will be happy forever. Then, something happens. We aren’t happy anymore. We don’t have enough —.Etc. After all, mice only last for so long. Being grateful for what you do have is not the only antidote for this, but it sure helps. Better, to my mind, is trusting that there is a benevolent presence in the universe and all’s well. Enough mice, not enough mice – it’s all the same really. You do what is required of you to the best of the integrity you have built.

  5. Majd Baroudi says:

    I really appreciate because faith makes us strong and satisfied with what GOD gives us .Anytime I complain for not having this or that I remember what GOD has gived me and I feel happy.

  6. Majd Baroudi says:

    I really appreciate because fith makes us strong and satisfied with what GOD ever gives us .Anytime I complain for not having this or that I try what GOD has gived me and I feel happy.

  7. Seve says:

    I think life is a succession of transition, followed by good and less good things and that we too often tend to focus on what we do not have, instead of focusing on what we have . so I just think that I am in transition right now. think positive that’s the solution, life’s beautiful !!!

  8. we often given things that we don’t realize how valuable it is and keep worrying about other things we don’t need

    Just because you don’t see things it doesn’t mean that it don’t exist, that’s what called FAITH.

  9. Maha says:

    When you are happy you forgot the blesses you have but when you are sad and in a need of any thing you must remember how lucky you are because you are still breathing and this is a big bless thanks GOD I love you

  10. We have all lost and we have all felt grieve when you lose someone you have loved. Even when I could not see beyond my own pain and grieve I always held on to the thought of love, no-one can take that away – it’s there burned in our hearts.

    Thank you for all you’re inspiration you are fountain of knowledge and wisdom

  11. shir says:

    I really needed some words like that, because some things of the past came to my mind… but now I can realize that behind those things are better things that some times I can`t notice, ’cause i preffer to remember the bad ones..

  12. imane el says:

    we should be thankfull for all the grace and blessings in our lives… all is good, and the best is yet to come :)

  13. sushma vedam says:

    Every time something goes wrong,i always feel that God has a better thing in store for me!! and it always makes me feel better and confident that he is there to take care!!!

  14. Abhishek Purwar says:

    people are pessimist… they don’t value what they have.

  15. Dyn says:

    Interesante Paulo … Si somos ciegos en el Mundo visible, cuanto más en uno invisible =)

  16. ROSA ISELA says:


  17. Humaira Naz says:

    Faith Versus Denial. With our small sized brain, even not in our control, we reason to understand the divine phenomenon and refute when self constructed logic can’t help. With same small brain we can understand simple and ultimate truth.

  18. manjusharma says:

    very true..we always blame GOD for our suffering but forget to praise HIM for all HIS blessings,protection,gifts and so on…..sometime even I do the same but soon come to know HIS greatness……I always feel HIM near and around me.HE always guide me its me who sometimes refuse to listen to HIM and soon regret for not listening to HIS words HE speaks through my heart…may HE bless all the people in this world in the same manner.

  19. Lambert says:

    Beautiful! And so true too. :)

  20. Mordohay says:

    The moment we start living in full awareness;the whole picture is magnified and we start to evaluate the real motives behind God’s ordains.It’s the key to one more door; on our path of “merging with God”
    Don’t lose sight of the macro-picture while you’re busy with your routine; daily choirs.

  21. hiral says:

    Yeah, we forget to see the GOD IN SMALL THINGS, where the happiness actually lies.

  22. Eva says:

    We used to be a blind…

  23. Harry says:

    Since some time now (after reading a few stories like this), my daily prayer is only to ask the Lord to do what is best for me. I leave it entirely up to Him.

  24. Maria Consuelo says:

    En su extrema simplicidad…. que leccion mas valiosa.
    Gracias por recordarme!

  25. halofig says:

    That is what happens if you become philosophical while working. The lion lost its lunch.

    Work while you work, pray while you pray

  26. Marianne says:

    That really moved me….I was very dissapointed with my God…
    I lost a baby and first I was overjoyed with the fact that I could even have one! So I thought; what is the lesson for this lost? But I think that God helped me, because I had to undergo surgery and was sooo scared. Two weeks later and im feeling better again. So did he save me for more sorrow??? I don’t know, but I like to believe that.

  27. vittoria pagano says:

    In Puglia lo chiamano effetto lupa: ho visto una nuvola impalpabile che come un velo di sposa fuggente accarezzava mare cielo e terra salutando un tratto della Puglia e svaniva in un batter d’occhi Questo è stato il regalo che ho ricevuto a ferragosto

  28. Selena Sanasam says:

    momentary pleasures and instant gains is what is visible to most of us… what is more important is to understand the life long support or benefits which is hardly visible though most significant of all… its a wonderful craft of paulo that a mere 20 sec reading can change ones understanding and making life more beautiful…

  29. Hannu Klippi says:

    “God” is something that keeps us together, but we lost it. We must seek and find him again! He is not far away, but very close to your heart! ♥

  30. Noli says:

    Thank you so much for the reminder…

  31. The Lord is always with us.Believe and dont fear anything.Thanks

  32. We sometimes forget what we have, looking for more. Be present, so you can count your blessing. This allows more blessings to move into your life. It helps you see the abundance you’re surrounded by, so you can tune into more, and live a more magical life. Every moment is a blessing for every moment is an opportunity to learn from.

    Thanks Paulo.


  33. Marina Blue says:

    A simple story yet profound. A beauty!

  34. Michelle says:

    I simply wanna thank u for the inspiration,…so I thank u Mr Coelho! ;)